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Chapter 948

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Zi Xieqing's two bright eyes were filled with shock and disbelief!

In these four hours, she had collected as much as 100 times of Tao state energy as compared to that of the previous days added together!

So, she immediately rushed to question Chu Yang after the Tao state was over .

Questioning Chu Yang wasn't a matter by itself, but her voice was involuntarily mixed with her primordial qi as she yelled down the well which was thousands of feet deep .

The voice simply had nowhere to spread out, and instantly it thundered in this well .

Chu Yang who just broke through his cultivation was in a tragedy now .

With a shrill cry, he covered his ears and almost started to roll on the ground . His seven apertures almost bled from such loud sounds . When he was just about to protest, he saw big stones above crumbling down… The whole well had completely collapsed…

With another shrill cry, he was buried alive in the well…

The last thing he saw before being buried was Zi Xieqing's face which looked slightly bashful yet filled with surprise…

"This woman is going to harm me to death… I've already become like this when I'm still not out of the Black Blood Forest forest . If I go out of this place, I really don't know what it'll be like… Beauty is dangerous . This old saying is indeed true…"

This was Chu Yang's last thoughts before he was buried .

It was only after a long time did Chu Yang get out of the well with dirt all over his face . He sprawled on the ground and panted heavily as he breathed for fresh air .

There was a big lump bulging out of Chu Yang's forehead like a unicorn . It was swollen and the length that it had bulged out was as long as a finger…

This was because Chu Yang was knocked by a rock when the thunderous sound had dispersed all the cultivation on him and before he had the time to exercise his own energy to avoid from being knocked .

"Don't play this next time… It'll really cause deaths…" the King of Hell Chu said deeply .

Chu Le'er's soft little hand held on to a wet towel and used it to massage the horn on his big brother's head . "It's so weird . It's soft and flexible… And it's also bulging inside…"

Chu Le'er simply treated it as a toy .

Chu Yang breathed miserably as he tolerated the torture-like massage by his own younger sister . At the same time, he secretly exercised his own internal energy to eliminate this big lump on his head…

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"Eh?" Chu Le'er was stunned . "Why did it disappear?"

"Le'er is really a divine doctor…" Divine Doctor Chu sat down and praised, "The lump had vanished after Le'er only massaged it a few times…"

"Really?" Chu Le'er instantly felt full of accomplishment and she squinted her eyes happily .

"Of course!" Chu Yang swore, "If you don't believe, touch it . The lump has vanished, right?"

"It turns out that I actually have this ability…" Chu Le'er revealed her two small canine teeth . "Big brother, I'll still help you cure your injuries if you have it next time . "

"Urgh…" Chu Yang was flabbergasted .

"Humph . " Chu Le'er flipped her eyelids . "Do you think that I'm a fool? Do you have such a great sense of accomplishment in teasing a little girl?"

Chu Yang swallowed his anger and said, "No, it's not that you're a fool . It's me who's a fool…"

I'm indeed a fool… I clearly know that this younger sister of mine has a high IQ . Why didn't I see that she's playing dirty tricks on me… I've asked for this .

Just after he had cleaned himself up, Zi Xieqing came up to him . "Get up . I've something to ask you . "

"Say it here if you've anything . " Chu Yang lay on the ground and rolled his eyes . Now, Chu Yang was directly not fond of this unparalleled beauty in the whole continent anymore .

Zi Xieqing stared at him, and Chu Yang directly turned his head back .

Zi Xieqing laughed . "What happened just now? What is happening to you now?"

"Just now… it's that matter . What's happening now is what you are seeing right now . " Chu Yang flipped his eyelids .

Zi Xieqing's looks became threatening and her breath started to become more oppressive . "Well?"

Chu Yang jumped up from the ground with a 'swoosh' . He forced a smile on his face . "Actually… it's this and this case…"

Chu Yang was after all weaker than Zi Xieqing… One had to be humble when trapped in inferior circumstances .

"For the last few days, your cultivation is higher than your spiritual realm," Zi Xieqing said as she paced about and pondered, "I helped your spiritual realm to rise after training you for so long . Now, the situation is reversed . You spiritual realm is now higher than your cultivation… And it's higher by quite a bit… Erm? Get over here!"

She had only focused on doing her talking, and she only found that Chu Yang was still in his original spot when she turned around . She couldn't help herself from staring at Chu Yang .

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Chu Yang ran over to Zi Xieqing submissively . "*Cough*… I'm here now . What instructions do you have, Miss Zi? Do you want me to pinch your shoulders or rub your legs? And at the same time give you a massage…"

Zi Xieqing stared back, speechless from anger .

No matter how old she was, she was still a girl . How could she allow a man to touch her randomly? Or how could she even allow a man to pinch her shoulders and rub her legs?

How can I allow you to pinch… or rub me so randomly?

Do you think I'm your wife?

"You've eaten the Nine Tribulations Pill, I suppose?" Zi Xieqing asked lightly, "It's because of that thing underground?"

"Yes . " Chu Yang thought: Why are you still asking about it when you already know .

"This pill is indeed a good thing…" Zi Xieqing pondered as she extended her white and tender hand . "Give me one to taste it . "

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Chu Yang was directly angered by such a sentence . This is the Nine Tribulations Pill, and not an apple or a pear . How can it be so randomly used for tasting?

This sentence was said so cursorily .

