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Chapter 947

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As the sword went down, a small rock was lifted up —

A gust of poisonous gas, which was dark green in color and could almost destroy all things, rose up violently! The surrounding stone walls also cracked and a layer of powder fell down…

A mere layer of poisonous gas could actually melt such hard rocks of the Black Blood Forest!

Cold sweats crept up to Chu Yang, and his pair of eyes suddenly bulged out…

Oh my God…

The Poisonous Dragon inner core instantly turned white, and it also cast a layer of blue fog .

As the poisonous gas continued to rise up, Chu Yang forced himself to take hold of his breath . The Nine Tribulations Pill released its medicinal energy at this moment and cast a halo around Chu Yang's body; the poisonous gas floated away .

Stone powder kept on falling as the gas spread out in this small and narrow space .

Wait till this gust of poisonous gas had been exhausted, the stone powder had already half-buried Chu Yang . While that halo formed by the Nine Tribulations Pill also vanished .

"Damn it… This poison is really fierce . " Chu Yang was already dumbstruck in his conscious space . Although he had double layers of protection with Nine Tribulations Pill and Poisonous Dragon inner core, which were both banes of all extreme poisons in the world, the halo of the Nine Tribulations Pill was destroyed, while the Poisonous Dragon inner core also turned blue .

"This is the protection poison, and not the poison of Heaven Poison Jade Crystal," the sword spirit said, "The Heaven Poison Jade Crystal needs to be stimulated . Otherwise, it could only hurt itself, but not others . Let's continue to dig . "

Chu Yang gasped for breath . He took down the Poisonous Dragon inner core and soaked it in the Vitality Spring Water .

Then he grasped those stone powder with his energy, then forced it into the stone wall . He thought: This place is now a disaster . If anyone comes here in the future and get tainted onto these things, although the toxicity of them is greatly reduced, I'm afraid that those people beneath the Monarch level can also get half-dead from them .

Then he raised his sword to continue to dig .

This time, after only digging for five feet, the sword tip obviously seemed to sense something soft .

Chu Yang carefully shifted away from the rocks and saw the rocks beneath faintly glowing in red . Digging down for another three feet, the rocks suddenly turned pink .

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The pink rocks were crystal-clear .

"This is the Heaven Poison Jade . Further down is the Heaven Poison Jade Core, and the Heaven Poison Jade Crystal is wrapped between the jade core . It has the same structure as the Mysterious Ice Jade Core and the Mysterious Ice Jade Ointment . " The sword spirit was a little excited . "This is a treasure . Keep it quickly . "

Chu Yang moved out the jade piece by piece, while the sword spirit also collected them into the Nine Tribulations Space . With the duo working closely with each other, they were done with the pile of Heaven Poison Jade in a short time .

Some pink pieces of Heaven Poison Jade which revealed a warm smell could be seen below . What's different from the previous pieces was that there's a faint pink fog cast over the jade . While the fog could move around, it wouldn't spread out .

This was the Heaven Poison Jade Core .

Chu Yang carefully shifted the Heaven Poison Jade Core out piece by piece . When he shifted the pieces of core exactly halfway, there's a pink piece of jade of the size of a human head . There seemed to be something flowing within it as if a creature was trapped inside it and was rolling, bouncing and struggling in it . Colorful clouds were surged up for every time it rolled .

It's so beautiful that it seemed that it didn't belong to this world .

"This is the Heaven Poison Jade Core . " The sword spirit looked at it a little sadly and said, "You've actually got three of the Nine Great Herbal Medicines in a little more than two years… Such blessings and such luck are really…"

Chu Yang laughed . "Sword spirit, you've really benefited much with me as the sword master . "

The sword spirit said with strong feelings, "This is true…"

Chu Yang was originally joking, but he didn't expect the sword spirit to agree so readily .

The sword spirit said smilingly, "Actually, the biggest benefit that I enjoy from following you is… that you treat me like a person, but the previous eight Nine Tribulations Sword Masters only treated me like a sword and a tool . They think that the sword spirit is only an appendage to the sword and it has no feelings . "

Chu Yang said with astonishment, "What saying is this? Since it has 'spirit', that means it has spirituality and sentiments; this means that the sword spirit is equivalent to a person . Why did they only treat you like a tool?"

The sword spirit said deeply, "That's the difference between humans . "

Chu Yang nodded and said smilingly and knowingly, "And the difference between the path of sentiment and the path of heartlessness?"

The sword spirit smiled . "That's right . "

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Chu Yang still wanted to speak, but he felt his elixir field burning up like fire . The Nine Tribulations Pill had already completely released its medicinal energy!

Instantly, Chu Yang felt his whole body burst up, but he didn't feel any pain . Instead, he felt a strange kind of comfortable feeling .

This feeling was like an endlessly flowing tide, and it lasted for an hour .

Chu Yang felt his meridians widen and become more flexible, bit by bit, and the primordial qi within him constantly increasing and strengthening itself .

At the same time, he felt his brain constantly being struck and washed like a piece of a reef that's exposed above the water surface, and constantly undergoing the baptism of wind and waves .

