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Chapter 899
Chapter 899: The Great Le’er
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Chu Le’er’s eyes instantly turned into two lovely crescent moons . She smiled happily as she said, “Really? I shall blow a few more times then…” And, she really did .

Now, Wan Renjie really felt that this little girl was like a fairy . The comfort he felt in his whole body was inexplicable, and he felt that all the ruthlessness that had accumulated in his body had blown away…

He let out a comfortable sigh, as he grew fonder of this little girl . Gently, he asked, “Little girl, what’s your name?”

Chu Le’er squinted her eyes and said smilingly, “I’m called Le’er 1 … My mom said that she wanted me, as well as everyone that I meet, to be happy…”

Wan Renjie fully agreed to what she said . He sighed, saying, “This name is really good . I’m happy when I see you, Le’er . ”

He felt that his heart became all the more soft and serene . For a moment, he found himself reveling in his emotions and didn’t want to break away from it…

Recollecting all the events that had happened to him in the past, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: What’s the point of me doing so much fighting and killings in this martial world?

If I had such a well-behaved child by my side, wouldn’t it be the most beautiful thing in life?

There would also be nothing else that I would desire in my whole life .

Chu Le’er was even happier now . She said, “Yes, everyone who sees me is happy . ” Then, her eyes squinted to become two lovely crescent moons again .

Wan Renjie gazed at Chu Le’er, and said tenderly, “Le’er is such a lovely girl . Of course, everyone will be happy to see you . ”

Chu Le’er agreed and nodded her small head heavily . Wan Renjie couldn’t help but squint his eyes and smile contentedly with her…

Wan Renjie had been lonely for all his life . And throughout his life, he had fully experienced the fickleness of human nature . Suddenly, coming across a small girl like Chu Le’er simply made him set on fire…

Chu Le’er took out that piece of Purple Crystal Jade Core and played it in her hands . At one moment, she would place it at her chest, at another moment, she would rub it on the face, then, she would stuff it in her hair . And she would ask Wan Renjie non-stop, “Do I look good? Do I look good?”

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And Wan Renjie would exclaim non-stop, “Good! Good! Good!”

So, Chu Le’er became even happier .

Not waiting for Chu Le’er to speak further, Wan Renjie took out another piece of Purple Crystal Jade Core from his pocket and said, “I’ve got one more here . ”

“Really?” Chu Le’er grabbed it over and placed it on her palm, as she compared it with the first piece she had . “It’s really nice…”

It was unbelievable that anyone could snatch anything from Wan Renjie’s hands by his cultivation . Not to mention a small girl with no cultivation at all like Chu Le’er .

But Wan Renjie looked very comforted and satisfied to have Chu Le’er snatch away the Purple Crystal Jade Core… It was much happier as compared to himself defeating a powerful enemy, or snatching everything away from his enemies’ hands!

“Come, Le’er . You’re so pretty and you should have some ornaments on,” Wan Renjie said enthusiastically, “How about carving you an ornament?”

“What ornament?” Chu Le’er blinked her eyes wide, and asked, “Do you know how to make ornaments?”

Wan Renjie said as he smiled proudly, “Humph . I used to make a business from crafting ornaments when I was young . No one could compare their skills with mine . ”

Chu Le’er looked at him with veneration and said, “You’re so good!”

Wan Renjie was overjoyed and he said, “Look . ” He took out his Yinyang Bridge, and actually relied on this lethal weapon to start making an ornament for this little girl .

Chu Le’er rushed up to look at Wan Renjie crafting the ornament, and cheered from the side, “Good good… good good good, yeah! This… Isn’t this me?”

Wan Renjie looked satisfied .

As Chu Yang and Cheng Duying carried the seriously-injured Bao Buhuan back, they saw such a scene: Chu Le’er’s both hands were grasped on the hem of Wan Renjie’s clothes, shouting, “Wow… can you do one more, one more…”

Wan Renjie continued to be busy with his craft work as he said dotingly, “Okay okay okay… Then I shall do one more… Oh dear my little girl, don’t touch this sword…”

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Chu Yang and Cheng Duying gazed at each other stunningly .

Damn it! What’s going on here?

Even Bao Buhuan, who was completely bandaged up into a dumpling, widened his eyes: This… Is this still my senior brother? Is this kind, gentle, doting and smiley person… that ‘number one thief in the South-East region’; that evil, merciless person who especially sent people up to the Yinyang Bridge… Wan Renjie?

“Oh dear… Zzzz…” Bao Buhuan shifted his body which pulled on his wounds . He couldn’t help but let out a scream . But while he screamed, his eyes stared roundly at Wan Renjie in utter astonishment, as if his senior brother had turned into a beauty .

Wan Renjie raised his sword over his head to show that he had surrendered to Chu Le’er, and said, “Okay okay okay, I shall make another one…”

Only then he turned around and said, “Is third brother fine?”

