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Chapter 916

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Xiao Zhen instantly felt that something bad had happened and turned around .

A blackish substance, accompanied by sharp sounds of wind, greeted him . Xiao Zhen's hands stretched out to reach out that thing . With a glance, he realized that it was Xiao Luoyu's corpse .

Xiao Luoyu was already dead . If Ye Wangran were to crush the corpse, he would have gone too far .

Roaring, Ye Wangran turned into a black gust of wind which swept through the Xiao clan's members . With two 'bangs', two Monarch level experts of the Xiao clan were rolled up and then torn apart in midair!

Xiao Zhen's body whirled, and appeared in front of Ye Wangran . Xiao Zhen then punched a fist towards Ye Wangran!

This punch was as forceful as the weight of a mountain!

It seemed that heaven and earth had frozen at this instant . The surrounding space also became stagnant with this punch, and the air was no longer circulating!

"Ye Wangran! Do you really want everyone to die?" Xiao Zhen roared .

Ye Wangran let out a shrill scream . Suddenly, there was a dramatic change to the whole night sky!

"For someone who has never seen Ye Wangran before, his spirits will damage once he did!" As Ye Wangran's screamed, the sky changed its color . He sounded forceful and extremely resolute and insane, and his words cast a spell of death . "Then let them die together!"

As he said, the whole piece of the ground beneath them began to sink and collapse! Columns of smoke flew thousands of feet up the sky . Fissures on the ground began to crack open .

"This is the Ye clan's Heaven-and-Earth-Overturning Technique! He's insane!" Xiao Zhen extended his body and roared, "Retreat quickly!"

Then he roared again, "Ye Wangran, catch this Mountain-and-River-Gathering Technique!"

He stamped heavily on the ground . With a 'bang', jets of energy rushed out, instantly gathering the ground that had cracked open under his feet . His body also rose higher and higher as more and more broken pieces of the land gathered . He extended his two hands, then brought them together in front of him!

With a whistling sound, two great hands appeared in the air, and they slapped violently towards Ye Wangran from left and right respectively!

Ye Wangran laughed hysterically . "Cruel of you! Look at my Wind-and-Cloud-Breaking Technique!"

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He brought his two hands together before separating them again . A black jet of energy instantly shot out of his hands .

The two jets of energy collided with each other, causing the ground between them to suddenly crack open to form a bottomless chasm that's about 300 to 400 feet wide!

"Fifth Master Xiao, I want to kill your men, and you won't be able to stop me!" As Ye Wangran laughed, he flew forth like a falcon . With a few flashes of his body, shrill cries of the Xiao clan members were continuously heard .

Xiao Zhen was extremely indignant . He shouted, "Then we shall see who's faster! See if you kill all my Xiao clan members first, or I kill all your Ye clan members first!"

He turned into a stream of light instantly and shot into the group of Ye clan members who were already badly beaten previously . Then he extended his two hands and started to kill them ferociously!

Shrill cries were heard one after another!

Instantly, this dark Black Pine Forest had become a battlefield between two Supreme Martial Artists!

Neither the Ye clan nor the Xiao clan had expected such a situation to occur!

In a moment's time, the two had already killed a number of people . Now, they were shuttling within the forest to look for people they had missed out to kill . Each of them thought: You want to kill my men . But since I can't save my men, I can only kill your men!

The duo's cultivations were on par with each other, and they were well aware of this .

Those pathetic experts from the Ye clan and the Xiao clan were going to be completely wiped out soon .

Suddenly, a voice rang, "Stop!"

It was clear, melodious, and even a little soft . One could sense some gentleness just by listening to the sound .

It came from a woman .

The voice wasn't loud at all .

But regardless of whether it's Ye Wangran or Xiao Zhen, who were all in wrath, they stopped all that they were doing as if they had gotten an electric shock .

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Ye Wangran's five fingers were already on the head of a Saint level expert, but he hadn't exerted force on it yet . Hearing this shout, he actually held back the primordial qi that was about to be released from his palm . And he remained in this position .

Xiao Zhen's three fingers were already grasped on Ye Wutian's throat . Xiao Zhen was about to crash Ye Wutian's throat when he heard this sound, and he stopped his actions .

There was silence in the air .

Even in the air that was reeked of blood, there was a sudden sense of peacefulness and gentleness .

That soft voice said, "Are the two of you insane?"

Ye Wangran and Xiao Zhen made the same action in unison: They flew onto an open area and stood in silence respectfully, then exercised their energy to immediately disperse the blood, and foul air away from their own bodies .

Then, the two bent down and asked, "Is this Lord Feng?"

With a deep sigh, appearing before the two was a beautiful woman with clothes that were as white as snow .

This woman seemed to be only in her twenties . She was willowy, had delicate features and a head of fair hair .

