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Chapter 892: 892

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Chu Yang was right in his guess . This man in black was indeed the number one blood-payer expert in the world, Wei Wuyan!

Wei Wuyan . Legend had it that he had no blood-payers' missions that he couldn't do!

As long as he took up a task, the person targeted in the task would definitely die!

Wei Wuyan was renowned for his mysteriousness . No one knew how did Wei Wuyan look like, nor knew what level of cultivation he had .

Once, Xu Danqing, the first painter in the world, saw Wei Wuyan . But when he wanted to draw a portrait of Wei Wuyan, he realized that he was unable to draw Wei Wuyan .

All experts had their own charm and unique disposition .

But not Wei Wuyan!

Xu Danqing was actually at a loss of how to draw Wei Wuyan . Because he couldn't see any unique qualities of Wei Wuyan .

After Wei Wuyan left, Xu Danqing locked himself in his studio for three days, and he finally vomited blood and fainted: Because not only he couldn't draw Wei Wuyan, he also forgot how Wei Wuyan looked like the moment he left .

Completely forgot . No impression at all .

What were the most important skills for a painter? Didn't they have memory and judgment, observation and drawing skills?

These were the most basic things .

How could Xu Danqing not collapse after such a thing happened?

There was only once that the Blood-Payers Hall offered a task to kill a Supreme Martial Artist, and this task was claimed by Wei Wuyan! Although it was only a first stage Supreme Martial Artist, this was sufficient for everyone to revere Wei Wuyan's capability!

Wei Wuyan was a loner, and he never owed to anybody in all his life, let alone of receiving other people's assistance . Once, a blood-payer expert ranked number two in the world took over Wei Wuyan's task, and he asked Wei Wuyan to coordinate with him to complete the task . But Wei Wuyan readily refused it!

What everyone didn't expect was, although Wei Wuyan never pleaded people for anything, he had a weakness: a good appetite .

However, although this person was a foodie, he also had principles . Firstly, he shouldn't reveal his true face . Secondly, he would repay back sufficiently to the person he snatched food from . So, even though Wei Wuyan loved to eat, he had no qualms .

No one could reject Wei Wuyan from repaying .

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And, those who shared meals with Wei Wuyan still had to thank him profusely for eating with them: Wei Wuyan loved this feeling .

But, this time around, he made a miscalculation .

He never expected that Chu Yang would reject him! From what he saw, for Chu Yang and Chu Le'er, one had poor cultivation while the other was sick . Yet they wanted to cross the Black Pine Forest and exit the South-East region… Especially in such troubled times, this was simply an impossible task for them!

Being an escort was something that ordinary people couldn't even afford to dream of!

Therefore, Wei Wuyan was unreserved after being invited to have a meal…

But he didn't expect that, from someone who never owed anyone favors, he had actually turned into someone who owed other people a favor!

In such a case, how would he really go far? Of course, he would have to hide aside . He thought: Even if you don't want me to be your escort, I'll quietly solve all the problems along the way for you . So, I'll not owe you anything…

He instantly regretted when he heard Chu Yang's words: It turned out that Chu Yang was also this kind of person .

Rely on yourselves for everything and never owe anything to other people!

This was my creed for all my life . Why did it come out from this kid's mouth…

At the instant, Wei Wuyan felt a little disappointed and a little sympathetic .

After eating, Chu Yang and Chu Le'er continued their journey .

Autumn wind breezed along the way .

Chu Yang, of course, pretended that he didn't know Wei Wuyan was following them in the dark .

But Wei Wuyan had absolute self-confidence for secretly following them from aside: With my cultivation and hiding skills, even a Supreme Martial Artist at the higher stages can't detect me!

Otherwise, how could I complete so many tasks as a blood-payer?

But he didn't expect that this fourth or fifth stage Martial Emperor, an ant-like character in his eyes, had the divine power that was unparalleled in the whole Nine Heavens!

In Chu Yang's consciousness, this Wei Wuyan, who was still thinking that he was in the dark following them, was as obvious to Chu Yang as a person walking openly in front of the carriage .

After walking for 20 miles or so, trouble finally came .

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Two men in black swept past the carriage like two gusts of wind . As if one of them had thought about something, he stopped in the middle of the path .

The other person stopped too, wondering what the first person was up to . The first person laughed in a weird voice and said, "Little kid, you have such handsome horses . Isn't it a pity to use them to pull carriage? Come come come, release the rain and let me ride on it .

The two men had flown all the way at high speed instead of riding horses because they previously had the confidence that their speed was faster than horses .

But now, they had become tired when their destination was only hundreds of miles away . Besides, they had to put up a desperate struggle there, so they needed to preserve their strength . Wasn't this carriage here a pie from the sky?

But both of them were also quite unlucky . They had already persevered in running for the previous thousands of miles . Why should they stir up trouble when they're about to reach their destination?

By stopping here, they had sent each of their two legs into the hades!

They never expected that this person that they had provoked was the king of hell!

And they had provoked two people at the same time!

One in the open, one in the dark .

