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Chapter 884: 884

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Huang Xialiu flipped his eyes, saying, "Boss, can you not gloat like this? I know I had offended you, but can you not show it so obviously…"

"Oh . I have a bad habit . I always feel excited when I hear about battling," Chu Yang said seriously, "All my blood will boil . "

Huang Xialiu twitched, "My hair has all turned white from anxiousness… still you are gloating here . "

"Tell me quickly . How is the battle going on?" Chu Yang crossed his legs excitedly .

It turned out that recently, the outbound personnel of the Xiao clan had finally found Seventh Master Xiao, who was on the verge of dying and saved him . At that time, he couldn't speak and was unconscious .

The Xiao clan finally got angry and directly ordered to attack the Huang clan!

The Huang clan had waited for a long time for the battle to start . Both parties were at both sides of the Black River . Instantly, a battle had started . Plenty of experts were dispatched on both sides .

The Huang clan also issued a reward offer, using high rewards to ask for blood-payers to help out .

Now, the whole South-East region was like a pot of water . The flames beneath the pot were already beginning to rise and heat up . As the heat increased, sooner or later, the water would become a pot of porridge!

By then, the Xiao clan and Huang clan would both be heavily injured!

But there's one point that made Chu Yang puzzle: Why is Seventh Master Xiao unconscious? I remembered that although his injuries were serious, they're absolutely not fatal!

By Seventh Master Xiao's capability, he could completely support himself to return back to the clan . Why did he faint halfway back? What's wrong?

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit said, "Stupid! Ye Wubo's secret weapons contain poison! It's already very good that Seventh Master Xiao didn't die . "

Chu Yang eventually took a tumble, and immediately spoke furiously, "Why didn't you say this earlier? What if Seventh Master Xiao died?"

The sword spirit was also a bit miserable . He had remembered it just now, or else he wouldn't say it .

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But there was still something good to this . As Seventh Master Xiao was in a coma, the Xiao clan had first started a conflict with the Huang clan before Ye Wubo was dragged in . When the Xiao clan fought to the point that they couldn't stop, even if they knew about the Ye clan, the Xiao clan would have no way to back down and deal with the Ye clan .

If the Ye Clan could join in the conflict at that time, it would be better…

After three days, Chu Yang's dream really came true .

The Huang clan and Xiao clan both suffered heavy casualties after fighting for three days . On the third day, the Xiao clan suddenly dispatched a handful of experts who plunged straight through the frontiers of the Huang clan . The Huang clan could only retreat . But out of the blue, the Ye clan appeared . 300 or so experts attacked back on the Xiao clan head-on . On the spot, those experts from the Xiao clan were badly battered, and they holed up .

The Huang clan became greatly spirited after gaining such strong support and continued to pursue their retreating enemies . They even forced the Xiao clan back to the South of the Black River, then swept past 300 miles of the Black Forest, setting the forest on great fire!

The sudden and assertive embroilment of the Ye clan caught the Xiao clan off-guarded . After reorganizing their manpower, both sides declared armistice and began to negotiate .

But the Xiao clan was still kept in the dark . How could they negotiate well?

Both sides fell out after negotiating for just a few times . So, the Ye clan actually sent out experts and allied up with the Huang clan to instantly suppress the Xiao clan!

Now, the battle had come to a deadlock . If the clans didn't dispatch experts or secret forces from the respective clans, it seemed that the battle wouldn't be finished temporarily .

These few days, Chu Yang hung up a sign saying 'Divine doctor is inconvenient . Center to be closed temporarily', while he spent almost every day in the Law Enforcement Hall, waiting for the latest news of the various battles going on .

Sha Xinliang had hung up a map of the Upper Three Heavens on the wall in the Law Enforcement Hall . The map was as wide as the wall, and it was marked clearly .

Qin Baoshan stood in front of the map and sighed, "It's really in a mess… Look here, the Ling clan and the Li clan was against each other . They didn't play anything big . It's just sneak attacks every day; Here, the Xiao clan and Li clan were in confront, this side, the Xiao clan and the Huang clan . The Xiao clan was actually having two battles… the Ye clan too! While the Ye clan was battling with the Xiao clan, the larger picture was these two clans were suppressing the Li clan at the same time… Why is this so?"

