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Chapter 954

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Zi Xieqing said coldly, "What has my name got to do with you?" As she said, she took Chu Le'er and walked behind Chu Yang .

Discerning people could understand with a glance: Seeing that there were so many opponents, she had come to seek protection from her husband

Chu Yang instantly flipped his eyelids .

Lan Ruoyun was obviously from the Lan clan, and by the looks of it, it seemed that he was even a young master . Just by looking at his eyes and face, one would know that he's a lecher .

Such a person upon seeing a beauty like Zi Xieqing would simply be like a fly seeing honey . He would rather be crushed into powder while still wanting to get close to her .

Zi Xieqing's cold and unapproachable bearing made Lan Ruoyun even more joyous and interested in her . It seemed that all men had a common problem: The more difficult it was to conquer a woman, the greater sense of accomplishment a man would have if he conquered that woman .

Young Master Lan was naturally of no exceptions .

There were already 11 out of the 12 people from the Lan clan who had fallen into a daze . Only the 30-year-old or so middle-aged man who's next to Lan Ruoyun felt slightly uneasy .

He felt strange in his heart: There're only two women and one man . Only this man has a little capability, but he's merely a Martial Monarch . As for those two women, the little girl isn't worth mentioning, while the other woman looked like she only has a Master level cultivation, which is even weaker than that man .

But why do I have a feeling that a big catastrophe is upcoming? I'm a first stage Supreme Martial Artist, and shouldn't be feeling this way .

"Seventh young master, from my view, it's better not to stir up unnecessary troubles, and go complete the law-enforcement master's task as soon as possible . If the Ye clan and Zhuge clan caught up with us, it'll inevitably cause shame to our Lan clan . " He thought for a while and finally believed in his own instincts . Because his own instincts had never been wrong before .

Lan Ruoyun shook his folding fan and looked at Zi Xieqing smilingly . As for Chu Yang, Lan Ruoyun had directly filtered out his presence . He said leisurely, "Grand Uncle Han, that matter isn't too urgent . They haven't found him for so many days . I just don't believe that they'll find him at this moment! Besides… the matter here is also very important . "

That 'Grand Uncle Han' sighed in his heart, thinking: How important is the matter here? It's only that you've fallen for someone else's wife .

Chu Yang thought: So it's not the law-enforcement officers who're showing up? Lang Yilang has deployed the three big clans to kill Hong Wuliang for him?

That means, there'll also be people from the Ye clan and Zhuge clan here?

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"Miss, you haven't heard of me before, I guess?" Lan Ruoyun smiled and said proudly, "Then you should have heard about the Lan clan? As for this kid next to you…"

He pointed his folding fan at Chu Yang and said disdainfully, "How can he be compared with me? If you follow me, I promise you that you'll lead a carefree and happy life . It's much better than to follow this kid to wander around the world and endure hardship . "

Zi Xieqing said coldly, "My fiance is strong in martial arts and the number one among the younger generation . No one can match him among people of the same cultivation as him, and he's an upstanding and dauntless man . You're only a young master . How are you stronger than my fiance?"

"Fiance? Only a fiance?" Lan Ruoyun's eyes instantly lit up . "Hahaha… This is great . "

Slanting his head, he said to Chu Yang, "Little kid, I shan't play with you . Just one sentence for you: You don't have the privilege to have such a beautiful woman . Piss off for me . My mood is good today, and I shall spare you the dog's life of yours!"

Seeing that it's all his own people around him, this young master actually directly tore off all his disguise and nakedly put up a rapacious posture, sending a clear message: I just want to rob away this woman!

Chu Yang said coldly, "Whether I have the privilege… we shall see . "

He really had no interest in talking with this bunch of lechers and wanted to settle all of them quickly — through a fight .

"You still want to fight?" Lan Ruoyun laughed as if he had heard a big joke . He slanted his head and said lightly, "Who wants to go up to have a competition with this kid?"

A middle-aged man who's 40 years old or so strode forward and said calmly, "Seventh master, this young master doesn't have ordinary cultivations . Normal Martial Monarchs may not be able to take him down . Let me fight with him!"

Lan Ruoyun smirked, revealing a disgusting arc at the corner of his mouth . He said in a low voice, "Fight!"

The middle-aged man nodded heavily . He turned towards Chu Yang and said lightly, "Teenager, what's your name? Which clan are you from?"

Chu Yang said coldly, "If I answer you, will you not grab away my wife? Then what's the point of answering you?"

The middle-aged man gazed at Chu Yang and said, "If you answer it, and we have some relationship, there'll still be space for negotiation . If you don't answer it, don't blame me for being merciless on you . "

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Chu Yang laughed . "Then you shall be merciless on me!"

The eyes of the middle-aged man flickered, and he said lightly, "Good! Good! Good!"

Suddenly, with a 'clang', he pulled out his sword and pointed it towards Chu Yang, saying, "I'm Guan Gu, the leader of the Lan clan's guards . Don't forget my name when you get into the netherworld . Kid, you must remember for your next life to not seek a wife who's too beautiful . It's not a blessing, but a great disaster . "

Chu Yang laughed sarcastically . "A small guard leader is actually so bold!"

Guan Gu hurled towards Chu Yang furiously .