It seemed that he was having a new epiphany at every moment…

Chu Yang suddenly felt that his soul had left his own body and that he was lying in an endless void . Countless stars were blinking towards him, and every blink seemed to be sending him a different kind of understanding…

He immersed himself in this beautiful and dreamlike spiritual realm, actually forgetting about everything…

Under the pergola, Zi Xieqing suddenly raised her head as she looked in the direction of Chu Yang in astonishment . Because, at this moment, she actually realized that Chu Yang had disappeared from her senses .

Completely disappeared, and without a trace .

At the same time, an endless gust of pure Tao state energy appeared .

"This isn't pure Tao state energy! This is the energy of the realm of nature!" Zi Xieqing was shocked . With a brush, her body vanished . She had already come up into midair and started to make some mysterious gestures…

This Tao state energy which had suddenly appeared had greatly exceeded that in the past!

Zi Xieqing's heart was filled with excitement .

Wei Wuyan and Chu Le'er also wanted to go forth to have a look . But when they were just about to move, they realized they couldn't move their bodies…

The primordial qi in Chu Yang's body was just like a well; but at this moment, a big fountain had appeared at the bottom of the well, causing the water level in the well to surge up .

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The epiphanies he had was even more surging wildly yet in an organized manner in his brain .

His cultivation was also climbing…

Middle first stage of Sovereign of swords .


Second stage .

Middle… then peak of the second stage!

Third stage…

After a long, long time, Chu Yang woke up from the comfortable feeling . He only felt that his body had turned light and almost weightless .

Layers after layers of cultivation epiphany appeared in his brain, as though he had cultivated for hundreds of years already . This was something that he dared not to even dream of…

With a slight exertion of his primordial qi, Chu Yang felt his body fly up gently . Waving his arms, he actually rose up 300 to 400 feet high above the ground, like an arrow that had left a bowstring!

Chu Yang's heart jerked violently and he instantly dropped back onto the ground . "What's going on?"

"This is the Nine Tribulations Pill . And it's the real one!" There's pride in the sword spirit's voice . "One pill can revive the lives of the dead, nurse one's flesh and bones, change one's roots and subvert the Nine Heavens!"

"The real Nine Tribulations Pill…" Chu Yang muttered . He only knew that the Nine Tribulations Pill was extremely overbearing, but he didn't take it before . He only took an incomplete version of Nine Tribulations Pill for treating his own injuries . But only after eating the real pill today that he understood how strong the Nine Tribulations Pill was!

"This pill has advanced your cultivation by four stages from the first stage to the middle fifth stage of the Sovereign of swords!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

The sword spirit said, "And at the same time improved your spiritual realm by exactly 10 stages! Now your spiritual realm is already at the first stage Saint level!"

Chu Yang involuntarily took in a gasp of cold breath .

He had long heard about the power of the Nine Tribulations Pill, and also knew about its properties, but he still felt shocked when he finally used the Nine Tribulations Pill himself!

Revive the lives of the dead, and nurse one's flesh and blood!

Regardless of who had eaten it, it could raise his cultivation!

Change his roots!

And improve 10 stages of his spiritual realm!

Now, Chu Yang finally understood what these words meant .

"Will there be any side effects?" Chu Yang asked . While he was astonished, he still had qualms in his heart .

"As long as one makes use of medicines to improve his cultivation, regardless of what medicines he uses or what cultivation he has, there'll definitely be side effects!" the sword spirit said seriously, "So, I don't recommend you to cultivate with the Nine Tribulations Pill . But now there's Zi Xieqing next to you . You can supersede these side effects under her super pressure, as she can help you to condense your cultivation into a tangible one! Of course, it's also because of this Heaven Poison Jade Crystal, which only the Nine Tribulations Pill can suppress the poisons . So I allowed you to take one pill . "

Chu Yang's face turned bitter . "That means, the moment I take the Nine Tribulations Pill, I'll instantly have to face Zi Xieqing's abuse… And she'll abuse me even harder?"

The sword spirit actually smiled gloatingly . "You can also understand it this way . "

Chu Yang was stunned .

Suddenly he thought of something . "Qingwu and my parents had all taken the Nine Tribulations Pills . Were they affected?"

The sword spirit laughed . "Mo Qingwu is alright, because the main function of her Nine Tribulations Pill then was to treat her old illnesses, and she had no spiritual realm to advance at that time… So, the medicinal energy is hidden in her meridians . As her cultivation deepens, the medicinal energy will slowly take its effect . It won't have any implications on her . "

Chu Yang said, "Then how about my parents?"

The sword spirit stroked his chin . "They indeed have to experience some implications… That is, the bottleneck in reaching the Supreme level will be higher for them . You must know that there'll be greater obstructions once one's spiritual realm is forcibly improved… But by the aptitudes of the both of them, by that time… you may have some ways to help them…"

Chu Yang didn't know whether to laugh or cry .

Zi Xieqing fluttered her clothes and flew into midair . She was shocked to see Chu Yang's gaze . "You… what has happened to you?"

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