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Chapter 908: 908

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"As far as I know, this Purple Crystal Hand had been lost," Chu Yang asked unintentionally, "How is your teacher being laid hands on? Is there somebody that can exercise this kind of martial arts in today's world?"

Wei Wuyan nodded . "Yes, back then, my teacher fought with the law-enforcement master of the headquarters of the Interrogation Hall . When he returned, he realized that he had strange injuries that needed to be curbed by purple crystals . So, my teacher immediately brought me to live in a secluded place… I later discovered that the place we originally lived was burnt down into a flat ground…"

Chu Yang mumbled, "Law-enforcement officer, law-enforcement master of the Interrogation Hall . "

He would never expect in his dreams that this matter was actually related to the law-enforcement officers again!

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit snarled, "This law-enforcement master must have gotten severely wounded . As long as he doesn't die, the more serious his wound is, the better!"

Chu Yang was stunned . "Why are you saying this?"

"The Purple Crystal Hand is one of the few great martial arts that I cannot master!" the sword spirit said excitedly, "One must practice the Purple Crystal Hand in a completely isolated purple crystal mine! This allows him to cultivate with the aura of the purple crystals and extract the dead air within purple crystals . Once one suffers from the Purple Crystal Hand, he must use purple crystals to suppress his injuries!"

Chu Yang said, "Of course I know this; Are you thinking of finding that purple crystal mine?"

"No!" the sword spirit said angrily, "Why do I want to find that purple crystal mine? It's because there's a characteristic of the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, which is 'air of the purple crystal comes from the East' . Only in this kind of place can the sword fragment be hidden for 10,000 years! That is to say, there's more than 50% probability that one can find the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword in places where the Purple Crystal Hand is cultivated!"

"And as long as you completely injure that person who cultivates the Purple Crystal Hand and hurt his fundamentals, he can only return to the purple crystal mine to recover his cultivation! In this way, we can follow him to the mine and conveniently find the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword!"

The sword spirit said hurriedly .

"I see," Chu Yang's heart also started to palpitate wildly .

He only knew the whereabouts of the first five fragments of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and had no clue of the remaining fragments at all . He didn't expect to gain the news of the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword here!

That was really a surprise to him!

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"Virtue has its rewards," Divine Doctor Chu said, his eyes glistening with tears, "If it isn't me who saved Wei Wuyan because a doctor must have the heart of a parent, how can I get such important information…"

The sword spirit instantly became speechless when he heard the phrase 'a doctor must have the heart of a parent' .

He only expressed his contempt in his heart: You really dare to say this, if not for… will you even save Wei Wuyan? What f**king heart of a parent do you have as a doctor…

"Where's that person?" Chu Yang asked .

"He's in Law-Enforcement City," Wei Wuyan said a little downheartedly, "There are a lot of experts there… I went there once and almost died there . In the end, I escaped through a dog hole near Law-Enforcement City…"

"Since the whereabouts of that person is known, that will be easy . " Chu Yang tried to suppress the excitement in his heart, but still couldn't hold back . "If that's the case, let me think about how I can temporarily suppress your teacher's condition…"

"Great, great!" Wei Wuyan actually cried excitedly .

Wei Wuyan was so excited that he almost lost his bearings when he found out that Chu Yang had the ability to temporarily suppress the Purple Crystal Hand . He grasped Chu Yang's hands and said, "Little brother, I'll follow you from today onwards… I'll go wherever you go…"

He had already decided in his heart to follow Chu Yang no matter where he would go!

He would rather die than leave Chu Yang by a step!

On one hand, this was to repay Chu Yang . On the other hand, this was so that Chu Yang could successfully advance his cultivation and come back to Wei Wuyan's teacher .

"Follow me? Protect me?" Chu Yang smiled and said, "Are you sure?"

"Yes!" Wei Wuyan nodded affirmatively .

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"Are you sure you won't regret?" Chu Yang frowned . "I advise you to think about it carefully . I'll bring you lots of trouble if you follow me!"

Wei Wuyan laughed and said proudly, "I'm the number one blood-payer in the world and I've already caused a lot of trouble myself . How will I be afraid of other troubles? Naturally, I won't regret following you!"

Chu Yang nodded with relief . "Great! As long as you don't regret, I'll approve your request!"

Wei Wuyan said joyfully, "Thank you, thank you . Really thank you . "

Thinking that he would immediately be able to break free from the kind of debt-ridden life, he couldn't help but feel refreshed and as if there's no pain in his body anymore .

Chu Yang also felt good: He finally got a bodyguard for himself .

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit looked at Wei Wuyan a bit pitifully and said, "This guy… It's such a pity for him . He looks so excited as if he has found a treasure . This poor fellow might not know that following a Nine Tribulations Sword master is much more dangerous and difficult than being a number one blood payer by at least a hundred times… He actually feels relieved…"

Wei Wuyan laughed and said spiritedly, "Then, when shall we go see my teacher? If we go straight all the way towards the Baimang Mountain a thousand miles away, that would be where my teacher is residing . "

Chu Yang said, "There's no need to hurry . I have three friends that I'll have to meet in front . We shall go to see your teacher after that . "

How would Wei Wuyan know that the 'three friends' Chu Yang mentioned was referring to Wan Renjie and his two brothers? Wei Wuyan replied earnestly, "No problem . Since they're your friends, they'll also be mine! Be assured that no one can harm you along the way . "

He started to take the initiative to carry on responsibilities .

