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Chapter 894: 894

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"Yes, this is the Yinyang Bridge!" Wan Renjie gazed deeply at the sword in his hands and said lightly, "When one sees the Yinyang Bridge, he'll be stabbed by it . When an expert sees the Yinyang Bridge, he'll cross the Yinyang Bridge . "

"Wei Wuyan, you've endured through lots of hardships as you grew up . You arrived at manhood also under the nurture of your parents . It'll be a pity if you lose your life under my Yinyang Bridge . "

"Wei Wuyan, you still have time to give up this task," Wan Renjie looked up to look at Wei Wuyan, and said seriously, "I really don't want to kill you!"

Wei Wuyan smiled, saying, "Don't want to kill me? I really want to hear your reasons . Why don't you want to kill me?"

Wan Renjie smiled heavily, speaking, "In the whole South-East region, there are not many people whom I look up to! But you, Wei Wuyan, is a real man! I'm an enemy to the law-enforcement officers and the nine great clans, but I don't want to be your enemy!"

Wei Wuyan was silent for a moment and said, "Unfortunately, I have already accepted this task . Before that, I actually didn't want to be your enemy either . "

Wan Renjie contemplated for a while and frowned, "You have difficulties?"

Wei Wuyan smiled lightly and said, "In this world, who has no difficulties?"

Wan Renjie said, "Good! Good! Good!"

He repeated 'good' three times . He gradually looked colder and his whole body cast out a spell of death . He said in a solemn tone, "Looks like you've decided to kill me?"

"I don't want to kill you . But if I don't, I won't be able to get those 70,000 purple crystals!" Wei Wuyan answered .

Wan Renjie smiled and said, "Unfortunately, not only will you lose those 70,000 purple crystals, but you'll also lose your life here . "

He clapped his hands and said, "Brothers, come out and have a look at the first expert in the South-East region!"

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Wei Wuyan smiled lightly and said, "I know you must have helpers since I see you're alone here . I'm curious who's so bold . They know that I'm dealing with you, yet they actually dare to help you!"

He smiled softly and dismissively, and said, "You can't afford this precedent . "

A voice sounded from a distance away, "Why can't we afford? Wei Wuyan?"

Wei Wuyan's body rose up and moved thirty feet to the right to avoid Wan Renjie from attacking him . Then, he turned around to his back .

A man in yellow appeared 300 feet away, and he shot towards Wei Wuyan like a breeze . He seemed to be riding on the winds . While his legs and feet were still, his clothes fluttered in the air . It's hard to describe how handsome he looked .

This man in yellow had a fair complexion, square face and a pair of big ears . Three wisps of long hair flew above his chest . His thick brows looked like swords, and his pair of eyes were narrow, long and sharp .

In a moment, he had come a hundred feet away from Wei Wuyan . Then he landed on the ground and smiled lightly, "Wei Wuyan, do you recognize me?"

Wei Wuyan took a gasp of breath, "Life and Death Road, Cheng Duying?"

The eyes of the man in yellow flashed and he said with some loneliness, "Brother Wei is indeed knowledgeable . That's right, I'm Cheng Duying . I didn't expect that you knew that there's such a character like me in this martial world . "

Wei Wuyan felt sour in his mouth . He said, "Martial experts have lots of fame . I've heard a lot about them . How can I not know you?"

Cheng Duying said joyfully, "Brother Wei, you're flattering me . I'm only trying to sustain a living . How can I be on par with you, a number one blood-payer and unparalleled martial expert in the world?"

Wei Wuyan sighed, saying, "Why do you want to involve yourself in this?"

Cheng Duying also sighed, and said, "I also don't want to be involved . But unfortunately, you want to kill Yinyang Bridge . How can the Life and Death Road still exist if the Yinyang Bridge is broken? This is my only choice . I hope that you'll understand and forgive us after you step onto the Yinyang Bridge and pass over the Life and Death Road . "

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Wei Wuyan's face changed color greatly this time . His voice turned heavy, so did his mood . "How can the Life and Death Road still exist if the Yinyang Bridge is broken? This is to say… the three of you know one another? Where's the other one? Come out and let me have a look . "

A cold voice sounded, "Brother Wei is so knowledgeable and indeed worthy of being called the number one blood-payer in the world . I'm Bao Buhuan . "

Wei Wuyan changed his position again . He turned around slowly to look towards the direction where the sound came from . Then he sighed, "I see . "

A black figure made its appearance like a ghost spirit . He looked like a weightless kite that was hanging and fluttering on the treetop a hundred feet away . He said, "Wei Wuyan, I'm Passage to Netherworld, Bao Buhuan 1 . Once one steps into the Passage of Netherworld, be assured to never return!"

Wei Wuyan's expression started to turn more obscure . He took a deep breath and felt energy squirming in his abdomen . He laughed, saying, "When an expert sees the Yinyang Bridge, he'll cross the Yinyang Bridge . If one sees the Life and Death Road, please don't look back . Once one steps into the Passage of Netherworld, be assured to never return!"

He laughed in a low voice and said, "I didn't expect that the three of you are together . I'm most surprised at you, Cheng Duying!"

It's no wonder that Wei Wuyan was surprised . Yinyang Bridge Wan Renjie was the number one thief in the South-East region; Life and Death Road Cheng Duying was a blood-payer in the South-East region, and he was ranked second, just beneath Wei Wuyan!

