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Chapter 928

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Wei Wuyan felt extremely miserable: He can break through a stage of cultivation just by conversing with his younger sister? How…

My younger sister has died for many years already, unfortunately . Otherwise, I also want to talk to my younger sister…

Otherwise, how can Chu Yang's breakthrough in cultivation be explained? It's so incredible .

That night, the three didn't actually sleep . Wei Wuyan was surprised and he was wondering what was going on . Was this some other kind of epiphany during cultivation?

Use kinship to have a sudden realization of something? Or… use ties of blood to realize something? Wei Wuyan thought for half the night, but the more he thought, the more ridiculous and perturbed he felt . His brain was dizzy by then and decided to give up .

Chu Le'er was thinking: My illness is going to be cured in no time! Hahaha, my years of suffering are finally going to end… And big brother is going to teach me poison techniques… After I've finished practicing, I'll stand out and roar: I, the madam, is Chu Le'er! — There will definitely be a lot of people who pull out their tendons out of fright, and they'll also prostrate to me profusely: Wow… Madam, you're the number one super great expert in poison arts…

Chu Le'er's two big eyes squinted to form two crescent moons as she thought . Her rosy lips couldn't help but twitch once, then twitch again, then once more…

She also extended her little tongue to lick her lips from time to time, as she felt excited, blessed, energized — and therefore couldn't sleep — over the bright future that she conceived .

On the other hand, Chu Yang was wholeheartedly comprehending the new realm of fifth stage Sword Sovereign .

Wei Wuyan didn't sense wrongly; the fifth stage Sovereign level was the middle stage in this phase of sword cultivation, and it's known as 'Sword Unsheathed'!

While the sword was unsheathed, it was not completely out of the sheath . Its edges were sharp and murderous; the sword holder would receive the divine essence of sword and control the spirit of the sword for the first time .

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This was a fifth stage Sword Sovereign .

At the dawn of the second day, the three set off . Chu Yang and Wei Wuyan were in good spirits, but Chu Le'er had two panda eyes and she yawned all along the way…

That afternoon, they arrived at the Black Mountain Entrance .

The Black Mountain Entrance was a boundary area! It's also one of the most frightening regions in the entire South-East region!

"After we pass this Black Mountain Entrance, we'll have really exited the South-East region," Wei Wuyan said seriously as he pointed forward .

Chu Yang looked at the triangular junction in front and heavily gasped out a breath . He said, "Our Chu clan isn't considered remote in the South-East region . There's still a large region southeast to the Chu clan . Going further southeast, it'll be a deserted place . We've actually walked almost 7,000 miles here after setting out from the Chu clan! But the entire South-East region has a straight distance of 20,000 or so miles . What a vast place it is . "

Wei Wuyan said lightly, "The South-East region that you've seen is even less than one-ninth of the whole Upper Three Heavens! To travel from the South-East region to the South-West region, I'm afraid there are 0 . 1 million miles! It's even further to travel from straight South to straight North!"

Chu Yang took a deep breath . "The Upper Three Heavens is too big . I don't know how many times it's larger than the Middle Three Heavens and Lower Three Heavens added together!"

Wei Wuyan laughed . "Being large is good! There are many experts, and it's also more bustling! It's a good place to hide when you get into trouble . This is why the rewards of blood-payers are high . "

Chu Yang was at a loss of whether to cry or laugh . "All you think about is rewards . "

Wei Wuyan said, "But the appearance of the blood-payers organization has indeed made the Upper Three Heavens quieten down by a lot . Otherwise… I really don't know how many thieves there'll be here . "

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Chu Yang said, "I don't think so . The emergence of blood-payers is what makes the world more chaotic . Thieves and blood-payers are similar . A thief which has received a task is called a blood-payer, while one which has no task is just a mere thief . As a result, they have made it harder for law-enforcement officers . Blood payers are actually law-enforcement officers in a sense . They help the law-enforcement officers to clear up people whom the law-enforcement officers have trouble dealing with . Now, with the mix in identities of the blood-payers, the law-enforcement officers also have nobody to lay their hands on . Although there are certain benefits to this, it's conniving evil doings to some extent . "

Wei Wuyan appeared astounded for a while before he nodded and said, "You're reasonable . But, it's a little one-sided . Chu Yang, do you think that law-enforcement officers really enforce laws fairly? There're many law-enforcement officers who carry out misdeeds as they wear their uniforms . Such people are far more abominable than those real thieves . The law-enforcement officers have long been rotten from inside!"

"The law-enforcement officers have long been rotten from inside…" Chu Yang said softly . His eyes were flickering, and it seemed that he was thinking about something .

"So, this world is becoming more and more chaotic," Wei Wuyan said .

"So, in any case, the world is in chaos," Chu Yang said quietly .