Wei Wuyan's injuries hadn't fully recovered . So, he could only sit in the carriage to continue healing his injuries by exercising his internal energy . But, under Chu Yang's care, he had already returned to normal within half a day .

This made Wei Wuyan more confident towards Chu Yang's ability to cure his teacher's injuries from the Purple Crystal Hand .

Feeling the cultivation that suffused his body and exercising freely his waist and legs that he thought would never recover, Wei Wuyan felt utterly satisfied . He also seemed much more cheerful .

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Along the way, Wei Wuyan profusely praised Chu Yang's barbecuing techniques . Whenever this number one blood-payer smelled the aroma of food, he would go towards it, sit down and start eating . He behaved just like he had no bearing at all .

He thought: After all, I can't repay him even in my whole life . What's the matter if I owe him more?

He actually had a dead-mouse-feels-no-cold attitude .

But he had never expected that this attitude would cost him to owe Chu Yang forever…

Along the way, while Chu Yang practiced sword, Chu Le'er played and joked . Ever since Wei Wuyan's injuries recovered, he assumed the role of a postilion . He sat on the carriage with straightened back, a whip in his hand, and a worn out sheath carrying the Wuyan sword at his waist . His eyes had also recovered to its original dull color . Just by a glance, he really looked like a poor, miserable postilion…

After three days, they finally arrived at their destination .

This place looked exactly like how Chu Yang had described earlier: It's next to the mountains and rivers and had good scenery . Passing through this jungle and arriving at this place, anyone would feel good and have their eyes light up upon seeing such beautiful sceneries .

There was a clear lake which looked just like a mirror . There were mountains and lush forests nearby . They were all still and quiet .

It could be seen that there was no human presence here for a long time . Otherwise, there wouldn't be such beautiful scenery that didn't have any traces of depredation at all .

Instantly, Wei Wuyan and Chu Yang all had a feeling that they had renounced the world and entered a dream .

After a long time, Wei Wuyan sighed softly and said, "This place… really makes people not dare to do anything… Even talking can seem to be disrupting the beautiful atmosphere here . "

Chu Yang nodded and said, "Yes, this is the utopia of a dream! If one can lead a secluded life here till he dies… that's really a fairy-like life…"

Wei Wuyan quietened down . After a long time, he said, "Lead a secluded life until one dies… I also thought about it previously; I also yearn for this kind of life . But now, seeing this place and hearing these few words, I actually feel uncertain about it . I even feel reluctant…"

Chu Yang said heavily, "I understand your feelings . "

Wei Wuyan smiled . Looking at Chu Yang, he knew that Chu Yang could really understand his emotions, and couldn't help but feel warmth in his heart .

It's the feeling that he had something to worry about in the world, and that he hadn't completed his own tasks or achieved his life-long ambitions; yet at this time, he had found an ideal place to lead a secluded life . It's that kind of dilemmatic feeling and grief, as well as the mental conflict that one had, after making the decision to leave this Utopia .

A dream is after all a dream . When there's one day that he finally finds his ultimate dream, he will instead turn around and with a mood that's beyond expression… And he may instead do something that's contradictory to his dream…

Chu Yang stood silently next to the lake and sighed in his heart .

In these few days, after engaging in conversations with Wei Wuyan along the way, Chu Yang finally confirmed that Wei Wuyan was indeed someone who was reliable!

This person never owed anyone anything in his life . This person took on a hard position in these hundred years in order to extend his teacher's life! These years, he earned tens of millions of purple crystals, but he never kept one to himself and instead led a poor life .

Although he clearly knew that his teacher's injury was like an endless pit and it might sooner or later drag him into it, he never gave up and pressed on with perseverance!

All the purple crystals that he earned had also become meaningless powder because of his teacher .

If this kind of person wasn't worth to be trusted, then there would really be nobody else that he could trust in this world .

With a cheerful scream within the carriage, Chu Le'er revealed her small head . Realizing this stretch of lake, she jumped down excitedly and ran over, and as she ran, she removed her shoes, then jumped down into the lake barefoot . Then she suddenly remembered something . Her face blushed as she turned around and said, "I want to have a bath! Don't look at me!"

Chu Yang and Wei Wuyan laughed .

They set up a curtain for Chu Le'er, then sat down under a tree . Breathing in the refreshing air here, both of them felt so happy and comfortable that they didn't want to speak…

Their entire bodies and souls were in absolute relaxation!

After a long time, Chu Yang said dreamily, "Brother Wei, do you want to owe me more?"

Wei Wuyan also said dreamily, "Alright…"

. . .

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