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Chapter 917

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Ye Wangran's and Xiao Zhen's hearts palpitated rapidly .

This apprentice of Lord Feng was an outstanding beauty . Not to mention hot-blooded teenagers, even the two were amazed by her looks . It's absolutely inevitable that some fops from their own clan would arouse any ill intentions or come to tease her if they saw her .

But their own elders had to personally meet Lord Feng to plead for mercy…

On one hand, this… this was a bit too unrighteous… On the other hand, the whole clan would have a layer of skin on its face lost after the elder came back . Especially for the one who got into trouble… he would be turned into a punching bag by the entire clan for generations to come…

He wouldn't have a bit of chance to emancipate himself, and… he wouldn't be given the chance to die either .

"After both of us go back, we must tell our clans seriously about this and strictly forbid this from happening!" The duo had cold sweats crept up to them again . They thought about one thing at the same time: If there's any daring person who's his direct line of descendants…

Then, thinking of the strict clan rules enforced by their respective elders, they instantly felt a chill send down their spines .

"Alright," Feng Yurou nodded quietly and said, "In this period of time, we'll bring our apprentice to play around in the South-East region… The big fuss between your two clans had destroyed such a good scenery . If you continue fighting, we won't have any good scenery to enjoy . "

"Yes, yes . We shan't fight anymore, shan't fight anymore . " The duo nodded repeatedly, and their foreheads began to glisten with cold sweats .

"For instance this Black Pine Forest… How can we come to play here in the future?" Feng Yurou's brows furrowed slightly, and said, "I personally like scenery: the beautiful mountains and rivers, the majestic landscape of Earth, the clarity of the water and the lushness of trees and flowers… It's secondary if my mood to travel around to view the scenery is ruined, but he… if he's unhappy, then it would be bad for both of your two clans . "

The duo nodded repeatedly .

They thought: Actually, it's secondary if Yue Lingxue is unhappy, because he'll be unhappy himself; It's more terrible if you're unhappy . Because if you're unhappy, Yue Lingxue will be even unhappier than the unhappiness that he will feel alone . Then it will be the two of you who are unhappy . That will be really bad…

Feng Yurou frowned . "Everyone shall leave here now . The smell here is really bad . " Then she turned around and said, "Qianqian, come with me . "

Her white clothes fluttered silently . She looked just like a fairy walking over ripples of water .

Behind her, Wu Qianqian followed up . The two graceful-looking figures vanished in the blink of an eye .

The two Supreme Martial Artists finally heaved a sigh of relief, almost landing their ass on the ground .

"She's really dangerous," Ye Wangran said .

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"Yes, really dangerous . " Xiao Zhen wiped away a handful of sweat .

"Luckily it's Feng Yurou… not Yue Lingxue . " Ye Wangran's heart was still lingering with fear . "Feng Yurou is famous for her good temper and gentleness . "

"But this apprentice of her isn't gentle at all . Her whole body spreads out murderousness . Although her cultivation is so low, she has a natural imposing aura with her, and she seems to be that kind of sophisticated person who's used to ordering people around . When she grows up, she would be the second Yue Lingxue, or she'll be even stronger than him… The common disciple of Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou… My God, why is there such a thing?"

Xiao Zhen sighed .

The duo sighed at the same time .

Then, Ye Wangran suddenly recovered from his stupor . He suddenly jumped out and said in anger, "Xiao Zhen! I'll come to take revenge on you in the future!"

Xiao Zhen shouted, "Ye Wangran, for the sake of Lord Feng, I am letting you go this time!"

As they said, they felt a little ashamed .

Then, both of them snorted heavily before they parted, one towards the East while the other towards the West .

The Ye clan and the Xiao clan couldn't put up a real fight temporarily, while because Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue were in the South-East region, the Xiao clan and the Huang clan were also forced to stop their battle in the meantime .

But, not being able to fight here didn't mean that they couldn't fight anywhere else . Men could shift their places, after all .

Feng Yurou's sudden appearance had extinguished the storm that Chu Yang had spent a long time in creating, single-handedly!

On the surface, Feng Yurou had rendered all the schemes that Chu Yang had devised for so long useless .

But who could say exactly whether this should be considered something good or something bad for Chu Yang?

Spears thrust in the open had turned into arrows shot in the dark, while open fires had transformed into dark flames buried in the ground… Once there were any slight disturbances, it could spark off a wildfire again .

But no matter what, those people who had died today couldn't be revived!

Such seeds of hatred were ultimately planted in the hearts of both the Xiao clan and the Ye clan .

And, as what the sword spirit had said earlier: Even if you stir up big chaos in the Nine Heavens to the point of no return, with your current abilities, what can you do?

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. . .

On the other side, Feng Yurou and Wu Qianqian were walking slowly amidst the mountains and forest . Wu Qianqian was following behind Feng Yurou . While she appeared spirited, she also looked a little lost .

She would of course have a smooth path laid before her by following such strong teachers . But it was also destined that she needed to carry great responsibilities in the future!

Because, the moment she formally acknowledged her teachers, she had attached her blood with that of theirs .

Wu Qianqian could be defeated and killed; but, the apprentice of Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou couldn't!

She must get stronger!

So as to maintain the honor of her teachers . Only when she got stronger could she really be of help to… Chu Yang!

