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Chapter 920

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Chu Yang was also shocked!

Boneless Blood Fish was a type of underwater spirit beast, only the size of a palm even if it had grown for tens of thousands of years . It was similar to the Divine Spirit Gathering Fish of the Three Stars Divine Clan .

Divine Spirit Gathering Fish gathered the spiritual energy of heaven and earth . The Boneless Blood Fish couldn't be compared to that, of course, but in terms of their effects, it was only the difference of big and small .

Divine Spirit Gathering Fish was extremely rare, and one of these could hardly be found within a thousand years . In contrast, Boneless Blood Fish was greater in numbers, but they existed exclusively in the Baisha River .

Boneless Blood Fish was Yin in nature, and as they grew, they absorbed the cold Yin energy from underwater grounds, and stored them within their body . The longer the years, the greater the amount of cold Yin energy within them . When it reached a certain stage, these fish would use the cold Yin energy to make fluid which filled their body to replace the original fish bones, while their whole bodies would become red .

In fact, only from this moment onwards, could this kind of fish be called a "Boneless Blood Fish"!

Usually, the ones which could grow to become all red and boneless would take at least 300 years to grow .

Yet as this man came all the way from the opposite side, and only red shadows could be seen in the sky, how could the number of fish collected be anything less than a million? One could fear that after this single collection, the Boneless Blood Fish of Baisha river would be extinct for the following 300 years .

To collect Boneless Blood Fish using such magical means… This person was really extremely extravagant!

Boneless Blood Fish had amazing effects in helping the cultivation of pure Yin bodies .

Once Chu Yang saw so many Boneless Blood Fish, Chu Yang was reminded of two people: one was Wu Qianqian, the other, Mo Qingwu .

Should the cultivation of these two women be helped by Boneless Blood Fish, it would advance by at least twice as fast! Or perhaps even more!

But unfortunately, this man possessed such heavenly powers, and there would be no way for Chu Yang to take the fish from his hands .

In any case, Wu Qianqian was in the Lower Three Heavens, while Mo Qingwu was somewhere in the Upper Three Heavens unknown to Chu Yang .

So even if the fish got into his hands, he would have to put it inside Nine Tribulations Space to wait for opportunities…

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Just as he was thinking, that person had already reached in front of them . He stood in the middle of the river, waved both his hands, and countless Boneless Blood Fish jumped out from every corner of the river into his hands, just like moths flying into a fire .

In the distance, almost invisible to the naked eye, there were still countless Boneless Blood Fish whizzing towards their direction .

That person stood still in the middle of the river, kept collecting fish for at least a quarter of an hour, and finally stopped when no more Boneless Blood Fish flew out of the river surface .

He turned to look at the boats that Chu Yang and the others were in, smiled faintly, and nodded, seemingly to be expressing his apologies .

Everyone was completely stunned that they didn't react at all .

The person waved again, and a red light seemed to emerge from his palm . With a cracking sound, the whole river was immediately thawed, and the river water started to roll again .

This time, the flow was more rapid .

The three big boats that Chu Yang and the others were in was instantly washed down by the river .

At that moment, that person smiled faintly and extended his hands, and the three big boats actually returned to their original position, as if they had never been moved before . River water rolled beneath the boats, but it did not cause the slightest movement of the boats .

The person nodded somewhat apologetically and smiled . "Please don't blame me, I'm only catching a few fish, and I only need you to wait for me for a moment . Please forgive me for the inconvenience caused . "

Everyone remained silent, as they thought: What forgiveness? We're not stupid . After you've shown such an ability, how can we bother you? As for blaming you… Wouldn't that be a joke?

Chu Yang coughed, clasped his hands together, and said, "Elder, feel free to do so . This is also an eye-opening experience for us . "

That man chuckled, took a look at Chu Yang and turned around . Then, he suddenly said "Eh?", and looked back again at Chu Le'er, who was inside the arms of Chu Yang .

Following which, he flicked his sleeves and landed lightly on the boat, in front of Chu Yang .

Chu Yang only felt his eyes turn blurry . Before he reacted, there was already a person in front of him, and this person extended his hand and placed it on Chu Le'er's wrist .

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Everybody saw all these actions clearly, but they felt as if they were in a dream: They could see everything clearly, but they themselves couldn't move .

"This little girl has such a strange body constitution," the man frowned slightly and said, "She has also a pure Yin body, but… it was actually damaged, and the Yin energy had dispersed into her divine spirit . Given her condition, she should have died long ago . How could she live till now?"

Chu Yang's eyes brightened . "Elder, you can cure my sister?" He thought: This person is undoubtedly a marvel, and it would be great if he could cure Chu Le'er . I can also save a lot of energy .

The person took back his hand, frowned and sank into deep thought . After a while, he said faintly, "I can't cure her . " He paused and said, "But the person who has helped her control the spiritual injuries within her can do it . "

Chu Yang was shocked and did not dare to say much . This person actually discovered the mark left by the sword spirit in treating Chu Le'er!