"No more… I only have that pill . " Chu Yang spread his hands out . He's not lying nor evading Zi Xieqing's request . He really didn't have any more Nine Tribulations Pill .

"No more?" Zi Xieqing stared back . "Hahaha, your cultivation has improved… and now your guts have also become fat . Come, I shall study the Tao state energy with you…"


Chu Yang cried miserably, like a little white rabbit which had fallen into a bear's paw… While he's in full protest, he still couldn't escape the fate of being trampled on by Zi Xieqing…

Then it was…

Bang bang bang bang bang… The sounds of sandbags being hit .

The four walked out of the Black Blood Forest .

Chu Yang was drilled by Zi Xieqing for another five days, completely stabilizing Chu Yang's cultivation of the Sovereign of swords . Then, the four finally set off .

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Why Zi Xieqing claimed to have no feelings for her home, she still watered her plants once more before she left . She even led water to flow through here so that her plants could grow freely, then turned a few rounds about the home that she had lived for tens of thousands of years .

Then, she turned back and walked away . She looked very miserable along the way .

With an additional female companion, Chu Le'er was of course taken care of by Zi Xieqing, while Wei Wuyan and Chu Yang walked in front and chatted as they walked .

The two men suddenly laughed at the discussion of some unknown topic . Then, Chu Yang lowered his voice and spoke a few words, and the two men started to smile knowingly and sheepishly . Their smiles seemed to contain such a meaning: Both of us are men, and there're some things that only men could understand…

Zi Xieqing felt herself burning while looking at the two men in front of her .

But she really dared not to eavesdrop on them . It's not that she's embarrassed to do so, but she's afraid that she couldn't bear herself from slapping the two fellows in front to death if she had heard their conversations .

Wei Wuyan had a very high endurance level now .

He had now realized that he shouldn't be alarmed at the sight of strange occurrences .

Repeated blows on him had already made him numb!

Wei Wuyan would be awash with tears for every time he thought about them .

Previously when Wei Wuyan first followed Chu Yang, this fellow was only a fourth stage Sword Sovereign . A few days later, after a conversation with his younger brother, he broke through to the fifth stage Sword Sovereign .

Then, after a few battles in this Black Blood Forest, Chu Yang entered the Tao state several times . And within three days since the last time his cultivation had advanced, he broke through to become a sixth stage Sword Sovereign .

Next, after meeting Zi Xieqing, Chu Yang further advanced to become a first stage Sovereign of swords in seven days .

The most ridiculous thing that happened a few days ago was that, after this fellow went to dig a pit for the purpose of picking medicines, he directly advanced to a fifth stage Sovereign of swords?!

Motherf**ker… Is this something that a human is capable of doing?

Wei Wuyan remembered from the time he first started to practice martial arts diligently from the King level onwards, he took a minimum of more than half a year to advance just one stage .

He used exactly 127 years of time to advance from the fourth stage Martial Emperor to a fifth stage Martial Monarch!

In comparison to Chu Yang's speed…

Wei Wuyan was still an ordinary Martial Monarch .

But Chu Yang was a Sovereign of swords! The time he used to advance from a fourth stage Sword Sovereign to a fifth stage Sovereign of swords… was 20 days!

If there's a piece of tofu in front of Wei Wuyan, he would have long banged onto it: It's much better for me to be banged to death on a piece of tofu as compared to suffering blows from this kid…

But as Wei Wuyan came by these days, especially these last few days, he didn't feel himself suffering from blows anymore .

Breakthrough? Oh, isn't it just a breakthrough? It's very normal!

Enter into the Tao state? Oh, isn't it just entering into the Tao state? This is so normal…

What? Compare me with him? Whoever dares to do so, I'll exterminate his whole clan… I can suffer from blows but I won't allow myself to be compared with him!


"Women are just women…" Chu Yang exclaimed and sighed after Wei Wuyan talked about something . With the two men standing together, their conversation topic would always be regarding women .

But, he had said this a little too loud . Not only Zi Xieqing heard it, but Chu Le'er also heard it .

The duo involuntarily pricked up their ears .

"Yeah," Wei Wuyan chimed in with a sigh .

"We can't deal with women using common sense . They're simply unreasonable…" Chu Yang explained spiritedly, "Even if a woman has authority over the whole world, she's after all a woman! No matter how beautiful she is, she's after all still a woman! Even if she's cold, ruthless and resolute, she's still a woman . No matter how great and unparalleled her cultivation is, the fact that she's still a woman remain…"

Zi Xieqing frowned upon listening to such a round of exclamations .

"Women just like to be sentimental . When the leaves fall, they'll cry; when the autumn wind blows, they'll drop tears; even when a butterfly breaks a wing, they'll groan for a long time… When they part with their friends or kids, the tearier they would become; they'll even be melancholic for a long time when they part with their puppies or plants; for instance…"

"For instance what?" A ghastly voice sounded from behind .

Zi Xieqing felt more and more unjust as she listened . This guy was clearly referring to her . His guts were really too fat…

Her two eyes were already going to erupt out of rage .

Chu Yang then realized that he had been verbally attacking Zi Xieqing . There're also two women following behind him, and these two were those whom he couldn't afford to offend . He instantly went into a panic . "Miss Zi, I'm not talking about you actually . "

"Okay . " Zi Xieqing kicked out her one foot . "I know that you're not talking about me, but this has nothing to do with my desire to beat you up!"

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