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Chapter 938

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This battle lasted for exactly one and a half days!

Chu Yang could hardly support himself in the end .

Just when he felt his cultivation was going to drain up, the person in white suddenly yelled and jumped out from the battling circle . He said furiously, "You sure enough have some abilities! You shall wait!"

Then he extended his body, whirled around in the air, and disappeared without a trace!

Chu Yang wielded his sword a few times, then finally stopped . His body spun dizzily for two rounds, before his ass landed solidly on the ground and he gasped heavily for breath . He laughed and said, "How satisfying!"

Although his defense was greater than attack all along in this battle, he really had a hearty battle this time around . He had brought all his skills into play and dug up all his potentials .

The soft water sword intent had also matured drastically after this battle!

And Chu Yang gained lots of insights through the Tao state in the battle .

Chu Yang even faintly anticipated in his heart that this person would come to have such a battle with himself once more!

Chu Yang was eager to engage in such a battle .

Because his cultivation had advanced too quickly from the ninth stage Emperor level to the fourth stage Sword Sovereign level . The experience in between was really lacking .

While he had been using his third stage Sword Sovereign level to fight throughout the battle, and so, in this battle, he had unconsciously gained a thorough understanding of all the insights which he should have at the third stage Sword Sovereign level .

Chu Yang gasped heavily for breath .

Wei Wuyan walked up and said, "How is it?"

"Cool!" Chu Yang laughed and said, "This battle is really a hearty one! I'm very happy, both physically and mentally!"

Wei Wuyan said surprisingly, "The Tao state is indeed good . "

Then he suddenly had some whimsical thoughts and said, "You shall rest for a while and fight with me . "

Seeing that Chu Yang could enter the Tao state every time in the three battles, Wei Wuyan had a whimsical thought: Will one enter into the Tao state as long as he battles in the Black Blood Forest?

Instantly, he felt that his heart yearned .

Chu Yang was also very interested . He said, "Alright!"

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After a while .

"Come . " Wei Wuyan was very eager to fight .

"Alright! Catch this!" Chu Yang laughed .

After a while .

Wei Wuyan was very miserable .

Because Chu Yang had once more entered the Tao state! While nothing happened to Wei Wuyan himself…

"Why is it so?" Wei Wuyan was puzzled .



"I'm so miserable… Again!"

"Uh… Alright . "

"What has happened? You've gone into it five times . Why didn't I have it even for once?" Wei Wuyan was furious . "Again!"

"Urgh . "

"Again!" Wei Wuyan gnashed his teeth and said . His two eyes had both turned red .

"Forgive me . " Chu Yang sprawled on the ground . His face was pale and his limbs were trembling . "I'm so tired… I can't anymore…"

Wei Wuyan was still persistent . "A man can't say that he can't . Get up! Fight with me!"

Chu Yang's whole body twitched . "A man can't say that he can't towards a woman, but you're a man… It's really not fun…"

Wei Wuyan looked up at the sky and sighed . "Why is it so difficult for me to enter the Tao state?"

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Chu Yang said, "You're already a half Supreme Martial Artist . What insights do you have when you fight with me? How can you enter the Tao state this way?"

Wei Wuyan shuddered and instantly took a tumble . "That's right! It must be this case!"

Not only him, but a white shadow in the distance also shuddered: That's right! It must be this case!

Lying on the ground, Chu Yang said as he thought, "But it's a pity that the person just now could only deal with my third stage Sword Sovereign level . If I raised my cultivation to the fourth stage, he might not be able to support it… It's quite a pity . "

Wei Wuyan said disdainfully, "You should be contented to be in the Tao state for one and a half days… Do you still want to make use of him to continue to breakthrough? You're thinking a little too splendidly . "

Chu Yang burst into loud laughter .

A white shadow flickered in the distant darkness . He muttered to himself, "He can continue to breakthrough…" He suddenly absorbed into deep thoughts .

The three rested for a long time before they left this messy place . Chu Yang pulled out a water bag and drank it all up directly .

Chu Yang was almost dehydrated from the battle just now…

The three once again started the journey they had before: Wei Wuyan carried Chu Le'er and thought hard as he walked, while Chu Le'er continued to search for elixirs with his eyes lit up; they walked 50 miles this day .

As they got closer and closer to the central region, it became gloomier and darker .

"Small thief! Give back my red fruit tree!" A white shadow descended from the sky, slapping furiously towards Chu Yang .

Chu Yang had long been prepared for this . "Good that you've come!"

He raised his sword to greet his opponent . Instantly, the duo started to fight into a ball .

This time around, the cultivation of the person in white seemed to have improved drastically to about the second or third stage Monarch level, making Chu Yang, who's at the third stage Sword Sovereign level at that moment, directly breathless .

Chu Yang instantly raised a stage of his cultivation, causing sword light to shoot out .

