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Chapter 889

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Huang Xialiu finally left the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall with his clan members .

Looking at the leaving Huang Xialiu, Chu Yang had a turmoil of emotions in his heart . This foppish, extravagant and ridiculous young master had finally left .

But Huang Xialiu's speech before he left made Chu Yang feel quite touched .

"Thank you, boss . From today onwards, I'm complete . " Before Huang Xialiu left, he knelt down on both knees and prostrated to Chu Yang a few times respectfully .

"These few nods are not for me, but for the descendants of the Huang clan . "

"I know you don't like me . I also look down on my previous self . "

"Because I can't see hope . As a man, I can't do the minimum thing that men can do . So I have turned all hopes into hopelessness . "

"Everyone despises me, including my father and mother . They dote me, care for me, but look down on me . I'm just a tool for passing on the descendants of the clan . They never pin any hopes on me before . "

"But you don't look down on me! Although you torture me, you see me as a person, and not a tool . So, in this period of time, although I had to drink bitter, stinky or sour stuff, I'm happy in my heart . Because in here, I'm not a tool . I'm a sick person . Although I'm a sick person, I'm still a person . "

"But I also want to recover as soon as possible . Otherwise, I really want to continue to stay down here . "

"Now I have to go back . My body isn't good, neither are my qualifications . So, I still can't behave like a person after I go back this time . But I'll do my best to be a tool for carrying on the family line . Although I don't feel good in my heart, I know what I can do . "

"Boss, do take care of yourself . I'll be grateful for you all my life!"

Huang Xialiu left .

The bustling Purple Crystals Huichun Hall instantly calmed down .

Chu Yang only spoke a sentence before Huang Xialiu left, "Actually… it doesn't matter how others see you as . If you can see yourself as a person, that's sufficient . "

Huang Xialiu's eyes lit up at that moment .

Chu Yang thought for a long time smilingly after Huang Xialiu left . Finally, he said, "Huang Xialiu is actually quite nice," Then he stroked Chu Le'er's hair and said, "Actually all that people need… is just respect . But we… are not destined to give everyone the respect . "

Chu Le'er looked at him confusedly, and asked, "Big brother, what are you saying?"

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Chu Yang laughed, saying, "It's good that you don't understand . "

He walked into the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall as he laughed . Chu Le'er looked at his back in confusion . She couldn't understand what he meant .

"Purple Cloud Pills are ready!" The sword spirit sent out a message in Chu Yang's consciousness .

Chu Yang asked joyfully, "How many pills?"

The sword spirit smiled proudly and said, "60 . "

"10 more than I expected!" Chu Yang laughed . His body suddenly relaxed . If he took 20 and left the rest to the clan, it's sufficient to cultivate 20 super experts in the clan! These 20 experts would be sufficient to safeguard the clan!

He wouldn't be afraid of the clan anymore should he be out .

Chu Yang quietly entered Chu Xiaoxin's courtyard at midnight . He personally handed the 40 Purple Cloud Pills to Chu Xiaoxin .

"These are Purple Cloud Pills . Every pill can enhance 500-year-worth of cultivation for Monarch level experts!" Chu Xiaoxin was shocked so badly at such words that he instantly stood up!

"What?" Chu Xiaoxin looked at the purple crystal jade bottle in his hands . His eyes became round .

It was the first time that Chu Xiaoxin was so shocked in these many years!

The legendary Purple Cloud Pills were the ultimate secret of the law-enforcement officers in cultivating experts . While Chu Xiaoxin knew the power of the Purple Cloud Pills, he never expected that Chu Yang could get 40 pills in one shot!

"I've calculated carefully that there are 16 Monarch level experts and two Saint level experts," Chu Yang said, "So, I'll give two pills to each of them . That means, every one of them can improve 1000-year-worth of their cultivations!"

Chu Xiaoxin's face looked blank .

"The other four pills are for third uncle and fourth uncle . Third uncle isn't at home, and I don't know what cultivation he has . Fourth uncle's cultivation hasn't reached Monarch level yet, so he can't serve the pills now . I can only reserve the pills for him in advance . "

"These Purple Cloud Pills need absolute experts to guard over those who serve the pills . This is to ensure that nothing goes wrong! Only you satisfy the condition in our Chu clan," Chu Yang said softly .

Chu Xiaoxin raised his head and deeply exhaled . He said, "I know what you mean . Although I'm reluctant, this is after all the opportunity for our Chu clan to rise completely!"

Chu Yang smiled and said, "So, I can only be assured if you're the guardian . "

Chu Xiaoxin stood blankly .

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He knew what Chu Yang meant . There must be a Supreme Martial Artist to guard over those who served the Purple Cloud Pills .

But Chu Xiaoxin himself wasn't a Supreme Martial Artist yet!

So, he had to advance his cultivation in the shortest time possible . This was tantamount to breaking the insistence that he had all along .

But… these were Purple Cloud Pills .

Perhaps, because of this opportunity, the Chu clan could really rise to become the master of the Nine Heavens, or be as powerful as the nine great clans .

This was the deepest hope of the Chu clan all along for generations! What everyone looked forward to the most!

How could he give up on this?

"From today onwards, I'll prepare to pass through the Black Pine Forest, cross the Black River, enter the Qingyang Mountain, and go all the way till I exit the South-East region . Then, I shall travel around the world to increase my strength," Chu Yang said quietly, "I can't develop myself just in this Flat Mountain Ridge . "

Chu Xiaoxin nodded slowly . "Alright!"

