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Chapter 944

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Chu Yang sighed in his heart and thought of such a picture: In the endless void, an infatuated woman, alone, searched on planes after planes, but she still couldn't find the person that she wanted to find . It was an inexplicably bleak scene…

It would really make anyone feel like collapsing .

Who could understand the bitterness that one had to endure in searching for someone for hundreds of thousands of years?

Chu Yang suddenly thought of a short poem written by Xue Leihan in his previous life:

I thought that you're here, so I had come…

But when I came into this world, you weren't here…

So, I reincarnated again and again, and searched for you for life after life…

I don't dare to forget for every life,

Just because we once made a promise to each other…

Even if you break your promise time and again,

And make me wander around for life after life…

The world knows the sourness in my heart, but it never knows that I don't have any regrets…

As he thought, he couldn't help but read it out softly .

"The world knows the sourness in my heart, but it never knows that I don't have any regrets," the person in white muttered, and suddenly smiled lightly . "Actually, I don't feel sour in my heart . I'm not regretful either . "

Chu Yang sighed and said, "That's right, if there's love in one's heart, he won't feel sour in his heart . "

The person in white smiled again, saying, "No . You're seeing the relationship between men and women in a too persistent way . Our relationship isn't this kind of relationship . I'm so persistent to look for him just because… I want to say 'thank you' to him . "

She said, absorbed in her thoughts, "Even if I can find him and don't say a word to him, but just take a glance at him from afar, that's also sufficient for me . "

Chu Yang said sincerely, "Hope that you can find him as soon as possible!"

The person in white said sadly, "This is difficult… Because this Nine Heavens has trapped me . "

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"Trapped you?" Chu Yang said in astonishment, "You can tear apart the void so easily . How can the Nine Heavens trap you?"

The person in white sighed deeply, saying, "I also didn't expect this… 70,000 years ago, I came here because I sensed that there're traces of great Tao . So I tore apart the void to come in here . "

"But after I entered this Nine Heavens, I realized that the traces of great Tao had suddenly changed . The positivity and negativity are in direct opposition with each other, life and death are intertwined into one, and the Tao state in the higher altitudes of this piece of land is actually full of destructive power . And… this piece of land was actually ruined before but was now rebuilt . In the process of rebuilding, it had messed up the realm of nature… When I entered here, the forces of great Tao and forces of nature were tearing apart each other . My Tao state energy was resistant to this, and I finally lost them . When I arrived here, I found that the person I want to find wasn't here . What has made me more helpless is that… my Tao state was affected and had consumed by too much, making me unable to leave this world . "

"And since the realm of nature is in a mess here, this makes the Tao state energy in this continent unpredictable and I can't directly capture it from the void, and can only obtain it from human beings . And, only when martial experts enter into the Tao state can I be able to capture subtle amounts of Tao state energy!"

"An expert may not have even one or two times in their whole lives that they enter into the Tao state . Even if I capture the energy from those experts, the amount of energy is also considered a drop in the bucket and of no help to my overall circumstances . "

"After I gathered them for thousands of years, I didn't find it helpful . Under despair, I came here to live in seclusion . " The person in white looked at Chu Yang .

"Till you saw me," Chu Yang said smilingly .

"Yes," she said, smiling, "You're my only hope to allow me to recover my Tao state . "

Chu Yang touched his nose and smiled bitterly .

He didn't think that this was a good thing . Such a horrible character wants to extract my Tao state energy… If she wants to obtain Tao state energy from me, then she'll keep me here and fight endlessly with me… What to do if that's the case?

I can't fight with her, nor can I escape from her…

"You can enter into the Tao state at any time . As long as you're given the space to battle, you can endlessly create the Tao state energy . " The person in white looked at Chu Yang . "So I need your help . "

"I'm afraid I can't be of help to you . " Chu Yang shook his head profusely . "I have other things to do . I don't have that much time to accompany you to collect my Tao state energy . "

"I didn't intend to keep you here for a long time . " The person in white smiled bitterly . "The Tao state energy can only be produced when you want and have the desire to fight . If I force you… not to mention not producing any Tao state energy . Even if I beat you to death, I also have no idea… of controlling your body and make you enter the Tao state . "

"Then what do you want to do?" Chu Yang asked .

"I shall follow you," the person in white said lightly, "Wait till I've collected enough Tao state energy, I'll leave you . During this period of time, you'll only receive benefits from me and have your cultivation constantly improved . You'll definitely not suffer from any losses . "

"And once the Tao state energy is produced, you'll sink into a state of enlightenment and not need that energy; that energy will be lost into the surroundings after you complete your enlightenment . "

She said, "I suppose you don't have any objections?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

It's originally a question when she said that sentence . But it sounded affirmative to whoever would have heard it: You'll definitely not have any objections .

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"Then will you… help me?" Chu Yang asked as he smiled sheepishly and started to fall into a reverie .

If I have an expert next to me who can tear apart the void by herself… Who'll dare to provoke me?

"I won't help you . " The person in white looked at him . "You have big opportunities waiting for you . You must complete your business on your own . "

Chu Yang said dispiritedly, "Then you'll only be following me?"

