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Chapter 910: 910

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Wei Wuyan let out a roar . Extending his body, he flew into the woods like a vulture . A thunderous voice sounded, "Three bastards!"

The three people immediately reacted . "No wonder we feel so familiar . It's actually this guy!"

The four fought into a mess . The moment their forces touched the surface of the calm lake, the water went straight up towards the sky, as if a typhoon was stirred up . It went to a hundred feet high, and when it fell, the water had already turned turbid .

The wind whistled, and a countless number of trees rushed up towards the sky, bringing sands and stones together with them into the air . The scene looked terrifying .

But this was only the beginning .

That quiet and serene little world just now suddenly turned into a mess . It was not a bit of 'perfectly beautiful' now!

Chu Yang looked at this and sighed deeply .

Wei Wuyan was very confident . He felt that it would be a piece of cake to deal with these three guys after he had become a Supreme Martial Artist . But the moment he lay hands on them, he realized that it's even harder to fight with them now .

The opponent's cultivation seemed to have increased together with his own…

Is it because the strength of joint attacks has improved? But Wei Wuyan kept his doubts in his heart and didn't relax his hands .

"Stop!" Chu Yang shouted, "We're all friends!"

The four people were confused at the same time .

Within an instant, Chu Yang had rushed over to them like a whirlwind .

The four were afraid of hurting him and they all landed on the ground .

"Fourth brother!" Wan Renjie said in a puzzled manner, "How can this bastard be one of our own people?"

"Yes, fourth brother," Cheng Duying said miserably, "He's our enemy . "

"Big brother and second brother are right, little brother," Bao Buhuan said as he scratched his head .

Chu Yang smiled bitterly, saying, "He's indeed one of our own people . "

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As Chu Yang said, Wei Wuyan closed up to him . "What's going on?"

Chu Yang said perplexedly, "Didn't I tell you before that I saved three people before I saved you? It's these three . What's wrong? You know each other?"

"We know each other?" The four people wanted to faint at the same time . "We're beyond that…"

"These three fellows aren't good people!" grabbing Chu Yang back to him, Wei Wuyan warned him solemnly, "You have to be careful . "

Wan Renjie pulled Chu Yang back and said seriously, "Fourth brother, this guy isn't a good person! Why are you with him? This guy cares for nothing except money . He can do anything just to get money . "

The two people pulled Chu Yang back and forth while they looked at each other with contempt .

Chu Yang said helplessly, "We're really friends . " He said to Wan Renjie, "Big brother, I met this Brother Wei a few days ago . He was injured back then . I helped to save his life…"

Wan Renjie stared back at Chu Yang stunningly . "You saved his life? How can you save this bastard! He wants to exchange my head for rewards… My f**king big skull is only worth 70,000 purple crystals in his eyes!"

Chu Yang said to Wei Wuyan, "This is Wan Renjie . He's my sworn big brother… Their situations were similar to yours… The methods I used to treat their injuries were also similar…"

Wei Wuyan said angrily, "How can I not know that it's similar? If not for these three bastards, how will I be in such a disastrous state that needs you to help me…"

Cheng Duying said angrily, "What's this shit! If you didn't come to find us, how will we go against you? We can't even find enough food to eat . Are we so full that we have nothing to do but find you to fight?"

Wei Wuyan said angrily, "Crap! Everyone has to earn a living! If it isn't your head that's precious, how will I even bother to lay hands on you?"

"Hear this hear this…" Wan Renjie's whole body shuddered with rage . "Fourth brother, let go of me . Today, I shall unscrew his head and kick it like a ball! If I can't do this, I'll feel sorry for fourth brother in helping me improve my cultivation!"

Wei Wuyan was stunned . "You also helped them to improve their cultivations?"

Chu Yang spread his hands out and said, "I have a total of four Purple Cloud Pills . One for each of you is just fine…"

The four felt like fainting at the same time: There were such coincidental things!

"Then…" Chu Yang probed, saying, "Since everyone is friends now, are you still going to fight?"

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The four people gazed at one another and instantly felt despair .

Wan Renjie stared at Wei Wuyan . "Wei Wuyan, do you still want to kill me?"

Wei Wuyan looked away and said indifferently, "I suddenly feel no interest in having your brain!"

Wan Renjie said angrily, "What do you mean?!"

Seeing that the two were going to have a quarrel again, Chu Yang immediately tried to appease them; Chu Le'er also rushed forward . Upon seeing Chu Le'er, Wan Renjie's brows and eyes instantly softened and he went to please Chu Le'er instead, ignoring Wei Wuyan .

Everyone sat down as they prepared to eat .

Then, both sides wanted to probe to the bottom of what happened to each other . Chu Yang helplessly narrated his experience with Wan Renjie and his two brothers to Wei Wuyan, while explained to the three how he saved Wei Wuyan . Chu Yang's mouth had turned dry from speaking . Before he finished his talk, food was ready, so he continued to speak as he ate .

Wan Renjie and his two brothers suddenly felt more balanced in their heart . It turned out that this guy was much worse than us .

"Haha…" Cheng Duying laughed . "'Evil is rewarded with evil'! Wei Wuyan thought that he himself was an unparalleled hero, but never did he expect to almost step into the gate of hell, and be injured so seriously by a beast… This is so satisfying!"

Wei Wuyan said angrily, "What! It was a tenth grade spirit beast! Tenth grade!"

