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Chapter 949

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Wei Wuyan stood fearfully at one side as he looked at his chat mate instantly become a ball . His body shuddered and cold sweat crept up on him .

Women… The group of people that one can't afford to irritate the most is women .

Look, this isn't just a mere martial match . This is real abuse!

Previously, although Zi Xieqing had the suspect of abusing Chu Yang, Chu Yang, after all, could defend himself and carry out counterattacks; but this time around, he was completely beaten up! He didn't even have the time to make his own moves .

With this kick, Chu Yang flew up high into the sky .

He was stunned to have experienced this storm so abruptly .

He finally wanted to make use of his tumbling movements in midair to put up the 'One ray of cold light pierces ten-thousand fathoms' move, when a slender leg was kicked on his belly . Shouting, he flew up into the sky like a rocket, with his ass pointed up and his limbs sprawled open .

In the high sky, Chu Yang tried to ignore the sharp pain in his belly . Folding his body, he prepared to fly down, and take advantage of the height to use the 'Wind and cloud move unhindered from east to west' move; but just after he folded his body, a small and tender hand had already landed from above . With a slap, the King of Hell Chu fell dizzily from the sky .

He slammed heavily onto the ground . His only thought was: I shall remain firm even if I'm going to be buried deep… But as soon as this thought arose, he felt a sharp pain in his chest . He was grabbed by his chest and lifted up from the ground .

Bang bang bang, bang bang bang…

Each side of his ass had suffered 30 or 40 kicks…

Only then did he remember: Nothing will work in front of this woman . The key is to escape from her… But, where can I escape to?

Zi Xieqing had already grasped on Chu Yang's ankles and swirled him for two rounds . When she was about to slam him heavily onto the ground, Chu Yang finally remembered something and screamed, "This is a misunderstanding . Urgh~urgh~urgh~~"

But he was already thrown onto the ground . His mouth was filled with soil, which had completely blocked the words that he wanted to say .

"Sword spirit, quickly take over my body…" Chu Yang shouted in his consciousness . The sword spirit pretended that it didn't hear Chu Yang, and continued to take care of the elixirs in the medicine field .

Take over? Now? My brain is spoiled… I can't even afford to offend this person when I'm at the peak of my cultivation, let alone now…

Chu Yang's body was lifted up again amidst the flying specks of dust . He quickly spat out the black soil from his mouth . "Miss… Zi… I really wasn't referring to you… Ah…"

Zi Xieqing had already flown up . She stamped her two feet against his waist, and Chu Yang was slammed onto the ground once again . "I only want to beat you up…"

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After this round of beating, Chu Yang was already gasping for breath . He flipped his eyes and finally finished saying a sentence, "I really didn't mean you… Just now, Wei Wuyan was talking about the wife he had previously… I… I… I… I'm f**king wronged…"

Zi Xieqing was startled as she looked at Wei Wuyan .

Wei Wuyan's head was full of sweat . "Yes, that's right…"

Zi Xieqing instantly looked a little awkward . After some thoughts, she walked next to Chu Yang . "After your cultivation has risen up, your physical endurance level also needs to be kept up… I've considered myself to be helping you this time around…"

Chu Yang wanted to cry . "My dear aunt… I'm really thankful for your help…" Extending his two legs, he fainted .

He had fainted from rage .

Will you die from apologizing to me for having beaten the wrong person? And you even… said that you've helped me?

How b*tchy am I to deserve such help from you…

Chu Le'er looked at Chu Yang terrifyingly . "Sister Zi, don't beat him anymore . Don't beat him anymore . "

Zi Xieqing walked forward and said gently, "Look, the poison in your Brother Chu Yang's body is beaten out by me . Now he's alright . "

As she said, she pointed a finger at Chu Yang .

Black gas began to emerge from Chu Yang's mouth as if a long black dragon was spurted out from his mouth . It went one round around Chu Yang, and grasses that were in contact with the black gas instantly withered…

Chu Le'er heaved a sigh of relief . But she was still a little suspicious . "Poison?"

"Yes," Zi Xieqing said, revealing a little strange look, "This poison can even corrode stones…"

Chu Le'er turned around, and sure enough, she saw the stones beneath the soil slowly corroding . She was instantly taken aback . "Is my big brother alright now?"

"Yes, he's alright now . " Zi Xieqing sighed . "Just now, through beating him, all the joints and muscles in his body was activated . I even used the Big Dipper Vibration Method to vibrate his body once, and finally drove out the poison . I'm so exhausted . "

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Chu Le'er said gratefully, "Sister Zi, I thank you on behalf of my big brother for your efforts . "

Wei Wuyan's whole body twitched upon listening to the conversation: Chu Yang had suffered a hard beating from Zi Xieqing, yet she even claimed to be helping him, and she was even thanked for it…

Chu Yang had long woken up . Upon listening to the conversation between the two women, he instantly cried out, "How shameless…" And he fainted again .

This woman is even more shameless than me!

She almost beat me to death, yet she even wanted my younger sister to thank her for it…

Chu Le'er saying 'I thank you on behalf of my big brother' was more effective in making him want to vomit blood as compared to all the pains he was suffering now .

