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Chapter 907: 907

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Chu Yang pressed his foot against the first blood-payer, which made him burst into a howl like a pig being butchered . Then, Chu Yang said emotionlessly, "Then, do you think you owe me now?"

Wei Wuyan had his tears and mucus all brought out by Chu Yang just now, and he mumbled, surprisingly with some nasal sounds, "I owe you!"

Chu Yang pressed his foot again, asking, "Brother Wei, but you never owe anyone in your life . How do you want to repay me??"

Wei Wuyan said in physical, mental and spiritual pain, "Then tell me how I should repay you… Ouch!"

Before he finished his sentence, he suffered another kick on the waist, Wei Wuyan howled with open mouth, panting, his eyes turned white, and he couldn't speak another word .

Chu Yang grinned evilly, saying, "I often hear people say, the kindness of saving one's life can be repaid by nothing but by devoting himself to the person who saved him…"

Wei Wuyan started to cough . "But I can't…"

"Then serve me like a slave," said Chu Yang .

Wei Wuyan sighed, and said, "Well, this is true, it can only be like this…"

Chu Yang was astounded . "You really want to serve me like a slave?"

Wei Wuyan sighed deeply, saying, "Damn… Except this, what else can I do to repay you…"

Chu Yang was confused, and he said, "You can repay me with the purple crystals you earned these years . There must be at least a hundred thousand of them . "

Wei Wuyan's face turned pale, and he said, "Right now, I don't have even one piece of purple crystal . "

Chu Yang was stunned . "Then, after you have worked as a blood-payer all these years and finished so many tasks, where did the purple crystals go?"

Wei Wuyan let out a long sigh and revealed a very painful look…

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It seemed as if there was something that he found difficult to mention . Chu Yang's eyes flashed and he didn't ask any more questions .

Chu Yang rubbed his feet against Wei Wuyan's back another two times and used the Nine Heavens Divine Technique to directly force the Vitality Spring Water into Wei Wuyan's waist bones . Chu Yang removed his foot from Wei Wuyan's body . "Try again now . "

Wei Wuyan obeyed and activated his internal energy . He realized, to his surprise, the spiritual energy had already passed the waist meridians . Of course, the pain had also further increased by many times, but how did he have the heart to take care of these pains?

As long as he had a sensation, he had hope!

He tried to move, and said, "I still can't stand . "

Chu Yang nodded . "If you can stand up now, that would really be a miracle . You don't have to do anything today . Just activate your internal energy again and again, and allow it to pass through the waist meridians . Restore the vitality there and digest the medicinal effect of the Vitality Spring Water as soon as possible . I will make medicine for you again the next morning, and you should be able to stand by then . It wouldn't do to make medicine now . The medicinal effect would be too concentrated for you to bear . "

Wei Wuyan nodded . "Alright . "

No more words were spoken the whole night . When the next day arrived, Chu Yang and Chu Le'er came out from the tent and found Wei Wuyan still lying straight, his body enshrouded with white mist which didn't scatter .

Chu Yang looked at the white mist and nodded .

Wei Wuyan received pure Yang energy during the day, and pure Yin energy at night . Right now, both were becoming integrated . This was greatly beneficial to his injury .

The moment the Sun came out and shone on Wei Wuyan, he stopped exercising his cultivation .

Chu Yang walked over with a bowl of black potion in his hands . "Drink this . "

Without even looking, Wei Wuyan took the bowl and drank it…

Chu Yang had melt an incomplete version of Nine Heavens Pill within the medicinal soup .

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Half an hour after Wei Wuyan drank it, he felt that his waist bones were healing themselves piece by piece… He forcefully endured a numb, painful feeling that felt as if a group of ants was biting his soul . He bit his lip and remained silent .

After two hours, Wei Wuyan suddenly frowned, opened his mouth, and spat out blood . It spat out straight to more than ten feet away .

Then his body moved .

Chu Yang walked towards him, offering his hand . Wei Wuyan shook his head firmly . With one hand on the ground, he sat up slowly .

Panting severely, Wei Wuyan supported his lower back with his hands . Retracting his right foot and exerting it against the ground, he finally stood up .

He breathed heavily as he stood . But after a long while, his eyes became red .

He drew upon his internal energy, and a cloud of mist came out from his eyes . Then he turned and looked at Chu Yang firmly, and after a long while he finally smiled .

Energy passed through the meridians of his body . He knew that he was recovering . Perhaps he was still rather weak right now, but by his current conditions, within a maximum of 10 days, he would become the first blood-payer of the martial society once more!

"Little brother!" Wei Wuyan smiled faintly . "You are amazing . "

"Do you think I'm amazing just because I saved you?" Chu Yang laughed .

"No!" Wei Wuyan smiled lightly . "When I was young, my father was a merchant and our family had a rather good fortune . Unfortunately . he was framed up by others and owed a great amount of debt to them! Those asking for repayment filled our house each day…"

He smiled, continuing, "That feeling of owing others was too uncomfortable! So from then on, I swore that I would never owe anyone again in my whole life!"

