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Chapter 924

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Bu Liuqing rolled his eyes and said, "Although the aptitude of both of us is exceptional among the masses, our teachers weren't very outstanding . What's wrong for them to beat and scold us? There were so many brothers that were better than us who were dead now . It's very good that we're still alive . Yet you still have the heart to complain . If you still want to complain, who should the heap of bones underground find to complain?"

Ning Tianya sighed, saying, "It's strange . There're so many of our brothers whose aptitude was better than ours, but they just died . "

Bu Liuqing snorted and said, "In the martial world, one has to depend on both capability and luck, not just aptitude; Aptitude is only one aspect . The most important thing is to put in efforts . Even if one is born a genius yet he sleeps every day, then he's no better than a pig . What's so strange if he dies?"

Ning Tianya said gladly, "You are right . Luckily, Little Wu is still considered the hard-working one . She knows about putting in hard work from a young age . This kind of apprentice is already very rare to find . It's also a happy thing to put in efforts for her . "

Bu Liuqing said disparagingly, "Asshole . If that's so, don't complain anymore . "

Ning Tianya stared back and said, "Aren't you an asshole too? Every time, she acts like a spoilt child in front of you and throws temper at you, but as compared to me, you're still more patient with her . Even if your apprentice scolded you, you would still look happy . She said that it's not fun that you don't have a beard for her to tug and play, but you're already 10,000 years old and you f**king grew your beard… so that she can play with it… Aren't you an asshole?!"

"But I never complained!" Bu Liuqing's face blushed a little, and he argued, "Besides, a long beard is also a weapon, and after being tugged by her a few times, it had become more flexible, and this also exercised my attacking power and endurance level… Anyway, I just like it . Why should you care about me?"

Ning Tianya let out strange laughter .

Bu Liuqing ignored him and said, "Talk about the business now . Now, both Yin and Yang energy are sufficient from the Boneless Blood Fish and Mysterious Yang Jade Core . As for the rest, Old Ning, you shall go to the Medicine Valley to get some Purple Energy Red Fruit . Then, go to the Zhuge clan to get some Heaven Yang Purple Ganoderma, the North Snow Mountain to get some Golden Light Lotus, and finally the South Sea to get some pure blood from Purple Whale, an eleventh grade spirit beast… Remember, the more the better . "

As he said, the expression on Ning Tianya's face gradually became more and more compelling . These four places were respectively located in the North, South, East and West regions . The Medicine Valley and Zhuge clan were still alright, but the North Snow Mountain and South Sea… were two extremes!

Besides… all these things were heavenly treasures . How could they be instantly found in those places?

Ning Tianya stared back and stammered, "You said it so easily… The Medicine Valley, Zhuge clan, North Snow Mountain and South Sea… are located in four different directions, and they span over a distance of 0 . 2 million miles… You only do the talking and want me to do the legwork? Why don't you go yourself?"

Bu Liuqing said lightly, "Firstly, making Little Wu advance to the Saint level wasn't promised by me, but you . Secondly, if both of us go together, what to do if something wrong happens here? Thirdly… you shall go if you want to, but you can also leave it if you don't want to go . Anyway, she won't deal with me . "

Ning Tianya was furious . "We shall do half the work each!"

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"No!" Bu Liuqing remained unyielding .

Ning Tianya stood there pathetically and dispiritedly . "Take some pity on me… I just came back…"

"Oh yes!" Bu Liuqing suddenly clapped his hands and said, "I almost forgot . "

"What?" Ning Tianya asked excitedly, thinking that Bu Liuqing had decided to help him .

"You still have to get some Spirit Comprehension Grass and Nature Tea back," Bu Liuqing said, "Little Wu is after all young . No matter how smart she is, it's impossible for her to understand the law of nature . As the saying goes, before one reaches adulthood, his mind grows together with his age . What can Little Wu comprehend when she's still not old enough? In addition, she still has an innocent heart . So, it's the most effective if she uses Spirit Comprehension Grass and Nature Tea to cultivate . Get a few pounds of each back by the way . "

Ning Tianya was totally stunned . "Old Bu, you should know… we only drank the two once in our lives… You actually want me to get a few… pounds? And get them… by the way? You should well f**king go get them 'by the way'! I don't know how to do this 'by the way'!"

Ning Tianya utterly raged .

Bu Liuqing stood up and stretched his arms, saying, "If you can get four of these six things within two months, I'll think of some ideas to get the remaining two . "

"If you don't, I also have no idea . " As he said, he walked slowly back into his own bamboo house .

Ning Tianya's face collapsed like a bitter gourd . "Bu Liuqing!"

Mo Qingwu's voice was heard, "Teacher… Teacher, come here quickly…"

Ning Tianya instantly jumped up and ran towards Mo Qingwu . His voice had also turned warm and gentle . But he was still late by one step . Bu Liuqing's creepy voice could be heard inside, "Good Little Wu, what has happened… Oh, it's this . You should do it this way…"

Ning Tianya eyeballs almost popped out . He stamped his feet furiously and said, nearly wanting to cry out, "I'll go get the medicines!"

Chu Yang entered the Huang Clan's Palace as Young Master Huang gabbled on .

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He immediately sensed how heavily the palace was guarded upon stepping into it .

Murderousness was everywhere .

The Huang clan was going all out in battling with the Xiao clan .

With the arrival of Chu Yang, all the Huang clan members welcomed him sincerely . Clan Master Huang Shang greeted Chu Yang personally, and a few experts who were the Huang clan's elders also made their appearances .

