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Chapter 902

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The next day morning .

"Senior brother, second brother, third brother," Chu Yang said, "Le'er and I are going to Zhongdu, and we're not going in the same direction . Since three brothers still have important things to do, you shall do your own things first . You don't need to worry about us . "

Wan Renjie said, "How can this be? How can we trust both of you to set out by yourselves? No matter what, we should escort you and Le'er to your destination . "

Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan agreed .

Chu Yang said smilingly, "If three brothers really want, I can walk slowly with Le'er and stop in front of the Black Pine Forest . It's quite a good place there since it's near mountains and rivers, and we shall wait there for three brothers to finish your tasks . Then, we shall set off together . How does this idea sound?"

Wan Renjie, Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan exchanged looks, and all agreed that it was a good idea .

Not only would there be no danger for Chu Yang and Chu Le'er, the plans of Wan Renjie, Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan also wouldn't be disrupted .

They acclaimed, "Good idea . "

Chu Yang laughed . "But, three brothers have to be careful . People have ill intentions in the martial world . You must pay more attention to everyone . "

Wan Renjie and the other two said seriously, "Little brother, you're right . I'll definitely be careful . "

"Okay," Chu Yang said, "And, which clan are three brothers taking sides with? The Ye clan or the Xiao clan?"

Wan Renjie said without hesitation, "My original plan was to kill an important figure from each clan . This can stir up further contradictions among them… And we can take advantage of this . "

Chu Yang frowned and shook his head, "This method isn't appropriate . "

"Not appropriate?" Wan Renjie said, "Where is it not appropriate?"

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"Big brother, you can think this way . Every human has a vindictive mentality! For instance, if you slap me, I'll want to kick you back . After that, if someone comes to appease us, both of us may actually stop fighting… Is it right?" Chu Yang said .

Wan Renjie said, "Yes . If it's a fight between ordinary people, it's really such a case . "

Chu Yang smiled lightly and said, "No matter whether it's Supreme Martial Artists or Martial Saints, they are actually all ordinary people . If a person who's slapped cannot slap back, then this person will become angrier and angrier . In the end, it may even develop into a murder case…"

When he said till here, Wan Renjie started to sink into deep thoughts .

Chu Yang said, "This similarly goes to the assassination . If big brother kills one from each side, this can't fuel up the fight between the two clans . Because each clan is very balanced… Both will think that it's the opponent or the secret power from their respective clans that lay hands on each other . Am I right?"

"Yes . " Wan Renjie looked grimmer now . He originally thought that this fourth brother he just acknowledged was young and didn't have many insights . But Wan Renjie didn't expect Chu Yang to be so logical and reasonable in discussing matters .

"Let's say that the second master of the Ye clan is dead; the Ye clan will of course be extremely indignant! And they will vow to seek revenge… But if they hear that the third master of the Xiao clan is dead at such a time… they will think this way: Oh, there's also someone who died at your side… and what's more, he's an important figure… With such a mentality, revenge seems to become not that urgent for the Ye clan anymore… Because everyone feels that they haven't lost much yet…"

"So, if big brother wants to lay hands, you can only choose one side!" Chu Yang set to this conclusion, "Only then will the two clans really start to fight à outrance!"

"Good idea!" Wan Renjie really started to reconsider his plan carefully . The more he thought, the more he felt that Chu Yang indeed had profound insights!

"Big brother, fourth brother is right," Bao Buhuan said seriously .

"Yes . Fourth brother is very reasonable in saying so . " There's now a bit of reliance in the way Wan Renjie looked at Chu Yang . He's not only a divine doctor but also a genius military adviser!

This time around, I have unintentionally found a treasure!

"Fourth brother, where do you think we should start?" Wan Renjie seemed to be asking for advice when he asked Chu Yang . This meant that he had already admitted that he wasn't as good as Chu Yang in looking at the overall situation as well as designing conspiracies and plots .

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Although Wan Renjie himself didn't realize that he was admitting this at the point of asking Chu Yang the question .

"I think the three brothers should start from the Ye clan!" Chu Yang picked up a stick and drew a circle on the ground, "Look, this is the South-East region! And the South-East region is the base camp of the Xiao clan . "

"This battle started from the enmity between the Huang clan and the Xiao clan! But upon scrutiny, one can discover that the Huang clan isn't putting in all their efforts in confronting the Xiao clan, and this goes similarly to the Xiao clan! Both sides only wanted to vent out their frustrations . That's it," Chu Yang said .

"Yes . I agree to this point," Wan Renjie frowned and said, "But you're so young . How do you know all of these?"

"I'm from the Chu clan in the Flat Mountain Ridge," Chu Yang laughed, saying, "And, the Xiao clan targeted the Ending of Posterity on the sole descendant of the Huang clan… And it's me who cured him…"

"I see!" The three laughed . Next, they turned shocked . "That teenage divine doctor from the Flat Mountain Ridge is you?"

"Yes," Chu Yang smiled and squinted his eyes .

"But I heard that the doctor is very black-hearted… He's called a Black-Hearted Saint…" But before Bao Buhuan finished speaking, he was pinched by Cheng Duying .

