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Chapter 913

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'Nineteenth Master Xiao' continued to fly forth casually, but he had taken up his pace . He said lightly, "As for your answer…"

Ye Wangran asked humbly, "How is it?"

"It's from a simple sentence that one's personality can be seen . " 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' laughed and shook his head . "It's from the most casual conversation that one will speak the most sincere words . "

"Your answer is pure flattery . " 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' smiled lightly . "You are somewhat hypocritical . This kind of personality is a great obstacle to learning martial arts! You must be careful . "

Ye Wangran's heart jerked . He said, "Great obstacle in learning martial arts…"

'Nineteenth Master Xiao' said lightly, "You may think that one shouldn't be whole-hearted to others lest he was tricked by them . You may even be contented to see them being tricked; but you neglected the fact that since you never suffer from disadvantages, you can rarely gain advantages . "

Ye Wangran submitted himself to what 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' said . "Elder, you make so much sense . "

'Nineteenth Master Xiao' smiled lightly, and said, "So… your outlook isn't optimistic . If… you're very likely to send yourself to your own destruction . "

Ye Wangran shuddered and said, "Elder, you mean…"

'Nineteenth Master Xiao' looked deeply at him and stopped for the first time, then said lightly, "Your achievements will stop advancing permanently!"

Ye Wangran's face turned pale gray, and he mumbled, "Stop here permanently…"

'Nineteenth Master Xiao' stopped . As his clothes fluttered in the air, he looked sad in his eyes . Looking at the mountains beneath his feet, he said, "What do you see?"

"Ah?" Ye Wangran was at a loss of what to answer .

"Where do you think is this place?" 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' asked .

"This is…" Ye Wangran looked down but discovered that he was a complete stranger to the surrounding landscape . They seemed to have come out into his sight unknowingly .

"You ah…" 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' smiled softly and commented, "You were only careful about what's in front but you neglected what's behind you . "

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Ye Wangran flushed with shame . He said, "Just now, I was too focused on listening to your teachings that I ignored my surroundings . "

'Nineteenth Master Xiao' laughed and said benevolently, "Well, you should go back . It's almost done now, and I will go back for closed-door training . If you meet Elder Ye Di when you go back, greet him on my behalf . "

"Yes… Erm, elder, what do you mean by 'it's almost done now'?" Ye Wangran faintly sensed that something was wrong .

'Nineteenth Master Xiao' floated up and laughed, saying, "This time, your Ye clan has gone too far . So, I've let them give all of you a lesson . I didn't have a choice but to lead you out… It should be done over there . "

Ye Wangran was dumbstruck . "Elder! You?!" He was shocked and angry at the same time . He never expected that such an elder would resort to such low-down actions .

'Nineteenth Master Xiao' smiled lightly . His sleeves fluttered in the wind, and he flew up to the top of a hill . "Ye Wangran, we shall meet again someday . "

Ye Wangran's whole body shuddered with rage . He finally understood the Xiao clan's 'conspiracy' .

With a yell, he slammed out his hands and roared, "I'm pissed off!"

With a 'boom', the entire hill in front of him was raised up into mid-air .

Although he was furious, he also knew that the cultivation of 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' wasn't what he could deal with alone . At this moment, it's already nice of 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' to not have taken the opportunity to deal with him…

So, of course, he dared not to seek trouble from this 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' . He just wanted to vent the anger in his heart and was about to go back after that .

The moment he turned around, he realized that amidst the dust that suffused the air, that 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' staggered a bit from his technique in raising up the hill, and also looked a little awkward . Then, he continued to fly forth at a Saint level speed…

Ye Wangran was stunned for a while . "What's going on? His cultivation is much higher than me . Why would this happen?"

Immediately, a terrible thought arose in his heart: Is he a swindler?

His heart jerked for a while when he thought about this .

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He chased up to 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' without hesitation . "Elder, wait . I have something to ask you . "

That 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' in front jerked slightly . He finally stopped and slowly turned back, then said indifferently, "Ye Wangran, you want to lay hands on me?"

As he spoke, the strong forces of divine spirit start to spread out from his body .

Ye Wangran jerked instinctively, and he was a little uncertain about his thought again . He thought: If he's a swindler, why would the forces of his divine spirit be so strong?

He couldn't help but have some scruples in his heart . He said, "I didn't quite understand your words . So, I would like to ask a question…"

'Nineteenth Master Xiao' laughed and said, "Ye Wangran, are you doubting my identity?"

Ye Wangran was a little embarrassed that 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' had seen through his mind . He said, "I wouldn't have dared to . "

The eyes of 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' turned into two bolts of lightning . He stared at Ye Wangran quietly and this made him flustered . After a long time, 'Nineteenth Master Xiao' asked indifferently, "What do you not understand?"