That night, the Huang clan put up a big banquet to treat Divine Doctor Chu .

Clan Master Huang Shang didn't feel anything different about Wei Wuyan, thinking that he was only Divine Doctor Chu's attendant . Wei Wuyan was happy that no one disturbed him . Standing behind Chu Yang, he actually started to play the role of an 'attendant' with due diligence .

A few Martial Saints inspected Wei Wuyan, but they realized that this person in front of them was far different from the Wei Wuyan they knew, so they didn't see through Wei Wuyan's identity .

Beaming with joy, Huang Xialiu shared the same table with Chu Yang . He actually made his two wives toast with Chu Yang; Chu Yang felt so awkward that he almost hid himself under the table…

Chu Le'er ate to her heart's content .

After eating for some time, a teenager in yellow who was sitting at the second table of the hall stood up and walked towards the first table with a wine glass in his hand . His face was beaming with joy and gratitude . "Stepfather, I'm very grateful that Divine Doctor Chu healed my younger brother's illness . Please allow me to have a toast with Divine Doctor Chu . "

Huang Shang laughed . "Good . It's good that you're so filial . "

Huang Xialiu's face darkened .

Chu Yang looked up . This teenager in yellow had a good stature: He was upright, handsome and had bright eyes, and he was a Martial King . Smiling sincerely, he held up a full glass of wine . "Divine Doctor Chu's skills have saved our Huang clan from future worries . You're really a big savior of our Huang clan . I'm Huang Qingshu, and I would like to toast you once to express my gratitude . If you have any orders, I won't hesitate to go through fire and water to fulfill your orders!"

As he said, he tossed off the cup and laughed .

Chu Yang raised his cup . "Young Master Huang, you're so polite . "

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And he drank his cup of wine .

Huang Qingshu smiled slightly and said a few words of politeness before he went back and sat down . As soon as he sat down, the seven or eight teenagers who shared the same table with him came to toast with Chu Yang .

It took a while before he finished this round of toasting; Chu Yang looked at Huang Xialiu .

"These few people were all the stepsons of my father," Huang Xialiu said dejectedly, "They were all adopted by my father in the past three years…"

Chu Yang took a tumble . "I see . "

Huang Shang should have lost his confidence in his son then, so he had no choice but to take this method, but now Huang Xialiu had recovered and turned normal… These people had little use now .

At first glance, it seemed that there's no big matter . But, careful thought would make one realize that these seven or eight teenagers had already become sworn enemies with Huang Xialiu now!

Huang Xialiu had already recovered, and it's useless to keep these people now . Keeping them would instead create internal threats .

Huang Xialiu sighed depressingly, "These people were used to be alright before . Now that I've recovered, they all look at me in a manner that makes me feel awkward . Now, even when I do it with my wives, there still needs two Martial Saints to guard for us . My wives are so ashamed now…"

Chu Yang was flabbergasted .

After the meal, Huang Shang specially invited Chu Yang to have a chat in the study room . "Divine Doctor Chu, you saw this in the banquet just now; I only want to ask Divine Doctor Chu… Has my son's illness completely recovered?"

Chu Yang thought for a moment and said, "As long as he doesn't over-indulge, there should be no problem… But, you must guard against the Xiao clan from laying hands on him again . And… these few people who could lay hands on him should be just within the Huang clan . "

Huang Shang's eyes flashed and he nodded slowly . "There's quite a number of spies in the Huang clan . " His eyes looked dark . Apparently, he had already rested his heart .

Chu Yang smiled slightly .

The next morning, when Chu Yang just woke up, he felt something was wrong; It's dead still outside, but by the breathing sounds, there should be someone outside .

He went out and saw all the Huang clan's servants huddling together at one side, and they were whispering to one another about something .

It was only when he asked them that he got to know that the Huang clan was suddenly attacked by the Xiao clan last night!

None of Clan Master Huang's stepsons survived the attack; In addition, the Huang clan also lost more than 40 experts . Among which, there were three Monarch level experts!

Chu Yang's heart jerked: This Huang Shang is really merciless and handles matters really vigorously and resolutely! With just one affirmative sentence, he unhesitatingly killed so many people…

"Since my son's illness recovered, a few people's faces have become strange; I've always been observing . Divine Doctor Chu, when you came yesterday, everyone was very enthusiastic as you're the savior of the descendants of the Huang clan, but there're also some people who didn't look right or sincere…"

Huang Shang said, "So, I killed all those people . Even though there may be some who escaped… I think that as long as I'm careful, our clan will be fine . "

Chu Yang agreed . "Clan Master Huang, you're right . "

But he took some precautions in his heart: Huang Shang is absolutely right . From the point of interest, it's right to kill all these people! But from the emotional aspect… It's a little cruel!

As what Huang Shang said: There would definitely be some who escaped! This was absolutely certain . But undeniably, there would absolutely be innocent people who were killed!

Chu Yang thought to himself: What would he do if he was Huang Shang? After thinking for a long time, his answer was: No! Even if he wanted to kill people, he would definitely not sacrifice the innocents!

Huang Shang's cruelty absolutely pointed to his ambitious and ruthless nature!

Such a person, such a power… was uncontrollable .

Huang Shang looked at Chu Yang and said smilingly, "Divine Doctor Chu, from your point of view, how about… letting Huang Xialiu participate in the Tianding Grand Meeting? Is it possible for him to win the Huang clan an honorable position?"

"Let Huang Xialiu participate in the Tianding Grand Meeting?" Chu Yang was extremely astounded .

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