Cheng Duying puckered his mouth, and said, "No matter whether it's a tenth grade or first grade, but it's a fact that you're injured by it! And you almost died… If not for our fourth brother, you'll have turned into a pile of bones! Well, if that's the case… you owe us a debt of gratitude . "

Bao Buhuan interrupted, saying, "Second brother, you're wrong . How is it a pile of bones? If it wasn't for fourth brother, he'd have become a pile of feces…"

Chu Le'er retched .

Wan Renjie turned around, greatly displeased . "What are you talking about? We're eating now and here you are talking about feces… Can you not talk about feces when eating? Do you know that saying feces when eating makes people want to vomit?"

While he didn't want others to talk about feces, the word 'feces' still filled his mouth .

Chu Le'er covered her mouth and ran away . After she arrived at a tree, she started to vomit .

Wan Renjie instantly became furious . "How should I say that to you? I told you that you shouldn't talk about feces, but you still talked about it . Look, Le'er is vomiting now… You're to blame for saying feces in such a non-stop manner…"

Everyone was stunned and speechless .

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Chu Yang was chewing a piece of meat in his mouth . Suddenly, he felt it bland and couldn't help but feel like vomiting . He really couldn't swallow it down .

Wan Renjie and Cheng Duying stopped using their chopsticks and revealed a strange look at Wan Renjie .

Chu Le'er finally returned .

"Le'er, are you alright?" Wan Renjie went forward to Chu Le'er and said with some pity for her, "This guy has to be blamed for saying feces while eating . I've already punished him . He won't talk about feces again when we eat in the future…"

Chu Le'er retched again and ran back .

Wei Wuyan couldn't bear Wan Renjie any further . The former stood up and slapped on the latter's face . Wei Wuyan gnashed his teeth and said, "Feces your ass! Today, I shall beat you into feces…"

Wan Renjie was furious . "Second and third brother… Come…"

Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan were swallowing saliva and looking at the two of them gloatingly .

The inaction of Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan led Wan Renjie to suffer from a severe beating . Wei Wuyan, whose body appeared to be as heavy as mountains, rode on Wan Renjie's back and punched him soundly, fist after fist .

After a long time, Wan Renjie had bruises all over his face . He sat on the ground, lamenting non-stop that his three brothers were not brotherly enough . They didn't help him out while looking at him being beaten… That's outrageous .

The three ignored his complaints as though he was farting .

After a long time, Bao Buhuan finally said, "Big brother… Honestly speaking, it's already very brotherly of me… to hold back without joining him to fight you . "

Chu Yang and Cheng Duying nodded heavily, as they strongly agreed with Bao Buhuan .

Wan Renjie stared back . "Why?"

Wei Wuyan, Chu Yang, Cheng Duying, Bao Buhuan and Chu Le'er blurted out at the same time, "Feces!"

Wan Renjie spat a mouthful of saliva…

In the afternoon, everyone went to the lakeside to have a bath . They felt refreshed after the bath . Then, they lay on the shore and chatted with one another .

"Big brother, you've accomplished your tasks there?" Chu Yang conversed idly with Wan Renjie .

"Don't mention that . " Wan Renjie and his two brothers immediately felt sullen at the mention of this matter . "We really have no chance to lay hands on them . "

"What?" Chu Yang sat up abruptly . "What happened?"

"Both clans were guarded very heavily! In this period, they've already started to assassinate each other without us having to do anything! And they're prepared to attack each other at the slightest provocation . When we went there, they're almost all in one line-up: Both clans are just next to each other, and each guard from one clan guards against one from the opposing clan . The periphery of each clan is all surrounded by experts, and there's no chance to attack at all . "

Wan Renjie said, "And, the Ye clan has secretly hidden a Supreme Martial Artist with them . Once we lay hands, we won't have any chance of escaping and also can't achieve our purpose of framing them . " He sighed, and said, "Our Supreme level cultivation is not a genuine one . Their Supreme level cultivation is a real one… There's no way we can defeat him . "

Chu Yang frowned . "How can there be a Supreme Martial Artist in this kind of conflict . It's unreasonable . "

Cheng Duying said, "I heard that the Supreme Martial Artist is a supporter or has some sorts of relations with Thirteenth Master Ye . No matter what, it's certain that there's a Supreme Martial Artist holding the line…"

Chu Yang nodded silently and said, "If that's the case, you didn't take any actions on them?"

"Yes, we didn't," Wan Renjie said softly and a little shamefully, "That's why we've come back to discuss with fourth brother…"

"Since you've not taken actions, we might as well make a new plan," Chu Yang said, "It's not a problem at all . Later, you shall draw a map for me and point out the positions of the two clans . Then, we shall work together with Old Wei . "

Wei Wuyan said, "I'll do whatever little brother says! But if little brother doesn't want to help them, I shan't help them either . "

Wan Renjie was furious . "Who wants your help?"

The duo was going to start arguing again .

Chu Yang had a headache now . He raised his hands to surrender, saying, "Can both of you stop arguing?"

The duo snorted and glanced a fierce look at each other, before lying back .

That night .

The five discarded the carriage, and each of them put on veils on their faces, then Wei Wuyan carried Chu Le'er on his back . They sneakily extended lightening martial arts and arrived at the edge of the Black Pine Forest .

"It's the Ye clan here . Seven to eight miles away is the Xiao clan," Wan Renjie quietly reminded Chu Yang .

"Start actions now . " Chu Yang's eyes looked cold . "I must accomplish big brother's wish before leaving . "

. . .

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