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Chapter 937

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Forty or fifty feet in front of him, the person in white stood quietly and angrily!

Chu Yang's first reaction was: This is really strange . A swan has flown out among the crows . There's actually someone in white in this Black Blood Forest .

But it must be admitted that in the stretch of darkness in the Black Blood Forest, that person appeared to be extraordinarily white, and even dazzling .

Chu Yang's second thought was: He's only 50 feet from me! How did he appear?

Even though my divine senses were shielded in the Black Blood Forest, I shouldn't have discovered that person when he's 50 feet from me!

Chu Yang's third thought was a little strange: Is this person a male or a female? How old is the person?

That person stood 50 feet from Chu Yang, but his whole body seemed to be shrouded in a cloud of mist and looked illusory . Whether he's a male or female couldn't be judged at all .

All in all, this person seemed to have no obvious male characteristics nor female ones . Even the sound was also almost neutral .

It's even more difficult to fathom this person's age .

It's only then when Chu Yang thought of the conversation with the person just now: This person has deliberately kept this red fruit tree??

It's a little bad now…

At this moment, Wei Wuyan came with Chu Le'er . He frowned upon seeing the person in white .

If Chu Yang's and Wei Wuyan's conjecture was correct, why did this person dare to come out and block them? Wei Wuyan thought: This bastard has uprooted that person's red fruit tree which he had deliberately kept . No wonder he's so angry…

"Since it's your first offense, I shan't make it too difficult for you . You shall plant my tree back to its original place, then prostrate three times to me, and leave something for me . Then, I shall forgive you; And let you go," the person in white said lightly .

This sentence instantly dispelled the thought in Chu Yang's heart that 'this person is the ruler of the Black Blood Forest' .

"It's not a problem to plant it back, and neither is it a problem to prostrate to you three times . " Chu Yang let out a strange laugh, saying, "What do I have to leave for you then?"

The person frowned and said in an unmoved manner, "Leaving one hand and one foot will do . "

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"This is even easier," Chu Yang smiled broadly and said, "But, what evidence do you have to prove that this tree is yours? As long as you prove it, I'll prostrate to you three times and cut down one arm of mine . "

The person in white was a little angry . "This red fruit tree is in such a conspicuous location, and no one had dared to touch it for thousands of years . Isn't this still not enough to prove it?"

"Far from it!" Chu Yang shook his head . "You said that the tree is yours, but will it answer back to you when you call it? If the plant can answer back, I'll immediately plant the tree back, prostrate to you three times and cut down one arm of mine . "

Chu Yang looked at the person with a smile that's not really a smile; Chu Yang had long made out that this red fruit tree definitely didn't belong to this person . Because although he was trying to be angry, he wasn't distressed when he mentioned the tree .

Since such a treasure was kept by him for thousands of years, how would he be so calm when it's now taken away so brutally? If it's anyone else, he would have long been mad by now!

But that person wasn't . Before he spoke, he didn't even take a glance at the pit from which the tree was uprooted .

The person turned around slowly to look at that remaining pit . The liquid was still seeping out from several tree roots . A fit of anger rose within him .

You've already collected the tree and only it's roots are left .

Even if it can answer back if I call it, it should be right here in the first place . Besides… how can a tree answer a person?

The person slowly turned around and looked at Chu Yang . "Good plan!"

Chu Yang laughed . "I'm no better than you . "

"But you've found the wrong person in showing off your glibness!"

With a brush, the person in white had already arrived at Chu Yang's top . This brush was extremely fast . His white clothes extended in the pitch-black sky, like a white crane that's dashing towards the sky!

With another brush, the wind soughed and one slap came down from that person .

Chu Yang had long been ready, and his arms shielded in front of him!

With a slamming sound, Chu Yang retreated immediately . He only felt that his arms were going to break . There was an indescribable sting in his arms .

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That person turned a huge somersault . He didn't retreat, but instead, he rose up . With one hand behind his back, his other palm slapped down again!

This action was elegant, extremely graceful and even eye-capturing .

Chu Yang hadn't finished retreating when the opponent started to attack forth again! The speed was simply shocking .

But Chu Yang felt staid in his heart; this person's cultivation was at most seventh or eighth stage Emperor level . Because purely in terms of cultivation, both of them were of similar levels .

That person wouldn't have used his full force for his first move, while Chu Yang himself still hadn't fully extended his sword moves!

Seeing the opponent coming forth, now vigilantly, Chu Yang revealed a scornful look . His sword silently unsheathed and greeted that person up as it flashed with cold light .

The sword tip was now pointed upwards . Should the person in white slap down his palm then, his hand would have been pierced by Chu Yang's sword before it could slap Chu Yang .

