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Chapter 901

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It's already midnight!

Chu Yang sat tiredly on the ground and kept his silver needles .

Just now, Wan Renjie, Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan had eaten the Purple Cloud Pills one by one, and all their cultivations were successfully promoted to the first stage of the Supreme level!

The injuries of Wan Renjie and Cheng Duying were all recovered and they were now brimming with energy .

But there was almost something wrong when Bao Buhuan took the Purple Cloud Pill .

Because his injuries were really too serious . For him, taking Purple Cloud Pill now was equivalent to using the medicinal effects of the pill to forcibly clear the meridians, as well as to continue to force open new meridian paths!

Although Chu Yang also considered this aspect before previously, he still underestimated the sword energy of the Wuyan Sword . Only after making Herculean efforts, and with the help of Wan Renjie and Cheng Duying, did Chu Yang successfully deal with Bao Buhuan .

This was equivalent to Bao Buhuan lingering hundreds of times near the passage of netherworld . A slight, narrow miss by Chu Yang… might just cause Bao Buhuan to explode…

By the time Bao Buhuan finally went through all the pains and successfully promoted, Chu Yang's limbs had turned soft and he landed his ass on the ground . His face was pale, and cold sweat was all over his whole body .

He had very heavily exhausted his energy .

In order to help Bao Buhuan promote his cultivation, Chu Yang also almost stepped into the gate of hell .

"Oh, my mummy…" Chu Yang groaned, "The three of you really deserve to be called Yinyang Bridge, Life and Death Road and Passage to Netherworld… I've walked on all three of them just now… These nicknames… seem very reasonable . "

Wan Renjie laughed, saying, "Little brother, you just created a new Yinyang Bridge, a new Life and Death Road and a new Passage to Netherworld! In this world, other than you, who else has such a skill?"

Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan heavily agreed with Wan Renjie .

The gratefulness of the three of them towards Chu Yang was from the bottom of their hearts!

Although Chu Yang had met the three by chance, Chu Yang saved Bao Buhuan's life, and he warmheartedly carried Bao Buhuan in his carriage to heal him along the way . Then, Chu Yang used his supreme medical skills to alleviate the injuries of all the three of them .

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Then, after knowing the troubles that the three of them were going through, he did the most generous thing in the world: Gave each of the three a Purple Cloud Pill!

Which allowed them to directly advance to the Supreme level!

This was equivalent to realizing the dreams of all the three of them!

This was a decision that Chu Yang made after careful consideration .

Because, after their breakthroughs, they would continue to be enemies with the nine great clans and law-enforcement officers!

It was conceivable of the amount of risk Chu Yang had to endure in helping them this time around!

Living in the Nine Heavens, how could he not know the power of the nine great clans? Just now, he also mentioned that he wasn't optimistic about the three in their confrontation because they had lone forces .

But… he resolutely made this choice of helping them for the sake of the friendship he had forged with them!

Where else should he go to find such friends?

The three were so moved that they didn't know what to say . Thank you? But it seemed that no matter how much they thanked Chu Yang, it wouldn't make up for the great graces that Chu Yang had given them!

Give Chu Yang some gifts to express their gratitude? But what gifts could be compared with 500-years-worth of cultivation?

The three received the kindness of Chu Yang gratuitously, but they realized… they had nothing to repay!

"Little brother… little brother, I really don't know what to say…" Wan Renjie let out a long sigh, saying, "You reached out to us when we were in trouble and kindly saved our lives . We owe you too great a debt of gratitude . I'm really… really…"

He still felt he didn't know what to say for a long time .

Chu Yang said smilingly, "Old brother, why are you thinking this way? Both you and I are born in a martial world . Everyone should behave freely and easily… I'll be surprised if you act so reservedly . "

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Wan Renjie exclaimed, "This of course should be the case for small matters; but how can we be unaffected when we receive such great graces from you? How can we ever repay you?! Alas~~"

Chu Yang said as he smiled generously, "Old Brother Wan, you're wrong in saying this . Honestly, I didn't want to be so generous at the beginning, but the three brothers have such filialness in fulfilling the last wishes of your teachers and seeking revenge for them . You really moved me… Besides…"

Chu Yang looked at Chu Le'er affectionately and said, "At the start, Big Brother Wan entertained my younger sister because you really like her . My younger sister is weak and not in good health since young, and she's rarely so happy… But she's so happy when you're around her…"

Intentionally or unintentionally, Chu Yang had changed his address from 'three elders' to 'three old brothers', and now, to 'three big brothers'…

Chu Yang smiled bashfully and said, "Actually, this younger sister of mine is very important to me… Because Big Brother Wan has made my younger sister so happy, it's already worthy of me to do something for my three big brothers . "

He paused for a while and said, "What's more, Big Brother Wan also gave three pieces of precious Purple Crystal Jade Core to Le'er…"

Wan Renjie's face instantly blushed . He shook his hand repeatedly, saying, "Little brother, don't say this . I'm already very ashamed… It's only three pieces of purple crystal… Alas… Alas…"

He simply didn't know what to say .

