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Chapter 935

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This night, the experts in the Black Blood Forest set out to launch an attack on the three, making use of the geography to their advantage .

Wei Wuyan, alone and very miserably, fought with them for the whole night… He vented all the frustration and misery in his heart on these insensible fellows .

God knew how many people were killed that night .

Wei Wuyan exclaimed repeatedly: I've lost so much money!

There were a few renowned characters who were in the blood-payers' reward list . At the very minimum, he could have exchanged for a few thousand of purple crystals . Especially for that Monarch level faction lord, he's worth for an even larger sum of money…

Now, he had to follow that bastard to retrieve medicines in the Black Blood Forest . He couldn't go out of here for dozens of days; these corpses would have decayed by then… This would be equivalent to thousands of purple crystals vanishing out of his sight .

Wei Wuyan battled for one night .

In the tent, Chu Yang's snored rhythmically for the whole night too… He just stayed in his tent, not worrying about anything that happened outside at all .

Why didn't I frighten up that creature?! At dawn, looking at the hundreds of corpses that scattered everywhere, Wei Wuyan held his sword, looked up at the sky and let out a long sigh .

"Damn it!" the King of Hell Chu exclaimed the moment he walked out of the tent the next morning, "You're so cruel! You actually killed so many people!"

Wei Wuyan continued to have his face raised towards the sky speechlessly .

Do you think I really want to kill them?


"Have you got the information clear now?" Chu Yang said smilingly, "Which faction does this Black Blood Forest belong to?"

Wei Wuyan said dispiritedly, "That's a faction which is active on the outer ring of the Black Blood Forest . It's called the Heihu Faction and those people are quite stupid . I've finished killing all of them . Why are you asking about the faction?"

Chu Yang said lightly, "I want to know how many of such factions are there inside here . "

"Definitely plenty of them!" Wei Wuyan sighed . "And the deeper you go into the forest, the more difficult it will be to deal with them . There'll be basically no more factions as we go in by about 1,800 miles . It's the central region there…"

"Now we're only 200 miles in," Chu Yang said, frowning, "The ruler of this faction is already a first stage Martial Saint…"

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Wei Wuyan nodded . When he was about to sigh, he suddenly became angry . "You've heard it all what happened last night . "

Chu Yang smiled sheepishly and touched his chin . "But I couldn't come out . Le'er was frightened to be in there alone…"

Wei Wuyan instantly became speechless .

Under Chu Yang's advice, the three picked up their pace in continuing the rest of their journey . Wei Wuyan carried Chu Le'er on his back and sped through their way . Not waiting for those people in the Black Blood Forest to react, the three had already traveled for another 400 miles in .

In this region, it had basically become hard to see whether it's day or night .

Something that made Chu Yang and Wei Wuyan feel strange was that everyone they met here tried to evade them, or even made way for them although they were still quite a distance apart .

As though those people were afraid to provoke Chu Yang and Wei Wuyan .

Wei Wuyan and Chu Yang felt very strange: These few guys were definitely not people that were afraid of getting into trouble . And the deeper we go in, the more experts there are . But all of them evaded us as soon as possible as if they had seen vipers .

In this place, everyone's aura is shielded from each other . We completely don't have that kind of imposing power .

While the two were puzzled, they could only continue their journey .

But, being puzzled aside, Chu Yang didn't cease in making his great fortune . The speed of Chu Yang getting rich even astonished Wei Wuyan .

As they walked along, Chu Yang suddenly jumped into the bushes, squatted down and used his sword to dig for something . Wei Wuyan turned around and was startled: ginseng .

As they continued their journey, Chu Yang dashed across the road . Wei Wuyan turned around and saw Chu Yang with a Blood Essence plant .

The quality of elixirs in the Black Blood Forest was much higher than those in the outside world . Here, the soil was as hard as refined steel . For elixirs to take root, germinate and grow in this kind of soil required hundreds of times the strength and spiritual energy than those in the outside world .

So, elixirs were rare in the Black Blood Forest . But as long as there were elixirs here, the medicinal effects of them would be extraordinary!

Ginseng that had grown for 10 years here would be comparable to spiritual ginseng that had grown for 1,000 years outside here!

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And, there were quite a number of people here . Since everyone was experienced in the martial world, who wouldn't recognize elixirs? That would mean the remaining elixirs left here were very hidden, and they must be of some ages already .

So, Chu Yang's great harvest made him feel overjoyed .

Wei Wuyan saw Chu Yang collect 30 to 40 elixirs in merely half a day, and each of them would be sufficient to cause a stir outside .

That 50-year-old ginseng that Chu Yang collected at the start was only as thin as a chopstick, and it was entirely crystal black . But from Wei Wuyan's estimation, it was definitely worth more than 1,000 purple crystals!

And among the elixirs that Chu Yang collected, this ginseng actually worth the least .

The only thing that Wei Wuyan couldn't understand was: How did Chu Yang discover them?

Although it couldn't be said to be pitch-dark here, it almost could be said so . All the floras here were black and not of any other colors .

Even the stem, root and leaves of the ginseng were black, and the wild grass surrounding it was exactly dozens of feet high…

Even if Chu Yang's eyes were the eyes of a hawk, he would definitely not see the elixirs! It's even more incredible that he saw the elixirs as he was traveling at high speed .

