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Chapter 934

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Chu Yang snorted and said silently in his heart, "He's only a ninth stage Martial Emperor!" He stood straight and greeted his opponent . The chill light of his sword and the incoming black light collided with each other .

Chu Yang leaned to one side and retreated three steps .

Even he himself didn't notice that his own mentality had changed .

Previously when Chu Yang was in the Lower Three Heavens, he would jerk upon meeting someone of the King level: King level expert!

When he was in the Middle Three Heavens, as long as he met a Martial Emperor, his eyes would light up: Emperor level expert!

Now, Chu Yang, who was only a fifth stage Sword Sovereign and raided by a ninth stage Martial Emperor, actually thought: He's only a ninth stage Martial Emperor .

How did 'only' this word emerge in the mind of this King of Hell Chu? …

That person, upon the interaction with Chu Yang, turned a somersault, and at the next instant, he came up to Chu Yang again like a shadow and said, "You're only a second stage Sword Sovereign . "

Chu Yang stabbed his sword forth repetitively for hundreds of times, hitting the opponent's weapon each time, but his feet stayed calm; only then did he realize that the black light in the opponent's hand was a long and narrow dagger .

This person should have followed after Chu Yang and Wei Wuyan for a long time . As he wasn't confident about what cultivations these two people had, he didn't take any actions . Only when Chu Yang suddenly revealed his cultivation and this person thought he was confident in fighting against Chu Yang did he show himself up .

So, this person could be considered a cautious person .

But the opponent claiming himself to be the 'faction ruler' made Chu Yang interested: There are actually factions in this Black Blood Forest? And there's actually… a faction ruler?

What's this faction?

But, Chu Yang felt half the loads in his heart released upon seeing that a person of such cultivation was actually a faction ruler . The position of the faction ruler wasn't very high, but it also belonged to the middle-level cadres . Normally, above the faction ruler was the hall master, and above the hall master were elders, priest, custodians and that sorts . Then, it would be the faction lord .

Since the faction ruler was a ninth stage Martial Emperor, then no matter how powerful the faction lord was, he would be no more than a first or second stage Martial Saint .

Wei Wuyan could completely deal with people of such cultivations with ease .

Chu Yang was very relieved . Originally, he wanted to fight with the opponent for a longer time so that he could better comprehend his realm . But seeing that opponent's weapon was a long knife, Chu Yang lost his interest .

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With a turn of the sword, it reduced its speed . The realm of constantly flowing water set off his hands again .

A soft and winding force spread out densely in the air .

Wei Wuyan's eyes flashed as he watched the battle . He thought: The strange sword techniques are starting again!

After fighting for a little while, the whole battle became dominated by Chu Yang . Then, Chu Yang reduced his pace . The way he fought became just like smooth yet deep-running waters . Although there were no waves and the water's not raging on the surface, its undercurrent was surging .

But the more Wei Wuyan looked at Chu Yang, the more he felt that something was wrong .

This was because…

As the movements of Chu Yang's sword got slower and slower, Chu Yang seemed to have entered a realm… that realm that had made Wei Wuyan jealous!

The Tao state!

It had appeared again!

As Chu Yang's sword movements became smoother, the deeper he got into the Tao state .

Wei Wuyan looked at Chu Yang astoundingly and couldn't bear but have the urge to cry .

For Wei Wuyan, this kind of realm only appeared once when he was sieged after he had broken through the seventh stage Saint level . The comprehension he got through this realm allowed his spiritual realm to reach the peak of the seventh stage Saint level . After which, he also made sense of and thoroughly mastered all the martial principles; this made him break through the eighth stage Saint level in the next five years, thus creating a cultivation legend .

After that, he couldn't enter into that state no matter what .

But Wei Wuyan was already very satisfied . He knew that it was already a great blessing to be able to have that 'Tao state' even for once .

But at this moment, Wei Wuyan saw with his own eyes that Chu Yang entered into that state in two consecutive battles that's less than four hours apart!

He's too speechless!

This Tao state comes only by luck! You can't treat it as your meal…

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So, when he saw Chu Yang unhesitatingly plunge his sword into the throat of the opponent as soon as Chu Yang gained an advantaged ground, Wei Wuyan's whole body started to twitch!

What's wasting treasures?

This is it!

This is absolutely unforgivable!

In the battle just now, it's still pardonable that you didn't know that you were in the Tao state; but now, you've already known it . Why are you still not cherishing it?

How can you waste such good things like this?

I can't tolerate this anymore .

In that battle, after knowing that I've entered into that 'Tao state', I dragged on the battle for three days, when it could actually end in half a day . I waited till all the lingering taste of that realm were down and made sure it couldn't return again before I finally ended that battle .

Now, Chu Yang actually resolved that enemy with a sword so briskly even after knowing that he was in the Tao state…

Brother… wasting is shameful!

Chu Yang returned his sword back into the sheath . Turning around, he saw the weird expression on Wei Wuyan's face: His face was contorted, and he was looking at Chu Yang with one eye larger than the other . The corners of his eyes were bouncing up and down .

