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Chapter 909: 909

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Wei Wuyan would never have imagined that he had owed an extraordinarily great debt for this second time!

After the shock, Wei Wuyan felt primordial qi filling his body, coupled with a completely new and unknown sensation . He was stunned .

"I have become the Supreme Martial Artist!" Wei Wuyan couldn't believe this outcome . He had become a Supreme Martial Artist and rose to the medium first stage of the Supreme Martial Artist all at once!

Wei Wuyan had been trapped at the Summit of Nine Levels of Martial Saints for many years, attempting to reach the first level for countless times but all in vain! He knew that his martial skills and spiritual skills were both lacking, so he appeased his mentality and waited for the conditions to ripe .

But having not succeeded after so many attempts was a huge blow to Wei Wuyan!

Right now, somebody asked, "Would you like to owe me once more?"

He said casually, "I will, then . "

And all of a sudden, because of this debt, he had become a Supreme Martial Artist!

Wei Wuyan felt like he was in a dream!

He even poked his thigh with the Wuyan Sword, feeling the pain breaking into the bone before he believed this was real .

"This is… Purple Cloud Pill?!" Wei Wuyan asked Chu Yang incredulously .

"Ahem . " Chu Yang folded his arms at his chest and looked at him .

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"But…" Wei Wuyan's mind wasn't working well anymore . "Isn't the Purple Cloud Pill the banned medicine of law-enforcement officers?" he frowned, even more perplexed, and said, "Besides, I heard that Purple Cloud Pill doesn't work for Martial Saints… what's going on?"

After Wei Wuyan said so, Chu Yang suddenly remembered as well, that he faintly heard Han Xiaoran mention that Purple Cloud Pill could only be used to raise those of Monarch level to Saint level . But he also mentioned that Purple Cloud Pill didn't work for Saint level .

But after the sword spirit made changes to the Purple Cloud Pill, he mentioned clearly that it could be taken by Martial Saints .

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit smiled proudly . "The Purple Cloud Pill was handmade by me . Besides, it contains Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng, a top-level elixir . How can it be compared to medicines made by those ordinary ones? Haha… When you obtained the fifth fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword, I'll refine the Purple Cloud Pill again, and it would allow even the Supreme Martial Artists to improve his skills!"

Chu Yang coughed, put on a serious face and said to Wei Wuyan, "This is the Purple Cloud Pill prepared by my teacher himself . My teacher is a renowned Medicine Saint . How can the effects of his medicine be compared to those of the law-enforcement officers? It would not be possible for those law-enforcement officers, but these made by my teacher are completely possible!"

Wei Wuyan was inexplicably shocked . "Your teacher is such an outstanding, amazing person!"

Chu Yang nodded proudly .

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit puckered his mouth in immense satisfaction . Teacher… haha…

At this time, Chu Le'er had long come out of the water . She dressed neatly, her beautiful hair dripping water as she walked over . She pouted her lips, saying, "Big Brother, help me to comb my hair . "

Chu Yang laughed and said, "Okay, I shall comb your hair . "

As he was speaking, he took out a comb and started combing for his sister .

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Aside, Wei Wuyan said with some envy, "You siblings have such a close relationship . "

Chu Yang said, "I only have this sister, of course, I love her like she's a treasure . "

Wei Wuyan sighed and said with some melancholy, "Back then… I had a sister as well…" He actually became somewhat absorbed as he talked .

Chu Yang smiled silently and didn't speak anymore . He knew that now that Wei Wuyan remembered the past, his heart must be utterly sour . So Chu Yang didn't disturb him .

Chu Le'er's rolled her bright eyes, and she didn't talk as well .

After a long time, Wei Wuyan said hoarsely, "My sister… she was not suited for practicing, so she got married and had many children . But she died at the age of 86 even though she didn't have any disease… Before she died, I was with her, and I combed her hair for the very last time . Sister took my hand and said, "If there's an afterlife, I would like to be your sister again…"

Wei Wuyan choked, his Adam's apple rolled a couple of times, and he didn't speak anymore .

He looked at Chu Yang combing for Chu Le'er with eyes full of envy .

How I long to comb for my own sister once more…

Chu Yang and Chu Le'er also didn't speak . They just remained silent, one sitting, one standing, with infinitely beautiful lakes and mountains behind them . A teenager was combing for his little sister lovingly, and another man on the side was watching enviously…

All of these made an excellent picture .

Chu Le'er's hair had grown much thicker . Apparently, her health had recovered well these days . The deep-rooted illness that had been with her for more than ten years had been suddenly removed, and with the absolute divine doctor Chu Yang preparing food suited for her needs at any time, she had become as healthy as the healthiest of girls .

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While Chu Yang was combing and the comb was in the midst of the beautiful black hair, he suddenly felt that his hand was lightly caught by Chu Le'er . He was struck and looked back at her .

Chu Le'er turned her head . She looked at her older brother with smiling eyes as she said affectionately, "Big brother… if there's an afterlife, I would like to be your sister again too…"

Chu Yang's hand trembled .

At the side, Wei Wuyan suddenly made a stuffy cough before he turned his head abruptly . Two drops of tears fell onto the ground at the same time .

A sorrowful air rose within this calm and beautiful lakeside .

Chu Le'er released his hand, sat obediently and let Chu Yang comb for her . Chu Yang coiled up Chu Le'er's hair gently and skilfully . Chu Le'er couldn't help but chuckle . "Big brother, you are quite familiar with this . Have you combed for girls a lot before?"

Chu Yang coughed . "I often combed for your sister-in-law a while back . Practice makes a man perfect . "

Chu Le'er suddenly seemed very interested . "My sister-in-law? What's she like?"

Chu Yang rubbed his nose embarrassedly, and said, "Roughly like you . "

Chu Le'er wrinkled her little nose . "You're lying!"

She thought: If it's sister-in-law, she would have to be at least in the late teens, or maybe twenty?

But no matter how clever the little girl was, she would never have imagined that her sister-in-law was even younger than her… She was just a little child…

"Big brother, you're such a good man . You even comb for my sister-in-law," Chu Le'er's face was full of anticipation, and she said, "Sister-in-law is pretty, right?"

Chu Yang coughed again . "Similar to you . "

Chu Le'er chuckled and said, "Big brother, why didn't you bring sister-in-law to let me take a look? Where is sister-in-law now?"

Chu Yang sighed deeply and thought: If I get her here to please both of you at the same time, that would probably kill me…

Even one is already difficult to manage…

Right at this moment, Wei Wuyan, who had been silent and sunk deeply in his thoughts all along, suddenly raised his head . He put on a vigilant look . He clearly felt that there were three strong auras rushing towards them at a fast speed .

And these auras were surprisingly very familiar .

His eyes shone with a murderous look .

In the woods opposite them, the three auras stopped . A voice said confusedly, "What has happened? Why does it feel like there are enemies in front? I feel very strange . "

Another said, "You're right . It gives me a chill . "

The third voice said, "Big brother and second brother are right…"

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