Wei Wuyan widened his eyes to look at Chu Yang .

The duo was walking at full speed, but… at the next instant…

Chu Yang swept past a corner and arrived at a huge stretch of woods . He started to dig near a huge rock behind a big tree, then with a thunderous sound, he flipped the huge black over .

Beneath it was a black herb .

"What a good thing . It's a 2,000-year-old Black Blood Ginseng . " Chu Yang's eyes lit and his mouth salivated . "How many years outside is worth 2,000 years here? Haha… Now I've really become rich…"

Now, in Chu Yang's eyes, the Black Blood Forest had become a huge treasure house . Although elixirs were scarce here, and he needed to walk for a long distance before he could find an elixir in the most hidden place, the quality of each one wasn't bad at all .

And, all the elixirs in the Black Blood Forest couldn't be found outside . It's not because there's no such species outside, but because every elixir in this Black Blood Forest… was absolutely unique in terms of its color and medicinal effects!

Wei Wuyan was dumbstruck as he saw Chu Yang busy searching for elixirs .

Finally, he took his time and asked humbly, "Chu Yang, how did you find these elixirs?"

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Chu Yang rolled his eyeballs .

Wei Wuyan said hurriedly, "Don't use perfunctory reasons like you have good visions . There're several curves under this big rock . I don't believe you can see it just like that . "

Chu Yang was stunned . He thought: Then how should I say it? I can't tell you that I'm the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . There's the sword spirit inside my body and he knows this just by sweeping his eyes around…

He thought for a long time, but he finally decided not to reveal his own secret .

Looking at Wei Wuyan, Chu Yang said solemnly, "Brother Wei, I shall tell you this . But you must keep this secret for me . "

Wei Wuyan said impatiently, "Of course . "

Chu Yang said, "Did you notice my nose? My nose is very talented and extraordinary . I can automatically sniff the elixirs a few dozen feet in the vicinity . "

Chu Yang pointed to his own nose and said seriously .

Wei Wuyan looked at Chu Yang's nose suspiciously and said, "Such a wonderful nose really exists in the world… I haven't heard of it before…"

"The world is so big . There're too many things that you haven't heard of," Chu Yang snorted and said, "Otherwise, why do you think my teacher made me his apprentice? You should know my nickname as a divine doctor, right? Hey, isn't this because of my nose?"

Wei Wuyan took a tumble . "I see! No wonder, no wonder . "

He nodded repeatedly . "As a doctor, it's inevitable that you have to handle elixirs . It's indeed much more convenient to have such a nose… Such a nose is indeed more useful than a dog's one…"

Wei Wuyuan was stunned for a while and said with a black face, "You're worse than a dog!"

Chu Le'er burst into laughter .

Wei Wuyan snorted, and suddenly remembered that he only saw Chu Yang digging the elixirs, but didn't see him storing them anywhere . Chu Yang had collected so many elixirs, and perhaps they could already make up a mountain pile; so Wei Wuyan said, "Chu Yang, you actually have a treasure for storing things?"

Chu Yang responded with an 'oh' and said, "Hey, you realized this . "

Wei Wuyan rolled his eyes and thought: If I didn't realize this… I would really be blind…

Chu Yang kept his elixirs and continued their journey as usual .

Along the way, they didn't even meet anyone who came to question or battle with them . There was even no one who came up to talk to them .

There was perfect silence wherever they went .

All the way till 1,200 miles into the forest, it was still this case!

Chu Yang continued to make his fortune as he kept absorbing elixirs into his Nine Tribulations Space . The quality of the elixirs also got higher and higher .

But he had always been guarding in his heart .

He encountered an attack just as he entered the Black Blood Forest . There was no reason that, after the attack, he could travel so successfully deep into the forest! There must be something behind this .

But Chu Yang couldn't think of why even as he cracked his brain in thinking .

"Brother Wei… why do you think it's so calm along the way?" Chu Yang frowned and said a little nervously and discontentedly .

He originally had the idea of honing his martial skills . But there's no battle along the way . Wasn't this equivalent to touring?

Damn it, if I had wanted a tour, why would I have come to this terrible place?

"I also don't know," Wei Wuyan said, "There's definitely some reason behind this, only that we've not found out yet . "

Chu Yang flipped his eyes . He thought that saying these words were just equivalent to farting and they meant nothing at all .

"It's normally the case of internal ranking competition which takes place once in 100 years, but the last competition only took place 60 years ago . It's still far from the next competition; the next case would be that an accident had happened in this Black Blood Forest . "

Wei Wuyan frowned and thought for a long time, but he couldn't think of anything .

Chu Yang said frowningly, "Now, we're already 1,400 miles into the forest, and we're immediately going to reach the central region . It's too strange that no one stopped us . If it isn't that big luck is in favor of us, it will be a great danger that's waiting for us!"

Wei Wuyan slowly nodded his head . His face looked heavy . "I also think this way . "

The duo glanced at each other, and both felt the heaviness and oppressiveness in each other's heart .

At this moment, a thought flashed across Chu Yang's mind . His hair instantly stood upright . "Old Wei, by your perspective, will it be… will it be…"

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