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Chapter 940

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As the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng settled itself, Chu Yang resumed his journey .

But the sword spirit was frowning and thinking deeply about the sigh that Chu Yang heard just now .

Who is it? Who's so strong?

Who is it? Who has such powerful forces?

The sword spirit had been with a total of nine Nine Tribulations Sword Masters and had been on this continent for a long, long time . It could be said that the sword spirit definitely knew about everything in this Nine Heavens!

As long as it's about the techniques in the Nine Heavens, he definitely knew!

As long as it's about the legends of the Nine Heavens, he also definitely knew!

But, the sword spirit couldn't gather out what forces were encompassed in this long sigh! And he also didn't know what cultivation did this person who sighed have!

He instinctively felt that this person was strong and terrifying!

If there's a person that could make the sword spirit feel terrified, then, was this person still a person?

Chu Yang once considered this question before .

But the sword spirit's answer was that there would definitely not be such a person in the Nine Heavens!

If it was the heyday of the sword spirit, he would definitely not fear at all even if he had to confront Chen Feng and Liu Yun at the same time!

But this one sigh had actually made the sword spirit feel that this person was terrifying and powerful!

There were no more spirit medicines left 200 miles in the vicinity after Chu Yang collected the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng . Wei Wuyan and Chu Yang finally could pick up their traveling speeds . In front was getting darker and darker, and finally to the extent that one couldn't even see himself .

At this moment, they had already gone 1,750 miles deep into the forest!

They had already reached the central region!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

In the vicinity, there weren't any idlers hiding in the dark anymore . There wasn't even an insect or a snail, and there was no bird flying in the sky .

Other than the dark forest and black soil, the region was like a silent dead zone!

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There was not a bit of sound .

There were only slight ruffling sounds of dead leaves beneath the duo's feet .

Wei Wuyan and Chu Yang felt as if they had fallen into a nightmare . Such kind of silence was terrifying!

It would be even more terrifying should they have to battle in such an environment!

Not only their divine senses were shielded from them, but they also couldn't even see the surroundings!

How to battle?

Only by relying on instincts?

When Chu Yang was worrying about this issue, the white figure appeared in front of him again . He was silently floating in midair . He didn't immediately start a battle with Chu Yang, but instead softly asked, "This teenager, what's your name?"

Chu Yang said lightly, "I'm Chu Yang . "

"Chu Yang… Chu Yang . " the white figure said, laughing, "It turns out that you're surnamed Chu . "

He was silent for a while and said, "Come, let's fight again!"

Then he dashed down .

"Wait!" Chu Yang said aloud .

But the opponent ignored Chu Yang and directly rushed down!

Although this attack was carried out in the dark, it was twice as intense as those before!

Chu Yang became almost breathless the moment he struck back . With a loud roar, he attacked back with his fifth stage Sword Sovereign cultivation!

The duo fought fiercely in the stretch of darkness . But Chu Yang clearly felt that the opponent's attack this time was far more aggressive as compared to those previous attacks . The force was almost irresistible on the opponent's first strike on Chu Yang!

It's just like a thunderbolt that could tear a person into pieces upon being struck!

This was a wild attack that's filled with the confidence of victory . This confidence could only be obtained after being involved in long periods of battle and obtaining constant victories!

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Chu Yang had already exerted whatsoever force that a fifth stage Sword Sovereign should have . Other than not exercising the Nine Tribulations Sword sword techniques, all the other martial arts, including feet movement techniques, and dagger and sword techniques, shot out of him one after the other like a storm . But still, he couldn't resist against the opponent's attack!

Chu Yang retreated step by step!

The opponent's attack was becoming more and more aggressive . Suddenly, rumbling sounds were heard, and at this moment, the opponent's attack strung up to form a mess . Chu Yang faintly felt that the opponent's attack was just like the tide of an ocean, hurling and pressing down on him!

While the waves were raging, he himself was just a tiny boat on the waves, and it could overturn at any moment!

Instantly, infinite spells of death cast on Chu Yang!

If he couldn't resist against the opponent, he would be crushed into powder at the next moment . In the dark, from the cold eyes of that person in white, Chu Yang knew that the person would definitely not show any mercy on him!

But a weird thought rose in Chu Yang's mind at this moment .

The techniques of this person in white were so familiar! No, it should be the realm that this person was in that's familiar to Chu Yang . Chu Yang retreated repeatedly and thought hard . Finally, a spark appeared in his brain .

It's the realm of water!

Its flow was constant, unceasing and powerful, and it connected heaven and earth!

This is… This is…

Chu Yang roared, "This is the force of raging waves!"

Along with this roar, Chu Yang finally made sense of things that he previously didn't understand . With a jerk of his wrist, sword light gushed out!

At this moment, Chu Yang changed from his defensive mode into an attacking mode when he was in an absolutely disadvantaged ground!

Sword light burst out violently and incessantly like a torrential flood .

Yet the sword light that belonged to Chu Yang alone brightened up the entire region!

As the sword light shot out from all directions, Chu Yang also began to attack readily . Suddenly, he felt extreme comfort in his heart, and couldn't bear to exclaim, "Turns out that the force of water can be used this way! Hahaha…"

As he laughed, the sword light became more and more intense as it struck back on the opponent .

