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Chapter 939

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Chu Yang faintly felt that there were quite some people around eyeing at him, but strangely, no one came up to stop him .

He started to dig carefully as he put up full vigilance .

Under the sword spirit's reminder, he tied a wisp of sword energy onto the white tip of the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng .

The sword spirit faintly sensed that it already had spirituality . 200 miles in the vicinity of it, there were no other spirit medicines!

This Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng had actually monopolized all the spiritual energy underground, 200 miles in the vicinity of it . This was a testament to how intense its medicinal effects were .

Such a heavenly treasure definitely had spirituality!

So, after Chu Yang twined up his sword energy on the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng, he clearly felt that it trembled a little, as if it wanted to break loose from the sword energy; but since it was the sword energy entangling it up, it would experience severe pain should it move by a bit .

So, it remained still .

As if it had submitted itself to fate .

A dewdrop silently rolled down from the little white tip of the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng; It was as if it had felt its life had come to an end and was crying for it .

A sad and desperate aura spread out in the air, even making Chu Yang feel sad for it .

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you," Chu Yang said with his divine senses, "There're spiritual energy and soil that's more suitable for you to grow . You definitely won't regret if you're with me . "

The Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng stopped moving .

But the surrounding atmosphere was still melancholic and gloomy . The Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng was still feeling helpless .

Chu Yang smiled in his heart . "Little thing, you'll be surprised later . "

This thing indeed had spirituality . No wonder no one discovered it for so long, and it even secretly stole all the underground spiritual energy 200 miles of its vicinity .

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Chu Yang started to dig carefully . He started digging from ten feet away from it . After digging in for a depth of 50 feet, he then started to slowly uproot it .

In this entire process, Chu Yang seemed to hear slight sounds, but he discovered nothing after looking around . So, he didn't take them to heart and continued his own work .

100 feet away from Chu Yang, a few experts in the Black Blood Forest looked at the corpse in front of them as they shuddered . They knelt down to the ground at the same time and prostrated to him repeatedly like a snapping beetle .

Just now, the moment when Chu Yang discovered this Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng, these people were finally moved!

This was an unparalleled treasure in the whole world!

This corpse, which was lying on the ground at the moment, belonged to the one whose cultivation was the strongest among the pool of experts . His cultivation had already reached the eighth stage Saint level . He was also one of the masters in the Black Blood Forest . When Chu Yang discovered the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng, he had already risen up into midair, ready to fly towards Chu Yang and snatch the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng from him .

His intention was pure: I also don't want to hurt him . I just want that Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng . I'll run after I snatch it!

But the moment his body just rose up into midair, a thin ray of white light abruptly shot towards him, pinning this eighth stage Saint level expert heavily onto the ground .

And this expert died soundlessly .

Everyone went forth to look at this expert and saw that a white thin strip of cloth was stuck into the temples . It was stuck in from the left temple, while out from the right temple . There were no bloodstains on either side, and the strip was as white as new .

Only upon checking on his injuries did they realize that his entire brain and elixir field were crashed .

A white strip could actually emit two spells of strength, destroying one's divine senses, vitality, and cultivation at the same time!

Once being attacked by a thin and delicate white strip, this eighth stage Saint-level expert didn't even have the chance to groan before his soul had completely flown away from him .

Such a way of dying was the purest way of dying: Even if rebirth really existed on Earth, it would be impossible for this person to enter the channel of rebirth!

He was completely dead .

Everyone was dumbstruck .

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A slight sound rang in everyone's ears, "I'm really disheartened that no one listens to my words anymore . "

This sentence was said in a dull and emotionless manner .

But all the experts present knelt down instantly onto the ground and prostrated with their bodies shuddering profusely . They dared not to even plead for mercy .

That voice rang softly again, "I'll carry out a regional massacre if such a thing happens again!"

Sweat streamed down everyone's body like rain as they prostrated .

Regional massacre .

These two sentences were hard to understand, but only the experts in the Black Blood Forest knew about it: This Black Blood Forest was divided into nine regions .

There's a person-in-charge for each region .

And he's called a 'regional master' .

It was a 'regional master' that had died just now .

So what 'regional massacre' meant was: If such a thing happens again, no one shall live in this whole region! That's completely a guilt-by-association tactic!

For instance: Should someone from this country commit a crime, the whole country should be slaughtered .

Yes, that's what it meant .

This was no longer cruel, that's far beyond it .