Her presence here was sufficient to change the atmosphere of the battlefield . A charming sense of warmth and pity filled the area as if spring had befallen the Earth in this early Autumn .

She just stood there quietly . But Ye Wangran and Xiao Zhen dared not to even take a breath . The two unparalleled experts who were intending to carry out a great massacre suddenly became even more obedient than a little sheep .

That woman sighed faintly and frowned slightly . She said in a soft and low voice, "What is this for?"

The duo lowered their heads and dared not to say a word .

In the face of this woman in white, they even dared not to probe this woman's cultivation or cast out their divine senses .

"Look up," the woman in white said softly .

"Yes," the two replied at the same time . They raised their heads, but their bodies were still bent down .

They then realized that next to this woman was a girl . Similarly, she was also pretty and had a head of fair hair .

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Although she was still a little young, one could see calmness in her eyes . There was a faint haughtiness in her looks, as if she had already been wielding some power in her hands .

She was in black, and her face looked cold .

She was like a piece of ice which refused to melt, and any man who wanted to approach her would only get frostbite .

"It's good that you still recognize me . I'm Feng Yurou," the woman in white said in a soft and thready voice, as she looked at the two quietly .

"Lord Feng is famous around the world . How can we not know you?" Cold sweat crept up Ye Wangran and Xiao Zhen's faces at the same time .

"Erm… Are you still willing to listen to me?" Feng Yurou said as her long, thin brows slightly furrowed, "I'm not a law-enforcement officer anymore . "

"We'll listen carefully and do whatever Lord Feng says, no matter what!" the duo said in unison .

"Erm, then you shall not fight," Feng Yurou said softly, "It's very uncomfortable to see so many people die… You shall return to your own clans now . " After that, she said to Xiao Zhen, "Tell Xiao Se about this when you're back . "

Xiao Zhen said respectfully, "Yes . "

Feng Yurou looked at Ye Wangran and said softly, "You shall tell Ye Di . "

Ye Wangran said respectfully with his head hung low, "Yes . "

"Erm… I need both of you to help me spread some information . " Feng Yurou rubbed her forehead and even smiled slightly . She pulled the girl in black to her side and said softly, "This is my new apprentice . Her surname is Wu . "

The two jerked before they said aloud at the same time, "Congratulations to Lord Feng! You finally found an inheritor! What a matter that's worthy of celebration! If the whole world knows about this, everyone will surely celebrate this together!"

Then they turned around to face the girl in black, "Congratulations to Miss Wu . Now that you've met a great teacher, you'll be sure to gain formidable influence and be a leader of the world in the future!"

The girl in black bowed quietly and said politely, "Thank you . "

Then she stepped back to one step behind Feng Yurou .

Feng Yurou smiled with satisfaction . She said softly, "I heard that it hasn't been peaceful in this area, so I've especially come to have a look, and at the same time, enjoy the scenery of this South-East region . He originally wanted to come here too, but we met two people just now . I don't like those two people, so I left them first . "

When she said 'he', she even appeared unnatural, like an unmarried girl talking about her fiance . Her face, which was as white as white jade, also blushed a little .

"It turns out that Lord Yue had also intended to come…" Xiao Zhen and Ye Wangran shuddered at the same time . Sweat crept up their foreheads and their bodies softened .

They had long been thanking God in their hearts as soon as they heard about this .

Luckily, it's the wife, and not the husband, who came today . If Yue Lingxue came and saw the two killing the innocents… it would be death that awaited for the two…

"Qianqian has good aptitude, and both of us like her very much . " Feng Yurou bloomed with happiness as she mentioned her new apprentice . "So, Lingxue also stopped accepting new apprentices . That means Qianqian is the common apprentice of the both of us . "

Ye Wangran and Xiao Zhen shuddered, and looked up with their mouth agape!

Then they looked at the girl in black in awe, and even with some reverence!

What was this girl's background? She even became the common apprentice of Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou!

This was simply incredible .

"Tell the elders in your clans that if any one of them met my apprentice in the future, they should take care of her . If anyone is careless enough to be killed by her, we'll be very angry," Feng Yurou said seriously .

She'll be angry if someone else is killed by her apprentice! What does this mean?

But Ye Wangran and Xiao Zhen didn't raise any objections and nodded repeatedly, saying, "Yes, yes!"

"By the way, there are some lewd people from your clans . Don't be up to something bad . My apprentice is too pretty, and I'm very worried for her," Feng Yurou said a little anxiously, "If there's such a person from any of your clans, get Xiao Se or Ye Di to come and plead for my mercy . Or else, both of us will go to see them ourselves . "

Cold sweat crept up on their bodies .

This was the number one urgent matter! Now the two couldn't stay here any longer .

They had to guard against this!

All clans definitely had some lewd people…

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