"Of course not," the person in white said coolly .

"Then you'll still help me?" Chu Yang was overjoyed .

"I'll also help you create endless trouble," the person in white said spontaneously, "To allow you to have endless battling and practicing opportunities!"

"What?" Chu Yang was stunned .

The fog that was cast on that person in white gradually scattered away and she revealed her true look .

A suit of white clothing, and a head of beautiful hair… Chu Yang only saw these .

As for her face, he just couldn't describe it!

It's a kind of beauty in its ultimate form and was absolutely perfect and impeccable! And it was simply indescribable with words!

Holy, noble and unsurpassable…

This woman was simply the perfect dream for any man!

Although Chu Yang's endurance level was strong, he actually involuntarily fell into a daze for a while . It was only after a long time that he shook his head and recovered from his stupor .

His face collapsed like a bitter gourd .

"You won't lose face if I follow you," the person in white said smilingly .

This smile was so good and looked just like an exotic flower taking its blossom . The whole world, even the Sun, moon and stars, had all lost their colors in front of such a smile .

But Chu Yang started to feel extremely angry .

He finally understood what she meant by: I'll only create countless troubles for you so that you'll have endless battling and practicing opportunities!

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With such a demoness next to him, he himself also almost couldn't resist himself from letting his heart run wild, not to mention those young masters from the big clans in the Nine Heavens, those fops and the fellows in the martial world…

In the face of such a stunning beauty, no men could restrain themselves from having such a temptation .

And they would parade themselves in front of him…

Chu Yang lowered his head in agony: He had already seen countless mad bees rushing towards him .

The woman in white said smilingly, "I also have charming power… Please believe me that any man, who saw me, will find you trouble . "

Chu Yang covered his face and cried, "Oh God… Please kill me… I'm originally already a street rat . Now, the whole world will be going to be my enemies…"

The woman in white said helplessly, "Actually, I also don't want you to be like this . "

Chu Yang put on a disconsolate look as though he had lost his mother . He didn't even want to say anything .

"Is it not good to have me next to you?" the woman in white was very unhappy, and she even said a little threateningly, "You're actually unwilling?"

Chu Yang cried, "I'm willing . I'm so blessed…"

"Good . " The woman in white laughed .

"Alas…" Chu Yang sighed to the sky as he asked, "Miss, what's your name?"

"I'm surnamed 'Zi'," the woman in white said as she recalled, "My name is… Zi Xieqing . "

"Zi Xieqing?" Chu Yang scratched his head . The name of this woman was so strange .

"I'm living my life now just because of a promise," Zi Xieqing said desolately, "I once had a name called 'Zi Nuonuo' . I had abandoned this name in the end . "

"Zi Nuonuo…" Chu Yang nodded his head . This name sounded as if it belonged to an unworldly little girl . No wonder she abandoned this name .

"You can follow me . But I have to make one point clear," Chu Yang said seriously .

"Say it . " Zi Xieqing smiled gently .

"I already have a wife," Chu Yang said seriously .

Zi Xieqing's expression turned very exciting .

Then she sank down her face, stood up and said, "Your cultivation improved by too much just now, and you haven't understood the realm yet . Come, let me help you understand it . "

Chu Yang was taken aback and said, "It'll not be late to understand it later . "

"It's better to strike while the iron is hot . " Zi Xieqing used one arm to pick him and threw him up, then she extended her body and launched an attack towards him like a thunderstorm . "Quickly get your sword! Understand your realm…"

Chu Yang crawled up in a flurry, but he was already hit up to the sky like a ball . Then, crackling sounds were produced from over his whole body . It was Zi Xieqing who was beating him up in a very insane manner…

After a long time, Chu Yang had already become pig-headed . He moaned as he lay on the ground .

"Have you understood the seventh stage?" Zi Xieqing's shoes appeared in front of him .

"Not yet . "

"Okay, then get up to fight again and continue to understand . "

"No!" Chu Yang refused her resolutely and said instantly, "Understanding requires luck…"

"I'll give you luck!" Zi Xieqing said unyieldingly .

Instantly, with a hook of her shoe tip, Chu Yang was involuntarily thrown up into the sky . Another round of beating began…

Amidst the battling, Chu Yang's endurance level gradually increased… And he actually could launch a counter-attack .

After a while, he actually entered into the Tao state…

The duo rolled over each other and struck at each other madly .

But not a bit of dust was stirred up from the ground .

After a long time… As Chu Yang's pig head fell from the midair, an aura of breakthrough finally appeared . Chu Yang had finally broken through the seventh stage of Sword Sovereign!

But… this Sword Sovereign was badly battered and swollen all over his body…

Zi Xieqing looked condescendingly at him and said lightly, "Sword Master Chu, you can practice sword, but don't practice to have a base mouth . Now you're are Sword Sovereign . Remember not to become a Base Sovereign . "

…'Xieqing' means 'evil sentiments' in Chinese'Nuo' means 'promise' in Chinese'Sword' and 'base' are homophones in Chinese

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