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Chapter 959

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Grand Uncle Han's heart was full of bitterness and helplessness .

The opponent was adjudicating his own people in front of him, and even wanted his own subordinates to judge, and point out and pronounce the charges of their clan, by themselves… This was already an ultimate insult towards the clan!

And very obviously, she was doing so deliberately with the intention to humiliate the Lan clan as much as she could!

But, he had no idea of resisting her to do so .

The opponent's cultivation was far higher than his . In the face of such terrifying cultivation, he simply didn't have any grounds to retaliate . He could only bear her humiliating them .

Everyone gazed at each other .

What charges should he carry? How to answer this question?

Zi Xieqing's face turned cold and she said slowly, "The thing I hate the most in my life is using power to bully weak women! Today, I shall give the whole Nine Heavens a warning!"

"This person is called Fourth Jin; he has committed all sorts of crimes, and he connives young ruffians to bully the weak women . At the same time, he himself also treats both men and women badly! So, he's a sinful tyrant! I declare that he should be given capital punishment!"

Fourth Jin, who's kneeling on the ground, desperately raised his head and said hoarsely, "You… How can you decide on my charges?! You… You're also not a law-enforcement officer…"

Zi Xieqing grabbed him towards her, and his whole body seemed to be controlled like a puppet . He couldn't move at all as he knelt on the ground, as if ten big mountains were pressed on his body . It's even impossible for him to move a finger .

Hearing the charges that he had been convicted of, he instantly started to struggle desperately, and actually raised his head .

He knew that Zi Xieqing was making him her first target . If there was strong evidence for his charge, he would really have to suffer from a 'capital punishment' . At this life-and-death moment, how could he not put up his last struggle?

"You're neither a law-enforcement officer nor the master of the Nine Heavens, or our Lan clan's clan master! You can kill me, but why do you want to convict me of a charge before you kill me? What evidence do you have to say that I've committed all sorts of crimes?"

Fourth Jin screamed in a hoarse voice .

Zi Xieqing stately looked at him . "I'm neither a law-enforcement officer nor a master of the Nine Heavens nor the Lan clan's clan master; everything you said is true! The only thing you don't know is… when you're not as good as me, I'm the master over you! For everything about you, including your life, I have the final say!"

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"As for why I put up a charge on you before I kill you, it's because I'm willing to do so!"

"As for the evidence of you committing all sorts of crimes… Haha…" Zi Xieqing laughed . "All the charges that I've put up on you exist even if it's not the case! What I said is the evidence!"

"You… You're simply disregarding humans' life! You…" Fourth Jin roared .

"Say, how many people you've killed for your master in all these years… I don't care whether you've killed people or not . Even if you've killed 1,000 or 10,000 people, this has nothing to do with me . But your master is a lecher… You tore apart loving couples to satisfy him . I don't allow this!"

Zi Xieqing said coldly, "After you've gone to hell, remember this firmly: I'm not the master of the Nine Heavens, but in this Nine Heavens, I! Am! Heaven!"

Fourth Jin cried, "You're being hegemonic… You're a tyrant… You're unreasonable…"

Zi Xieqing sneered . "Being reasonable? Since when are you reasonable to us women?"

Fourth Jin was instantly speechless .

Everyone felt themselves shudder . This sentence was said so valiantly…

Even Chu Yang, who was standing a distance away, also had his hair stood up . He had a turmoil of emotions overwhelming him at this instant: Oh God, I finally hear a woman talking the truth today…

Amidst everyone's speechlessness, Zi Xieqing continued, "The few of you shall expose Fourth Jin's crimes from now . I'll be more lenient to whoever says more completely . "

Everyone looked at each other .

That 'Grand Uncle Han' finally couldn't bear himself from stepping forward and saying, "Lord, although Fourth Jin has offended you, aren't you going too far in doing so? Everyone is a martial practitioner, and we shan't take each other too seriously . Why are you so persistent in insulting us?"

Seeing that he finally opened his mouth to plead for mercy, everyone revealed excitement and hope on their faces . They all looked towards him, full of imploration and trust in their eyes .

Zi Xieqing turned around to look at him and revealed a strange smile . She said slowly, "Do you think that as a first stage Supreme Martial Artist, although you can't beat me, you always can escape from me? So this is why you don't fear me, right? Do you think, as a first stage Supreme Martial Artist, no matter where you speak, and regardless of who you're speaking to, he'll have to leave you some face, right? Do you think that because I'm a woman and because a woman is always soft-hearted, so as long as you plead me, you'll move my heart and I'll give you a way out?"

Grand Uncle Han was dumbstruck .

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He had really thought about it this way .

Seventh young master and the rest were certain to die . But if he relied on his Supreme level divine senses, he could definitely ensure his own safety . The reason he was still here was that he still wanted to make some efforts to try to save as many people as he could and bring them back .

Of course, it would be even more perfect if he could save the seventh young master from this woman's hands .

