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Chapter 906

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While Chu Le'er was waiting anxiously, he saw Chu Yang speeding back to her, with a bloody and seriously injured person in his arms . She let out a shocked cry .

In her mind, she couldn't bear but feel a little weird: Looks like big brother is here to specially do good things . He's so enthusiastic in saving lives one after one . Has he really found his conscience? A doctor must have the heart of a parent?

When she was pondering, Chu Yang had arrived in front of her .

"Le'er, move aside first . This guy's injury is really serious . 99% of his life is almost gone…"

Chu Le'er took a glance and exclaimed, "Isn't this… that person who fought with me for the hare leg?"

If Wei Wuyan could hear this now, he would surely faint: I'm Wei Wuyan! How can I actually not beat a girl in the fight for a hare leg?

Chu Yang pulled the blanket out from the carriage . He found a spacious space, then extending his hand, the blanket was laid flatly on the ground .

Then he placed Wei Wuyan above it .

Although it's early autumn now, it was noontime and the weather was still very hot .

Chu Yang placed Wei Wuyan in the direction of the sun . Then, he flew up and began to cut away all the surrounding leaves and branches blocking the sun, so as to expose Wei Wuyan to more sunlight .

Then, without hesitation, he took out his 36 silver needles, and in the blink of an eye, they were shot into Wei Wuyan's head!

Following which, the silver needles began to tremor .

Wei Wuyan's head also slowly started to become brighter .

This was because Chu Yang was using the silver needles to make a particular region of Wei Wuyan's brain exceptionally attractive towards the midday sunlight .

By making use of pure Yang energy, it could speed up the recovery of Wei Wuyan's brain .

After a while, it seemed that Wei Wuyan's head was going to glow . His hair also seemed a little dry and shriveled .

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With a shout, he instantly retracted all the silver needles . After cleaning them, he carried out the same procedures on Wei Wuyan's heart, and finally, elixir field .

After the pure Yang energy was introduced into Wei Wuyan's body for three times, the color on Wei Wuyan's face had turned better, and one could also faintly see his chest beating up and down…

Chu Yang heaved a sigh of relief . He took out an incomplete Nine Tribulation Pill and dissolved it in the Vitality Spring Water, and forced it down Wei Wuyan's throat .

Chu Le'er watched from aside amusedly, as if she was watching a magic show .

Seeing that Chu Le'er was watching in such an amused manner, something sparked in the sword spirit's mind . He said, "Chu Yang, you shouldn't sell the Poison Pill and inner core of this Human Face Rainbow Spider; If you find a suitable person, these two things could help you to create a top poison-making expert in the world!"

"Top poison-making expert in the world?" Chu Yang frowned .

"Yes, don't forget that you have the 'Guide to the World of Poisons'; If you follow the guide and utilize the Poison Pill and inner core on the person you choose, the cultivation and power of that person will definitely exceed that of the 'Poison Doctor' Wu Juecheng!" the sword spirit said lightly .

Chu Yang smiled lightly, saying, "This idea is good, but to find such a person who's loyal to me… it's almost impossible . "

"No!" the sword spirit said, "There's one suitable candidate next to you . "

Chu Yang's brows slowly started to tighten, and his voice also turned cold, "You mean… Le'er?"

"Yes . Although Chu Le'er is small, she's already experienced and even pulled through the cruelest form of torture in the world . She's already more tenacious than anyone else in the world! As long as she recovers from her illness, she'll be the best candidate to cultivate the Guide to the World of Poisons . And, she would definitely supersede Wu Juecheng!"

Chu Yang's face turned icy .

The sword spirit said hurriedly, "Besides, practicing this will pose no harm to Chu Le'er's body at all! On the contrary, it will greatly improve her ability to protect herself! And Chu Le'er is calm and knows how to handle matters well . She won't lay hands randomly…"

He could see that Chu Yang didn't want her sister to practice this kind of evil kungfu, and immediately tried to explain it .

Chu Yang kept a straight face and said, "We shall discuss this in the future!"

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The sword spirit sighed . Although Chu Yang said that this matter could be discussed in the future, even fools could gather from his stiff words that there's no way that Chu Yang would want Chu Le'er to practice poison…

At this moment, Wei Wuyan moaned softly on the ground, and he opened his eyes .

Then he immediately closed his mouth . Because, when he woke up, he suddenly felt a great pain that had made this number one blood-payer a bit difficult to endure .

But he didn't even groan from pain at all!

Other than moaning a bit when he was in a coma, he didn't make a bit of sound when he woke up .

Wei Wuyan sensed his own body and couldn't help but reveal a strange look: Although he couldn't move his body, he already felt that there's no real problem in his body anymore . As long as his broken spine recovered, he could stand up immediately .

How is this possible?

Haven't I already died?

Wei Wuyan's heart still lingered with fear as he thought about the battle he had with that monster .