Ye Wangran murmured, "I'm only concerned about your health . 300 years ago, you were injured . I heard from my elders that you came to our Ye clan to find elixirs… I'm not sure if you've found any? If you don't, I've brought some with me…"

The sword spirit halted instantly .

He didn't know how to answer this question . He also didn't know whether there's really such a matter . Ye Wangran should be probing us by asking this . But should I say yes, or no?

This was a simple question .

But this had made both the sword spirit and Chu Yang feel difficult . If they answered incorrectly, it would be bad! This guy in front was a Supreme Martial Artist! Even if the sword spirit and Chu Yang joined forces together, they would definitely not be his opponent!

"There shouldn't be such a thing," Chu Yang said as he thought, "300 years ago, this Nineteenth Master Xiao should be at least a second stage Supreme Martial Artist . Who would hurt him if he's in closed-door training all day long? Besides, if he's really hurt, how would he go to the Ye clan to find medicines?"

The sword spirit thought for a while and thought this was quite reasonable . He snorted and said, "What injuries? Since when was I injured? Ye Wangran, you're really weird . You actually dare to use such despicable means to probe me! Well, for the sake of you being young and ignorant, I shan't argue with you . Go back quickly!"

Ye Wangran's face instantly changed .

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He became utterly raged and somewhat hysterical!

He fixed his eyes on the sword spirit and gnashed his teeth, saying, "I'm so pissed off! Pissed off, pissed off!"

The sword spirit knew that something bad was going to happen, but he forced himself to look composed, and roared, "Ye Wangran!"

"Good!" Ye Wangran was extremely indignant . "I've been mingling in the martial world for thousands of years, but I was actually deceived by you! If I don't take revenge on you, how will I still have the face in the world… You… you… You're actually so bold to come and deceive me…"

The sword spirit snorted coldly, "Ye Wangran, you dare to be rude to me?" He tried his luck and continued to act like an elder .

Ye Wangran looked at the sky and let out forlorn laughter . "You still want to continue to deceive me! Hahaha… How ridiculous! 700 years ago, Nineteenth Master Xiao had a psychological disorder during cultivation . His life was saved only after the Xiao clan pleaded for the Soul-Returning Cream from our Ye clan… You… you…"

He couldn't stand it anymore . Letting out a scream, he slammed his palm forth .

Chu Yang and the sword spirit groaned in their hearts . Damn it, such things actually happened to Nineteenth Master Xiao…

The sword spirit laughed . "You're smart then . But you, Ye Wangran, followed behind my ass called me 'elder' all the way like a dog . This is not a bad trip…"

He extended his body and flew away like a stream of light .

Ye Wangran's face became contorted with rage . He rushed up insanely . "If I can't catch you today alive and make you taste the cruelest form of torture in this world, I'll have really lived my whole life in vain . "

Ye Wangran had already caught up with the sword spirit when he just flew away . Ye Wangran extended his hands, and instantly the clouds in the sky condensed to form a 1,000-feet-wide huge hand which slammed down onto the sword spirit .

Chu Yang and the sword spirit groaned bitterly in their hearts .

Originally, both of them were still contented of not only completing the task successfully but also planted the inner demon in Ye Wangran that 'his cultivation will stop advancing permanently'… What a good thing!

Damn it, why did he see through the fraud at the last moment…

How to deal with this now?

Not to mention this, they couldn't even resist such a grasp by Ye Wangran .

The sword spirit forcibly used the force of the divine spirit and let out a sharp squeak, which violently pierced into Ye Wangran's divine spirit .

This caused Ye Wangran's divine spirit to jerk and the big hand in the air to lose its grasp .

The sword spirit slipped out of the hand like a fish, and desperately dashed off at full speed .

A faint, white smoke flashed across the sky, and it became smaller and smaller, then vanished .

Ye Wangran snorted, he became even angrier . "I don't know what causes the forces in your divine spirit to be so strong, but despite this, your cultivation is too weak!"

At this moment, the two people were thousands of feet apart . But every word that Ye Wangran spoke was very clear, and they seemed to bombard near the sword spirit's ears as if they were going to drill into his ears!

The sword spirit didn't say anything and continued to fly forth speedily, and he would change direction at any place that allowed him to do so . His body was as flexible as a snake . Every time he changed his direction, his speed would instead increase .

Suddenly, Ye Wangran shouted from behind, "Stop!"

With this roar, there seemed to be a storm that had erupted from behind!

The sword spirit turned a deaf ear and continued to fly forth .

But at the next instant, wind and cloud condensed right in front of him, and there was a burst of spiritual energy which fluctuated violently in the air . In the blink of an eye, the energy surged forth . The sword spirit groaned, and following which, four big letters, formed by the wind and cloud that had converged together, slammed towards him .

Each letter was a hundred feet high and a hundred feet wide . With thunder-like momentums, they crushed towards the sword spirit from three directions!

They formed the word that Ye Wangran had roared previously:

S! T! O! P!

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