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Chapter 943

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Various questions lingered in Chu Yang's mind . For a time, he actually felt somewhat perturbed and his mind in a mess .

And he realized that Wei Wuyan, who was in a place so near to him, didn't realize such a big thing happening!

The person in white had completely blocked Wei Wuyan from hearing and seeing them!

This made Chu Yang even more shocked: This person was to a certain extent shielding them from the whole world!

What cultivation did the person in white have? To block Wei Wuyan from hearing and seeing them, and to allow them to completely vanish in front of Wei Wuyan's eyes, were 1,000 times more difficult than to kill Wei Wuyan!

Chu Yang turned around and looked at the person in white .

The person in white nodded slightly and said, "Try for yourself how many stages you've broken through?"

Chu Yang tried to spur his spiritual energy, and felt it surging like waves in his meridians . Such cultivation… shouldn't belong to that of a sixth stage Sword Sovereign!

Neither did it belong to the seventh stage…

Or the eighth stage…

It's the ninth stage Sword Sovereign! And the peak of the ninth stage!

Chu Yang raised his head in a puzzled manner and said, "That's right, I've broken through three stages at one shot . But… I didn't feel that I've broken through, and it seemed that my cultivation had still remained at the sixth stage Sword Sovereign level . Why is that so?"

The person in white sneered . "You're about the same as that guy over there . Your cultivation had risen, but not your spiritual realm! Now, your realm is still at the sixth stage Sword Sovereign level . "

Chu Yang smiled and said casually, "It will rise anyway . " His voice revealed great confidence and a kind of carefreeness that 'there's no need to worry about this' .

The person in white laughed and his eyes actually flashed warmly as he said, "Your temper is good! It's like… like someone…"

Chu Yang asked, "Who?"

The person in white sighed and stood blankly for a long time . He didn't move nor speak .

After a long time, he flew up and said, "Come with me . " He paused for a while and said again, "Y'all shall come with me . "

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His white clothing fluttered, and he went forth .

Aside, Wei Wuyan and Chu Le'er suddenly realized Chu Yang and that person in white appearing amidst the stretch of mists in front . Wei Wuyan and Chu Le'er were completely unaware of what had happened .

Seeing Chu Yang calling the two of them to follow up, they walked behind Chu Yang and the three followed the person in white into the mists .

The person in white walked forward slowly .

This time around, he finally let go of his momentum . Following behind him, the three was befuddled that they suddenly felt that this area was becoming brighter and brighter .

The original darkness seemed to have actually disappeared and shielded at the outside .

The three walked for more than 100 miles to arrive at a Black Blood Forest's barrier which rose up to the clouds .

The person in white separated his two hands and shouted, "Open!"

The entire barrier suddenly separated from the middle . Chu Yang, Chu Le'er and Wei Wuyan all felt something dazzling before them, and they couldn't help but feel at ease that they had finally seen the light .

There was a blaze of color from different floras, and above them was a clear sky; the place was filled with the brilliance of spring!

It was already autumn at the current moment, but it was strange that such scenery actually appeared in this place . It was even more incredible that such a fairy-like place existed amidst the stretch of the blackness of the Black Blood Forest .

The person in white seemed to have realized the doubts of the three people and said, "Although I can't create a world, I'm still capable of using my own hands to create a world of my own . "

Chu Yang and Wei Wuyan shuddered at this sentence .

Create a world of one's own!

This was something that the duo dared not to even imagine .

The four entered the place . It's not big and seemed to have an area of only ten or so acres, but it had everything that one would expect it to have — flowers, grass and woods, flowing water that's beneath a small tree, bamboo-lined boulevards, wind, and a clear sky with clouds flowing slowly on it . Surrounding it were black towering trees which acted as fences .

At the north of this area was a delicately made house which was pink from top to bottom . Behind the house was a small pond, and next to it was part of a small hill . The rocks that made up the hill was black, and a stretch of vines filled up the hill wall . This stretch of vines was actually pink and faintly sparkling .

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Chu Yang's eyes lit up instantly: Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine!

Then, the pond water must be the Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water?

"This is where I live . " the person in white said, laughing, "For 70,000 years, you're the third person to come here . "

"70,000 years!" Chu Le'er stretched her little tongue and said in awe, "Then elder… you're more than 70,000 years old?"

"More than 70,000 years old?" The person in white smiled freely . "No, it's only that I've been here for 70,000 years . "

Chu Yang and Wei Wuyan felt dizzy at the same time .

Chu Le'er was after all a child . After walking in a dark place for so long and having suddenly seen such a fairy-like place, she looked dazed and full of anticipation .