Chu Yang turned on a cold look and extended his arms!

With a clang, the sword in Guan Gu's hand suddenly straightened up, with its sword tip pointing to the sky .

"Sword greeting!"

Everyone behind exclaimed in unison!

Someone cried, "Guan Gu, be careful! This young man is actually the Sovereign of swords!"

The muscles on Guan Gu's face twitched . Without other people reminding him, he would also know that he had encountered a hot potato .

Sword energy rose from Chu Yang's body and spread in all directions . For Guan Gu, it looked as if a deity was standing right in front of him . At this moment, Chu Yang's body, eyes and brows all looked like swords!

This entire person, by itself, looked like a peerless sword which had suddenly unsheathed!

That middle-aged man next to Lan Ruoyun sighed in a low voice . "A Sovereign of swords who's below 20 years old… We've really met big trouble this time around . "

Lan Ruoyun's eyebrows furrowed . He said, "So what? As long as we kill him, who'll know?"

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He knew what Grand Uncle Han meant: A Sovereign of swords beneath 20 years old must be backed with terrible forces! Ordinary forces wouldn't nurture a Sovereign of swords who's less than 20 years old so easily .

Grand Uncle Han sighed, looking grim . "Since this has started, we can't leave any future implications . Seventh young master, you really have to change your habit of dallying with women . Otherwise, you'll cause great trouble sooner or later…"

Lan Ruoyun nodded and said, "Don't worry, Great Uncle Han . As long as I get this woman, I'm afraid I'll have no more interest in other ordinary women . "

Grand Uncle Han gazed at Zi Xieqing and nodded in agreement . "I agree with you on this . This woman's beauty is indeed unparalleled in the whole Nine Heavens!"

Lan Ruoyun smiled sheepishly and said, "Wait till his fiance has died, how can such a weak woman slip through my fingers?"

This Grand Uncle Han gazed at the battlefield and said in a low voice, "Although this teenager is a Sovereign of swords, Guan Gu's cultivation is already at the peak of the ninth stage Monarch level . His cultivation has actually reached the Saint level, only that his spiritual realm hasn't gotten to that level . He can be said to be half a Martial Saint . This teenager is obviously not a sixth stage Martial Monarch yet; Guan Gu won't take too much effort to kill him . "

Lan Ruoyun smiled in excitement . "Then kill that kid quickly . I can't wait already . That little lady… is really too tempting . "

As he said, he actually swallowed a mouthful of saliva .

Grand Uncle Han nodded and didn't speak further . He felt an inexplicable, stuffy feeling always lingering in his heart, and was very miserable: Why do I have this kind of feeling? There's clearly no strong experts here other than me . This is so strange .

Aside, Zi Xieqing's divine senses silently spread out . She passed a silent message to Chu Yang: "Wei Wuyan has already found his teacher, but those people haven't found them yet . Don't worry and fight well . If there's any situation happening there, I'll handle it . Nothing will happen with me on the watch!"

Chu Yang nodded and passed back a message, "Be careful . "

Zi Xieqing smiled confidently . "No one can be killed if I don't want him to . "

"Very good . Then let me kill all these people first!" Chu Yang snorted .

A woman being beautiful was one matter, and a man being able to appreciate a woman's beauty was another matter . But for those men who wanted to grab someone else's wives who're beautiful, Chu Yang wouldn't hesitate to kill those men if he saw them!

After Lan Ruoyun spoke those words out, even if it wasn't for the sake of the Tao state or cultivation, Chu Yang would definitely not let Lan Ruoyun go today!

It would really cost Chu Yang's own conscience if he let go of such rascals!

Chu Yang laughed, straightened his body and pulled out his sword . The moment his sword was out, the swords of everyone else, apart from Lan Ruoyun and the middle-aged man next to him, violently shook in the sheaths at their waists, producing a neat humming sound!

Chu Yang's sword, carrying with it dazzling sword light, stabbed forth like water . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Guan Gu's pupils shrank . The moment Chu Yang's sword stabbed towards him, he clearly felt that there was a stretch of ocean in front of him . Huge waves were surging slowly, yet powerfully, towards him from the distance!

Although the waves looked gentle, it also looked as if it encompassed the power to engulf the whole heaven and earth .

Zi Xieqing's eyes beamed: Chu Yang's soft water sword intent was almost going to be perfect! His first sword move already had the soft water Tao intent in it .

Chu Yang looked calm and his eyes looked cold .

He silently read this sentence in his heart: If I can make my fighting spirit rise, while my qi and blood remain as cold as snow, then… I'll be unparalleled in this Nine Heavens!

Guan Gu's eyes also turned cold and greeted Chu Yang's sword with his .

Chu Yang's sword looked soft as spring water and it looked like it was moving slowly, but on the contrary, Guan Gu's sword seemed to be moving as fast as lightning .

The two swords met between the duo as they straightened their arms!

The audience all realized at this moment: While it looked as if one sword was moving fast, while the other, slow, they were actually moving at the same speed!

When the two swords collided with each other, they stagnated for a moment, and strangely, they didn't produce any sounds .

At the next instant, Chu Yang's black clothes flashed, and his soft water sword intent suddenly exploded and turned into raging waves!

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