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Chapter 930

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From the divine spirit of the first-generation Nine Tribulations Sword Master, Chu Yang knew that at the Supreme level, there was a clear boundary called 'mortal-immortal boundary'!

Below this, all were mortals; above this, all were immortals .

And this boundary was… the sixth stage Supreme level!

Right now, the restrictive boundary of Black Blood Forest actually happened to be the sixth stage Supreme level as well! How could there be such a coincidence?

If it wasn't a coincidence but a deliberate arrangement, then why was that so?

The more Chu Yang came in touch with these secrets, the more he felt that the Nine Heavens was indeed filled with unsolvable layers of mysteries . And behind all the mysteries, there was only one truth!

Except for that powerful creator who folded the Nine Heavens, nobody had been able to find out that truth for more than 90,000 years!

Chu Yang muttered, "Sixth stage Supreme level… It actually requires sixth stage Supreme level!"

Wei Wuyan did not notice his expression . He sighed and said, "That's right, only a sixth stage Supreme Martial Artist can break through these restrictions, and it is only limited to himself . Even though the Nine Heavens is vast, how many Supreme Martial Artists beyond the fifth stage has there been since time immemorial? Besides, why would anyone strong as that still be interested in Black Black Blood Forest? Not to mention putting in special efforts to break through the restrictions… This would be pure nonsense!"

Chu Yang thought about it and laughed: Why would anyone powerful be so bored as to try out whether their spiritual energy is strong enough to break through such a trivial restriction?

Wei Wuyan said, "This is the reason why this place gets to exist till now . Otherwise, the Black Blood Forest would probably have long been swept by the Nine Great Clans… In the whole continent, there are more than ten such places, and they happen to form a circle in the whole Upper Three Heavens, encircling Ye Clan in the middle!"

"There's actually such a strange place in the world . " Chu Yang frowned .

Wei Wuyan smiled lightly, with a little mockery on his face . "Right, just because of the spiritual restrictions of this place, everyone from this place is extremely daring . No matter who it is they are facing, they dare to pull the sword! Because they never know, and can never identify, whether they are facing an ordinary Martial Warrior or a fifth stage Supreme Martial Artist . "

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Chu Yang laughed . "Fight blindly? Then, should there really be a Supreme Martial Artist coming in, wouldn't that be like a group of ants charging fearlessly upon an elephant? And they are actually fully confident to win? How ironic is that!"

Wei Wuyan couldn't help but laugh as well . "Exactly . "

Right at this moment, before Wei Wuyan finished speaking, a strange, crow-like voice suddenly started to laugh . The voice was mystic and gloomy, and it seemed near at one moment but far at the next . A ghostly atmosphere seemed to emerge in the surroundings .

The laughter reverberated through the air, becoming ever more unpleasant to the ears .

The three pretended not to hear, and continued to move on . Both Chu Yang's endurance and Wei Wuyan's cultivation made them pay little attention to such lowly methods of horror-making .

The gloomy voice finally spoke, in a peculiar tone and with an air of inexplicable mockery and sarcasm, "Wow, where do these friends come from? How majestic, how intimidating, how bold! They are actually riding fast across this Black Blood Forest, without any fears or cares . Aren't they looking down on the like-minded people of the Black Blood Forest?"

As the voice spoke, mocking laughter rose in front .

"Looking at their ways, they're young birds . "

"Hahaha… Young birds? Old Third He, do you want to begin a meat diet again?"

"Hoho, don't blame me for gluttony - the looks of these three pigs do make me hungry… Except for that dead-faced one, both the young one and the little girl are pink and fleshy, they make my saliva drip…"

"Hahaha… The dead-faced one must be very chewy too… Old Third He, you surely can get well supplemented in vital essence this time from eating human blood and flesh…"

"I hope I can eat them for a few more days… Hahaha… " The person seemed to have swallowed a mouthful of saliva in hunger . "I've been hungry for such a long time… I haven't seen such tender, fat sheep for a long time . I feel that they're delicious just by glancing at them… Nah, I can't wait anymore . My saliva is dripping out…"

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Creepy laughter rose .

Chu Yang raised his eyebrows and cried, "What Old Third He! Whether you are a human or a ghost, come out for me to see!" When he heard Wei Wuyan's introduction just now, Chu Yang had thought that there would be a couple of good men in this lawless land, and he also had some thoughts about roping them .

Yet at this moment, after hearing words like 'the looks make me hungry', 'pink and fleshy little girl', and 'supplement in vital essence from eating human blood and flesh'… . the King of Hell Chu's heart suddenly turned murderous!

To cultivate oneself by eating the blood essence of martial practitioners was one of the darkest cultivation methods!

This method was fast, as it needed almost no cultivation by the person himself besides knowing how the martial technique worked, catching living people to suck their blood essence, and refining it with martial techniques . This way, one could draw out one-tenth of the cultivation of the person he caught to transform into that of his own .