Chu Yang wouldn't want to care about sayings like 'I shall also not use weapons if you don't use' or care about any of his identities… Anyway, I don't have any identities . Even if I have, I must be able to save my life first…

So, Chu Yang flashed his sword when his opponent was bare-handed .

"Cunning kid!" the person in white exclaimed . His palms instantly became claws, which fiercely grabbed towards the sword blade .

Chu Yang snorted . His sword whirled and shot out rays of sword light .


The person in white snorted in surprise and retreated with a somersault .

He had nowhere to borrow his force, but he seemed to have stepped on the air, and his rapidly falling body bounced back!

Chu Yang was shocked: This person is absolutely not a Martial Emperor . He should be at least a first or second stage Martial Monarch!

"I only thought that you're a second stage Sword Sovereign . It turns out that you're actually a third stage Sword Sovereign," the person in white said lightly as he looked coldly at Chu Yang .

Just now, Chu Yang's Lotus-Cutting Sword Move was a signature move of a third stage Sword Sovereign .

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Before Chu Yang had the time to talk, the person in white hurled forward again .

Instantly, it was as if a storm had fallen upon Chu Yang .

Chu Yang felt himself gasping for breath . With a flash of his mind, he extended his soft water sword intent . The power of the sword slowly opened up . Although the sword moved slowly, the force it produced was gigantic .

The person in white snorted . "This sword technique is indeed strange!"

His white clothes fluttered, and he launched an attack according to Chu Yang's sword intent and sword energy!

Chu Yang broke out into a cold sweat .

His soft water sword intent had little impact, and he himself was still trapped in a dangerous situation!

He focused whole-heartedly in extending the soft water sword intent and responding to the attacks spilling forth towards him . Slowly, he entered into a focused state, not caring about anything in his surroundings .

What he saw, heard or sensed with his divine senses was all about his opponent's pervasive attack on him .

Aside, Wei Wuyan couldn't help but let out a soft cry . He rubbed his eyes with disbelief, then rubbed again; his pair of eyeballs was almost going to fall onto the ground .

Chu Yang actually entered into the 'Tao state' once again in the battle!

That mysterious and supreme battling realm which the ordinary experts couldn't even experience a few times in their lives!

At that instant, Wei Wuyan only felt that he was dreaming . His body shook twice, and Chu Le'er immediately held him . "Elder Wei, what has happened to you?"

What has happened to me? Wei Wuyan's heart was full of bitterness .

Can I say that I'm so shocked by your big brother that I've lost my souls?

What Wei Wuyan didn't realize was that the moment Chu Yang entered into the 'Tao state', a colorful ball of light suddenly burst out of the eyes of the person in white . But in a moment's time, the light fainted away .

And immediately after which, his attack became even more violent .

Chu Yang was always the one being turned down on . The person in white at first occupied 90% of the attack, then Chu Yang launched back, making the person in white lose 10% of the attack .

Then, the duo each shared half of the attack . But such a situation only lasted for a short period of time, and the attacking ratio for the duo became four to six .

Chu Yang stood 40% of the attack, while the person in white, 60% .

After a period of fighting in this position, the attack of the person in white became stronger, while that of Chu Yang decreased drastically . The person in white now occupied 70% of the attack!

Then the situation seemed to be fixed at this level .

Even Wei Wuyan, who was watching the battle, could see that Chu Yang was in a dangerous situation . Chu Yang wouldn't die as long as he's in the Tao state . So, Wei Wuyan didn't want to disturb Chu Yang .

Because Chu Yang was in the Tao state!

Wei Wuyan didn't know that this situation of three to seven attacking ratio was when Chu Yang could best yield the soft water sword intent without hurting the opponent!

The soft water sword intent originally implied to make the defense as the main . Since the attack only accounted for 30%, then the defense must account for 70% .

On this basis, the soft water sword intent could provide an impenetrable shielding, while at the same time, put up a continuous flow of attack .

And as long as the battle didn't end, Chu Yang would be immersed in the Tao state . Because although Chu Yang appeared to be in a difficult position, he was actually as stable as a mountain, and his heart was filled with the passion and happiness of battling!

And he even had the time to fathom the insights of sword movements he got in this Tao state . The situation would be different again the next time he exercised the same sword movements .

The person in white fluttered here and there like a cloud . No matter how Chu Yang improved, that person maintained his 70% attacking position immovably!

Chu Yang continued the attack with his third stage Sword Sovereign level . But the duo's battle actually continued on and on just like this .

From the eyes of outsiders, this was a seemingly ordinary battle and there's nothing surprising .

But only the person in white knew his intention and the difficulty in sustaining this battle this way .

To make Chu Yang enter into the Tao state, then maintain a three to seven attacking ratio, and make that guy aside not to come and disturb the duo's battle…

That person had to take care of all aspects so as to create the current battling circumstances! It's really tens of thousands of times more difficult than to win this battle!

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