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Chapter 898: 898

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Wan Renjie sighed . "A doctor must have the heart of a parent… There are really few doctors like this in these days…"

Chu Yang nodded heavily, saying, "Yes, so when I finished my apprenticeship, my teacher taught me that I must always put to heart this sentence . No matter what, my job is to save people's lives and cure people's injuries . I must also be a doctor in every place I go, so that I can alleviate mankind's suffering and play a part to prevent the population of mankind from declining… My teacher…"

Wan Renjie immediately interrupted Chu Yang from gabbling non-stop . "Aren't you afraid that both of us could be bad people?"

Chu Yang replied seriously, "Uncle, you've said this incorrectly . In the eyes of a doctor, there are no bad or good men, there's only patient! Only pain! If doctors still have to pay attention to bad men or good men, then, how can doctors alleviate mankind's suffering and play a part to prevent the population of mankind from declining? … Even if there are bad men, they're born and raised up by their mothers and fathers . Bad men are also men . Since they're men, how can doctors not care about them? You must understand that a man is given birth by his mother, a pig is given birth by its mother too . Even if he's a bad man, he's also born from this bad man's mother…"

Wan Renjie coughed repeatedly and wanted to interrupt Chu Yang's speech, but he still finished saying eloquently .

Wan Renjie smiled bitterly and said, "Then… Little brother, can you see what injuries do I suffer from?"

Chu Yang looked at him seriously . Then Chu Yang's own face instantly became heavy . He stepped up two steps and reached out for Wan Renjie's wrist .

Wan Renjie didn't know whether to cry or laugh: This little guy really has no defense against me at all? He actually takes my wrist so heedlessly…

But Wan Renjie wasn't afraid . Besides, he wanted to test Chu Yang's abilities . How would Wan Renjie dodge away from Chu Yang?

Chu Yang extended his fingers and placed them on Wan Renjie's wrist . Then he turned back and frowned, saying, "Uncle, your injuries are quite serious… First, your internal organs are injured through concussions from a powerful force, then they are again injured by sword energy… Now, although you have temporarily suppressed your injuries at your chest area, you have actually broken your two ribs… There's also internal bleeding in your internal organs, and the blood isn't all cleared . And you also have a broken piece of shoulder bone…"

He smiled bitterly and retracted his fingers, saying, "You can move freely now because you have used your cultivation to locate your injuries… And you have used your cultivation to repair your broken bone… I'm far away from doing all these with my cultivation . It turns out that you're an expert… I'm really shameless to have boasted about myself just now…"

He shook his head, sighed and revealed a face of self-mockery . Then he smiled and said, "Uncle, you asked me just now why didn't I have any ill intentions… If I really had ill intentions, I would really be committing suicide . Haha…"

Wan Renjie's face changed color .

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For what Chu Yang said just now, including the injuries within Wan Renjie's body, and the aftermaths of Wan Renjie using his cultivation to repair his body, ordinary doctors would definitely not realize them .

But Chu Yang recognized them and said them out .

This teenager had claimed previously that he knew about medicines . From the looks of it now, it's far more than that! He's simply a divine doctor!

Third brother can be saved now!

Chu Yang seemed to feel that he didn't shock Wan Renjie enough . He turned towards Cheng Duying, and said, "This uncle, your injury is lighter… But your internal organs are also seriously injured by concussions… Alas, curing isn't difficult for the two of you… Actually, with both of your cultivations, as long as you can control your injuries and not let your broken bones crack further, your bodies can completely recover by themselves . "

Chu Yang squatted down and picked up the two packets of wound medicines, then smiled a bit embarrassedly, saying, "There's nothing big for the two of you . Erm, especially for this uncle, if you can use your cultivation and shake your body for a while, then vomit out the remaining blood in your body, your body will basically be all right… I'm ashamed to have boasted myself too much in front of the two of you, and I shall leave now…"

As he said, he mounted onto his horses, clasped his hands and revealed a bashful smile, ready to lash his whip —

"Wait!" Wan Renjie's face had long changed color, and he forced out a smile as he said, "Little brother, little brother… Hahaha, please wait… please wait . Actually, we also have a brother who's seriously injured there… Um, just over there… Since you have such superb medical skills, may you take a look at him?"

Saying till here, he hurriedly added on, "Of course, we'll definitely repay you afterward…" As he said, he took out a purplish Purple Crystal Jade Core and wanted to put it into Chu Yang's hands .

Chu Yang said discontentedly, "Uncle, what are you saying? Where's he? Quickly take me to him…" He pushed the Purple Crystal Jade Core aside and frowned as he spoke, "How can a person's life be compared with this… Hurry, it's more important to save his life first . Is his injury serious?"

Wan Renjie revealed a guilty look and hurriedly led Chu Yang forward .