"We need strength exactly because the world is chaotic . " Wei Wuyan's ordinary-looking face beamed . "Chu Yang, there're many martial practitioners in the Upper Three Heavens . There are even more experts; Geniuses are even more than experts . Every moment, there're geniuses dying…"

Chu Yang listened quietly . He knew that Wei Wuyan was lamenting; the laments from people like Wei Wuyan was often what that offered the most valuable martial experiences .

"The nine great clans monopolize all the resources . So, the world is dominated by nine great clans! But no matter when, as long as the power of the nine great clans exists, there will definitely be resistance . Because of resistance, the nine great clans became more and more domineering . And therefore, there are more and more rebels . "

"But, the nine great clans are after all nine great clans! They have deep foundations and are significant sources of experts . They even monopolize literature . The Xiao clan establishes the Jinglong Martial School and Jinglong Academy; they enroll poor children, but after they've completed their studies, they all become the Xiao clan's servants . Those from the martial school become fighters, while those from the academy become accountants, shopkeepers and workers… For their whole lives, they can't override the positions of even the indirect lines of descent from the Xiao clan . "

"Other great clans also use similar methods to gather talents . "

"There are many people who practice martial arts but can't read," Wei Wuyan sighed, saying, "What does comprehension of martial arts depend on? No matter how smart or talented you are, but if you can't read or understand principles of life, how can you comprehend the realm of martial arts or nature? That'll be a joke if you can!"

"So, the rule of the nine great clans for these 10,000 years is still considered solid!"

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"Although the nine great clans are strong, the Upper Three Heavens is too big . Only a small portion of people here are from the nine great clans . So, although they can rule, gradually, they can't fully monopolize…"

"So, starting from 8,000 or 9,000 years ago, constant battles and strifes began . Now, in fact, the battle is escalating to become more and more intense for every year that passes . But the nine great clans are completely capable of suppressing the battles . But, as time passes, there are more experts among those idle martial practitioners, and they also form gangs . So, the whole world has become chaotic . "

"We're just one of those groups of people . "

Wei Wuyan said, "The reason behind why we can develop and improve our cultivations without being killed… isn't because the nine great clans are soft-hearted, but… as what you've said just now: The Upper Three Heavens is too big . "

Chu Yang fell silent .

Wei Wuyan said, "It's worth people to use tens of thousands of years to appreciate 'The Upper Three Heavens is too big' this sentence! This fact is really full of blood, tears and helplessness!"

Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, "Even if one is helpless, he still has to live on!"

Wei Wuyan smiled bitterly . "Yes . " He said sadly, "Now, the Upper Three Heavens has been desperate in fighting for resources . There's no moral or ethics to talk about . Everything depends on capabilities!"

"As we pass this mountain entrance, we'll be entering a chaotic world! A chaotic world that's real and scary . "

"Chaotic world?" Chu Yang asked as he frowned .

"Yes, chaotic world! It's the South-East Black Blood Forest in front!" Wei Wuyan pointed in front . "The Black Blood Forest has a circumference of 3,000 miles, and it's a no man's land . "

Chu Yang took in a breath . "3,000 miles of circumference!"

An area with 3,000 miles of circumference might not appear to be large, but we would know how large it was after a careful calculation . It's actually 1 . 77 million square kilometers large .

How large an area it was!

"It's bordered by a few big clans, but each clan dared not to take charge of this Black Blood Forest! It's called the 'Forbidden Land of South-East Law-Enforcement Officers'!"

"Southeast of this region is the Xiao clan; exactly southwards, the Zhuge clan and Lan clan . At its central location is the Ye clan!"

"Just because this area is in contact with these four clans, the four clans all don't care about this area, making this area turn into complete chaos! In this range, God knows how many thieves, pirates and dark businesses there are here . And no one knows whether they belong to the Xiao clan, Zhuge clan, Lan clan or the Ye clan . "

Wei Wuyan said, "So, before you go in here, you must make sufficient mental preparation . "

He said deeply, "And be ready to kill or be killed at any time! The nine great clans and the law-enforcement officers don't have any say here . "

Chu Yang's eyes turned sharp and bright . "This is to say I can kill whoever I want in this place?"

"Yes! As long as you have the capability!" Wei Wuyan said, "But you must take note that people here aren't easy to kill . Because you don't know whether the person that you kill has strong power behind his back! So, when you kill someone here, you must eradicate all his roots! Otherwise, you rather not kill him . Release him, and wait for the next opportunity . "

"And, there are countless experts here; there are many leaders whose cultivations aren't weaker than me . In this whole stretch of Black Blood Forest, there's also someone who assumes the position of an absolute ruler in this area . This person is mysterious and dominates the Black Blood Forest . For so many years, no one knows his identity . Everyone only knows that he's extremely powerful . "

Wei Wuyan said carefully, seriously, and even in a very fearful manner .

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