He tried hard to turn around and was shocked to see Chu Yang and Chu Le'er . He said, "Did you… did you save me?"

Chu Yang sighed, and said, "Brother Wei, how did this happen to you?"

Wei Wuyan sighed, saying, "It's hard to say in a few words . "

Chu Yang said, "You shall exercise your internal energy now to allow yourself to recover your spirits and spread out the medicinal effect… We shall talk about it after you feel better . "

Wei Wuyan blinked his eyes for a while and shut his eyes .

Wei Wuyan felt a turmoil of emotions overwhelming him . He knew that he would be dead with the injuries he had suffered! He could even feel his own divine spirit collapse after suffering from such serious injuries . Even if all the divine doctors from the Medicine Valley came together, they might not be able to save his life!

But this teenager, whom he had only met once, had actually saved him from dying!

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Since Chu Yang could save him, then Chu Yang would definitely be able to cure him!

So, Wei Wuyan wasn't worried about this at all .

He only felt messed up in his heart . He never owed any favor or debt of gratitude to anyone in his life . This created his unique character, which was something that he was proud of: In this whole world, who doesn't owe anything to anyone? Only me, Wei Wuyan!

Although my name is Wuyan, but for the majority of people in front of me, they should have no face too!

Last time, I ate someone else's hare and drank his wine . I still haven't forgotten about this now!

Now, he saved me from the verge of dying and even helped me to recover my cultivation… Now, I've really owed him double the debt of gratitude!

How can I repay such a great debt of gratitude?

Wei Wuyan even felt himself at a loss .

So, when he woke up, he didn't say 'thank you' or anything of that sort .

How could such great gratitude be expressed merely in words?

After a long time, Wei Wuyan gently released a breath, then he woke up and tried to exercise his arms, which he could already lift up . He could also turn his neck easily .

His two legs had also recovered their senses, only that they hurt badly . Only his waist was still numb . But occasionally, it would experience a tingling pain, or some kind of ticklish yet numb feeling…

"How is it?" Chu Yang asked .

"There's only the waist left . " Wei Wuyan sensed his own body, and felt energy beginning to condense bit by bit in his elixir field . That kind of feeling of being able to live again made him almost want to shed tears .

"Your waist bones are broken," Chu Yang nodded and said, "Don't move . "

Then he hooked his feet over Wei Wuyan's waist and turned his body over .

Wei Wuyan let out a cry, "Hzzz… can you be softer…" Wei Wuyan had caught this merciless kick off-guard . It caused so much pain to Wei Wuyan that he almost fainted, and a few drops of tears also came out from his eyes .

Chu Yang snorted, "You were stiffer when you just woke up . You didn't even make a sound . "

Wei Wuyan thought: I didn't know anything then . Even if you cut me into pieces, I wouldn't sense anything . How could I shout?

When he was about to say, he felt Chu Yang's feet pressing against his waist .

Despite Wei Wuyan thinking of himself as a man of iron, he couldn't help but let out a shrill cry, "Hzzz… Damn it… Are you… you even treating my illness? Your heart is really too black…"

Chu Yang snorted coldly . "My heart is too black? Didn't you hear about the Black-Hearted Saint before? That's me . If I'm not black-hearted, how can I live up to this name?"

Wei Wuyan was taken aback . The puzzle in his heart was finally resolved . "No wonder! You're that Black-Hearted Saint who expertize in treating chronic illnesses… No wonder you have this capability . "

Chu Yang lay one bare foot on Wei Wuyan's waist and rubbed his foot against the waist . Wei Wuyan moaned as he felt a refreshing and inexplicably comfortable feeling in his waist bones .

On one side, he felt himself in so much pain that he wanted to die, but on the other side, he felt so comfortable that he wanted to moan…

"Are you dead?" Chu Yang said angrily and anxiously, "I'm allowing the lotion to penetrate your body . You should hurry to channel your internal energy into your waist meridians! I'm using Vitality Spring Water! Are you planning to waste it?"

"Oh oh oh…" Wei Wuyan immediately started to cooperate with Chu Yang's treatment .

No wonder I recovered so quickly . This little brother had used Vitality Spring Water, the legendary saintly water, on me!

Argh, I owed him a great debt of gratitude this time… Wei Wuyan sighed in his heart as he exercised his energy . He had used such precious medicine on me…

That's the Vitality Spring Water, which is known to be able to save a life with just a drop of it!

"How much Vitality Spring Water did you use?" Wei Wuyan asked this unexpectedly .

"I originally had a kilogram of it in total . Now, you've already consumed 175 grams of it . Later, you'll also have to use the rest of it…" Chu Yang said unreluctantly, "Say, how much do you have to pay me? When you recover, I won't have a bit of Vitality Spring Water with me at all…"

Wei Wuyan let out a long sigh . He muttered, "I have never owed people anything in my life…"

. . .

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