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Chapter 903

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Seeing that the three brothers were still at a loss, Chu Yang began to teach them step by step: What's your style, and recall who in the Xiao clan has similar styles with you and so on…

You should so and so…

Third brother, you should so and so…

Finally, Wan Renjie and the other two felt suddenly enlightened . All of them raised thumbs at Chu Yang and laughed . "Wonderful plan! Hahaha… Fourth brother, you're really good at this…"

The three advised Chu Yang repeatedly before they left: Don't go too far off! Wait for us here!

If we don't find you, humph humph!

Seeing that the three had finally gone far, Chu Yang finally settled himself on the carriage, "I'm going to collapse . Le'er, get me a cup of tea . My mouth has gone dry…"

Chu Le'er pouted her lips and said, "Big brother, I think you're very mean!"

Chu Yang slanted his body, and used his left hand to support his head . He asked, "Why?"

"You're clearing exploiting them . Today, the way you talked and your expressions when you talked were different from before . Although I don't know why you want to exploit them, you clearly did," Chu Le'er said unhappily .

Chu Yang smiled and looked at his sister gently, saying, "Le'er, do you know that there are two kinds of exploitation? The first one is exploiting others for purely one's own gains . This kind of exploitation allows one to benefit at the expense of others . The second kind of exploitation allows both sides to benefit… but this is also called exploitation . "

"I don't deny that I exploited my three brothers . But at the same time, they like themselves to be exploited by me . And sometimes, this kind of exploitation requires one to pay forth his real sentiments… Only by doing so, can one receive gains . "

Chu Le'er looked at him half-understandingly .

"Actually, in this world, who isn't being exploited?" Chu Yang sighed, "For instance, in the clan, I exploit the interests and reputation of the clan . Outside, I exploit fourth uncle's honesty and frankness, making him run errands for the both of us… Isn't this exploitation?"

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"Is it really my own strength that I behave a little lawlessly in the clan and insist to open up the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall outside? No! This is your big uncle's strength . But here, I have to exploit the guilt of all these years that your big uncle and big aunt has for me, although I don't actually want to exploit them . But as long as I exploit them, your big uncle and big aunt will support me no matter what, because they want to compensate me . This kind of exploitation can appease the guilt that my two parents have for me, and similarly, I can also obtain their affection towards me… If I feel happy and the warmth of their love, doesn't this also make them feel happy?"

Chu Yang raised his head to look at the sky which was gradually brightening up and said, "In this world, the strong exploit the weak to establish their good reputations; the great clans exploit the small clans, and the small clans exploit the smaller ones . The bosses exploit their workers to earn money, but the workers also exploit the platforms that their bosses provide them with to earn a living too… In the end, aren't all the people exploiting one another?"

"But, it's just that some kind of exploitation is called 'love', while others, 'hatred' . People crave for certain kinds of exploitation, while there are also other kinds that people greatly abhor . "

"There is exploitative value for everyone in this Nine Heavens! Even those who have died . Isn't there also exploitation between brothers? But this kind of exploitation allows people to forge stronger fraternal ties and gain greater warmth . "

"And you, Le'er, aren't you also exploiting others? You exploit me to cure your illness, and it's in front of me that you gain happiness . I also exploit your innocence to gain happiness . Between both of us, aren't we exploiting each other? And you also exploit your mother to make yourself feel stronger! Your mother also exploits you to support herself to continue to live on… Exploitation is thus the true essence of life!"

"As long as our exploitation allows those whom we exploit to benefit, then this kind of exploitation is not exploitation in the literal sense," Chu Yang said warmly, "This is called cooperation! This is called… the real sentiments of humanity!"

Chu Le'er nodded her head . "I've understood, big brother . "

Chu Yang laughed and stroked Chu Le'er's hair . He said, "Just like the three we've met today… They're not bad in nature . But this world causes them to suffer from unfair treatments . Since they suffer from unfairness, they need to fight back… Since they're fighting back, they have to pay a price… And this price is their reputation…"

Chu Le'er sighed and said, "These three are actually very good people . "

She looked as if she had fallen a bit into a trance . Smiling, she said, "Big brother, usually at home, I try to portray myself as strong and mature, because I don't dare to be weak… and naive . Because if I behaved that way, my mother would be sad… But today, in front of Uncle Wan, I really sensed that I'm still a small child…"

Chu Yang sighed slightly and said, "Le'er, from now on, you don't need to suppress yourself anymore . "

Chu Le'er slowly extended her hands and hugged Chu Yang . She said, "Big brother… This Uncle Wan is really very good to me . I can feel that the way he looked at me is like he's looking at his granddaughter… This can't be fake . "

She held her little head on Chu Yang's chest and said softly, "He gives me the feeling that he's a lonely old man with nothing left for him . He yearns for everything, but can't get anything… It's such a pity . "

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Chu Yang sighed and held Chu Le'er's soft body in his arms . His deep eyes looked towards the direction that Wan Renjie and his two brothers had gone, and he thought: A lonely old man with nothing left for him . He yearns for everything, but can't get anything… These three brothers held on to a dream that's impossible to achieve . They have no relatives at all, and each of them has their two brothers to rely on . They lead the lives of vagabonds, roving all over the world… just for that debt of gratitude of the past… And no one will be there for them to collect their corpses when they die…

Isn't this a common portrayal of people in the martial world?