That sound disappeared silently as if that person had already left . The various experts present crawled up from the ground, and with some swishing sounds… everyone disappeared without a trace!

They didn't even dare to look back .

Damn it, that Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng is indeed a good thing, but… no matter how good it is, how can it be better than my own life?

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At this moment, even if the nine great herbal medicines appeared in front of them, these people would definitely not dare to look back…

Wait till it was entirely silent, in a remote place, a white shadow muttered, "Such a blessing… I didn't realize it after being here for tens of thousands of years, but he discovered it just when he came… This is so rare, but is he… is this true? Is it? Is it? …"

He actually repeated this 'Is it?' question for dozens of times . A visceral sense of nostalgia revealed on his face, and his sorrowful eyes almost looked like they were going to drip down tears .

After a faint, long sigh, this white shadow finally disappeared with a flash .

All thanks to the sharp and hard Nine Tribulations Sword, Chu Yang didn't spend many efforts in digging out this Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng .

The soil on the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng wasn't scraped off yet and it was still in a soil lump . At this moment, Chu Yang heard that long sigh .

Chu Yang instantly felt bitterness in his heart, and all the sadness and helplessness he experienced in his previous life overwhelmed him . He seemed to see Mo Qingwu dying in his own arms…

Suddenly, he felt himself in utter despair, almost wanting to hold his sword up to kill himself . Tears also started to brush down his face .

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit roared, "Wake up!"

Chu Yang's heart jerked, and he finally woke up from that kind of sorrowful emotions . But he realized that his face was awash with tears .

"What has happened?" Chu Yang clearly remembered the state he was in just now and couldn't help but feel amazed .

That long sigh had immersed in his brain for a long time .

That was a kind of deeply-ingrained nostalgia, everlasting love, and profound attachment . Such a feeling could almost make heaven cry for it!

But when Chu Yang asked this question, even the sword spirit couldn't answer him .

"Sword spirit, what has happened just now?" Chu Yang asked in his consciousness .

"I don't know," the sword spirit answered, and became silent again .

Chu Yang let out an 'oh' . After a long time, he calmed down his mind and concentrated on handling the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng . Bit by bit, he scraped off the black soil, which was as hard as steel, from it .

Snow-white whiskers were grown all over the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng, with every whisker nearly ten feet long . The shape of the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng was gradually revealed as the soil was scraped off .

This Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng was only about the size of the palm . Its whole body was white in color, and it actually had a faint trace of blood color that was hard to detect .

Just like a piece of human skin .

Flashes of light could be faintly seen to be flowing within the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng, just like the meridians in a human body .

It had all four limbs, a nose and two eyes, just like a newly formed baby . There was a milky white part protruding from its head; that's its leaf . It's this tiny bit that made Chu Yang discover the presence of this Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng .

Now, all the five sense organs of this little creature were creased up, as if it was feeling wronged and scared…

"You're still afraid?" Chu Yang said smilingly, "Sword spirit, catch this . "

And it was sent into the Nine Tribulations Space .

The sword spirit caught it inside . With just a glance at it, the sword spirit found himself in love with it . "It's indeed the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng . What a heavenly treasure it is . " He even stroked its nose and said, "You actually dare to throw temper . You must be good here, get it?"

The little nose of the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng creased up even more tightly .

"Little thing . You're actually ignoring me," the sword spirit scolded, and planted it in a pit next to the Vitality Spring Water, then gently buried it with soil while not causing its whiskers to crease . But the little head of the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng was left exposed outside the ground .

Then the sword spirit watered a spoonful of Vitality Spring Water on it .

The Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng suddenly trembled upon sensing the rich vitality of the water . Following which, it slowly extended its face, seemingly to be enjoying the water . Seeing that the sword spirit stopped after watering a spoonful of water, it eagerly opened its small mouth to form a slit, as though it was pleading: Give me more, give me more…

"You're really greedy," the sword spirit watered it another spoonful of water and said, "Little kid, you have to remember that you can feed on this spring water, but you must produce it at the same time . If you dare to drink all of them up, I'll chop you and throw you into the spring well! Understand?"

The small tip on the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng's head bent gently, seemingly to be nodding, putting on a very obedient look . Then, its whiskers automatically extended into the soil next to the Vitality Spring Water, and it revealed an extremely comfortable look, seemingly to be enjoying the water . Its two arms also extended out from the soil, before it retracted back again .

It was just like a person who had suddenly come to an extremely comfortable place, and he was cheering, or stretching himself luxuriously: This place is too good…

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