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Chapter 922

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"I'll not practice martial arts!" This sentence was extremely powerful .

Bu Liuqing immediately opened his eyes and revealed a complex look . "Little Wu, be good and quickly go to practice martial arts . Your Brother Chu Yang is in the Middle Three Heavens . Now, because of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, the passageway between the Upper, Middle and Lower Three Heavens are all locked… We simply can't go down . "

"We have to go down even if we can't…" Mo Qingwu said with teary eyes .

"Go down even if we can't…" Bu Liuqing rubbed his temples . "How to go down if we can't?"

Mo Qingwu pouted her lips . "Humph! Teacher, didn't you always say: Although there's no condition to solve a problem temporarily, even if there's no condition, we also have to create the conditions ourselves . "

Then she turned around . "It's the same now . It's alright that we can't go down now . But we can create conditions to go down…"

Bu Liuqing was at a loss of words and he looked blank .

Create conditions to solve a problem, and create conditions to pass through the Nine Heavens… How can these two be the same?

How to go down?

"Teacher, you've lied to me! You said that I can go down to see Brother Chu Yang once I reached the Emperor level!" Mo Qingwu accused Bu Liuqing indignantly, as she felt that she had been greatly cheated . "Now, I've reached the eight stage of the Emperor level already…"

Bu Liuqing had indeed made such a promise, and he had absolutely never considered reneging, but… but at that time, Bu Liuqing had never expected that the passageways of the Nine Heavens would shut down so suddenly…

When he made this promise, Mo Qingwu practiced martial arts all day long . Her diligence and rapid advancement of her cultivation had made both Ning Tianya and him overjoyed .

But… the Nine Heavens shut down once Mo Qingwu reached the Emperor level .

Who is to blame? Both of us?

"Little Wu, don't worry…" Bu Liuqing said with difficulty, "This… You shall practice martial arts first . Perhaps the passageways of the Nine Heavens will be suddenly opened up… and you can see your Brother Chu Yang again . "

"Humph!" Mo Qingwu turned around angrily, and her little ponytail swayed to one side .

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A white, fluffy head carefully revealed itself from one of her pockets . Its two black eyeballs rolled a few times . It's Wind Fox .

Bu Liuqing was helpless now .

Suddenly, Mo Qingwu turned around . Her small hands grasped onto Bu Liuqing's elbow and swayed it, as she said in a sweet and soft voice, "Tea~~cher~~"

Bu Liuqing instantly felt his body lightened, and he swayed his body along with Mo Qingwu's voice . He said, "Yes~! ~"

"I know that you definitely have ideas…" Mo Qingwu continued to sway Bu Liuqing's body .

"Yes… definitely have some ideas…" Bu Liuqing squinted his eyes .

"Then let me go down…" Mo Qingwu said fawningly .

"Go down… then let's go down… Ah?!" Bu Liuqing suddenly recovered his consciousness . "To where?"

"To the Middle Three Heavens…" Mo Qingwu continued to sway Bu Liuqing .

"We really can't go down…" Bu Liuqing said and wanted to cry .

"Humph!" Mo Qingwu instantly threw Bu Liuqing's elbow to one side, so forcefully that it almost caused his elbow to dislocate .

"Teacher, you aren't a good person!" This little girl raged . She looked angrily at Old Bu with teary eyes, saying, "I'm going down anyway!"

Bu Liuqing's mouth was agape and he rubbed his temples furiously . In his heart, he shouted furiously, "Old Ning… Old Ning, Ning Tianya, quickly come back . I'm going to collapse… If you can come back quickly, I… I… I'll admit that you're number one in the world… And I'll immediately proclaim this to the whole Nine Heavens!"

"Anyway, I just just just want to go down go down go down!!" The little girl stamped her feet and shouted .

Bu Liuqing's head was going to split open . He said patiently, "Little Wu, look, this thing is the will of heaven . Not everyone can control the opening and shutting of the passageways of the Nine Heavens . Look, other than waiting for them to open up, there's really no other way . "

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Mo Qingwu looked at him distrustfully . "Teacher, didn't you say that both of you are the most most most powerful people in the whole Nine Heavens?"

"Of course!" Bu Liuqing was naturally confident at the mention of this .

"But both of you even can't open a passageway…" the little girl flipped her eyes and said disparagingly . She meant: You can't even open a small passageway . How can you be considered to be the number one expert?

Bu Liuqing was dumbstruck . He stamped his feet and said, "But we don't have any say in the opening and shutting of passageways…"

"I suddenly feel that it's useless to learn martial arts with you… You can't even open a passageway…" Mo Qingwu rested her head on her knees and said miserably, "You're leading me astray…"

Bu Liuqing almost vomited out a mouthful of blood . He said indignantly, "Madam… you can't say this so randomly . Do you know how many people in the Nine Heavens are jealous of you…"

Mo Qingwu didn't speak, and only sat on the ground pathetically .

"Little Wu, be good . Go practice martial arts…" Bu Liuqing said .

"Teacher… I have a stomachache . It should be an accidental rebound…" the little girl blinked her eyes and said bitterly, "Not only did I not see my Brother Chu Yang, but I also have an accidental rebound…"

Bu Liuqing stared at her and almost felt that a mouthful of blood was going to spit out of his mouth .

Accidental rebound?

All your meridians are open . If you still could have an accidental rebound, that would really be a wonder! Besides… accidental rebound… how can there be an accidental rebound in the form of stomachache?

Not only Bu Liuqing, but the Wind Fox within Mo Qingwu's pocket also couldn't contain its laughter and began to laugh .