His two hands were stretched out and his teeth were gritted together as if he was going to rush up and beat Chu Yang for a round .

The King of Hell Chu was startled . "Old Wei, what happened to you? Are you bewitched?"

It would be better if he hadn't asked this question . Wei Wuyan finally exploded at Chu Yang's question .

He stepped forward, pointed his finger at Chu Yang, and started scolding him, "What happened to me? I'm bewitched? F**k off! It's you who's bewitched! You wasteful bastard… You… you, how can you be so wasteful…"

Wei Wuyan looked indignant, as though something he had treasured the most was thrown away by others as garbage .

"What's wrong?" Chu Yang was very miserable . He reached out his hand, wanting to touch Wei Wuyan's forehead to sense that if he was bewitched or had a fever; but Wei Wuyan beat his hand fiercely to one side . "I don't have a fever!"

"Then what nonsense are you talking about?" Chu Yang said discontentedly .

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Wei Wuyan was so miserable that he's going to vomit blood . He said with a contorted face, "You you you… Do you know that you've entered into the Tao state again?"

"I know . " Chu Yang's answer directly made Wei Wuyan speechless . "Just because I know it, I dragged on for a dozen more moves when I could actually finish him off very quickly…"

Dragged on for a dozen more moves…

Wei Wuyan felt that he was really going to vomit blood .

"Idiot, once you enter that state, you should fight for as long as you can… How is such a realm so easy to enter?" Wei Wuyan asked restlessly .

"Uh~~~" Chu Yang said a little embarrassedly .

"You bastard… I really don't know why heaven would give such a once-in-lifetime opportunity to you!" Wei Wuyan started to pant, saying, "Folk, remember, staying in this kind of realm is beneficial to you even for the blink of an eye's time… Ah, I shan't say this… I guess that you won't have many opportunities to go into this kind of realm in the future… Ah, who'll get into this realm every day…"

He sighed and looked disappointedly at Chu Yang, then turned around sulkily and carried Chu Le'er up . He said, "Let's go?! Are you planning to be a chump here?"

Chu Yang flipped his eyes and followed him in . Along the way, Wei Wuyan still felt pity for Chu Yang and sighed again and again . The topic was no more than: If I enter into this kind of realm… I'll so and so and so… How will I be like you… etc…

Then a fit of scolding .

Chu Yang scratched his head and felt very puzzled: Is it really… so hard to get into the realm? Why do I feel… so easy?

Looking at Wei Wuyan's back, Chu Yang wisely chose not to tell him . Otherwise, this creature would definitely be unable to contain his agitation and think Chu Yang was boasting himself . Then, he would beat this great savior for a big round…

Chu Yang felt that Wei Wuyan could completely reach such a realm by his current spiritual state .

Along the way, there were two more battles . But these two were harassment, so Chu Yang finished them off directly . Slowly, they had gone almost 100 miles into the Black Blood Forest .

It's clear to feel that the sky had already turned dark .

After some discussion by Chu Le'er and Wei Wuyan, they started to set up a tent . Wei Wuyan ignored Chu Yang while setting up the tent . He clearly felt uneasy in his heart .

Chu Yang could only set up the tent next to a big tree by himself . Wei Wuyan looked coldly at one side . He hadn't cooled down the rage in his heart, so he's unwilling to help .

Chu Le'er also ignored him and set up the tent; then he caught some wild animals back, and eating them with some dry food, and drinking some wine, he and Chu Le'er ate till their bellies became full . Then both of them plunged into the tent . Chu Yang left some words, "Old Wei, I'm very tired to have battled for a day . We'll have to trouble you to keep watch at night . Le'er and I shall go to sleep first . "

Wei Wuyan was instantly driven furious that he was at a loss of what to do .

What do you mean by being tired after battling for a day?

If it wasn't you that didn't let me deal with that bunch of rascals, how would you need to battle for a day?

You actually used this as an excuse for me to be the watchman, while you go to sleep with your younger sister…

Wei Wuyan was just about to go forward to argue with Chu Yang, but he saw Chu Yang's head stuck out from the tent . "Oh yes, don't worry . Le'er is with me . You just have to care about keeping watch at night . "

Wei Wuyan looked at him speechlessly . His face and neck all reddened from anger .

Why will I worry if your younger sister is with you?

When he was just about to say, Chu Yang already shrank his head back into the tank as he smiled sheepishly .

Inside, Chu Le'er's sound was heard . "Big brother… Can Elder Wei bear this?"

"No problem," Chu Yang dismissed lightly, saying, "He has already gotten used to it!"

Wei Wuyan was just about to roar to the sky: You're the one who has gotten used to it!… Who doesn't want to have a good sleep?

When he was just about to burst his anger, within the tent became silent . Wei Wuyan could only bear his roar in his throat… which almost made him sick .

He thought: If not for the sake of Le'er, I'd not have let you get away so easily tonight…

It's commonly known that the most chaotic times of the Black Blood Forest was during midnight .

Still in a fit of anger, Wei Wuyan had a rough night that night…

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