But there's one limitation here, which was that the person being sucked must be alive!

Many times, a person had the whole body's blood essence drawn out but he didn't die for a moment . That's indeed an extremely terrible scene!

Such cultivation technique was cruel and inhumane, and had long been banned! Yet Chu Yang couldn't have imagined that it was practiced so blatantly right here .

Such people are already inhuman!

Since this is the case, and I have to hone my skills anyway, let me, the King of Hell, start from here and make a path of blood that goes straight to the Nine Heavens!

With this cry, the noises in front suddenly disappeared .

Right after that, more noise rose . The mystic and gloomy voice sounded even louder, "That scared me so much! It's actually a young master! Haha… Old Third He, it seems that you're going to have a new daddy . And you still want to eat his meat… Wouldn't that be eating your own daddy, eh?"

Following an annoyed and angered shout, several figures suddenly appeared in front . The one in front had a face as flat as the bottom of a wok, nostrils facing the sky, flaring ears and sparse hair . His age could not be estimated . He grinned evilly . "Who's the one that spoke just now? Come out and let me take a look . "

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Chu Yang looked coldly at the few people in front of him .

In the dark forest, there were more shadows . Many more people were hiding in the dark, watching what's happening outside .

For the five in front of them, if they had not come out, they could hardly have been discovered, as their whole body, from their clothes to their skin and even their eyes, were all black, with only a trace of white at the side of their eyes when they roll .

Chu Yang stared, and just as Wei Wuyan said, he could not figure out the level of cultivation of the person opposite him at all!

Out of the five, the one who spoke just now must have been 'Old Third He', who had a weird body shape . Another was skinny and dry - his whole body weighed less than 25 kilograms - and he squatted down there, looking pretty similar to a big monkey, due to his sharp mouth and monkey-like cheeks . Inside the eyes which looked at Chu Yang shone a vicious glow .

There was another person who was bigger in shape, fat and ugly . Another was tall and skinny, like a hemp pole . His head was actually pointed like a spear tip, without a single hair on the black and smooth top, but he had a circle of fine furry hair around the ears…

The last person had his back faced towards Chu Yang and the others, and what he looked like couldn't be seen .

At this moment, that Old Third He started grinning again, and at the same time, he licked his lips with his blood-red tongue . He looked at Chu Le'er greedily, sucked another mouthful of saliva before he laughed strangely and said, "Where is that "young master" of mine who spoke just now? I'm here now, and aren't you coming out to receive my worship?"

Wei Wuyan wrinkled his brows . From the way he spoke, this person didn't even have any respect for his own ancestors, let alone having any sense of loyalty, filial piety or righteousness . He's beyond shameless .

Chu Yang sneered and stepped forward, saying, "You are Old Third He then? I'm the person who spoke just now . Nevertheless, looking at your unloved manner, if I really have a grandson like you, I must have jumped out of the coffin even if I had died . "

Old Third He looked at him coldly with pitch-dark eyes . "Little grandfather, since you don't like me, you may as well let me eat you . It would count as a kind act on your side, hahaha… Looking at your tender skin, you must still be a young bird, and you look like you have to fiddle around for a long time before you can get a baby on a woman, I guess? Do you know how to fiddle? Hahaha…"

Chu Yang smiled slightly . "It doesn't matter how I fiddle around, but it's a pity that your parents fiddled around for so much time to only produce such a bastard like you! That's kind of sad! I only wonder one thing…"

Old Third He's eyes shone viciously . He actually inclined his head and put on a curious look . "What do you wonder?"

"I only wonder why did your mother not strangle you the moment you were born?" Chu Yang's lips twitched and he said, "It would look better if you were re-molded . "

Old Third He's face became darker . "Junior… I wanted to joke around with you, yet you actually dared to speak offensive!"

Chu Yang wasn't moved, and he said, "Actually I pity your father as well . Even if he let you stay in a liquid state, it would be much better than letting you come out to disgust people now, right?"

Laughter rose in the vicinity . Those who were on the same side as Old Third He actually started to mock him relentlessly as well .

A thought flashed in Chu Yang's mind: For these people, there's no such thing as camaraderie .

Old Third He roared back, but at the next instant, the flash of a shining sword was already in front of him .

Chu Yang had already argued enough, and why should he continue talking to such a bastard? He should kill him first!

Yet he did not use his full strength this time .

The killing wasn't important . What's important was the practice during the process of fighting!

In any case, the strength of the other party was unknown . If he hastily used full strength, should it be met with a strong counter-attack, he would be left vulnerable . At that time, if the cultivation of Old Third He was high, even Wei Wuyan might not have enough time to intervene to save him .

The sword moved like a shooting star!

Old Third He yelled, turned suddenly, inclined his head and avoided the attack . A few sparse hair fell down lightly .

Old Third He was greatly agitated . "Young fellow! See if I don't eat you alive today…"

Before he finished the sentence, Chu Yang's sword had arrived right in front of him again .

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