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Chapter 911

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Recently, the Huang clan and Xiao clan seemed to have put down their grievances . But the Ye clan continued to fight against the Xiao clan .

The Ye clan's attitude towards the Xiao clan was very poor all along . The Xiao clan seemed very innocent and confused, and always wanted to explain and resolve the misunderstanding…

But on that day when Seventh Master Xiao woke up, the Xiao clan's attitude changed by 180 degrees!

Damn it! Your Ye clan has really gone too far! You've entered our territory and killed our people, and yet you actually still have the face to confront us? Isn't this 'a thief crying thief'?

This is really unacceptable!

Do you really think that our Xiao clan is built from the soil?

Seeing the pathetic conditions of Seventh Master Xiao, the entire Xiao clan was furious! So, they fought a vigorous battle with the Ye clan . From then on, the two clans reached a stalemate .

Every day, there were a few assassins flying like spirits in the vast Black Pine Forest, searching for opportunities . While they battled desperately for several rounds, they only killed a few main characters .

When the two met in a narrow path, the braver one would win .

Wan Renjie explained the current situation once, and looked at Chu Yang eagerly as he asked, "Fourth brother, how should we start?"

Chu Yang's face was black . "What's the name of the Supreme Martial Artist from the Ye clan? Which people from the Ye clan are important figures? How will I know what to do when you didn't even tell me about all these?"

Wan Renjie hurriedly smiled apologetically . "We're a little negligent about these…"

Chu Yang flipped his eyelids: They can even neglect about all these?

"This Supreme Martial Artist from the Ye clan is Ye Wangran . But I can see that he's just at the beginning first stage of the Supreme level, and his realm isn't very stable," Cheng Duying commented, "Of course, our realms are more stable . "

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"As for others, the more important figures include Ye Wuchen, the eighth master of the Ye clan; Ye Wutian, the fourth master of the Ye clan . They are Ye Wubo's two blood brothers . If we want to take actions, we can choose these two…"

"Wait!" Chu Yang fancied, saying, "Ye Wuchen and Ye Wutian are heavily guarded . And this Supreme Martial Artist will also not allow these two to be killed… So, it's not easy; But… if we can directly kill Ye Wangran… Isn't this a better idea?"

Kill Ye Wangran?

The four gazed at one another!

For someone who never saw Ye Wangran before, his spirits will damage once he did .

Ye Wangran's reputation these few years didn't come out of thin air . This person was notorious for his cruelty . While others engaged in closed-door practices, only he was active in the martial world and he was never soft when it came to killing people .

How could this kind of person with such personality, coupled with Supreme level cultivation, be easy to deal with?

The four thought highly of themselves, and they had just advanced their cultivations . But despite these, they admitted that they couldn't be Ye Wangran's opponents .

Even if they made joint attacks against Ye Wangran, they recognized that they wouldn't succeed!

Because these four knew clearly: Their Supreme level cultivations were forged . This level of cultivation was forced out of them, and their mental state, spiritual realm and understanding still hadn't reached the level of that of a real Supreme Martial Artist!

So even if the four of them joined forces, they would by no means be the Supreme Martial Artist's opponents .

Only when they had the sudden understanding of a Supreme Martial Artist and then endured the baptism of thunder, would they become Supreme Martial Artists!

Now, Chu Yang actually fancied about using the power of merely the four of them to kill Ye Wangran?

"Are you sure… you're not sending us to death?" Wei Wuyan asked carefully .

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"What are you saying?" Chu Yang flipped his eyelids . "Even if you can't beat him to death, beating that Supreme Martial Artist till he becomes disabled… can also serve as a major blow to the Ye clan!"

"This is absolutely, absolutely impossible!" the four said in unison as they put on solemn expressions, "Little brother, the Supreme level cultivation can't be compared with other cultivation levels . Any raids, plots or conspiracies are almost nothing at all under the Supreme Martial Artist's divine senses . One needs absolute strength in order to defeat a Supreme Martial Artist! Otherwise, why is the Supreme level cultivation so hard to achieve? This is because the divine senses of a Supreme Martial Artist are fundamentally different from ordinary divine senses!"

"I see," Chu Yang said . He could only admit his own ignorance .

"If that's the case, there's only this way… I'll lure Ye Wangran out, and all of you use the opportunity to take actions . As long as you kill or disable either Ye Wuchen or Ye Wutian, you must retreat immediately and we shall gather at the place that we agreed on . Then, we shall leave immediately . "

Chu Yang said heavily .

"No! You're not capable of dealing with Ye Wangran's cultivation . " Wan Renjie shook his head . "Honestly speaking, Ye Wangran can blow off your little body just with a puff on you…"

"I have ideas to deal with this . " Chu Yang laughed . "I have a technique that allows me to imitate various auras, even that of a Supreme Martial Artist . You only need to tell me who from the Xiao clan is at the higher stages of the Supreme level . I'll choose one to imitate…"

Chu Yang blinked his eyes and suddenly changed his face and the way he looked . An inexplicable stately aura came out from him, and he said in an aged voice, "Four little friends, where are you going?"

It turned out to be the aura of a Supreme Martial Artist .