Because of Mo Qingwu, the Wind Fox was gradually growing its new tail . If it had one more tail, it would be a tenth grade spirit beast…

At this moment, Bu Liuqing's savior finally came .

A long, energetic whistle came from the bottom of the mountain .

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Instantly, Bu Liuqing's eyes brimmed with tears of excitement: Old Ning! … You're finally back!

With a flash, Ning Tianya appeared in front of Bu Liuqing . Looking at Mo Qingwu and Bu Liuqing, Ning Tianya was instantly startled, "Bu Liuqing! Are you behaving like a teacher? Our disciple doesn't want to practice, yet you're just accompanying her to daydream?"

Bu Liuqing felt that he just received an amnesty . How would he still want to argue with Ning Tianya? Bu Liuqing stood up and said hurriedly, "Erm… I have diarrhea these few days . I have to go to the toilet now…"

Before he finished saying, he vanished . His speed and panicked movements looked really like he had passed in his pants .

Ning Tianya instantly shouted, "Diarrhea… A ninth stage peak Supreme Martial Artist has diarrhea… Bu Liuqing, your f**king excuse is really stupid… You… you, you should well say you've gotten pregnant!"

At this moment, Mo Qingwu turned around sadly . Sniffing her nose, she said with a deep twang, "Teacher…"

Ning Tianya's heart jerked at the moment . He put up a smiley face . "Good Little Wu, how's your advancement in cultivation in this period of time when I'm not around?"

"I had an accidental rebound…" Mo Qingwu rubbed his belly and put up an agonizing look .

"Accidental rebound?" Ning Tianya was shocked and almost jumped up, "What has happened?"

"Teacher Bu doesn't want me to look for Brother Chu Yang…" Mo Qingwu lamented, "I'm very uncomfortable . "

"Oh… Erh~~" Ning Tianya was startled for a moment . Then he rolled his eyes and laughed . "Little Wu, look, what did I bring back for you?"

"I don't want anything!" Mo Qingwu was going to cry . "Teacher, is it really true that I can't go down to the Middle Three Heavens?"

Mo Qingwu felt differently for her two teachers . These two teachers were both caring and strict with her . But in comparison, Bu Liuqing put on a straight face all day long and didn't look welcoming to strangers, but Ning Tianya looked happy all day long .

But, Mo Qingwu liked to behave in a spoiled manner in front of Bu Liuqing, the fiercer among the two, but showed more reverence towards Ning Tianya, who was easy to interact with .

Actually, Mo Qingwu thought… It was very satisfying to look at her cold-faced teacher to become helpless and at a loss of what to do…

Ning Tianya's eyeballs rolled . "Yes, we indeed can't go down . "

Mo Qingwu's face collapsed . "My poor Brother Chu Yang…"

Ning Tianya's eyeballs rolled again, and he said, "But your Brother Chu Yang is already at the Upper Three Heavens…"

"Ah!? Ah ah ah ah!!" Mo Qingwu shouted enthusiastically . She grasped onto Ning Tianya's beard, and her small body instantly lifted up from the ground . Kicking her small legs, she started to sway her body on Ning Tianya's beard . "Teacher teacher, where's Brother Chu Yang? I want to look for him…"

"Ah ah ah ah…" Ning Tianya cried . Having caught Mo Qingwu off-guard, tears and snot almost came out of his eyes and nose respectively at the same time, and his beard which he had maintained carefully for thousands of years was almost wasted at this moment . "Madam… let go of me first…"

Mo Qingwu immediately released her hands . The Wind Fox also revealed its small head from Mo Qingwu's pocket, and its eyes stared at Ning Tianya's beard, seemingly wanting to sway itself on Ning Tianya's beard too .

"This time when I went down the mountain to catch Boneless Blood Fish, I met your Brother Chu Yang," Ning Tianya stroked his beard and said, "We had a close talk with each other, and Chu Yang asked me about your cultivation…"

"Teacher, what did you say?" Mo Qingwu blinked her two big eyes and clasped her two hands in front of her chest .

"What else can I say? Of course, I've told the truth," Ning Tianya said as he stroked his beard .

"Then… what did Brother Chu Yang say?" Mo Qingwu followed up closely .

"Alas… your Brother Chu Yang was very disappointed…" Ning Tianya sighed, and said, "This made me feel very ashamed . "

"Very… very disappointed?" Mo Qingwu was a little nervous, and her brows drooped down . "Why was Brother Chu Yang… disappointed?"

Ning Tianya sighed, "Your Brother Chu Yang asked me: 'What level is Little Wu now? Has she reached the Saint level?' This immediately startled me…"

Mo Qingwu was also startled . She stammered, "Saint… Saint level?"

"Yes," Ning Tianya sighed, "I've no idea, Little Wu… Your Brother Chu Yang is really thoughtless! Normal people needed to cultivate for hundreds, or even thousands of years, to reach the Saint level . You've been practicing for only one year, yet he asked whether you've arrived at the Saint level!"

Mo Qingwu's beautiful brows furrowed . She paid no attention to Ning Tianya's words which were meant to drive a wedge between Mo Qingwu and Chu Yang, and said miserably, "Is Brother Chu Yang in some trouble? Does he need help?"

Ning Tianya's mind turned 180 degrees . He said, "Yeah! I thought something wasn't right, and so I asked him: 'What trouble do you have? Do you need help?'"

Mo Qingwu was so anxious that she looked like an ant on hot bricks . She said, "Yeah yeah…"

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