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Chapter 921

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Along with Yue Lingxue's shout, an old man drifted in front of him like a cloud . He looked angry . "I saw you talking to that person on the boat!"

"That person?" Yue Lingxue was startled . "That teenager?"

"Yes!" Ning Tianya nodded heavily . "That bastard was holding a little girl in his arms . Did you see?"

Yue Lingxue was confused . "So what?"

"What's his relationship with that little girl?" Ning Tianya gritted his teeth and asked, "Did you ask him?"

"It's his younger sister! What happened?" Yue Lingxue said as he felt that Ning Tianya was purely neurotic and didn't make any sense at all .

"Younger sister?" Ning Tianya frowned . "Are you sure?"

Yue Lingxue raged . "Do you think that I can't even see the fluctuations of blood veins of people who come from the same clan? Am I that easy to be cheated?"

"Her younger sister, I see…" Ning Tianya rubbed his hands and laughed sheepishly . "Damn it, damn it . "

Yue Lingxue frowned and said, "Ning Tianya, what's going on?"

Ning Tianya sighed, "It's hard to say in a few words . "

Yue Lingxue snorted and said, "You're really lazy; you actually pleaded me to collect a few Boneless Blood Fish for you…"

Ning Tianya rubbed his hands . "Take them out, take them out . Give half of them to me . "

Yue Lingxue pointed out a finger . "Wait; I shall give you some . But I shall say in advance now . This time around, I want the greater half! You can only have the smaller half . "

Ning Tianya jumped up . "Why!?"

"Because I caught them by myself, and you didn't catch any!" Yue Lingxue slanted his eyes . "Why, you're not satisfied? Tell you, if you're not satisfied, we shall put up a fight . But if you lose, you won't get even one . "

"Then I shall have the smaller half . " Ning Tianya succumbed . "The smaller half should also contain at least 150,000…"

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Yue Lingxue raged . "Ning Tianya! You actually counted the number of fish I caught… Yet you just stood by and watched, and didn't catch the fish yourself!"

Ning Tianya sighed . "I've my own difficulties…"

Yue Lingxue was so angry that he couldn't speak . He took out a Divine Spirit Gathering Fish and said, "I'll give you this . "

Ning Tianya drooped down his head . "You might as well give me this ring together . That apprentice of mine still lacks a storage ring . "

Yue Lingxue was furious . "Your apprentice is lacking it? My apprentice also lacks this! Do you still want these fish? If you want, take them away, otherwise, piss off!"

"So rude of you . " Ning Tianya rolled his eyes . But he finally accepted them and put them in his storage ring . Then, he conveniently grabbed the Purple Crystal Jade Essence Pendant from Yue Lingxue's waist and said, "You shall also give me this . I'll let my apprentice play with it . "

Not waiting for Yue Lingxue to react over, Ning Tianya had already tucked it into his clothes .

Yue Lingxue's handsome face turned red from anger . He said, "You!~"

Ning Tianya clapped his hands and said smilingly, "Hahaha… Look at how angry your little adonis is . I said before that you should change your appearance of the adonis . It's not good . "

"Ning Tianya, although your cultivation isn't number one in the world, your shamelessness is worthy to be number one in the world!" Yue Lingxue took a gasp of air and said .

He knew that just like a meat bun that's dropped into a dog's kennel, he could never get back the pendant from Ning Tianya .

He could only admit himself being unlucky: Why didn't I take precautions when I met this old bastard?

"Facial skin is also a kind of cultivation . Haha… Bu Liuqing has been with me for this period of time, and I'm infected by him to be thick-faced . " Ning Tianya laughed .

"Did you hold the fish well?" Yue Lingxue said angrily, "If you do, tell me why didn't you catch the fish yourself?"

Ning Tianya sighed . "It's not that I don't want to catch fish myself . You also saw that teenager right? That teenager who's in black and holding a little girl in his arms…"

Yue Lingxue said, "Yes . So what? She's his younger sister!"

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Yue Lingxue suddenly became suspicious and inspected Ning Tianya up and down . "Old Ning… did some lustful desire just arouse in you all of a sudden and you fell for that little girl? And you're jealous of him?"

"Bastard!" Ning Tianya raged . "Don't you dare to gauge the heart of a gentleman with your own mean measure!"

"Then what's going on?" Yue Lingxue stroked his chin and looked intently at Ning Tianya . Yue Lingxue took a sip of water from his water bag, feeling that it's a very enjoyable thing to mock this old geezer .

"My apprentice is in love with that guy…" Ning Tianya lamented .

"Hey…" Yue Lingxue spat out a mouthful of water on Ning Tianya's face and coughed rapidly .

Ning Tianya looked back indignantly .

"Your apprentice… it's that girl… who's this high…" Yue Lingxue reached out his hand and gesticulated for a moment, then asked incredulously, "She's… in love with that fellow?"