Who knows whether the piles of bones left in some remote areas of the world belong to that of once shocking figures…

But, when ordinary people die, they can at least receive the worshiping of their descendants . But these unparalleled strongmen in the world don't even have such privileges…

Who can say that they're not pathetic?

At this moment, Chu Yang suddenly felt: The Nine Tribulations Sword master purges the Nine Heavens once in 10,000 years . This actually… still makes some sense…

Chu Yang and Chu Le'er got onto the carriage . Chu Yang lashed the horsewhip, and the carriage continued to set off .

But, they deviated from the original route, and instead went on a rugged road .

After traveling for more than two hours, the rugged road ended, and there appeared another route . Then, the carriage started to rush forth along the road, seemingly aimlessly!

Chu Le'er tumbled in the carriage, so Chu Yang could only hold her in his arms . Seeing Chu Yang's strange movements, Chu Le'er was befuddled . "Big brother, where are we going?"

Chu Yang smiled, and said, "We're taking this path . It's nearer to our destination and it will take less time . "

Chu Le'er let out an 'oh' .

The carriage was rushing forth at almost full speed . Specks of dust were rolled up behind the carriage .

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Chu Yang seemed very anxious .

Because Wei Wuyan was at the end of the line now .

Chu Yang had used his powerful divine spirit to locate everything in his area, and Wei Wuyan was within Chu Yang's location zone all along .

Wei Wuyan was now very feeble .

After the battle yesterday, he found a place to heal his wounds . This place was very hidden and Chu Yang was also assured . But he didn't expect Wei Wuyan to be so unlucky . Last night, Wei Wuyan's divine spirits had wild fluctuations, as if he had encountered a strong enemy…

Then the fluctuations disappeared .

And at that time, Chu Yang was helping Bao Buhuan to break through his cultivation . Chu Yang was taken aback by such a phenomenon and thought that Wei Wuyan had died . Instantly, Chu Yang lost his focus, almost causing Bao Buhuan to die…

So, today, he immediately found some reasons to excuse himself from Wan Renjie and his two brothers, and came over here anxiously to look for Wei Wuyan .

But he felt strange in his heart . Based on Wei Wuyan's experience and cultivation, he would definitely find a secret place to hide . How would he be discovered? And, although his injuries were serious then, they weren't fatal and wouldn't affect his movements . So, theoretically, ordinary Martial Saints wouldn't pose a threat to him . Even if he couldn't fight with them, he could at the very least escape…

Why would he even not have fluctuations in the divine spirit in the end?

For experts like Wei Wuyan to lose fluctuations in his divine spirits, there were only three possibilities: The first was that he had left this area, without Chu Yang noticing it .

But this was almost impossible .

The second possibility was: He's dead!

The third possibility was: He had sunk into deep unconsciousness!

This was why Chu Yang was anxious!

The carriage traveled 100 miles within four hours .

Chu Yang finally stopped and looked at the forest surrounding him . Then he held down Chu Le'er . After giving her some instructions, he climbed up onto the highest tree, then onto the peak of a small hill . Then, he looked into the distance .

On his front right direction, the trees were fallen all over the ground, creating a huge mess . It seemed that a battle had occurred there…

Chu Yang jumped down . Then without further hesitation, he drove the carriage forth towards that direction .

Entire trees, which had seemingly come out of nowhere, were blocking the middle of the road in which the carriage was traveling on . Chu Yang used his whip to brush them all away, but it didn't affect the speed of the carriage at all .

The path became narrower and narrower as the carriage traveled further ten or so miles . The traces that a battle had occurred here had also become more and more evident…

It's clear that the battle had its effects rippled here, and the carriage could no longer go on further .

Chu Yang climbed down his horse and instructed Chu Le'er to stay still . Then, he transformed into a stream of light and rushed into the forest .

This forest was quite hidden, and it seemed that no one had ever entered this place before . Wild grasses were lusher than that from other places, and vines were all over the place . The sky couldn't be seen at all within this forest!

Chu Yang finally got near the center of the battle zone . He was instantly taken aback .

Just a few hundred feet in front of him, there was a peculiar-looking creature standing against a tree . Its pair of eyes were staring at him .

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit exclaimed, "It's actually this thing!"

The sword spirit's voice was also full of shock!

. . . . . .

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