Chu Yang!

Wu Qianqian's heart writhed upon the thought of this name, and she unconsciously pinched the bottom of her black robe .

It appeared to be smooth on the surface, but it's slightly bulged out when touched there .

Wu Qianqian knew why it was there .

Chu Yang, Qianqian likes you!

This was the robe that she made for Chu Yang herself . After Chu Yang left, all the robes of the King of Hell Chu that Wu Qianqian made were all meant to be worn by herself . Whenever she made a robe, she would subconsciously sew with her hair and the exact same words on that position .

Only by wearing such a black robe would she feel that she was still connected with Chu Yang, and that Chu Yang was still by her side . Just like how she and Chu Yang sat opposite each other at a table a year ago, when the Heavenly Armament Pavilion was just established .

Regardless of conducts of life, or conspiracies and calculations; small plots or the general trends of the world; observations of human intentions or political analysis; mountains and rivers, or the peak of the Nine Heavens…

Chu Yang would talk in detail and explain everything to her .

As though he had said in such a manner subconsciously, and she also listened to him subconsciously .

But she knew that he was speaking seriously, and he also knew that she was listening to him attentively .

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Wu Qianqian sighed softly, as if that pair of sharp and calm eyes floated in front of her again . That pair of eyes was sometimes as gentle as autumn streams, sometimes as cold as that of eagles, sometimes as sharp as daggers or swords, sometimes as painful as deep pools, sometimes as intense as angry waves, and sometimes as blank as a cavity…

It's that pair of eyes that reflected thousands of emotions and expressions of him; It's that pair of eyes which slowly entangled Wu Qianqian up and finally made her immerse in it and could no longer come out .

Her heart was occupied with him!

When Chu Yang left and she took over the King of Hell Chu's position, every time she managed an issue, the more she realized how outstanding was Chu Yang: Although he had already laid a good foundation for her, she still managed some of the works inappropriately, and was still a little overcautious and indecisive in some of the works… Then, how much pressure did he bear to deal with the same things in the past? How many guts did he have? How much brain power did he consume…

It was only after she arrived at the Upper Three Heavens did she finally learn about the erudition of Chu Yang then .

He had told her everything clearly . This included the current circumstances of the nine great clans, which he had once jokingly mentioned to her .

"'It's difficult for a mountain to accommodate two tigers' . What's more, if there's not a master over the nine great clans? There're absolutely confrontations and intrigues among the nine great clans . "

There's an unending list of experts over the Nine Heavens .

Chu Yang also mentioned this then .

"Who knows how big the world is, and what kinds of experts are exactly out there? Which kind of expert can take charge over the whole world? It's a dense fog leading to the answer of these questions . If we don't arrive at a certain point, we'll never even know how deeply we're trapped in the fog . "

"The King level is already considered almighty in the Lower Three Heavens; but what about the King level in the Middle Three Heavens? And what about it in the Upper Three Heavens, where all the elites congregate? What's so great about the legendary Monarch level and Saint level, or even the Supreme level? Who knows if there's someone who's above the Supreme level? If the sky has no end, then how is there an end in martial arts? Since there's no end, what's the so-called end in martial arts?"

Wu Qianqian became a little blank as she thought of what Chu Yang had said in the past .

Chu Yang, you really know a lot .

Chu Yang, Qianqian really misses you a lot .

Chu Yang, where are you?

Wu Qianqian wouldn't even have expected that the moment she and Feng Yurou stepped into the Black Pine Forest, Chu Yang's black robe silently exited the Black Pine Forest .

In some ways, she and Chu Yang… had brushed past each other .

She was now proceeding in the same, or similar direction as to where Chu Yang had come from .

And Chu Yang was also going in the same direction as to where Wu Qianqian had come from!

The duo's routes were completely matched with each other, but the duo was going in opposite directions .

This was a regret, but for lovers, this was even more a feeling of sorrow .

Feng Yurou walked quietly at the front . She was a gentle and reserved woman . Sensing that her apprentice was a little spaced out, she didn't say anything, but only sighed slightly in her heart .

This apprentice had an excellent aptitude that's out of her expectation; a pearl of great wisdom that's beyond Yue Lingxue's anticipation; and will and disposition that's even much better than what the both of them had hoped for . The speed at which she improved her cultivation made the two even more overjoyed . She could be said to be an exceptional prodigy in the whole Nine Heavens in these tens of thousands of years!

And that Mysterious Yin energy that seemed to be endowed on her by the Heaven was also a surprise to them and it made them ever more ravished in joy .

But, the heart of this apprentice wasn't on her two teachers, but instead attached firmly to a teenager whose name she didn't want to reveal .

For such a woman, once she became enamored, she would be so for all her life .

Because of this, it was all the more difficult for her to take back her love-sickness; therefore, it was all the more likely that the tragedy fell upon her…

With Feng Yurou's spiritual force, without her turning back and looking with her own eyes, she could sense the deep yearning and sorrow in Wu Qianqian's eyes .

Where's your heart drifting to now?

Feng Yurou sighed slightly .

"Qianqian . "

"Yes, teacher . "

"Are you thinking about him again?"


"Who's he exactly?"

"Teacher, please forgive me . I… I can't say his name . "

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