Wei Wuyan was taken aback and immediately carried Chu Le'er to step back . He only stopped after stepping back for 200 feet . The sharpness of the sword energy that Chu Yang shot out at this moment gave Wei Wuyan the feeling that 'Chu Le'er would be in danger of being injured if he stepped one step forth' .

This made Wei Wuyan greatly taken aback!

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What's his own cultivation? What's Chu Yang's cultivation? Such a feeling had actually risen up in Wei Wuyan himself?

Looking into the distance, Wei Wuyan saw Chu Yang's sword light flowing forth with great strength and vigor, likening to that of big rivers . And it lit up the pitch-dark Black Blood Forest such that it had become as bright as day!

Chu Yang, in black clothing, stood in the middle of a huge light ring . Wielding his sword, he attacked forth continuously! The opponent's cultivation was clearly times greater than that of Chu Yang, but at this instant, Chu Yang was standing firmly in this light ring formed by his sword light!

He was just like a warlord that would never be defeated! At the moment, he was standing there arrogantly!

And battling arrogantly!

You can try to kill me, but I will only advance towards you! I'll never retreat!

This was similarly a kind of momentum! But the arrogance in it seemed to be even more than that of the person in white . Because Chu Yang had resolutely let pass his life and death to the back of his mind!

No matter whether he would die or live on, or whether he would achieve victory or be defeated, he was still his arrogant self .

The soft water sword intent burst out from all directions, and it seemed to be developing deeper and deeper .

This was the comprehension that Chu Yang obtained under strong pressure in battling these few days: The soft water sword intent could only be used for defense, and on the foundation that the defense it put up had no room for criticism . Only then could it be used for carrying out attacks!

One could only have sufficient force to launch an attack after he had fully defended himself!

But the constant attack of the opponent was inspiring Chu Yang to ponder in his Tao state, which was the next step of utilizing the soft water sword intent .

The moment the opponent struck forth a raging blow did Chu Yang have a sudden epiphany!

The force of water definitely didn't only contain the force of soft water!

Not all water was soft!

It could also be strong and sulky! It could also ruin everything, including the whole Nine Heavens .

Everyone said that water and fire were merciless . But, the rage of water was much more intense than that of fire . The water's power of destruction was also much stronger than that of fire .

Soft water could naturally endure attacks unhurriedly; but once the placid and gentle water encountered mountains and valleys, what would happen? If it rushed down from high cliffs, what would happen?

This was the force that Chu Yang suddenly understood: The force of raging waves!

Sword light shot out like thunderbolts .

Upon comprehending the force of raging waves, Chu Yang's cultivation also flowed cheerfully in his body . The heaven-earth primordial qi in his body also became denser and started to rise, while the four fragments of Nine Tribulations Sword in the elixir field also seemed to be cheering!

But by Chu Yang's cultivation, he couldn't support such huge consumptions!

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit constantly refined the elixirs to transform the energy of elixirs into primordial qi to be supplied into Chu Yang's meridians, so that it could push those drastically rising energies to circulate around Chu Yang's meridians, return to his elixir field and become Chu Yang's own energy!

"Good sword! Such quick comprehension! Such a smart kid! Such a high aptitude!" Amidst the raging sword light, the eyes of the white figure seemed to have become two purple gems . As he constantly dodged Chu Yang's attack, he didn't stop attacking back .

But his praise towards Chu Yang was visceral .

Chu Yang had already entered the Tao state, where he had already become oblivious to the surroundings . His only thought was to attack! Attack! And attack again! As long as he's still alive, he wouldn't stop attacking!

The duo was both attacking . A white figure and a black figure attacked one another amidst the rainbow-like sword light; none of them retreated!

Now, each of them stood 50% of the attack!

If you attacked me once, I would attack back . Nobody should have any gains from the other!

Chu Yang became more and more violent in his attacks . He didn't even think of what sword movements he should use . He only knew of continuing the attacks according to his own instincts!

It was as if attacking had become the instinct of this Nine Tribulations Sword Master . Other than that, he wouldn't accept any other methods of battling!

As Chu Yang's cultivation advanced rapidly, that of the person in white also improved at the same time . It seemed that no matter till how high Chu Yang's cultivation had risen to, that person could coordinate with Chu Yang accordingly, and he would never be on the disadvantaged side .

Aside, Wei Wuyan was utterly shocked .

Because he could clearly feel that in this battle, the energy in Chu Yang was becoming stronger, sharper and more raged…

Other people consumed their energy as they battled, but Chu Yang's energy seemed to be replenishing amidst the battle!

Why is this happening?

Wei Wuyan could sense that Chu Yang's cultivation was at the beginning fifth stage Sword Sovereign level at the start of the battle, but it rapidly improved to the middle of the same stage . Then, it started to accumulate slowly, step by step, and now, it had risen to the peak of the same stage…

It's like a tense chord, and as long as it broke, a nirvanlike breakthrough might occur!

On the battlefield, Chu Yang suddenly roared, "Breakthrough~~!!"

A clear and crisp sword chime was heard . The sword light's intensity increased drastically, lighting up 1,000 feet in the vicinity!

The person in white uttered a long cry . He fluttered backward and roared, "You've broken through the sixth stage Sword Sovereign level in four hours? Good job!"

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