Cheng Duying said with admiration, “Little brother is indeed skillful . After his treatment, third brother will not have any serious problem . He can recover after some rest… Little brother is really awesome…”

He saw Chu Yang extending some techniques which caused Bao Buhuan’s injury to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye, and him to gradually recover consciousness from a half-dead state .

Wan Renjie said comfortingly, “That’s good, that’s good . ”

Then he reached out his hand and said, “Any one of you has Purple Crystal Jade Core?”

Cheng Duying was stunned . “Senior brother, you want Purple Crystal Jade Core?”

Wan Renjie said discontentedly, “What are you saying? If I don’t want it, why will I reach out my hand?”

Cheng Duying said, “I have one with me… I don’t know whether third brother has it…”

Wan Renjie said, “If you have, quickly take it out . I’m making ornaments for Le’er…”

Cheng Duying almost fell from the horse upon hearing . He stuttered, “What… what? You’re making… making ornaments?”

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Bao Buhuan straightened his body immediately . His two eyes protruded out as he said, “Senior… senior brother… You… you… Didn’t you promise…”

Wan Renjie frowned and said, “Stop talking nonsense here! Quickly take it out . ”

Cheng Duying blankly took out the Purple Jade Crystal from his chest . He looked as if he didn’t know what he was doing…

Wan Renjie snatched it from Cheng Duying and said, “Third brother, do you have it? Take it out quickly if you have . ”

Only then did Bao Buhuan realize that his body was straightened up . He dropped onto the ground and gasped, “It… It… It’s at home…”

“Then you might as well not say it,” Wan Renjie said a bit angrily, then turned around to Chu Le’er and looked gently and amicably at her, saying, “Le’er, what do you want to carve?”

Chu Le’er supported her chin and finally decided . “I want… a puppy!”

“Okay okay okay, let’s just carve a puppy… Wait a moment… I’ll be done in a moment’s time . Haha, I’m great, right?”

“Uncle, you’re really good! Much better than my big brother! Yes, the puppy needs to be the cuter kind…”

“Oh hahaha… How can your big brother compare with me… Okay, it should be cute . But what should I do to make the puppy cute…” Wan Renjie said and smiled happily, then he began using his precious Yinyang Bridge to carve the Purple Crystal Jade Core he had just gotten .

“He’s gone mad…” Cheng Duying said blankly .

The three people, including Chu Yang, were stunned .

There were already two ornaments in Chu Le’er’s hands… One of them was a statuette of Chu Le’er . There’s a pointed top above the statuette, which was used to represent her hairpin .

One could see that Wan Renjie put in much effort into carving the sculpture . All the essence of purple crystals wasn’t wasted by even a bit, and they were all remained within the statuette . The statuette looked vivid, especially its eyes and eyebrows . And the narrow strips carved on the forehead, which represented hair, slanted down on the sides… It was an excellent ornament .

It would be an excellent adornment when inserted on Le’er’s hair . When not in use, it could also act as a rare piece of treasured statuette…

The other ornament was an animated and charming piglet .

Now, a puppy was almost formed from the other Purple Crystal Jade Core .

It was actually very exhausting of one’s cultivation to carve on such sturdy Purple Crystal Jade Core! It was even more difficult to carve using Yinyang Bridge, a saber, which wasn’t suited for carving at all…

Chu Yang scratched his head and asked, “What’s going on?”

At the same time, Cheng Duying also asked the same question, “What’s going on?”

Chu Le’er gazed excitedly at the Purple Crystal Jade Core in Wan Renjie’s hands and said merrily, “What ‘what’s going on’? Look, uncle is very great… Wow, wow, the puppy’s head is going to be formed… So cute! So amazing!”

Wan Renjie became all the more satisfied, and said contentedly, “Really? It’s going to be more amazing behind…”

Chu Le’er danced happily and exclaimed, “Wow…”

Chu Yang’s face twitched . He felt all his five organs cramping, and he thought, “How is Wan Renjie so amazing? It’s clearly you, Miss Chu Le’er… You actually turned a Saint level king of hell into such an amiable… uncle? Do you know how many times older this ‘uncle’ is than our own grandpa? …”

He turned around blankly, almost twisting his spine, and he forced a smile to Cheng Duying, saying, “Urgh *cough*, this senior brother of yours… He looks really caring and likes children a lot…”

Cheng Duying instantly rolled his eyes and looked as if his whole body was twitching . He said, “Caring? Likes children a lot? … This… this is really… absurd…”

Bao Buhuan’s mouth was agape . He looked at Wan Renjie with glassy eyes, and muttered, “When an expert sees the Yinyang Bridge, it’ll be used to do sculpturing? …”

Wan Renjie… the legendary number one big thief… the legendary ghostly king of hell who wielded the Yinyang Bridge… the merciless and brutal person who had killed up to tens of thousands of people… the person whom no one could control in the South-East region…

Cheng Duying said blankly, “I… I must be dreaming…”

Bao Buhuan said as he groaned from his injury, “I’m going to faint…” Then he really did .

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