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Chapter 896: 896

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Bao Buhuan didn't utter a word . He pushed his sword forth, then after transforming his orientation, he pushed his sword forth again .

This Bao Buhuan was indeed worthy of being called the first killer in the South-East region . He appeared to come and go like a shadow . After he attacked at the East, he vanished, then attacked at the West . Thus, a cold, ghostly atmosphere was created by him .

The Wuyan Sword net that Wei Wuyan created was actually broken after Bao Buhuan made ten or so moves with his sword!

Cheng Duying felt relaxation across his whole body as if he had woken up from a heavy nightmare . With a roar, his body flipped up, and his Life and Death Saber flashed .

Wei Wuyan fought composedly .

If Wei Wuyan were to fight with each of these three people, he would definitely win the battle . But, he felt somehow restricted in exercising his moves when the two of them joined forces to fight against him .

Cheng Duying bravely fought face-to-face with Wei Wuyan as Cheng Duying wielded his saber wildly and with all his energy!

Bao Buhuan floated around Wei Wuyan like a spirit, and every sword move of Bao Buhuan was directed towards parts of Wei Wuyan's body that were the most difficult for him to avoid . The pressure that Bao Buhuan gave Wei Wuyan even exceeded that given by Cheng Duying!

Aside, Wan Renjie had his eyes closed, as he tried to recover his strength and cultivation as soon as possible .

If Wan Renjie joined in the battle and wielded his Yinyang Bridge, Wei Wuyan would feel that he had really set his foot on Yinyang Bridge…

But now, he couldn't get away from his two opponents .

A battle with Wan Renjie had exhausted much of his cultivation, and even more cultivation when he battled with Cheng Duying; Now, he was equivalent to be fighting the third battle!

His nerves were all tensed up in this battle . He was now far more exhausted than the previous two battles combined together!

Even if he escaped now, he would definitely have to pay a heavy price: he absolutely couldn't escape from the assassination of the first killer of the South-East region!

Wei Wuyan fought calmly as he thought carefully about what countermeasures he could take .

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He had no choice but to be careful . The three whom he was confronting at that moment were all experienced martial experts . It was too difficult to slip away from them .

Looking at the battle, Chu Yang said lightly, "I really don't know when will this fight stop… Wei Wuyan has already changed seven kinds of sword techniques!"

The sword spirit said, "For experts fighting a battle, they either finish it off very quickly or fight for a long time . Nothing unexpected . "

Chu Yang said worriedly, "I hope that nothing happens to Le'er . "

The sword spirit said reassuringly, "Don't worry, our divine spirit's force can completely cover that area there . I've also set aside some force to pay attention to any movements in that area . Once there's anything wrong, we absolutely have time to rush over . "

"That's good then," Chu Yang put down his heart .

Then, Chu Yang realized something, "It's not right… Wei Wuyan is the number one blood-payer in the world, and he has once completed the task of killing a Supreme Martial Artist . But he clearly isn't a Supreme Martial Artist from what we can see . "

The sword spirit flipped his eyes instantly and said, "You're a bit silly in saying this . If Wei Wuyan was really a Supreme Martial Artist, wouldn't it be a piece of cake for him to deal with these three people? And he would have ended the battle very quickly . "

"But how did he manage to accomplish the task of killing a Supreme Martial Artist?" Chu Yang asked, frowning .

"Killing a Supreme Martial Artist outrightly isn't the only way! Wei Wuyan could assassinate or poison him, or carry out a sneak attack when the opponent is seriously injured… In short, there are many ways to do so . Besides, since that Supreme Martial Artist was targeted in the reward offer, there would certainly be a lot of people who wanted to get the reward . Whoever was courageous enough to receive this task certainly had sufficient confidence to kill the Supreme Martial Artist . Do you think everyone is so brainless?"

"And who knows how many Supreme Martial Artists Wei Wuyan has fought with already?" the sword spirit said, "What's so strange about Wei Wuyan fighting with people of cultivations above him?"

Chu Yang started to become a little embarrassed . He said, "Yes, you do make sense . "

The sword spirit replied, "So, although you also know how to design conspiracies and plots, you are still an orthodox martial artist in your bones . You can't think of this not because you aren't smart enough, but you still yearn for fairness and openness . "

The sword spirit smiled, "If Mo Tianji was here, even if someone told him that a Martial Emperor had killed a Supreme Martial Artist, I'm afraid he wouldn't be surprised at all . That guy was a natural conspiracy-maker . He's the same as Diwu Qingrou . Evil characters . "

Chu Yang laughed .

The sword spirit said, "Wei Wuyan has probably earned a name of 'number one blood-payer in the world' after he killed the Supreme Martial Artist . As for whether he's really a number one, there isn't any Supreme Martial Artists among the blood-payers… Humph, who knows?"

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Chu Yang deeply agreed to what the sword spirit said .

At this moment, the battle had become white-hot .

Cheng Duying was fighting furiously . With his yellow robes fluttering in the air, he waved his saber extremely vehemently like thunderbolts which connected heaven and earth .

Bao Buhuan became more sneaky . His gray robes loomed here and there in the whirling dust, and he looked even more alike to a spirit . Sword light appeared just like a venomous snake, attacking forth time after time .