"I'll take Le'er together with me," Chu Yang said, "Her illness can't be dragged . I'll bring the medicines along and go out to find the remaining medicines . Once I've found them all, I'll treat her on the spot . "

"Alright!" Chu Xiaoxin nodded and agreed .

"It's best for the clan to serve the Purple Cloud Pills after I've left for a month," Chu Yang advised .

"You don't want anyone to know that this matter is related to you?" Chu Xiaoxin finally turned around to look at him .

"Yes," Chu Yang said affirmatively .

"Alright!" Chu Xiaoxin said as he nodded slowly . His mood was a bit heavy .

The duo became silent at the same time . No more talking .

After an hour, Chu Yang asked in a low voice, "Elder, do you have any other instructions for me?"

Chu Xiaoxin paced slowly . He walked in front of the wall and stood still . Clasping his hands behind his back, he raised his head and gazed for a long time at the portrait of his deceased wife . His eyes were filled with helplessness yet ardent passion .

After a long time, he said in a soft voice, "I can't be soft-hearted… after I leave for this time . "

"With me in the Chu clan, you can be rest assured," Chu Xiaoxin said . Facing his back towards Chu Yang, he stood tall and straight and had his hands clasped behind his back . While he looked melancholic and doleful, an imposing air began to rise, as if he had become the sovereign of the whole world .

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He said slowly, "Even if the Xiao clan had all their forces on us… I can ensure that the Chu clan would stay safe!"

His body suddenly shone with colorful rays of light, as if he was burned up by colorful flames . The cultivation that he had suppressed for a long time started to recover vigorously .

"I'm sorry, elder . " Chu Yang stood up and bowed deeply .

He knew how reluctant Chu Xiaoxin was to make such a decision .

Chu Xiaoxin said lightly, "I'm from the Chu clan!"

Chu Yang straightened his body .

Chu Xiaoxin didn't turn back till Chu Yang went out .

His cultivation and aura that spread from his body were increasing rapidly, but he still gazed affectionately at the portrait on the wall…

And he remained in this posture…

All the spiritual energy above the Flat Mountain Ridge started to gather in this small, desolate courtyard! Chu Xiaoxin's clothes fluttered, but his hands were still clasped behind his back and his expression remained still .

But his aura became more and more terrifying and in the end, oppressive…

. . . . . .

Chu Yang was back to his parent's small courtyard .

He talked to his mother Yang Ruolan about his own intentions . While Yang Ruolan was reluctant and worried, she knew that his son was telling the truth . After confirming that Chu Yang's strength had completely recovered, Yang Ruolan had no choice but to agree to Chu Yang's plan .

And immediately afterward, she informed Chu Le'er's mother, Duan Shuyi . Both families agreed to prepare for Chu Yang's and Chu Le'er's departure on the second day .

Both mothers talked to their children for the whole night .

In the midnight, Chu Yang walked out of his mother's room . His shoulder was wet . That was his mother's tears…

On the second day, the two mothers prepared for their children's luggage . Gold, silver, clothes and even mosquito repellent were gotten ready . Although the carriage was almost full, the two mothers still felt that they hadn't prepared enough…

At the dawn of the third day morning, the carriage had arrived at the Chu clan's gate . Two handsome black horses were tied on to reins .

Chu Yang and Chu Le'er stood at the door . Chu Xiongcheng and the rest stood behind them, looking at the two of them with complicated emotions .

Yang Ruolan came up to Chu Yang, full of unwillingness in her eyes, Then she tiptoed to tidy her son's hair, headscarf and clothes . Then she retreated two steps, looked at him again, then went forth to tidy again .

Her hands were trembling slightly . Her lips were also shuddering softly .

But she didn't speak a word .

Aside, Duan Shuyi also behaved similarly .

Time past silently and the Sun began to shine brightly . Finally, Yang Ruolan retreated a step back and looked at her son in front of him . Her eyes instantly reddened .

She went two steps forward, extended her hands, and hugged her son . Chu Yang was tall . While Yang Ruolan was already considered tall among the females, Chu Yang was still a head taller than her .

Yang Ruolan placed her face at her son's chest, seemingly to listen carefully to her son's heartbeat . Then she finally retreated one step back . While her eyes were still red, she still smiled and said gently, "Come back as soon as possible after you're enough playing outside . "

Chu Yang nodded heavily .

Yang Ruolan retreated three steps and said smilingly, "You shall go now . "

Chu Yang and Chu Le'er knelt down and prostrated . Then they stood up . Chu Le'er went into the carriage with red eyes and a puckered mouth .

Chu Yang mounted on a horse, and lashing his whip, the two horses set out at the same time . The carriage started to move forth slowly, then it gradually ran faster and faster .

Chu Yang dared not to stay on further nor look back . He feared that if he looked back, he would melt under his mother's gaze, and wouldn't want to leave again .

The carriage turned around at the crossroads and disappeared .

Yang Ruolan was still waving her hands .

After a long time, when the dust had fallen onto the ground, Yang Ruolan put down her hands dispiritedly . She suddenly felt an emptiness in her heart… The tears that she had forcibly suppressed finally inundated her eyes…

She covered her face with both hands, then rushed back into the house…

Yang Yang, when are you returning?

. . . . . .

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