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Chapter 955

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Sword energy shot out from Chu Yang's body .

Like water weeds or vines, the sword energy gently entwined onto Guan Gu's sword energy . At the same time, Chu Yang retreated as if he was weightless .

To 100 feet away!

Zi Xieqing's eyes lit up: Chu Yang had actually already entered the Tao state just within these few moves! It's the best way that Chu Yang could do to deal with Guan Gu at this moment .

The opponent clearly wanted to forcefully break apart Chu Yang's soft water sword intent . By retreating at this moment, Chu Yang could make his sword energy remain, but the opponent could already not be able to attack him . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

But from this point, it showed that Chu Yang didn't want to put up a long fight .

There were too many opponents and experts among them . In order to kill people, he must create an opportunity for himself such that that expert next to Lan Ruoyun wouldn't have the chance to intervene in the battle .

Guan Gu thrust his sword towards both sides of him . At this moment, the audience actually could see sword energy that's green in color dispersing in all directions .

Grand Uncle Han frowned . "The sword technique of that kid is too weird . Why would Guan Gu get into a passive state at his first move? The situation is a little bad…"

As he said, he slightly stepped forward .

At this moment, Guan Gu broke out of Chu Yang's sword energy . Suddenly, he raised his arms, straightened his body and flew into the air, while his sword turned into a stream of light . He and the sword seemed to merge together to form one straight line that's parallel to the ground .

At this moment, Guan Gu's sword actually produced a loud 'bang' sound in the air!

"Wind-Grabbing Sword Technique!" Grand Uncle Han frowned even more tightly . "This is what Guan Gu will only use under desperation . He actually used it at his second move…"

Guan Gu already raged a little out of shame . He had come to challenge Chu Yang confidently and had pledged to definitely kill him . But he was forced into a disadvantaged side at the first move .

And, with that sword energy entangling him up, he even felt stuffy and uneasy . He even had a trace of fear in his heart towards his opponent .

My opponent is only a fifth stage Sword Sovereign . Why is he making me feel scared?

So, under rage, Guan Gu had directly utilized his most powerful move!

He just wanted to kill this enemy in front of him!

Chu Yang had already stopped retreating at this moment! Facing his enemy's sword which was coming to him like a lightning bolt, he also flew up into the sky, and merged with his sword to form a straight line that's parallel to the ground . Then, the dazzling sword light shot towards Guan Gu's direction!

Chu Yang did the same thing as what Guan Gu did . The audience involuntarily let out a scream!

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This… Is Chu Yang planning to die together with Guan Gu?

But they're only at the second move!

According to the distance between the two, and their respective sword movements, it's impossible for them to change their moves already!

There's only one result for such a match: You'll stab your sword into my head, and I'll do the same!

There's definitely not a second result!

Lan Ruoyun also let out a scream, but instantly, his eyes revealed a trace of sinister look: It's also good this way . Anyway, if that kid dies, I can get that woman!

Why should I care about who dies?

As the two swords faced each other, cold light flashed out from each of them . Both Guan Gu and Chu Yang looked calm . Guan Gu's hair flew at his back and his clothes fluttered soundly in the air . His entire person looked just like a javelin that's flying at full speed!

Chu Yang's eyes looked cold, and his face, calm . At this instant, although his fighting spirit was boiling and a murderous intent overwhelmed his whole body, his heart was as cold as ice and snow!

It's the first time that he reached such a realm in the Tao state!

An indescribable sense of death was cast over his entire body .

I must definitely kill this person!

Not only him, but all these people that are present here . I won't let go of any one of them!

All men, after all, had some lust for women . Which man wouldn't want to glance at a beautiful woman a few more times?

But the fact that Lan Ruoyun was now trying to rob a woman so ostentatiously had a great relationship to his wicked slaves!

If not for these people pushing the waves and adding to the billows, regardless of how bad-natured a teenager was, how would he become such a ruffian? Seeing Lan Ruoyun deciding to rob a woman so openly in front of these people, Chu Yang knew that these people had already got used to seeing Lan Ruoyun doing so .

God knew how many times these bunch of bastards had helped Lan Ruoyun to rob women already; this was why Lan Ruoyun was so unscrupulous and didn't shun at all in front of them!

How many loving couples, who could originally live their whole lives together, were ruined in the hands of these bastards!

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This young ruffian deserved to be killed! His accomplices, more so!

The murderous intent got even greater in Chu Yang's heart!

The two swords were going to pass each other to be stabbed into each other's head, but both of them seemed to have no intention to retract their moves; It would even be too late to change their moves at this instant!

Everyone held their breaths and widened their eyes!

As if blood would splash out at the next instant .

There's finally a hint of remorse and panic in Guan Gu's eyes . He thought that this kid was only making a false show of his strength . After all, not everyone wanted to die .

Besides, with such a peerless beauty by his side, he would even more not want to die!

This battle was nothing more than a contest of courage! Whoever could persist until the end would win .

So he didn't evade Chu Yang . He raised his sword and thrust towards Chu Yang .

But till the instant when Guan Gu's sword was going to come into contact with Chu Yang, Chu Yang actually appeared to be calmer than Guan Gu himself! Chu Yang seemed to be even more unflinching than Guan Gu in confronting death!