The man frowned and muttered, "Who is this person? This person's power in spiritual manipulation has already reached such an amazing level… I'm far behind him…"

He shook his head, looked at Chu Le'er, paused and said, "The girl has a Yin body which already contains poison from birth… If her illness can be cured, she would become an excellent material… for practicing poison technique…"

Chu Le'er's eyes brightened, and asked, "Poison technique? Is it very powerful?"

The man in white smiled cheerfully . "The most powerful in the world . "

Chu Le'er smiled happily and looked towards Chu Yang, but she found him with a gloomy face, as if he was somewhat angry . She stuck out her tongue and didn't dare to say anymore .

The man in white smiled faintly, and said, "Though I can't completely cure her, it's possible for me to help strengthen her physique . " As he talked, he waved his hand and hundreds of Boneless Blood Fish appeared in his hand . He squeezed them slightly, and the hundreds of fish suddenly burst, and a thumb-sized, fragrant transparent ball actually appeared in his palm .

He placed the small ball next to Chu Le'er's mouth and said, "Eat it . "

Chu Le'er was a little panicked, but still, she opened her mouth and ate the ball . Immediately, the man in white pointed a finger at Chu Le'er's forehead .

Chu Le'er only felt that an indescribably comfortable Yin energy moved rapidly through all over her body, before integrating into her elixir field .

Soon a warm strength came into her forehead, making her dizzy immediately . She swayed a little, before falling into Chu Yang's arms . She breathed faintly, already asleep .

"Let her sleep . She will be okay after she wakes up," the man in white looked at Chu Yang a little judgingly, and said, "You are her big brother?"

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Chu Yang said, "Yes . "

The man in white said, "Hmm… Hmm… Poor little girl . It's a pity that I already have an apprentice, and her illness is also not cured… There's nothing I can do . "

With that said, he looked again at Chu Yang, a little confused between his eyes . "The poison technique doesn't have to be harmful . You're somehow too conservative in your thinking . "

Chu Yang smiled faintly, and said, "A girl who's as beautiful as a flower will have her reputation ruined should she practice the poison technique . It doesn't matter to us men, but the reputation of women would be damaged thus . And she… has to marry in the future . Who would be willing to marry a woman who practices poison and can easily kill others with the raise of a hand?"

The man in white snorted, "Nobody dares to marry because they are ordinary men who don't deserve her! Since they're ordinary, why should you care about what they think? One must know that a person's beauty can only be discovered by the loved one . If there's a single person who can appreciate the beauty of a woman in her whole life, it's sufficient . "

Chu Yang gave it some thought, before he said, "You're reasonable . "

The man in white smiled faintly . "If you indeed love her, then give her a future . Allow her to become all-powerful and be a master of the world, instead of using your position and love to bind her into an ordinary woman!"

Chu Yang said calmly, "Even if she were to have a future, she would have her illness cured first . "

The man in white looked at Chu Yang, and after a long while, he only smiled slightly . "Little brother, you're only eighteen now but already a fourth stage Sword Emperor . Such cultivation is rare in the past and present . You will have extraordinary achievements in the future, and maybe we will have a chance to meet again . "

He paused for a while and said, "You must know that a sword must be ground!"

Chu Yang felt a shock inside him . He muttered, "A sword must be ground!"

The man in white said quietly, "Grind it with experience, with blood, with life! If you do not grind it, it is just a piece of iron, that's all . "

Chu Yang's face looked grim . He said sincerely, "Thank you for your guidance . "

The man in white laughed, before he looked at the river and said, "That's about it . "

He leaned back and fell into the water again . With a deep roar, the whole river was frozen again . His hands moved and red shadows emerged from the water . After a long time, there were no more shadows coming out .

The man in white smiled, and disappeared from the surface of the river in a flash .

The river thawed in an instant, and its strong momentum was restored; Only that the man in white had used some unknown method that caused the boat to stay completely still, and it even moved forward smoothly at its normal speed .

Everyone stood silent on the deck .

After a long while, Chu Yang asked, "Who is this man?"

Wei Wuyan sighed, looked at Wan Renjie and his two brothers who were almost pale as ghosts, and said, "The three of them must know . Look at how scared they are…"

Wan Renjie trembled at once, and said, "If my guess isn't wrong, I'm afraid that this person is the number two law-enforcement officer in the whole world! Yue Lingxue . Feng Yurou's husband that is…"

Chu Yang nodded . "No wonder you are so afraid . "

The Wan Renjie brothers had been enemies with the nine great clans and law-enforcement officers their whole lives . How could they not be scared when they saw the great leader of law-enforcement officers?

Besides, their teacher… had been injured by Feng Yurou in the past…

The three flushed and all felt embarrassed .

As Chu Yang held Chu Le'er who was sound asleep, Chu Yang frowned, looked at the place where Yue Lingxue was standing just now, and murmured, "Yue Lingxue… Yue Lingxue… If in one's whole life, he can achieve such cultivation… then, in this whole world, is there any place he can't go?"

"If one has the cultivation of Yue Lingxue, one won't have any regrets in his whole life . " Wei Wuyan agreed deeply .

The big boats continued moving forth .

Yue Lingxue had already arrived on the other side, and as his body flashed, he appeared again on top of a mountain far away . He cried in a low voice, "Ning Tianya, come out!"

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