Wei Wuyan looked solemn . He made use of his Wuyan Sword to create a simple-looking yet stable light curtain . Although he was at a disadvantageous position, his defense was impenetrable, like a towering and firm mountain .

From the looks of the battle, if they maintained their current moves, the three might fight on endlessly .

But changes immediately came .

Aside, Wan Renjie abruptly opened his eyes . Two shots of light shot out from his eyes . Then, he stood up slowly . All the bones in his body cracked aloud .

He extended his two arms . All the blood and wounds on his arms were gone! His two arms had recovered to the original state .

All his other wounds had too recovered .

With a soft clang, the Yinyang Bridge was in his hands .

It emitted two distinct rays of light: Black, which was as black as night, and white, which was as white as day .

He took two steps forth and watched the battle, but he didn't join in .

Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan became spirited at once . Cheng Duying laughed, saying, "Senior brother, you recovered so quickly!"

Bao Buhuan laughed . "Senior brother, second brother is right . "

Wan Renjie laughed and said, "How will I need months or years to recover such ordinary wounds?" The three of them laughed at the same time .

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Wei Wuyan felt that the pressure he had doubled . Cold sweat crept up his forehead . He originally thought that Wan Renjie would join in the battle, but he didn't .

This had ruined Wei Wuyan's plan .

"Wei Wuyan is in real danger now," the sword spirit sighed and said, "If Wan Renjie joined in, there should be no problem for Wei Wuyan to rely on Wan Renjie's and Cheng Duying's injuries to break out of the encirclement on Bao Buhuan's side . As long as he seriously injured this number one killer, the remaining two couldn't catch up with Wei Wuyan after he escaped . Wan Renjie was waiting for this opportunity for a long time . But too bad that Wan Renjie didn't join the battle . "

"This is really called 'man proposes and god disposes'," Chu Yang laughed and continued to witness the battle attentively and heartlessly .

"This battle benefited me a lot . "

The sword spirit said, "Do you want me to join in the battle?"

Chu Yang asked, "You want to join in the battle? Why?"

The sword spirit was speechless .

"We don't need to take actions! We only need to watch," Chu Yang said, "If Wei Wuyan can't break through the encirclement of the three people, then let him die! There's nothing else in the world, but f**king lots of experts! To say the least, if you help him escape, he at most owe you a favor . Nothing more . "

The sword spirit stared back at Chu Yang .

Chu Yang said, "In dealing with people who don't want to owe anyone a favor, like Wei Wuyan, let him owe us big one at one shot! Only then is it pleasurable!"

The sword spirit said in shock, "You want Wei Wuyan to be your subject? That's really whimsical and unimaginable . If you really think so, I advise you to dismiss this thought . "

Chu Yang sighed, and said, "I think you really don't understand me . Am I someone who takes advantage of other's difficulties?"

The sword spirit silently lowered his head and thought: Aren't you?

Drops of blood began to spatter out amidst the intense battle .

Wei Wuyan had already suffered injuries; blood was splashing out from two or three areas on Cheng Duying's body too .

The sword spirit became more energetic, "The battle is going to end soon . "

Chu Yang was puzzled . "Well?"

"Normally, when experts of such levels fight, once they suffer from any injuries, it means that they can't control the protective spiritual qi on their body freely . So, once this situation occurs, everyone will try to end the battle quickly, so as to prevent the injuries from deteriorating . If that happens, they can't even escape . "

The sword spirit said heavily, "This is an experience! But this only applies for those above fifth stage Saint level . "

Chu Yang nodded seriously, "I've remembered!"

Wei Wuyan suddenly let out a roar .

"Really foolish!" Chu Yang couldn't help but criticize Wei Wuyan, "Isn't he telling his enemies: 'I want to break through your besiegement now!' Why did he actually speak this out…"

The sword spirit sighed, saying, "You haven't arrived at his realm yet, so you can't understand . Of course, he meant that he wants to break through the besiegement when he roars . But he's helpless in doing so . "

"Helpless?" Chu Yang was confused .

"In fighting this kind of level, an expert has to open up the heaven-earth bridge in his body with one breath, from then on not use his nose or mouth to breathe as he fights . This one breath can support him for days . But once he reaches the point of having to break through the besiegement of their enemies, he needs to put in all his energy . Thus, he needs to release all his previous one breath and exchange for another breath, so that his body will be in the best conditions to break out of the besiegement . "

The sword spirit said, "If he doesn't release out this one breath, he probably has no way to break out of the besiegement . "

Sure enough, after Wei Wuyan let out this earth-shattering roar, Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan also roared at the same time .

The three roars rushed towards the sky, and the forces that came from the roars dispersed the clouds in all directions .

Wei Wuyan leaped up and flew towards the sky like a dragon, while Cheng Duying held up his saber and chased after Wei Wuyan closely . Dust was violently spurred up from the ground, while Bao Buhuan wrapped himself within the dust as he rose towards the sky .

Wei Wuyan let out a big roar again, and his Wuyan Sword shot out dazzling, colorful and dreamlike rays of sword light!

No one would ever expect that this humble Wuyan Sword would actually shoot out such glamorous and murderous sword light .

Wei Wuyan hid his body within the sword light, and like a bolt of lightning that flashed across the sky, he flew off .

Even the sword spirit was amazed by such speed .

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