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Chapter 951

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"A lot of experts? It shouldn't be… I deliberately found a hidden place for my teacher to live in . Normally, I would also make detours when I get past the Black Blood Forest, as I don't dare to reveal any of my traces… How can there be so many people at his place?" Wei Wuyan said with astonishment .

"There are a lot of experts . There're seven or eight of them whose cultivations are on par with you, while three or four of them whose cultivations are far above you," Zi Xieqing said lightly as she frowned and listened, "And… the murderous intent is very strong!"

"What?" Wei Wuyan's face changed color . "Not good! Does it mean… Does it mean that they've come to catch my teacher?"

"Law-enforcement officers' Interrogation Hall?" Chu Yang asked .

"Yes . " Wei Wuyan's heart was burning with anxiety . He extended his body, about to fly off to rescue his teacher .

"Wait," Chu Yang said staidly, "Brother Wei, let's plan this well . You shall also tell us why this is happening… So that we can have some idea of what we should do . "

Wei Wuyan said, "Alright, we'll talk about it as we walk . "

Chu Yang nodded silently and hastened his pace .

The law-enforcement officers' Interrogation Hall was the most powerful hall other than the Presbyterian Law Enforcement Hall!

It's famous for the great number of experts it had .

"My teacher is called Hong Wuliang, and his epithet is Ice Snow Supreme Martial Artist . He's a renowned figure 1,000 years ago . While the law-enforcement master of the Interrogation Hall is called Lang Yilang, and his nickname is called 'Billowy Waves'! This person is from the same town . They once had a good relationship, being companions with each other as they explored the martial world when they were young . "

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Wei Wuyan explained as he hurried on with his journey .

"Later, my teacher and Lang Yilang met a woman who's being chased after by a thief . The duo saved that woman together… The woman was very beautiful, and my teacher and Lang Yilang fell for her at the same time…"

Needless to say, one would know that the duo had turned against each other because of this woman . Chu Yang looked up to the sky and sighed, "Beauty is dangerous… beauty is dangerous…" As he said, he involuntarily glanced at Zi Xieqing . He felt himself in the same boat with Wei Wuyan's teacher and pitied for his fate .

Zi Xieqing looked emotionless . She glared back at Chu Yang, and she said with a voice that only the both of them could hear, "Your cultivation needs some improvement after the matter on Wei Wuyan's teacher is solved . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

Chu Yang almost shed tears . He really wanted to slap his own mouth: I told you earlier not to have a senseless mouth . Why the f**k are you saying senseless things again…

"As a woman can't marry two husbands, that woman finally chose my teacher," Wei Wuyan said in an organized manner while running speedily . "Lang Yilang went off sadly…"

"Nothing else would happen if the matter had stopped here . Although Lang Yilang was upset, he didn't do anything despicable…" Wei Wuyan smiled bitterly . "I hate Lang Yilang deeply, but I don't want to deliberately discredit him on this matter . While Lang Yilang was a little radical in his actions, he's still a sentimental person . "

Chu Yang nodded and said, "I understand . "

"After a few decades, my teacher's wife got a strange disease . It's a terminal illness on her blood; my teacher sought for all kinds of doctors, but they ultimately couldn't treat her illness, and she died in my teacher's arms . "

Wei Wuyan lowered his voice . "Lang Yilang was already a low-rung law-enforcement officer then . Upon receiving the news, he traveled long distances to pay his tributes to my teacher . In the mourning hall, Lang Yilang became so emotional and upset that he vomited blood and fainted on the spot . After waking up, he turned his face against my teacher, blaming him to not have taken care of his wife well… My teacher tried all means to explain the matter to Lang Yilang, but he just couldn't listen . Everyone else tried to mollify the two of them but to no avail . Lang Yilang severed his relationship with my teacher on the spot and lay heavy hands on my teacher . "

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"But with everyone else around, Lang Yilang didn't succeed in killing my teacher, and Lang Yilang was also wounded by a brother of my teacher . Before he left, he cut off his fingers and swore to the Heaven that he would become sworn enemies with my teacher, and he vowed to make my teacher die from the cruelest form of torture in the world…"

Saying till here, Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing all sighed deeply .

The duo had really nothing to speak for such a thing .

But this Lang Yilang was also considered a sentimental person . He left away sadly when the one he loved didn't choose him; when he came back, she had already died . Although Lang Yilang hadn't seen his lover for decades, he was still heartbroken for her death, and even vomited blood on the spot and fainted… One could see how affectionate he was towards her .

He didn't marry again for his life, which was a testament that he had exhausted all his lifelong feelings from the moment he fell for his lover .

But although his infatuation of his lover was pathetic, what he did was abhorrent .

Regardless of everything, the woman was already married and was someone else's wife . And, she had died because of some incurable disease, and not because her husband had abused her to death . It's greatly wrong of Lang Yilang to create such trouble .

That Hong Wuliang was also tragic . It's originally a very sad matter already that his wife had died, but an age-long love rival had come up to him at this moment to denounce him . And this rival even put up a fight with him in the mourning hall… It's really not easy for Hong Wuliang to bear through this .

Chu Yang thought, actually it's only one sentence: No matter whether she's your lover or otherwise, she's my wife . What qualifications do you have to ask me about this matter? Under whose name are you asking this matter?

But Hong Wuliang presumably didn't dare to say this sentence out?