The four gasped . "Powerful indeed . " …

"Brother Wei, you shall carry Le'er and hold the line in the dark," Chu Yang said to Wei Wuyan .

Wei Wuyan nodded heavily . "Don't worry . No one can even hurt Le'er's one hair . "

Chu Yang nodded . "Start actions now . "

. . .

The Ye clan's camp was enshrouded in darkness .

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There were a total of three camps, which were arranged to form the shape of a triangle . All the trees in the vicinity were cut . Well, nope, all the branches were gone, and only bare tree trunks were left .

In such a dark night, one wouldn't be deceived of hearing, but his vision could be deceived . So, all the leaves here were cleared .

When Chu Yang got nearer here, and after the warning of the sword spirit, he finally understood why Wan Renjie, Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan couldn't carry out their assassinations .

Surrounding this camp was the Supreme level's divine senses!

These divine senses encircled the camp from the top to the bottom like a spider web, and each layer of it was intricately intertwined with the other layer; If one slightly touched on it, it would allow the Supreme Martial Artist who set it to immediately identify whether this person was a foe or a friend, and strike a counterattack accordingly!

"I see!" Chu Yang halted his footsteps . Looking at the empty darkness in front of him, he gasped, "Is this the real capability of Supreme Martial Artist?"

"Yes!" the sword spirit said, "Only when one reached this realm would he qualify as a Supreme Martial Artist!" the sword spirit also took a breath and continued, "So, Wei Wuyan and the rest… can't be considered Supreme Martial Artists!"

"Starting from the Supreme level, one can have divine senses that can spread out like a gigantic net!" the sword spirit said lightly, "And these Supreme Martial Artist don't need to exhaust any energy in doing so . It's cultivation by itself . So, there absolutely isn't any run down Supreme Martial Artist . "

"So this is how a Supreme Martial Artist looks like!" Chu Yang said as his eyes lit up and flashed .

"This is the first Supreme Martial Artist that you contact within the Upper Three Heavens, although he's at the beginning first stage! But I have to remind you that this Supreme Martial Artist's capability is at least three times more than the forces of Wei Wuyan and the other three joined together! So, when you proposed to kill this Supreme Martial Artist, you were actually sending yourselves to death! And it's that kind of death where all of you couldn't fight back at all . It's already very polite of them that they didn't beat you up on the spot . "

The sword spirit looked at Chu Yang banteringly .

Chu Yang was a bit ashamed . "It's my fault that I didn't understand the situation . After this, I'll explain to them this mistake and apologize to them . "

The sword spirit looked at him surprisingly and said, "Yes! But, you can just explain to them without apologizing . "

Chu Yang said lightly, "I nearly sent them to death . How can I not apologize? What's more, this mistake is already very fatal . It comes from my smooth sailing past experiences, and it can be said to be a result of me being spoilt! I may not restrain from making mistakes in the future; but if I repeat such mistakes and didn't correct it on time, it will be a great sacrifice! Apologizing naturally is detrimental to my self-esteem, but only by doing this can I firmly remember the mistake I had made!"

The sword spirit was silent for a while . Finally, he sighed and said, "It's indeed not luck that you've arrived at your current position today step by step with your initially poor cultivation . You always do reflections on yourself several times a day, don't you? In the past, you didn't say this outrightly, so it had always seemed to me that there's some element of luck for every time you succeed… But now, I finally understand that it's not luck . It's your ingenious calculations time after time!"

Chu Yang nodded lightly . "So I've reached where I am today . And I have completely different personalities from my previous life . Because every calculation I've made has made my thoughts more flexible and prudent . Constant reflections on my own mistakes and every risk I've taken also made me to automatically and immediately come up with the best plan without me having to consider much!"

He laughed . "Actually this is what I relied on all along . "

"It's already very amazing to be able to do this!" the sword spirit praised Chu Yang sincerely, "This is more terrifying than the divine senses of Supreme Martial Artist . Because Supreme Martial Artists may not find their own mistakes, but you can . "

"This is because I regarded myself as an enemy!" Chu Yang said deeply, "But Supreme Martial Artists don't . "

The sword spirit pondered upon the meaning of Chu Yang's words, and suddenly, he sensed Chu Yang's deep regret in his heart as he said this!

Regarded himself as an enemy! One could sense how remorseful and resentful Chu Yang was towards what he did in his previous life!

Mo Qingwu might not be the only factor! There were many other factors too!

Chu Yang's consciousness fell into a deep silence as he sank into his thoughts . The sword spirit took a deep breath, then took over Chu Yang's body . He exercised the Thousand Phantom Technique, and based on his own memory, created the aura of a third stage Supreme Martial Artist . He kept part of the divine senses that both he and Chu Yang shared, and the rest of the senses surged forth towards the Ye clan's camps like angry waves .

The members of the Ye clan were in their respective tents . There appeared to be more than 200 experts and they were all sitting down to practice martial arts . No one dared to fall asleep at such a crucial time .

At this moment, everyone's face in the room changed color!

A strong gust of aura swept towards them like a flash flood from afar . The flowing clouds in the sky suddenly scattered into pieces and disappeared!

A Supreme Martial Artist!

Following up was a bleak and lonely aura . Then, a desolate voice sounded, "Ye Wangran, come and have a talk with me, will you?"

. . .

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