"And you are the second person whom I owe something to . "

"The first is my teacher . My teacher saved me from danger and taught me martial arts . Therefore, I revere him and owe him for my entire life!"

Wei Wuyan looked at Chu Yang, "And you saved my life . I owe you for my entire life as well!:"

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Chu Yang shook his hand, and said, "Brother Wei, it's meaningless to speak of such things now . "

Wei Wuyan chuckled, grabbed Chu Yang's hand, shook it hard, and said nothing .

Chu Yang smiled and asked, "Brother Wei, there is one thing that I don't understand . "

"What is it?"

"Brother Wei is famous around the Nine Heavens these years, and you have earned countless purple crystals! But Brother Wei mentioned just now that you don't own even one, this made me confused . " Chu Yang smiled . "I'm sure Brother Wei wouldn't misinterpret my meaning . "

"Never," Wei Wuyan looked at him thoughtfully and said, "So little brother had known all along that I am Wei Wuyan,"

Chu Yang said calmly, "When I was treating you, the spiritual energy that suddenly revived within your body told me your identity . Ordinary looks, faceless your whole life, with a similarly faceless sword and skills beyond this world… Besides, the jade that Brother Wei was wearing has your name engraved on it… If I still say that I don't know it, it would be too hypocritical . "

Wei Wuyan laughed happily . "That is right . "

Chu Yang laughed as well . "I would not have imagined that I, Chu Yang, saved a renowned man today!"

Wei Wuyan shook his head and laughed, and returned to the original subject . He said, "I do not want purple crystals! And I have no interest in them at all! But I have to go and earn purple crystals because Teacher needs them . "

Chu Yang said, "Oh?"

Wei Wuyan said deeply, "My teacher was injured, and he needed large amounts of purple crystals each day to control it… At least three hundred pieces per day, otherwise… his body will shrink . Three days without purple crystals and he will lose his life completely . Therefore, I have to try my best to earn purple crystals!"

Wei Wuyan took a breath, feeling rather sad . "In these hundred or so years, the purple crystals I earned amounts to nearly 10 million, but I still can't make ends meet!"

Chu Yang frowned, and then frowned again, before he said, "Purple Crystal Hand!"

"That's right, it was from Purple Crystal Hand!" Wei Wuyan's eyes brightened .

Chu Yang sighed, and said, "This 'Purple Crystal Hand', according to its true name, is called 'Soul-Destroying Hand'! After one suffers from this insidious technique, his life can only be sustained by purple crystals . When there are no more purple crystals, life is gone . Therefore, this technique has another name called 'Fortune-Dissipating Dead Hand', which means that if you are hurt by it, not only will you die, but you'll also have all your fortune dissipated before you die . "

Wei Wuyan looked grim . "You are right, purple crystals have to be bought, or traded… Even the nine big clans… cannot withstand such consumption! 300 purple crystals a day means 9000 a month, and 100,000 a year . Besides, it increases gradually, starting from 50 pieces a day… right now it has slowly reached 300… and it continues to rise . If there's one day where it rises to the point of 11 million a day…"

He said blankly, "I had hunted magical beasts and earned purple crystals by selling inner cores for many years . Later, when it rose to 80 pieces a day, I realized that this is not sustainable; and so I went to become a blood-payer, I earn at least 3000, and up to 10000 or 20000 for each task . If I receive a few tasks at a time…"

"After all these years, I have killed so many people that I've become numb, but the consumption of my teacher became ever greater . Right now I have become utterly fatigued . But I've never considered giving up…"

Chu Yang smiled bitterly, "Utterly fatigued… the time when you will suffer is yet to come . "

Wei Wuyan suddenly remembered something . He caught Chu Yang's hand, and asked sincerely, "Little brother, the Purple Crystal Hand, can you cure it?"

Chu Yang shook his head silently .

Wei Wuyan released his hand and looked hopeless .

Chu Yang said, helplessly, "It's not impossible to cure, but at my current level, I cannot cure it yet!"

Chu Yang felt helpless; he did not expect to encounter such sinister magical powers continuously . Purple Crystal Hand was more insidious and sinister than all other techniques . Besides, there was no cure once you suffered it . Only Nine Tribulations Pill and Nine Heavens Divine Technique could treat it .

But only one person had both of these: the master of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

Wei Wuyan was overjoyed . "You are saying… if your skills improved, and your medical abilities improved, it can still be cured?!"

Chu Yang nodded . "This technique of mine requires me to reach the sixth or seventh stage to expel the harm of Purple Crystal Hand . But right now I'm only at the third stage . "

He did not lie .

He couldn't use the Nine Tribulation Pill on others, and he had only reached the starting, basic level of the Nine Heavens Divine Technique . Only when the fifth portion of Nine Tribulations Sword was acquired would he reach the development stage . But to use the Nine Heavens Divine Technique to treat Purple Crystals Hand, it would require at least the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword .

"I can wait!" Wei Wuyan's eyes were filled with tears . His teacher could finally be saved .

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit became excited as well . "Ask him! Who is the person who did it to his teacher? There are great secrets to this Purple Crystal Hand… we have to find that person! We must find him!"

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