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Chapter 953

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Zi Xieqing carried Chu Le'er and sped with Chu Yang along the way . Not for long, they arrived at the foot of the mountain which Wei Wuyan had named it as 'Small Green Mountain' .

Chu Yang released his divine senses and was taken aback instantly .

There were at least 30 or 40 experts searching around this mountain, but it seemed they hadn't found Hong Wuliang yet .

If they did, these people would have probably retreated .

"Wei Wuyan had gone towards the South-West direction . He's moving very carefully," Zi Xieqing listened frowningly and said, "Looks like he has settled his teacher in that direction . "

Chu Yang nodded . "Since Wei Wuyan's teacher is a hermit and wants no one to know about him, even if he's in the mountains, he won't build any house… It'll be too eye-catching that way . So, he must live in a very secret cave . "

"We shall go over . " Zi Xieqing smiled . "Although I don't like Wei Wuyan's teacher, since you want to help him, I can only help you . "

Chu Yang snapped his fingers . "This sentence is what has made me the most comfortable after I've known you for this long . "

Zi Xieqing frowned and looked with some profound significance at him . She said, "Three times . "

Chu Yang said calmly, "Three elixirs . "

Zi Xieqing meant that she had already owed Chu Yang three times of abuse, and she even noted this down at such a crucial moment . Chu Yang was calm: I have to improve my cultivation anyway; you want to abuse me? Feel free to do so . I can also earn some elixirs from you at the same time . Yes, one elixir for one round of abuse . That'll make three .

"Let's go," Zi Xieqing said .

"Alright . " Chu Yang raised his spirits . "Let's go there quietly . "

"Go there quietly?" Zi Xieqing looked strangely at him . "Why should we go there quietly? We should attack forward openly! I can blow all of them off with one breath…"

Chu Yang started sweating profusely .

This is true, but you won't lay hands on them . Only I will be doing the hard work with them…

"Don't be afraid! I'm with you!"

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Zi Xieqing patted her chest, full of confidence .

Chu Yang's face was bitter . He followed behind this big madam, who's now striding forth valiantly and spiritedly .

Just as they had walked for a dozen or so steps, they heard one person saying, "Who's it?"

Chu Yang said arrogantly, "It's me!"

A middle-aged man in black appeared in front of a tree . He looked at Chu Yang suspiciously . "Who are you?"

Chu Yang laughed . "I'm myself . "

That middle-aged man's face turned dark . He revealed a mocking and cruel look in his eyes . "You're yourself? Who do you think you are?!"

Chu Yang twisted his neck and said, smiling sheepishly, "If you didn't see incorrectly, I'm a man . "

The face of the middle-aged man changed color . He said furiously, "Bastard!"

Chu Le'er also couldn't help but giggle .

The three answers to these three ordinary questions were simply ridiculous .

The middle-aged man looked in the direction of the laughter, and saw Chu Le'er standing next to Zi Xieqing .

Zi Xieqing's clothes were as white as snow, while her hair blew in the air . Just by the way she stood, it was as if she's standing amidst the moonlight in the sky . It seemed to that middle-aged person that this place was like one in a fairy tale, and simply not a man's world .

No one could describe how beautiful she looked, or describe her appearance in detail . In short, she's just like a fairy that had fallen into the Nine Heavens .

She stood quietly, looking cold, indifferent, holy, noble and as if she's unparalleled in the world!

That originally raged face of that middle-aged man instantly changed color .

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There's still anger on his face, but it was frozen . His eyes revealed fascination . He unconsciously stared at Zi Xieqing with his mouth agape, and saliva also dripped down involuntarily from the corners of his mouth .

Chu Yang sighed . Damn it, I knew that this would happen!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

This fellow is already a sixth stage Martial Monarch and at least hundreds of years old . He even has this expression when looking at a beauty…

The enticing power of Zi Xieqing was simply unimaginable .

Sensing that the middle-aged man was looking at her rudely, Zi Xieqing frowned .

This frown carried a clear message: I'm not happy that you're looking at me this way…

That middle-aged man suddenly recovered from his stupor and let out a cry of 'ah', then he suddenly seemed to be a little helpless . His face reddened . He scratched and pinched his two hands, making himself look like a purely innocent boy who had just dreamed of his lover .

Even though Chu Yang was extremely miserable, he also couldn't help but feel funny at this moment .

Brother, you may not know that this beauty in front of you is dozens of generations greater than you…

"May I know your surname?" the middle-aged man hastily asked after trying to hold back for a long time .

Chu Yang wanted to laugh aloud despite being depressed in his heart… You're so old now . Are you still thinking of picking up girls?