No matter how strong she was, she's after all a woman . And women were always soft-hearted . She might not really kill him . There might be still some hope if he remained sincere and carefully persuaded her .

And he even had a narrow hope: If seventh young master could really be saved, I may forge a relationship with this woman… And she might become a strong support for our clan!

How many people who were once enemies but have turned into friends in the end? Such things are very common . If I plead her with my identity as a Supreme Martial Artist, as long as this woman does make some sense, she'll give a way out for us…

As he thought about this, he didn't expect that the opponent spoke out glibly all that he's thinking without a mistake .

He couldn't help but feel shameful, and he said smilingly, "If I really think it this way, you also can't blame me for this… Haha, miss, please raise your for visiting .

Zi Xieqing looked frowningly at him, as if thinking of the feasibility of doing so .

Grand Uncle Han was excited .

"Alright," Zi Xieqing said, "I shall raise my hands once . "

"Thank you very much… Ah~" Grand Uncle Han was overjoyed .

Zi Xieqing suddenly raised her palm and slapped heavily on Grand Uncle Han's face which was beaming happily . She frowned and said, "Who has allowed you to smile?"

This slap was so clear that its sound reverberated around the whole area!

This slap had also come out of a sudden and unreasonably!

Everyone was stunned .

They had clearly come to an agreement just now, and it seemed that there's a great room for a turnaround of the situation . But in the blink of an eye, Grand Uncle Han suffered from such a resounding slap!

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Everyone felt dizzy .

How could she be like this?

Grand Uncle Han's face reddened up at a speed visible to the naked eye, then it slowly swelled up . He looked at Zi Xieqing in disbelief . His lips and even fingers trembled . "You… You…"

He really didn't expect this! He wouldn't expect this to happen even in his dream . This had happened so suddenly that this first stage Supreme Martial Artist didn't even have the time to dodge!

Zi Xieqing frowned…

At the next moment…


Another loud slap landed on Grand Uncle Han's face . Zi Xieqing said frowningly, "Why are you pointing your finger? Who has asked you to point?"

This slap was still loud and clear, and it was even done backhandedly . Still, Grand Uncle Han didn't dodge the slap .

Now, both sides of his face were beaten, one through a forehand slap, and the other through a backhand slap!

All the others felt themselves being struck by lightning! At this moment, everyone was like stunned ducks . Fear, desperation, and befuddlement were written on all their faces…

Damn it, why is this happening?

Who had seen a Supreme Martial Artist being slapped before? And he's actually slapped both forehandedly and backhandedly! They watched this first stage Supreme Martial Artist being slapped towards the left, then slapped towards the right, in a repeated manner…

This is really eye-catching .

To see a Supreme Martial Artist being slapped, damn it… It's worth my life to see this, even if I have to die today…

Both sides of Grand Uncle Han's instantly became as red as a monkey's ass . And it also looked like a pig's cheeks: they were red and swollen, to the extent that they almost looked transparent .

At the next moment, Grand Uncle Han was driven furious! As a Supreme Martial Artist, since when did he endure such humiliation in more than 2,000 years of his life? Since when was he ever slapped by others?

When I learned martial arts that year, even my teacher didn't beat my this way!

Towering rage overwhelmed Grand Uncle Han's rationality . His hair erected up, and he scolded while gritting his teeth, "B*tch! You dare to beat me!?"

Zi Xieqing looked strangely at him . "Why is it that 'I dare'? Didn't I already beat you? You didn't feel it? Yes? You actually dare to scold me?"

Grand Uncle Han gritted his teeth as if he had the desire to swallow Zi Xieqing up . He looked fiercely at her and said furiously, "You dare to beat me? You dare to beat me? You dare to beat me again?"

As he said, he got closer and closer to her . His eyes looked malicious and were flaming with rage .

He put up a straight face and twisted his neck, and looked fiercely and indignantly at Zi Xieqing .

Seeing that this fellow actually came forth again, Zi Xieqing didn't hesitate at all, and raised her hands . "Slap slap slap…"

Dozens of consecutive slaps were issued out resoundingly . As Zi Xieqing slapped him, she said, "I've really gained knowledge this time out of the Black Blood Forest . There's actually such a fool who wants to be beaten again after just being beaten . Since you yearn for it so much, I'll satisfy you!"

As Zi Xieqing beat Grand Uncle Han, she asked, "Are you contented? Do you still want more?"

Slapping sounds occurred non-stop . Everyone felt dizzy .

What is the f**king matter?

Why doesn't he fight back?

As they thought about it, they heard an extremely grieved roar, "Ah ah ah~~~ b*tch, I want to kill you! Ah~~ Ah~~ Ah~~"

But he sounded a little strange as he yelled .

It turned out that he was roaring as he was being beaten . In the end, when he let out his last roar, his voice trembled from the slap, creating several different rhythms from that 'ah' sound…

…'Raise one's hands' is an idiom in Chinese which means 'lenient'

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