"Fourth stage Sword Sovereign!" The person in white seemed to be a little excited . "You've also improved!"

Chu Yang snorted . "Why, can't I?"

"So what if you've improved? You'll still have to die in my hands!" The person in white sneered .

"Not necessarily!" Having raised his cultivation to the fourth stage Sword Sovereign level, Chu Yang's soft water already started to have the sound of roaring waves . "Let's see who dies in whose hands!"

The person in white stopped talking and focused on attacking .

Chu Yang focused on countering that person's moves; he couldn't grasp that person's moves at all as the moves were extremely slippery . Chu Yang originally thought that it would be a pity if he was killed, but gradually, he forgot all these thoughts and immersed himself fully in the battle…

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Aside, Wei Wuyan pulled his hair and sighed: The Tao state! It's the Tao state again!

That kid has gone into it again!

Another person was equally miserable as Wei Wuyan: that person in white .

Noticing that Chu Yang's breath was long and his body exuded that mysterious aura of Tao state, the person in white was furious: How did this kid go into the Tao state so easily?

He increased his attacking speed, but Chu Yang also enhanced the intensity of sword light accordingly .

From beginning to end, yesterday's battle was repeated once again: Three to seven attacking ratio! It's still three to seven today! And it's exactly this ratio!

Chu Yang had 30% of the attack, while the person in white, 70%!

The person in white continued to bear down on Chu Yang in battle, and in the middle of the battle, that person in white even closed his eyes and made use of his senses to fight with Chu Yang who was in the Tao state .

If one could see through the disguise of the person in white, he would notice that the person in white was pondering very hard, from the expression of his face .

Such expression was exactly the same as that of Wei Wuyan, who was standing aside .

This battle lasted for one whole day!

In the end, Chu Yang was already sweating profusely . He couldn't help but think of advancing his cultivation to the fifth stage Sword Sovereign level to continue the battle…

At this moment, the person in white let out a long laugh . "We shall fight again tomorrow! I shall never let you better off tomorrow!" He extended his body, and with a flash and a whirl, he vanished .

Chu Yang gasped heavily for breath .

A strange feeling rose in his heart: What is the intention of this person in white?

Looking at the way that he's battling with me, he seems to be simply helping me to make my cultivation more solid and build up my insights on swordsmanship . Is this person… really this kind?

But if he isn't, what's his purpose?

But after thinking for some time, Chu Yang very quickly threw off this concern to the winds: No matter what's his purpose, he won't disappear and will come back tomorrow…

He will say it in the end, anyway .

And such battles have unlimited benefits to me . So what if I have a few more battles?

For now, the most important thing is still finding elixirs! The more elixirs I obtain, the more confident I'll be after I step out of this Black Blood Forest .

It's certainly feasible for the sword spirit to steal medicines, but it's easy to be recognized or suspected by the nine great clans, who knew about the Nine Tribulations Sword Master very well .

Even if they only doubted a little on Chu Yang, his efforts to conceal his identity would become completely meaningless .

So, it's better to search for elixirs from God-given places such as the Black Blood Forest .

So, after this battle, Chu Yang's speed for searching elixirs didn't slow down, but instead increased more drastically!

Chu Yang had extended his search area from 100 miles in the vicinity to that of 500 miles . Other than the central region in front, Chu Yang's search area seemed to be still increasing towards 1,000 miles in the vicinity .

All the experts in the Black Blood Forest were in all tears: You're so ruthless… You're just directly scraping the ground…

Besides, buddy, we can still understand if you collect those elixirs which are of some ages; but you don't even let go of elixirs which are only around 10 years old…

You're making us even more speechless…

Do you still want us to live? Damn it, now we can't even find wound medicines in this Black Blood Forest shall we get injured in the future…

But we're instructed not to deal with this kid on our own and to quietly let him go… So, everyone could only stare blankly at Chu Yang collecting elixirs .

"Wow!" Chu Yang couldn't bear to let out a call of surprise .

The hearts of all the experts hiding in the dark twitched along with this cry: He had discovered a treasure again! And it's definitely a good one… This kid had become spoilt in the Black Blood Forest . Normal treasures couldn't surprise him at all…

Chu Yang found a milky white tip in a dark place .

This made Chu Yang overjoyed!

Because he recognized this thing . It's the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng!

Even the sword spirit turned two somersaults in the Nine Tribulations Space to express his excitement .

It's the Black Blood Forest here .

But this Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng could even grow in such solid grounds and it was actually white in color… How many years did it take to grow?

Three to five thousand years at least!

And, three to five thousand years in the Black Blood Forest… couldn't be compared to that of the outside world . This thing was absolutely rare even in the whole Nine Heavens!

Even with Chu Yang's endurance level, his heart also couldn't help but palpitate wildly .

Then he carefully walked towards it .

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