Chu Le'er popped her head out of the carriage and pouted her lips, saying, "Big brother… Don't go, I'm afraid…"

Chu Yang immediately turned back and spoke to Wan Renjie, "Uncle, can you help accompany my younger sister here… She's timid . " Then Chu Yang said to Chu Le'er, "Be good . I have to go there . There's a wounded uncle there… He's in great pain . "

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Chu Le'er said in a well-behaved manner, "Then go quickly . And cure his pain…"

Wan Renjie immediately agreed to Chu Yang's request, and piled up an amiable smile, speaking, "Little girl, you're so cute . Hahaha… What's your name?"

By Wan Renjie's cultivation, he could see by one glance that this little girl was really an ordinary person and she had no cultivation at all .

Chu Le'er shuddered, recoiled and looked at him, "Who, who are you? Oh, why do you have so much blood on your body?"

Her eyes were filled with fear .

It's pathetic that Wan Renjie never handled children before in his life . But he couldn't reject Chu Yang since Chu Yang was giving him a favor . Instantly, he stood awkwardly in front of Chu Le'er . He was so nervous that he rubbed and wiped the wounded parts on his body, and tried hard to force out a smile as he said, "It's okay, hahaha . I fell down just now . "

Chu Le'er pouted her small lips, saying, "It's terrible…"

She looked like she was almost about to cry .

Wan Renjie was at a loss of what to do . He hurriedly took out the Purple Crystal Jade Core that was rejected by Chu Yang just now, and said, "Hey, don't cry . Look at this, okay?"

Chu Le'er's eyes beamed instantly, as she forced back the tears in her eyes, "It's beautiful…"

Wan Renjie heaved a sigh of relief, and said, "If you don't cry, I'll give it to you… okay?"

Chu Le'er slanted her head, asking, "Really?"

Wan Renjie smiled warmly and said, "Of course . "

Chu Le'er broke into a smile . When she was just about to extend her hands, she pouted her lips again . "But my big brother doesn't let me take people's things so randomly…" Although she said so, she still looked at the Purple Crystal Jade Core keenly and yearningly .

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These two kids are really pure-hearted .

Wan Renjie sighed in his heart and said, "It's okay, I'll talk to your big brother about it . If he doesn't allow, I'll… I'll beat him up . Okay?"

Chu Le'er's eyes sparkled . "Then beat his ass!"

Wan Renjie nodded heavily, saying, "Yes, beat his ass!" He thought: This little girl is really innocent and adorable…

At this moment, Chu Yang's lamenting voice sounded, "Both of you are really… He's injured so badly, and you actually have the mind to chat so idly there… Hey, come help me . "

Then, the sound of Cheng Duying rushing over could be heard, "Here, here… Little brother, is this brother of mine okay?"

Chu Yang said, "He's okay… Fortunately, I came on time . If I was an hour late, even God couldn't help him… You guys are really…"

Chu Yang started to lament again .

Wan Renjie finally put down his heart and revealed a trace of a smile .

Chu Le'er had already grabbed away the Purple Crystal Jade Core and was now playing with it lovingly in her hands . Then she put down and said worriedly, "Uncle, is your injury painful?"

Warmth instantly overwhelmed Wan Renjie's heart upon hearing this soft voice . He actually said comfortingly, "No no no, not painful at all . "

Chu Le'er furrowed her thin eyebrows and looked uncertain . She said, "How would it be not painful when you bled so much? Uncle, come here, I'll help you to wash your wounds . I learned quite a lot from my big brother…"

Chu Le'er said proudly .

Wan Renjie couldn't help but smile . At this moment, he really smiled warmly from the bottom of his heart .

He first met an upright and honest teenage doctor, then, a naive little girl . This made him feel that his heart, which had turned cold from braving the martial world for so many years, actually softened by a bit .

As he thought of this, he couldn't help but look at Chu Le'er in a gentler way .

Disregarding whether Wan Renjie wanted to accept Chu Le'er's help or otherwise, she dragged him into the carriage . Wan Renjie was afraid that he would hurt this cute and pretty girl by using any force, so he could only allow her to drag him in .

Then, Chu Le'er really started to be busy .

She used her water packet to gently touch on his wounds and tried to clean them . Then she looked at him with her big, talking eyes, as she asked with concern, "Is it painful? Is it painful?"

Then she put her small mouth forth to blow on the wounds…

As her small hands brushed over Wan Renjie's wounds, he only felt bathed in warmth . Instantly, all the pain he had disappeared . Suddenly he got this feeling: If I had such a granddaughter… Alas, my whole body reeks of blood . How will I have such a fortune…

He thought about his wife and son who had died in the hands of his enemies back then . His eyes started to become blurry, and he let out a deep sigh .

If my son was still alive… my own granddaughter… no… great-granddaughter, would also be this old…

Ever since his family was wrenched apart, when did Wan Renjie experience happiness in family reunion before? Now, there's such a good, cute and gentle little girl next to him caring for him so unreservedly…

Wan Renjie felt a sense of fulfillment in his heart . A kind of fulfillment that only elderly people had…

Chu Le'er heard his sigh and asked with concern, "Uncle, do you feel very painful?"

"Not painful, not painful at all…" Wan Renjie felt a bit sour in his heart . He looked at Chu Le'er amiably and said, "Even if I'm in pain, with your one blow, I won't feel the pain anymore . "

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