This made Guan Gu panic .

Motherf**ker, are you serious? Guan Gu shouted in his heart at this instant . I'm done, I'm done . I have to accompany you to die together… But I've only just put up my Wind-Grabbing Sword Technique, and only used one move…

I've suffered a big loss this time .

Others might not see the change of expression in Guan Gu's eyes, but how could Chu Yang not see it?

Chu Yang's eyes revealed a hint of ridicule .

A stretch of cold light at the sword tip enlarged infinitely in front of Chu Yang, who, in the Tao state, had already accurately captured the opponent's sword movements and where the sword tip was pointing to!

At the next instant!


With a soft sound, everyone's nerves froze in unison at this moment! Those people who were watching the battle, including the Supreme level expert next to Lan Ruoyun, were dumbstruck, and they could hardly believe their eyes!

The scene seemed to have solidified in midair!

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The two swords, with the sword tip against the other, was fixed in midair!

How big was the sword tip!

It's absolutely comparable to the tip of a needle! And for such divine swords which had fought numerous battles and fed on plenty of fresh blood, their sword tips were even thinner than that of a needle!

But, in such a fierce battle and while the swords were wielded at such horrible speeds, the sword tips of the two swords not only miraculously contacted with each other but also produced a sound that everyone could hear clearly!

This clearly showed how much force both sides had put into the fight!

Guan Gu felt relieved and felt his whole body covered with sweat . He instantly decided: I shouldn't fight with this little madman so desperately again . He's really too horrible!

This time, I survived really really out of pure luck… After I land on the ground, I'll immediately extend my Wind-Grabbing Sword Technique, and chop him up into minced meat .

Damn, he has scared me to death .

But, at the next moment, the relieved look in Guan Gu's eyes suddenly turned into that of terror, desperation and disbelief!

Because Chu Yang's sword tip actually issued a strange power .

Following which, Guan Gu found that this sword of his which had accompanied him for half his life was suddenly split up from the middle, like a fresh bamboo which was split up from the middle .

Guan Gu's sword was divided into two pieces .

And instantly, it was split till the hilt!

On the other hand, Chu Yang's sword was rushing rapidly through space from between the two pieces of Guan Gu's sword .

Chu Yang's sword split open the sword tip, blade and hilt of Guan Gu's sword, and like a lightning, it stabbed into Guan Gu's arms . With a loud 'bang', Guan Gu's arm also exploded like bamboo chips .

At the next instant .

With a soft 'bang' sound .

Chu Yang's sword had already stabbed fiercely into Guan Gu's forehead, into his skull and brain . Sword energy shot out through the sword tip of Chu Yang's sword like a raging wave .

The sword tip continued to move forward . At the back of Guan Gu's head, out came a segment of the sword, which was stained with fresh blood and shining with cold light .

With a 'swish', Chu Yang pulled back his sword and plunged it into his sheath .

Turning a somersault, he kicked Guan Gu's head, causing Guan Gu's body to be thrown out into the air like a sack . Chu Yang's black clothes fluttered in the air and he retreated .

A stream of blood spurted out of Guan Gu's forehead, seemingly to be attacking Chu Yang .

But Chu Yang had already retreated backward, and the blood couldn't reach Chu Yang .

As Chu Yang landed on the ground, that stream of blood which was spurted out had also fallen onto the ground . It was one foot away from Chu Yang's feet .

Guan Gu's body retreated straightly in midair, following the trajectory that he took when he was thrown out . His body lay flatly in midair, and two thin streams of blood spurt out from his forehead and the back of his head at the same time, as if two jets of blood-colored fountains had suddenly appeared in the air .

Guan Gu had already lost all his consciousness .

Sword energy had exploded his brain, and had also traveled along his meridians all the way to his elixir field, destroying all of them!

All his vitality, consciousness and divine senses were completely destroyed at that moment!

Till his death, Guan Gu didn't even have the time to groan or speak a word!


Guan Gu's lifeless body dropped onto the ground .

All the people from the Lan clan was dumbfounded!

There was only blankness in their brains as they looked at Guan Gu's corpse .

This was too unexpected!

No one thought this would happen .

Firstly, everyone didn't expect both sides to put up deadly stabs on each other . Secondly, the more they didn't expect both sides to have their sword tips fixed onto each other; finally, it's even more ridiculous that Guan Gu's sword suddenly split open, which allowed the opponent to make use of this opportunity to kill Guan Gu with one stab!

But, it was these three accidental appearances that caused the death of a half Martial Saint!

A half Martial Saint was killed within two moves!

This handsome teenager in black actually laid his hands so resolutely and ruthlessly .

After a while, everyone lifted up their gaze from Guan Gu's corpse to look at Chu Yang . The color in their eyes had already changed .

"Kid, you indeed have some skills! I also quite like the sword you have . " Lan Ruoyun laughed . Not even taking a glance at Guan Gu's corpse, he said directly to Chu Yang, "What kind of sword is yours? You can leave if you leave your sword and woman here, and I'll not look into the matter of you killing my subordinate . "

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