Chu Yang laughed, and said, "Of course there needs to be a price for providing consultations to my patients! But, people… always have feelings! And there are people that I feel I'm agreeable to, and those that are not… If I don't earn purple crystals from those people who think they are rich, or those nouveau riches, if I don't earn their purple crystals, do I have to keep it to them?"

The three laughed . "That's right!"

Chu Yang continued, "After the Huang clan realized the Xiao clan's conspiracy, they sent people to carry out a massacre at the Xiao clan's branch in the Flat Mountain Ridge… But coincidentally, the seventh master of the Xiao clan suddenly became seriously injured and disabled… Well, this is what I heard…"

He smiled and said, "So the Huang clan became anxious . The Xiao clan also became anxious…"

The three said, "I see…" Although the three plotted to deal with the nine great clans, they really didn't understand the ins and outs of the matter…

But they shouldn't be blamed for this, because even the experts from the Huang, Xiao and Ye clan who were putting on the battle now didn't understand this clearly .

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In the whole world, there's only one person who truly understood this matter . It was this kind, honest, pure-hearted, innocent and bashful fourth brother standing in front of the three…

Because this guy was the culprit behind the chaos within the whole Upper Three Heavens…

"If that's the case, that should be a matter between the Huang clan and the Ye clan . Why is the Ye clan involved?" Wan Renjie asked in a puzzled manner . Actually, the three had been wondering this question along the whole way they came here…

The two great clans had been peaceful for nearly 10,000 years . How will they suddenly go against each other?

Chu Yang said, "This happened like this . When the seventh master of the Xiao clan was injured, the thirteenth master from the Ye clan also suffered some big losses . The five Monarch level experts that he had brought by his side had all died . Even Thirteenth Master Ye nearly died… So Thirteenth Master Ye ran back to his clan . And he heard that his five experts were murdered by the Xiao clan, so the Ye clan also began to retaliate…"

"I see… This thing is really complicated…" Wan Renjie and his two brothers sighed as they finally understood how this battle came about . They only felt that this matter was so bizarre that it could be written into a novel…

The three big clans got into a fight together… actually due to such reasons… God is really helping us .

Chu Yang continued to analyze, "According to my speculation, although those people that the Ye clan has deployed are elites, they are definitely not the top ones! The Ye clan only want to vent their frustrations on the Xiao clan . So big brother, you analyzed wrongly just now . Because this battle won't last for long . "

Wan Renjie and the other two nodded heavily .

"So, you must start fighting against the Ye clan! Because it's the Xiao clan's territory here," Chu Yang said heavily, "And, you can't just kill one . You must kill a few important figures consecutively, and retreat immediately afterward . Then, you shan't care or watch the battle any further… It's enjoyable enough to just hear through the gossips…"

"Great idea!" Wan Renjie and his two brothers praised, "I only realized just now that you're an expert in scheming…"

Chu Yang smiled slightly . He thought: An expert in scheming? How am I only an expert? If you know that all these matters here in the Upper Three Heavens are stirred up by me, including the eight great clans coming together to deal with the Li clan… Humph humph humph…

"Yes . We shall do it this way!" Bao Buhuan clapped his hands and said heroically .

"But I need to remind you . " Chu Yang pointed at the three people's weapons and said, "You can't use this weapon! These are your signboards… Once you exposed them, the Ye clan and the Xiao clan would stop fighting and the two would bind together to find trouble on the three of you . "

"That's natural," Wan Renjie nodded definitely, "We don't have that little experience . "

Chu Yang pouted his lips slightly: Just from the looks of the three of you… you still dare to say that you have experience .

He frowned and said, "Then which member from the Xiao clan are you preparing to disguise as?"

"Disguise?" Cheng Duying said, "We still need to disguise?"

"Then how do you let the Ye clan know that it's the Xiao clan that lay hands on them?" Chu Yang was shocked: Don't they need to disguise themselves?

"When someone from the Ye clan dies, won't it mean that he's killed by the Xiao clan?" Cheng Duying said in a matter-of-fact manner, "Who else can lay hands on the Ye clan here?"

Chu Yang scratched his head, speaking, "But the three of you have joined in . "

"But how does the Ye clan know that it's us who lay hands on them?" Cheng Duying said as he flipped his eyes .

"But the Ye clan can't confirm that it's definitely the Xiao clan that lay hands on them . " Chu Yang was speechless: You dare to confront the nine great clans just like this? I'm really going to faint…

Wan Renjie said composedly, "Little brother, you mean…"

"You can choose someone from the Xiao clan who behaves similar to you, then imitate him, then finally let the enemy shout out before he dies: You're ** master from the Xiao clan?! …" Chu Yang said, "And so and so… This way it can immediately stir up conflict . If you follow your original plan, you'll just be making the two clans come together to figure out what is going on… How can you produce any results? Which of the nine great clans is so silly?"

Chu Yang said with some exasperation .

Alas, if I had the cultivation that any one of you have, I would long have turned the world upside down… Yet you actually still don't know what's going on…

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