The person in white turned around to Wei Wuyan and said, "You shall take this little girl to walk and play around . I have something to tell Chu Yang . "

These words were said very bluntly, and this person could even be said to be commanding Wei Wuyan, but Wei Wuyan didn't show any resistance . Instead, he said respectfully, "Yes . "

And he walked away with Chu Le'er . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

The person in white reached out his hand and greeted Chu Yang . "Sword Master Chu, please allow us to have a talk under the pergola . "

Chu Yang said smilingly, "Alright . " Then he widened his eyes . "What did you call me?"

The person in white shook his head and smiled lightly . "Nine Tribulations Sword Master, your identity isn't a secret to me . "

Chu Yang uttered an 'oh' awkwardly and said admiringly, "Miss, you're really awesome!"

The person in white also paused his footsteps . "Miss?"

Chu Yang smiled . "Is it not?"

The person in white looked at him for a long time and finally nodded, "You're sure enough meticulous . "

Chu Yang laughed .

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He thought: Your place is filled with flora, your house is pink in color, and you even want to have a conversation with me beneath the pergola . It would be a wonder if you're not a woman!"

Since you've exposed my identity, I shall also do the same . This way, everyone will be equal to each other .

The duo came beneath the pergola and sat opposite to each other .

The person in white extended her hands, and spiritual energy in the air came rushing towards her and condensed in her hands . In the blink of an eye, it formed a light green cup . Then, she placed it heavily on the stone table in front of her . Then, with another move, the spiritual energy turned into clear spring water which entered the cup .

It's as if an invisible fairy was holding a teapot in midair and pouring down water gracefully .

"I don't like to drink tea . " The person in white smiled . "So I may be a little short with you . I can only accompany you to drink some water . "

Chu Yang said seriously, "Such water is what people dream to drink . " As he said, he smiled . "What's more, this cup can also be eaten after the water is finished . And it's greatly beneficial to the body too!"

The person in white smiled . "If you can bite it, do as you please . "

Chu Yang held up the cup and took a sip, then asked, intentionally or unintentionally, "The previous two people who had come must be Nine Tribulations Sword Masters, I guess?"

The person in white shook her head . "No . "

Then she sighed . "These two people are much more terrifying than Nine Tribulations Sword Masters . "

Chu Yang nodded and said, "Chen Feng? Liu Yun?"

The person in white smiled heartily . "It's much more comfortable to talk to you . "

Chu Yang chuckled .

He thought: It turns out that other than the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, only Chen Feng and Liu Yun had been here .

"Chen Feng and Liu Yun are good-natured, but they can't be of help to me," the person in white spoke as she pondered for a while .

Chu Yang became clear of why this was so and said, "Is it that you need the energy of the Tao state?"

The person in white smiled . "That's right . "

Chu Yang finally understood why she often made strange gestures which were of no concern to battling in the previous battles . It turned out that she was collecting the energy of the Tao state .

His previous conjecture was indeed correct . The reason that he was able to pass through the Black Blood Forest without obstruction was that he could enter into the Tao state easily .

And she needed such energy .

But what did she need it for?

Chu Yang asked as he pondered, "Miss, why do you need the energy of the Tao state?"

She didn't speak and sighed . Raising her head and looking at the clouds that were drifting by slowly, she remained still for a long, long time .

Just when Chu Yang thought that today's conversation was over, he heard her say lightly, "A very long time ago, the space that I was in suddenly crumbled… Then, I ran away desperately… I didn't know where I was in the void . Finally, I overcame the void and came to a strange place . There's no person, no beast nor anything . There's only plenty of spiritual energy . So, I cultivated there for tens of thousands of years… Waiting till I was able to tear apart the void, I left there to look for someone . "

Chu Yang said, "He must be your lover?"

She looked a little embarrassed and said, "No . " Then she suddenly said angrily, "Why are you asking so much?"

Chu Yang was speechless . He thought: Why have you suddenly turned furious? Don't you know that my heart is pumping when facing a strong presence like you?

The person in white sighed and said a little apologetically, "Sorry, I feel very bad and uncomfortable at the mention of him . "

Chu Yang said understandingly, "I know how you feel . " He thought: If I can't find Mo Qingwu, I'll also feel uncomfortable if someone else mentions her .

The person in white was silent for a while, and she explained, "He's my benefactor!"

Chu Yang said, "Oh . "

The person in white sighed again . "I tried to trace the marks of great Tao, and trekked across planes after planes . I didn't know how much time it took me, or how many planes I passed through… But in the end, I still didn't find him . "

"Tearing apart the void was a huge consumption to my energy… I searched for him by myself in the vast sky, but I was disappointed time and again … I ultimately couldn't find him, nor know where he has gone to…"

Saying till here, she seemed to have shrunk her body by a little . She clasped her two hands on her knees and looked blankly at the clouds in the sky .

After a long time, Chu Yang heard splattering sounds . Looking down, he saw that several drops of tears had fallen onto the ground .

It was the tears of this person in white, which had fallen from the eyes of her face, which couldn't be seen .

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