Zi Xieqing didn't speak, and only glanced a funny look at Chu Yang .

The middle-aged man instantly understood . He turned around to look at Chu Yang . The evil look in his eyes was gone, and instead substituted by envy and hate . Then, his whole face started to turn purple, looking as if he and Chu Yang were enemies .

"Oh little bastard!" the middle-aged man shouted furiously, "Little rascal! You actually have such a beautiful… You actually… You actually dared to trick me? This is intolerable! Today, I shan't care which clan you come from . You're unlucky to have provoked me today!"

Chu Yang felt like fainting .

How couldn't he know that this bastard wanted to say 'You actually have such a beautiful wife! This is intolerable!'?

But even if I have such a beautiful wife, what does this have to do with you?

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Chu Yang looked at this concupiscent old man interestingly . "What do you want?"

Only then did Chu Yang realize that the collar and sleeves of this middle-aged man were embroidered with a vivid-looking orchid .

Was he from the Lan clan?

Chu Yang was startled . Shouldn't it be the law-enforcement officers' Interrogation Hall here? Why is he from the Lan clan?

The middle-aged man said angrily, "What do I want? Humph! If you kneel down and prostrate to me three times now, then let your… then let your…"

He repeated his last few words, then suddenly said with a flushed face, "Then let your woman apologize to me, I'll spare you your little life . "

Saying till the end, he finally said his true intentions boldly .

Chu Yang looked at him a little sadly . Even if you're blinded by beauty, you should also be able to see that in front of you is a Monarch level expert whose cultivation is no lower than you? You actually dared to say such silly words…

"Little kid, are you willing to listen to my… my judgment?" the middle-aged man shouted angrily and secretly peeked at Zi Xieqing again and again . It seemed that to him, whether it's a Martial Monarch or a Supreme Martial Artist in front was already not important anymore…

Chu Yang sighed . "I'm unwilling . "

"You're willing? Good… What? You said that you're unwilling?" the middle-aged man started to be furious . "You've asked for this!"

Then he actually strode up fiercely .

He wanted to have a fight with Chu Yang .

Chu Yang sighed miserably and raised his right hand .

With a 'clang', the sheath at the waist of the middle-aged man vibrated violently before Chu Yang's sword was even out . A shiny long sword automatically got out of the man's sheath by half a feet, standing in the air and flashing chilly light!

The middle-aged man cried, "Sword Sovereign?!"

He suddenly halted his footsteps and sensed that something was not right again . Then, he carefully inspected Chu Yang before finally darkening his face . "Sovereign of swords?"

"You're awake now?" Chu Yang looked at him, revealing a smile that's not really a smile .

The middle-aged man retreated two steps back, full of contradiction in his face . He clearly knew that he couldn't be matched with a Sovereign of swords, even if it's only a first stage Sovereign of swords!

But if he gathered helpers here, he'd not have… the share of this unparalleled great beauty . Especially if that erotic seventh young master came…

He looked at Zi Xieqing reluctantly and unconvincingly and sighed regretfully . Suddenly, he raised his head and whistled a few strange syllables up to the sky .

His small life was after all the more important .

Not for long, sounds of winds were heard, and dozens of people came from all directions . A voice sounded calmly and coldly, "What has happened?"

Then, there was a sudden 'urgh' sound, as if he was stunned .

Similar sounds were heard from several other people . Very obviously, they were stunned by Zi Xieqing's beauty the moment they saw her!

Chu Yang looked around . There were three on his left, three on his right, three behind and two in front of him . Including that middle-aged man, there're exactly twelve people .

Of which were six Martial Monarchs, and there're another four whom Chu Yang couldn't gather out their cultivations . A young master with a robe had a folding fan in his hands, and he was standing elegantly and handsomely .

Next to this young master was a middle-aged man who's in his thirties . He looked like a man of great depth as if he's an unshakable mountain .

All these people had a common characteristic . That was, on the collar and sleeves of each of them, there was a vivid-looking orchid embroidered on them .

Everyone gazed at Zi Xieqing .

Ever since the arrival of this young master, his peach-flower-like eyes were fixed directly on Zi Xieqing . The more he looked at her, the fierier his eyes became . Suddenly, he laughed . "Gu Mu, you've accomplished a great task for me this time . Hahaha… I'll give you a great reward after I go back this time around!"

The mouth of that previous middle-aged man twitched . He said, "Thank you, young master . "

That young master didn't bother about Gu Mu anymore and hurriedly walked towards Zi Xieqing . "Miss, I'm Lan Ruoyun and I'm from the Lan clan . May I know your name?"

There's only this ethereal beauty in his eyes . He didn't even look at Chu Yang!

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