"Ever since my teacher lost his wife, he focused on practicing martial arts . After some hundreds of years, he became a Martial Saint; at the same time, Lang Yilang, who's determined to take revenge on my teacher, also has his cultivation improved by leaps and bounds . "

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Wei Wuyan said, "As long as the two of them meet each other, they'll put up a deadly battle; my teacher's cultivation is higher than that of Lang Yilang, and for every time, my teacher would be lenient on Lang Yilang and not kill him… But not only is Lang Yilang ungrateful towards the pains that my teacher has suffered, but he has also become more aggravated in his actions . "

"He had actually remembered everyone who had fought with him in the mourning hall, and afterward, he used various means to take revenge on them through framing them or fastening crimes on them when they didn't do anything wrong . Then, he would use his authority as a law-enforcement officer to catch all of them up and persecute them to death…"

"He's so wrong in doing this!" Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing shouted at the same time, "Even if they've grudges and no matter how upset he may be, there's no need for him to lay hands on innocent people!"

"Yes," Wei Wuyan said, "It's precisely because of this that Lang Yilang and my teacher had become real sworn enemies! My teacher even took the initiative to travel through the world to find Lang Yilang so as to seek revenge for his dead brothers… But Lang Yilang seemed to have disappeared from this world . "

"He reappeared after hundreds of years . He was already the executive officer of the Interrogation Hall then . The two fought a few rounds of big battles . Lang Yilang had several adherents, making my teacher no match for them . So, my teacher could only seek for opportunities to strike back; another hundred years passed, and my teacher advanced to become a Supreme Martial Artist . So he decided to get back to Lang Yilang; but at that time, Lang Yilang initiated to have a fair battle with my teacher . "

Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing had completely understood the matter when Wei Wuyan said till here . They couldn't help but sigh deeply in their hearts .

The duo had gotten tangled with each other for their whole lives just because of their affection towards the same woman back then . Although both of them had become Supreme Martial Artists because of this, at such a stage, they still wanted to have a life-and-death battle with each other… It's obvious how deeply this set of affection had imprinted in their hearts and how far it had carried their minds away…

"My teacher went alone to meet Lang Yilang for the battle . The duo first had a good drink, treating it as the last farewell they had to each other . Then, the two got up to the mountain to battle . At one crucial moment, when my teacher and Lang Yilang tried to hit a palm on each other, only then my teacher realized that Lang Yilang's entire arm had already turned into the color of Purple Crystal Jade Core . Lang Yilang had actually exercised the Purple Crystal Hand at this moment!"

"One who suffers from Purple Crystal Hand will lose all his fortunes," Wei Wuyan said, "My teacher wants to escape after being hit by the Purple Crystal Hand; but Lang Yilang pursued after him all the way, and hit another three palms of Purple Crystal Hand on my teacher, while risking himself to be injured at the same time . "

"My teacher escaped back, carrying his serious injuries . Then, he instantly brought me to find a place to live in seclusion . After a few days, the original place, where we had lived, was already burnt into ashes . Over these years, my teacher's illness from the Purple Crystal Hand is getting more and more severe . From 600 years ago, he had already exhausted all the purple crystals that he had saved; I traveled through the martial world to desperately earn purple crystals to help my teacher elongate his life… I've been doing this till now . "

Wei Wuyan heaved a long sigh after he finished speaking .

One would constantly need purple crystals after suffering from the Purple Crystal Hand . If there's one day when the supply of purple crystal was interrupted, the demand of purple crystal starting from the second day would double! And so on and so forth…

Not mentioning anything else, for the sake of treating his teacher's injuries, Wei Wuyan, who had never asked for help from anyone else in his life, had to endure really immense pressure .

Normal blood payers could rest and relax for some time after completing one task; but regardless of how difficult a task that Wei Wuyan had completed, another task was already on his hands at the next moment . He didn't dare to stop for even one moment! He's just afraid that there's one day he couldn't satisfy the demand of purple crystals his teacher needed…

"It's indeed not easy for you . " Zi Xieqing laughed . But instantly, her face turned cold and her brows slightly furrowed, casting a spell of death . "But for this matter… both of them deserve to be killed!"

"Both of them deserve to be killed?" Wei Wuyan was stunned . Even Chu Yang was a little puzzled .

"Lang Yilang deserves to be killed! It's one matter that he likes one woman . But since this woman is already married, no matter how disagreeable he is to that marriage, he should hide his discontentment in his heart! To make a fuss in the mourning hall of the wife of another person, saying that he didn't take care of his wife… is simply ridiculous! He should be given a death sentence just based on this fact! Because he has blemished the reputation of a dead person! And Lang Yilang even did so many wrong things after this . He more than deserves to die . "

Zi Xieqing said coldly, "Men may think that such deep affection is worthy of recognition; but I shall tell you, in the eyes of women, such an infatuation is even more intolerable than a sinful enemy! Because such affection is bound to destroy one's peaceful and happy life at any moment . "

"What's the most important thing for women? As long as a woman is married, the most important thing to her will be her husband and children . Such deep affection, as what Lang Yilang has, can easily grab away everything a woman has in her life; No matter how faithful a woman is to her husband, as long as a little suspicion rises in her husband's heart, then she'll never ever have a peaceful life, and ultimately, she'll end with a tragedy!"

"It's a virtue for a man to be affectionate to a woman, who similarly loves the same man; but if a man is affectionate to a woman who doesn't like him, it's only torture and destruction for the woman! Such a man is even more deserving to be killed than a thief!"

Zi Xieqing's eyes looked extremely murderous .

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