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Chapter 929

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"I see!"

Chu Yang nodded as he pondered and remembered this matter to his heart . How could someone who would make Wei Wuyan fear to such extent be a small character?

He thought for a while and said, "Old Wei, I remember that you said your old home is also here . "

Wei Wuyan smiled bitterly . "Yes, I've arranged for my teacher to stay in one of the mountains here . To avoid troubles, I always come and go secretly . I never interact with anyone here . They don't know who I am, and I'm also not interested in who they are . "

Chu Yang nodded slowly and said, "If there are any incidents or dangers, protect Le'er and don't care about me . "

Wei Wuyan nodded . "Don't worry . If that mysterious ruler doesn't appear, I'm still very confident of my ability to protect both of you out of this place . "

Chu Yang frowned and said, "Old Wei, unless out of absolute necessity, don't take actions! Let me sound out the situation first . "

Wei Wuyan was startled for a while and he instantly understood Chu Yang's intention . He said, "This is indeed a suitable and the most natural place for training yourself as you can kill whoever you like . You'll meet all kinds of opponents, weapons and martial techniques in this Black Blood Forest . There may even be many previously lost martial techniques that would suddenly appear here . And, everyone will put on a deadly fight here . This has an unparalleled effect in training one's battling skills and in developing his divine spirit . "

Chu Yang nodded . He could completely understand Wei Wuyan's words . Ordinary martial matches could only be considered as exercises, nothing more . Only battling in life and death circumstances could be effective in developing one's martial capabilities .

How would it be considered training if one couldn't even feel the intention to kill each other?

It's all the more true in developing one's divine spirit . This place was after all nobody's territory, and one would have to be constantly vigilant and couldn't afford to relax by even a bit . Being in such a state for a long time would be greatly beneficial to one's spiritual endurance level and the condensation of his divine spirit .

Ever since Chu Yang received the divine spirit of the first Nine Tribulations Sword Master, although he had completely digested it, there's still a large distance before it could completely integrate with his own divine spirit and consciousness to form one inseparable body .

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Since this place was so dangerous, he could make use of this opportunity to train himself . As long as he could have breakthroughs in his cultivation and his divine spirit could be further condensed, he would be more confident in participating in the Medicine Banquet and the Tianding Grand Meeting .

Wei Wuyan carefully observed Chu Yang's expression . Seeing that Chu Yang had changed from a pondering state to reveal a determined look, Wei Wuyan knew that Chu Yang had already made up his mind . So, Wei Wuyan didn't persuade Chu Yang further, but instead warned him, "Only the strongest pressure can produce the greatest motivation and allow one to have incredible breakthroughs . If you can fight all the way through the Black Blood Forest, it'll not be a big problem for you to advance your cultivation by a few stages . But… you also need to take note that although your cultivation isn't considered weak, there are plenty of experts who have higher cultivations than you . Don't press yourself when you encounter danger; If I don't aid you on time, everything will be over . "

Chu Yang looked deeply at the dark mountain entrance and slowly nodded . He said, "I understand . "

"Normal people will have their wits frightened out of them at the mention of how dangerous this place is . But for martial madmen, this is a treasure land . Every year, there are young masters from various big clans who come here to train and improve their capabilities . But, normally, they don't dare to go deep into it . They'll normally walk in for some hundreds of miles and backtrack . Actually, this place is not merely a dangerous place . "

Wei Wuyan turned around and looked at Chu Yang deeply . He said, "Brother Chu, do you know that there're three treasures in the South-East region? They're the Boneless Fish, Bloom and Fade Flower, and Black Blood Vine . "

"You're saying that there's Black Blood Vine here?" Chu Yang turned around instantly .

Wei Wuyan said, "That's right . And it's Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine . Beneath it is Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water . But these two things are both located at the center of the Black Blood Forest and they're very difficult to find . "

Chu Yang automatically ignored the last two sentences that Wei Wuyan had said . He said energetically, "Haha, there's actually Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine and Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water here . This Black Blood Forest is really a good place . "

Wei Wuyan was speechless .

I said clearly that they're in the central part of the Black Blood Forest . In the forest, there are plenty of experts and a ruler of the forest . You're actually excited?

Wei Wuyan couldn't be excited .

Although the name 'Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine' was terrible to hear, it's actually not poisonous . The liquid in the Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine was even more valuable . It's something that looked like bone marrow; once it's purified, it would be the source of all poisons, but the source wasn't poisonous . If Chu Le'er took it, she would be able to practice poisons smoothly . In addition to the supplement of the six great poisonous medicines and the Poison Pearl of the Human Face Spider, as well as the neutralization of the inner core of the Poisonous Dragon, Chu Le'er's body would be able to automatically produce all kinds of poisons!

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Chu Le'er consuming the inner liquid of the Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine would be equivalent to obtaining the source of poisons; this would be equivalent to her getting a step up in her cultivation of poisons!

How could Chu Yang not be happy?

Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water was the accompaniment of Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine . Only in places with Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water could the Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine be found . The two were indispensable to each other . And this Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water was a great supplement for women practicing Yin energy . Legend had it that this water could completely incinerate the meridians that were not suitable for cultivation and reshape them!

This was tantamount to remolding oneself thoroughly!

Each of these two things was blessings to the current Chu Le'er .

And both of them were also greatly useful to Chu Yang: They were great things that could be added to the Nine Tribulations Pill!

Although the sword spirit was still feeble in the Nine Tribulations Space, he still revealed a yearning expression . "We must get them! We must get them!"

The sword spirit had even put up contorted face, snarled and jumped up and down in the Nine Tribulations Space . He couldn't wait to take over Chu Yang's body now and dash into the Black Blood Forest to get the Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine and Mysterious Yin Bone-Destroying Water .

"The more the better! Plenty is no plague!" the sword spirit gritted his teeth and said .

Chu Yang originally wanted to just get past this Black Blood Forest . But upon hearing that there were such treasures here, how would he be willing to just get past this place?

Another strange plan sparked in his mind at the same time: From what Wei Wuyan had said, people here were enemies with the nine great clans . At the very minimum, they were resistant to the nine great clans . If he could subdue some of them to become his assistants…

If Wei Wuyan were to know that Chu Yang actually had such an idea, he would definitely fall headlong from the horse's back: These evil people had been controlling this area for countless years . Do you actually want to subdue them as your subjects? They'll eat you alive…

"Let's go quickly . " Chu Yang laughed .

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"Be careful that you won't get treasures so easily," Wei Wuyan warned, "There're not only associated beasts here… that mysterious ruler also resides here permanently . Do you know why? So, you must be vigilant about this . Although treasures are good, you mustn't overreach yourself . "

Chu Yang smiled lightly . "Fate will decide itself! But as for whether I can do it, I have to give it a try first before I know . Who's willing to go directly for a detour?"

Wei Wuyan sighed .

Now he regretted in his heart that he shouldn't have told Chu Yang about the Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine . He had mentioned this offhandedly as he heard Chu Yang and Chu Le'er talk about poison techniques the day before . But he had never expected Chu Yang to be so enthusiastic and daring .

Looking at the distant Black Blood Forest, that black mists that enshrouded it, and that stretch of blackness, Wei Wuyan suddenly felt that it was an ancient behemoth that had opened its forbidding big mouth, waiting for the three people to plunge into it and it to chew the three into powder…

The three looked at the Black Mountain Entrance, heaved a sigh, then waved the horsewhip, and dashed fiercely into it, rolling up a cloud of dust behind them .

The Black Mountain Entrance was indeed the Black Mountain Entrance .

The mountains, and even the stones, on the two sides were all black .

The three swept past the Black Mountain Entrance like a gust of wild wind to enter the vast region in front of what Wei Wuyan claimed to be the chaotic world!

It's an endless stretch of forest . All the trees were big, tall and stout . One couldn't figure out how old the trees were, but no matter whether it's branches or leaves, they're all black in color .

Even the ground was all black .

Although it's daytime, mists that were dark in color filled up the air, creating an indescribably ghastly atmosphere . The deeper the three entered the region, the more ghastly the atmosphere was .

They faintly felt an eerie feeling naturally diffusing in the air .

It seemed to be full of oppressiveness and blood; even the sky above them wasn't clear and instead covered in dark clouds and mists, casting a faint spell of murder .

The three didn't slow down their pace at all . They hastened their horses and dashed into the woods .

The galloping sounds of the horses were crisp and clear, awakening the silence in the Black Blood Forest . With the rise of a mess of bird chirping sounds, countless birds of all shapes and sizes flew up and hovered in the air, seemingly to be condemning those invaders which had broken into their territory .

Even all these birds were full black . They had cold, savage eyes which were like ghastly fire, flicking faintly and maliciously!

Chu Yang suddenly realized one strange thing: Upon entering this area, it seemed that all his divine senses and senses on surrounding auras in the air had lost their effects .

Chu Yang felt that he had entered a sneaky area in which all signs of living creatures were shielded . Other than faintly feeling the ill-intentioned eyes that surrounded him, the aura of enemies couldn't be detected at all .

Chu Yang's heart jerked and he immediately stopped his horse . "This place isn't right . "

Wei Wuyan seemed to have seen Chu Yang's doubts and he smiled bitterly . "This place is just like this . Ever since that great man folded up the Nine Heavens, the border areas of the various big clans were actually the original folding points, and restrictions seemed to be set in these areas! The divine senses and senses on auras wouldn't work for people with cultivations beneath the sixth stage Supreme level . Only those with sixth stage Supreme level or above could break through this kind of restrictions . "

Sixth stage Supreme level!

Chu Yang's heart jerked . These four words made him think of an extremely important matter!!!

This matter made Chu Yang's face change color completely .

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