Who would expect that there were actually connections among these three people? And the connections were actually so close!

The three people laughed at the same time . "It's no wonder that you're surprised . Because those people who knew about this had already died!"

Wei Wuyan said heavily, "Indeed! May I know why?"

Wan Renjie said indifferently, "I shall tell you since you're going to die soon . Our teachers are three blood brothers . Brother Wei, have you heard of Kaitian Three Heroes?"

Wei Wuyan instantly took a tumble and sighed as he said, "I see, I see! No wonder you've appeared here today . Kaitian Three Heroes once claimed that the three of them together would be unmatched . No wonder the three of you have the confidence to kill me! No wonder you are against the nine great clans and law-enforcement officers!"

Their faces turned ugly instantly . Cheng Duying said, "It's good that you know!"

Wei Wuyan laughed and said, "That year, Kaitian Three Heroes boasted that they would be unmatched if the three of them joined forces! And because of this, they provoked Ye Di! Hahaha… Ye Di took actions and within five moves, Kaitian Three Heroes were defeated . And they vowed to never enter Zhongdu again for the rest of their lives . Is there such a thing?"

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The three instantly looked furious .

Wei Wuyan laughed and said, "600 years ago, Kaitian Three Heroes robbed the law-enforcement officers in the South-West region, but they met Feng Yurou, an elder among the law-enforcement officers who were patrolling in the region . She fought against the three of them alone . And in three moves, the three suffered from serious injuries and so they retreated . From then on, the three of them vanished out of sight and never appeared in the martial world again!"

The faces of Wan Renjie, Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan turned uglier .

Wei Wuyan said, "That Feng Yurou is actually a woman! And, although it was said that she defeated your teachers in three moves, actually it should be one . She made one move, but the three of them suffered that move at the same time . "

Wei Wuyan said smilingly, "Kaitian Three Heroes would be unmatched, hahaha… Actually, it's really appropriate to give my name to your three teachers… Wuyan 2 , hahaha, Wuyan . There's no more face left for them in confronting all the other heroes in the world…"

Wan Renjie shouted furiously, "Wei Wuyan, you must pay the price for defaming my teacher!" He rose up like a bolt of lightning .

The Yinyang Bridge in his hands turned into a ray of white light and a wisp of black smoke . Twining together, the light and smoke flew towards Wei Wuyan .

Wei Wuyan laughed . He didn't pull out his sword, but greeted them with his palm .

Wan Renjie snorted . "I shall not take your advantage!"

Seeing that Wei Wuyan didn't use his sword, Wan Renjian kept his own sword and confronted Wei Wuyan with his fists and legs .

The duo collided in the air with a 'bang', then they flew up like a firework towards the sky . They fought with their fists and feet as they flew up . In no time, they formed a whirlwind in the sky .

All the surrounding trees within a thousand miles from them fell radially outwards…

Cracking sounds continuously rang from the sky, just like the sounds of firecrackers during Chinese New Year .

Wan Renjie used a finger to defend against Wei Wuyan's palm; Wei Wuyan, stretching his palm halfway, turned into a fist, while Wan Renjie used two fingers to form a sword to stab back; Wei Wuyan extended a finger out, while Wan Renjie pushed both his palms out .

There were so many moves just in a moment .

Wei Wuyan stabbed a finger at Wan Renjie's palm . Wan Renjie snorted, and he extended both his palms out to carry out a sneak attack . Wei Wuyan instantly banged his elbow towards the palms . With a bang, both of them made a somersault and flew apart from each other .

From the ground, it looked like as if a whirlwind had separated to form two men . Then these two men suddenly separated from each other, and each of their sizes diminished from that of an ordinary person to that of soybean . But in the blink of an eye, they drifted back again, then turned into a whirlwind once more!

Beneath where they battled was a small hill . The wind that blew down from the midair became more and more intense . The trees on the hill swayed and whistled then broke . In the end, they became entirely uprooted, flew off and vanished into the distance!

The sword spirit lay behind a big stone and watched the fierce battle attentively .

He sighed sincerely, saying, "This is the first time I'm seeing a battle between real experts! You must watch it attentively . At your level of cultivation, it's a blessing for you to be able to watch the battle and the changes in their cultivation realm . "

Chu Yang didn't speak . He looked attentively at the battle between the two men in the sky, and silently simulated the moves in his brain, and tried to infer, study and decode them…

Amidst the intense battle, Wei Wuyan suddenly let out a roar . Wielding his arms, he rushed up towards the sky! He actually exited the battling zone and arrived at an absolutely high position .

Wan Renjie was still spirited in the fight . How could he be willing to let go of Wei Wuyan? He also followed up towards the sky .

But when he went up, Wei Wuyan had already boosted his position consecutively three times, and now, he was a thousand or so feet above Wan Renjian! He couldn't even be seen with the naked eye on the ground .

On the ground, Cheng Duying's face changed color . He shouted, "Big brother! Prepare your sword! Yinyang Bridge! Wei Wuyan is going to unleash a killer move!"

. . . . . . In Chinese, 'Bao Buhuan' means 'be assured of never to return 'Wuyan' means 'no more face' in Chinese'

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