As for that black gas… Zi Xieqing would, of course, be able to produce it easily with her cultivation!

Chu Yang guessed that he was and would be the only person to experience such an unexpected calamity .

It's all Wei Wuyan's fault . Why didn't he say anything else… Your wife was dead for hundreds of years already . Why did you still mention your wife… You've caused me to lament with you and yet have to suffer from such a cruel round of abuse…

Ever since Chu Yang and Wei Wuyan had learned a lesson, they appeared to be very quiet as they continued their journey . They looked grim and vigilant . Even if they talked to each other, their conversation was something like this:


"Have a meal?"

"Okay . "

"I'll go prepare it?"

"Okay . "


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"Wait . "

"There're elixirs?"

"Okay . "

"Okay . I'll wait for you . "

"Okay . "

They were extremely cautious in speaking .

'Misfortunes come from the mouth . ' This saying was indeed true . Having a senseless mouth was a problem, and a fatal one .

Chu Yang and Wei Wuyan swore silently: We would rather be a dumb person and absolutely not speak so senselessly… Wouldn't it be good if we discussed some principles on martial arts or nature, and learned from each other at the same time?

Otherwise, it's also good to talk about the mysteries about the universe; or, discuss why flowers have different colors and why the grass is green; why we can see things in the daytime, while things will go dark at night… We can discuss all such questions; It's simply senseless to talk about women…

They didn't even take a look at what wild animals they had caught . They would just scrape off the animals' skin and barbecue them directly — originally, the duo was very interested in seeing whether the animals were male or female; If it's a female and there's a pup in its belly, they would let it go .

But now they didn't dare to examine the animals anymore .

They were afraid that if the sensitive nerves of the violent woman were spurred, she would come punching and kicking them .

But the duo didn't expect that the violent woman felt very embarrassed because she had wronged someone . Even if they discussed anything about her, she would have pretended to not hear anything and would definitely not lose her temper .

But the duo didn't know this . Even if they did, they would definitely not dare to take risks .

Time slipped away bit by bit, while the four people's journey also vanished gradually under their feet…

Wei Wuyan felt very wronged: In the past, I could travel through the Nine Heavens with ease . Since when was I so cautious like I am now? I don't even dare to speak loudly .

But the King of Hell Chu felt even more wronged: Not to mention my identity as the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, as the king of hell in the Lower Three Heavens, I was above all men, and with a command, millions of people would be killed for me; and everyone would shudder at the mention of my name . How powerful was I then?

Even if I didn't talk about the Lower Three Heavens, I was also mighty in the Middle Three Heavens . I subverted the Middle Three Heavens with my own hands, and using my own strategies, became the master of the Middle Three Heavens — Since when did I suffer like now?

And above all, it's a woman that is making me suffer!

This is simply… intolerable!

But after some thoughts, he sighed dispiritedly: But I still have to bear even if I can't… Now that woman's fists are indeed larger than mine . I can't afford to resist her…

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After all, as long as Zi Xieqing's presence was sensed, all the experts in the Black Blood Forest would run away as far as they could! While they were about to exit the Black Blood Forest, not even human hair was seen .

Not to mention anyone blocking their path and robbing them…

This also made Divine Doctor Chu collect elixirs more quickly and conveniently . Along the way, at least hundreds of elixirs were further added into the Nine Tribulations Space!

By rough estimation, ever since he had entered the Black Blood Forest, he had gotten a total of at least 3,000 elixirs, all of which he had either picked by himself or gotten by Zi Xieqing .

Medicines from the Black Blood Forest were usually more than 10 times that of the outside . If they were all exchanged for purple crystals… Divine Doctor Chu felt… that the land in the Upper Three Heavens could be purchased…

There shouldn't be any problem to buy one-ninth of it .

"There's a small hill 400 miles ahead . It's not very eye-catching, and my teacher lives in there," Wei Wuyan said to Chu Yang as he pointed to the front .

"Okay," Chu Yang said as he looked towards the front, "I suppose we've already gone out of the Black Blood Forest?"

"Not yet," Wei Wuyan said, "This is still the Black Blood Forest . It's only that the stretch of forest nearer to the mainland has recovered some normal colors . "

"You're wrong," Zi Xieqing said deeply from behind .

"Wrong?" Wei Wuyan felt strange: It's actually wrong that the leaves are green, and the flowers and grass are in the originally normal colors?

"Such cases only occur once in 10,000 years," Zi Xieqing said, "For the first 9,000 years in the 10,000 years cycle, from this area till 1,000 miles away from here, it'll be all black . For the remaining 1,000 years, this place will gradually change color and its normal colors will be restored; the soil beneath will also slowly turn soft . "

She said lightly, not taking a glance at Chu Yang at all, "But, after the 10,000-year-period is over, this place will turn black again!"

Wei Wuyan said shockingly, "Is it related to the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?" Aside, Chu Yang also pricked up his ears .

"Wrong!" Zi Xieqing said lightly, "It has nothing to do with the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, but it's related to the Nine Tribulations Sword and the foundations of this continent . "

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