Cheng Duying said, "Yes, little brother, we owe you such a great debt of gratitude . How can this… be measured with a few purple crystals? As for how to repay you, little brother, we really… can't think of it even if we crack our brains . "

Bao Buhuan thought for a long time and said, "Little brother, big brother and second brother are right . "

Chu Yang smiled honestly . He also seemed a little at a loss of what to do . He said, "Three brothers, you're making me feel embarrassed…" Yeah, now, Chu Yang had changed his addresses to the three as 'three brothers'…

Wan Renjie sighed for a long time . Upon hearing Chu Yang, his eyes suddenly lit up and he said, "Little brother, since we're so congenial if you don't despise us for having notorious reputations… How about we become sworn brothers?"

Both Cheng Duying's and Bao Buhuan's eyes lit up .

Cheng Duying clapped and said, "Yes! Senior brother is right . Little brother, if you don't object, the three of us shall be thick-skinned and become sworn brothers with you . From then on, we shall share our joys and hardships together! If you're in trouble, the three of us will definitely come to assist you no matter where we are! "

Chu Yang shook his head heavily, "Don't, please don't! Three brothers are renowned elders in the martial world! And now, all of you are Supreme Martial Artists! How can I be on par with you, let alone become sworn brothers? I don't deserve this! Please don't!"

Cheng Duying said zealously, "What's the problem in that? Let alone to mention us being Supreme Martial Artists… Even if that's taken into account, isn't this your contribution? If we become sworn brothers, as long as we are willing to do anything, who else is there to care about us?"

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Chu Yang said eagerly, "I know that my three brothers want to support me… But… really…"

Wan Renjie said a bit angrily, "Are you disliking us for having bad reputations?"

Chu Yang said stunningly, "Big Brother Wan, what are you saying? If I…"

Cheng Duying said threateningly, "Are you fearing that we have too many enemies in the martial world and we may implicate you?"

Chu Yang looked more awkward now . He said, "Big Brother Cheng, you really misunderstood me… If I…"

But not waiting for him to finish speaking, Bao Buhuan interrupted, "Senior brother and second brother are right! You definitely think it this way . "

"It's really not like that, really not…" Chu Yang said as he shook his head and hands repeatedly . His face had also turned red .

"If it's not, then what is there to speak of?" Wan Renjie said with resolution, "This matter shall then be settled this way!"

Chu Yang was too stunned to respond . "This… Is this good?"

"What is there to be bad?" Wan Renjie said overbearingly, "Among the three of us, I'm the most senior! I have the say! Duying, get some joss sticks . Buhuan, get some living creatures with blood! Little brother, erm, fourth brother! What else do you want to say?"

Chu Yang helplessly spread his hands and smiled bitterly, saying, "Since big brother said so… what else can I say?"

"Good! Really good!" The three instantly laughed with excitement .

Not for long, the four burnt incense and killed a wild deer to pledge themselves as sworn brothers .

Then the four knelt down on the ground at the same time . Wan Renjie said, "Shall Heaven and Earth be our witness!"

The other three said at the same time, "Shall Heaven and Earth be our witness!"

"I, Wan Renjie, swear brothers with Cheng Duying, Bao Buhuan and Chu Yang! From today onwards, we shall share all the blessings and difficulties we have together! If any brothers have difficulties, I'll stand at their front! If any brothers endure hardships, I'll go endure with them together…"

"I, Cheng Duying…"

"I, Bao Buhuan…"

"I, Chu Yang…"

The four prostrated eight times towards heaven . Every one of them looked full of joy .

"Fourth brother!" Wan Renjie called affectionately .

"Fourth brother!" Cheng Duying called warmly .

"Fourth brother!" Bao Buhuan grasped onto Chu Yang's hands .

Chu Yang looked awkward and appeared to have some difficulty opening his mouth . After looking bashful for some time, he said with a flushed face, likening to that of a girl, "Senior brother… I…"

"Yes!" Wan Renjie responded to Chu Yang's address and patted on Chu Yang's shoulders heavily . He laughed contentedly . "Go and greet your second and third brother . "

"Second brother, third brother…" Chu Yang greeted each of them with clasped hands .

"Fourth brother, please rise . " Both Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan were grinning from ear to ear .

Wan Renjie said, "Fourth brother, you're still young and in the spring of your ears, and your future is boundless . So, when we're swearing brothers just now, I didn't say 'We don't ask for being born on the same day, same month and the same year, but only ask for dying on the same dame, same month, the same year' . Haha, the three of us are old geezers now . If I really said this, little brother would have to suffer from big loss…"

"Haha…" Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan laughed .

"Congratulations to big brother…" Chu Le'er clasped her hands, imitating Chu Yang . "Big brother, second brother, third brother, fourth brother…"

Wan Renjie instantly laughed and choked . He pulled the little girl towards him, and squeezed her skin lightly, then laughed, saying, "Your big brother has sworn brothers with us, but you haven't yet . You still have to call us 'uncles', understand?"

"Ah?" Chu Le'er said pathetically, "Then, won't I be a generation lower than my big brother?"

"Hahaha…" The four laughed at the same time .

…This is an old Chinese practice of swearing brotherhood and fidelity

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