Wei Wuyan instantly lifted his spirits . From the looks of the two of them, they should be blood-payers who had received reward offers from the Huang clan, and they were going to help the Huang clan in the battle…

This kid definitely can't deal with them!

As long as both kids are in jeopardy, I'll take actions . This shall be my return to the meal they had treated me, and from then on I shall not owe them anything .

Wei Wuyan was even a bit excited in his heart: Kid, do you think that nobody can repay anyone anything? You're wrong, only people who have the capabilities can…

Chu Yang looked coldly at the two people . Ah, not bad . They were both first stage Martial Monarchs…

"Do you want my horses?" Chu Yang smiled . He watched the two men in a condescending manner .

Although he was smiling, he looked cold .

Those two men were used to being arrogant . Seeing Chu Yang's scornful look at them, they were instantly driven furious . "Get off! Little punk, you still dare to pretend?! It should be your honor that I want your horses!"

Chu Yang smirked and floated down from the horses .

The two men opposite him and Wei Wuyan were startled at the same time!

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This was because sword aura filled the air as Chu Yang floated down!

A sharp sword intent rose from Chu Yang's body! With a loud humming sound, the swords automatically popped out from the sheaths at both people's waists!

And this humming sound actually sounded enthusiastic and lively!

Two swords made of ordinary iron seemed to be suddenly spiritualized in front of this Sovereign of swords .

With a flash of light in mid-air, Chu Yang had transformed into a stream of light!

What harm was there in slaughtering the entire world!

If Chu Yang was someone else, he might still be reasonable . Even if he was stronger than the opponent, he might also tolerate and tease his opponent for a while first before killing .

But in confronting this kind of person, Chu Yang didn't even have the mood to say a word! He just wanted to kill .

He simply didn't have the interest to talk .

Wei Wuyan's eyes almost popped out in the dark, "Damn it, he's actually a Sword Sovereign! Looks like his stage isn't low too… I've really misjudged him this time…"

Just now, even Wei Wuyan was caught off guard . His sword almost popped out from the sheath too .

But fortunately, Wei Wuyan had strong cultivations and was acute in responding . So, he was able to suppress his sword immediately and prevent himself from 'exposing' .

The two opposite Chu Yang immediately fumbled for the handle of the sword, but they only sensed the cold edge of the sword . It was only then did they remember that their swords had already popped out .

Just with such a little hesitation, the sword light of Chu Yang flashed towards them like a bolt of lightning!

The duo felt chilly over the parts of their bodies exposed to the sword light .

"Sword Sovereign!" the duo exclaimed in unison . Instantly, they felt utterly remorseful . Damn it, we've been traveling on our two feet for these thousands of miles . Along the way, we would rather make a detour than be involved in any sorts of troubles . Now we have finally gotten here, and in the remaining two or three hundred miles left, we actually bumped into a Sword Sovereign!

We should have just tolerated for that little distance . Why did we even think of saving our strength…

The first person let out a huge roar . Still maintaining that remorseful look on his face, he pulled out his sword as he retreated speedily . But before his sword was out of the sheath, the opposite sword light had already arrived in front of his eyes .

He was obstructed!

With a clang, the sword that just came out of the sheath was cut into two pieces . He exclaimed and retreated desperately as he shouted, "Shield!"

A protective shield, made up of vacuum space, surrounded him .

In the jungle, Wei Wuyan let out a long sigh . "You actually want to use vacuum space to defend against a high-stage Sword Sovereign? Are you even a Martial Monarch… Why are you so dumb… You can originally escape, but now, with this shield out, both of you are going to be finished…"

Wei Wuyan was a little miserable . Chu Yang didn't need his help again!

On the field .

Chu Yang snorted . His sword continued to advance forward, and when it touched that vacuum space, it burst like how a soap bubble did . The shield was broken!

That man instantly spat out a mouthful of blood . His divine spirit was seriously injured . He desperately tried to shift aside . But the acute sword rushed towards him and instantly, blood scattered like raindrops into the air .

Half of his body was already stained red with blood!

His left arm was also turned into meat scraps! Even two ribs at this left chest were broken, and a large piece of flesh was scraped off from the left side of his face .

He staggered back and screamed loudly, so loud that it seemed that the sound did not come from a human . His face had also turned ashen white!

But Chu Yang's face remained cold and stiff . Without a pulse, the sword light flew up and Chu Yang did the same move again!

[What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world!]

Kill that opponent while he's so seriously injured!

The sword light flew towards that opponent like a meteor .

This person screamed and rolled rapidly on the ground as he desperately released his secret weapons . But, having first lost his advantage, then being seriously wounded by Chu Yang, his doom was sealed .

The sword light flashed again . Letting out a desperate, shrill cry, blood spurted out from this person's chest . He staggered back as his body whirled .

Chu Yang immediately rushed towards the second person .

In the jungle, Wei Wuyan let out a long sigh . His eyes were filled with skepticism: A fourth stage Sword Sovereign who's under 20 years old… How can there be such a genius in the world?

Why didn't I hear about him before?

. . . . . .

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