Ning Tianya sighed, "Who says it's not…"

"Hahaha…" Yue Lingxue laughed as he held on to his belly . "As the saying goes, 'like teacher, like apprentice, haha… Ning Tianya, you've been teaching so well . You fell for your senior sister who's more than 50 years old when you're only 13 . Now, your apprentice is better than you . At age 12, she's starting to…"

"Motherf**ker!" Ning Tianya's face blushed . "Although my senior sister is more than 50 years old, she only looks to be 18 or 19 years old…"

"But your apprentice is only 12!" Yue Lingxue emphasized this point . "And she actually has a lover already . And she even made you jealous of her… Hahaha… Such a genius…"

"What do you know! There's inside information of this matter!" Ning Tianya was raged, and he immediately explained what's between Chu Yang and Mo Qingwu . He said, "She's a little girl, and she suffered from so many grievances . In the whole Nine Heavens, there's only one person who loves her, supports her, and thinks about her for everything . If it was your wife, she would have probably also run away with her . "

"Ning Tianya! You bastard!" Originally, Yue Lingxue had been nodding repeatedly to what Ning Tianya said, and feeling reasonable that 'this 12-year-old girl to have a lover'; suddenly, the last sentence that Ning Tianya said made him utterly raged!

"I admit I've said improperly . " Ning Tianya raised his two hands and surrendered . He knew that Feng Yurou was the only person that could make Yue Lingxue feel offended, so Ning Tianya apologized to Yue Lingxue immediately .

Yue Lingxue was still angry . "Piss off!!"

Ning Tianya smiled sheepishly . "Okay, I'll piss off . " With a 'whiz', he vanished . His muttering sounds rang in the air, "You really can't tolerate jokes . Just like before, you're not interesting at all . "

Yue Lingxue stood quietly . After a long time, he smiled, then he said fiercely, "This old fellow should be chopped into pieces! Wait till I handle the matter of my apprentice, I'll go up to the Supreme Mountain and have a fight with you . "

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The last sentence reverberated through the air .

After a moment, Ning Tianya's sound was heard, "If you dare to come, I'll let my apprentice kill you…"

Yue Lingxue laughed . "Shameless bastard . "

With a sway of his body, he also left .

On the other side, Ning Tianya was in midair, looking at the big boat beneath him amidst the cloud and mist . He revealed a contradictory expression when he saw Chu Yang .

"I can't allow that kid to see me . He'll definitely bother me non-stop if he sees me," Ning Tianya thought, "Old Bu and I are already tired of dealing with that little girl . If I told her that I saw Chu Yang, that would be… game over . "

Ning Tianya made up his mind and took a last glimpse on Chu Yang, who was on the big boat, before he extended his body, ready to fly away .

At this moment, a strange feeling rose within Chu Yang's heart, as if he felt somebody was secretly spying on him in the dark . He couldn't bear himself from looking up .

"This kid's divine spirit is so sensitive . " Ning Tianya was taken aback . With a flash, he vanished .

Chu Yang only saw a faint shadow flash and disappear in the clear sky . He almost suspected that his eyes had seen things incorrectly, and he thought, "Who was that just now… Is it Yue Lingxue who's secretly spying on me?"

The big boat sailed smoothly and finally arrived at the other side . Once Chu Yang got down the boat, someone hurled towards him warmly . "Big boss, oh big boss! I really missed you hahaha…"

Young Master Huang Xialiu was wearing a cap slantingly and his clothes were left untied, revealing two rows of ribs . He greeted Chu Yang laughingly and with two arms that were held open in an exaggerated manner, ready to dive into Chu Yang—

"Stop!" Chu Yang's face was black . "What are you doing?!"

Huang Xialiu hurriedly stopped . "Big boss… I have good news for you…"

"Stand still!" Chu Yang said, "Stay there and say it!"

Huang Xialiu could only stand there and reveal an awkward smile . Finally, he said in an overjoyed manner, "Big boss! I did it! I finally did it!"

"You did it?" Chu Yang felt as if he was struck by lightning . "With whom?"

The impact of this sentence was huge . Even Wei Wuyan, Wan Renjie and his two brothers took a step back, as their bodies shuddered in fright .

"Hey!" Huang Xialiu grabbed on Chu Yang's shoulders . With his brows dancing happily, he whispered mysteriously in Chu Yang's ears, "My wives!"

Chu Yang said admiringly, "You're really fast! And powerful!"

Huang Xialiu could hardly contain his joy as he laughed sheepishly . He whispered again in Chu Yang's ears, "And both my wives have it already…"

Chu Yang was dumbstruck . "So great?!"

"It's all because of your great skills . " Huang Xialiu laughed and squinted his eyes . "Now, I'm really powerful…"

Chu Yang suddenly thought of something . "Don't focus too much on being powerful… Since your wives are pregnant now, you can stop for this period of time to strengthen yourself . I have a warning for you: If you do it too frequently, you'll not be able to do it in a few years time…"

Huang Xialiu was terrified . "Okay okay okay! I will remember! I will definitely remember!"

He wiped away a handful of sweat . "My father is still thinking of arranging me some concubines… Looks like it's not the time yet…"

Chu Yang shook his head, utterly speechless…

Under the escort of a group of people, everyone entered the Huang Clan's Palace .

On a remote mountain .

Bu Liuqing was frowning helplessly . His two hands supported his temples, and his face was filled with contradiction and speechlessness . He sighed again and again .

In front of him, a little girl in red was gesturing wildly . "I want to see Brother Chu Yang! I just want to see him! I haven't seen Brother Chu Yang for a long, long time… Woowoo… Teacher, if you don't let me go and see him, I'll… I'll not practice martial arts…"

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