"This side, Zhuge Yunwu from the Zhuge clan was gradually suppressing the Li clan . The Zhuge clan has chosen to go against the Li clan steadily northwards . It's the most rhythmical clan .

"But why did the Chen clan disappeared after just launching an attack once last time?"

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"And here…"

Chu Yang sat aside and drank tea as he listened to Qin Baoshan's analysis . Chu Yang looked solemn .

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit sighed deeply, "The great tide of the Nine Heavens is finally stirred up by you!"

Chu Yang said indifferently, "It's far from enough now . Now, only the middle and the younger generation were involved . Those elders from the various clans hadn't been dispatched yet . It's still far from the real mess… Such small fightings can only be considered troop training at most!"

The sword spirit said, "From your capability, it's very good to arrive at such a step already . Aren't you satisfied? If everything is really stirred up, what can you do with your current cultivation of having four sword fragments?"

Chu Yang nodded, "So, I must go find the fifth sword fragment now!"

The sword spirit said, "You are free now? You have so many things to manage here . The Huang, Xiao and Ye clan, Le'er's illness, law-enforcement officers' stuff . All of these are obstructing you . How can you leave like that?"

Chu Le'er frowned and said, "Of all what you've said, other than Le'er's illness, others aren't a problem . Le'er's illness requires you to treat her once every three months . This can't be dragged, so she can only follow me . But with her delicate body, it's a big problem in traveling such a long journey…"

The sword spirit also frowned, "And if you want to head for the Medicine Banquet, you also need to go ahead of time and all the way you have to travel by carriage? Otherwise, if you travel such a long distance by yourself, I'm afraid you can't get there on time . "

"There's only this way," Chu Yang said, "But before I leave, I must upgrade the strength of the Chu clan first . Or else, I won't be assured!"

The sword spirit said, "Yes . It's a must to upgrade the strength… But, with that elder of the Chu clan keeping a watch over the clan, there won't be any big problems basically . If the moment that threatens the survival of the Chu clan comes, I don't believe that he'll guard that rotten sentiment and will rather die than to upgrade the clan's capability and relief troops…"

Chu Yang took a deep breath . Remembering Chu Xiaoxin's bearing then and affection for his wife, Chu Yang was really unsure about this matter .

At this moment, Sha Xinliang hurriedly walked in from outside, "They're here! They're here!"

Qin Baoshan said with dissatisfaction, "What's here? You're already getting on in years, but why is your endurance level so weak? You just like to make a fuss over small matters . Little brother is still here . Aren't you afraid of being fooled?"

"Purple Cloud Pills are here," Sha Xinliang swallowed a mouthful of saliva, then fumbled out a bottle from his chest .

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Qin Baoshan instantly jumped up, "Purple Cloud Pill? Hahaha… Quickly let me have a look!" And he rushed forth .

Sha Xinliang snorted and said, "Look at how rash you are . No endurance at all . Aren't you ashamed to be like this at such an old age?"

Chu Yang burst into laughter .

The Purple Cloud Pills were placed on the table .

"Law-enforcement master hasn't started on his actions yet?" Qin Baoshan looked at the bottle containing the Purple Cloud Pills and asked Sha Xinliang, "Is there any news?"

"Tong Wuxin has disappeared," Sha Xinliang said .

"Tong Wuxin has disappeared?" Qin Baoshan immediately straightened his body, asking, "What happened?"

"Tong Wuxin disappeared just after the law-enforcement master had gone back!" Sha Xinliang said implicitly .

"Oh~~" Qin Baoshan heaved a sigh of relief, "Disappeared… Just disappeared right?"

Chu Yang thought: Looks like Han Xiaoran had already taken actions . He immediately went to control Tong Wuxin after he had gone back…

As he thought, he took over the bottle of Purple Cloud Pills . Unplugging the cork, a pungent smell overwhelmed his nose! Chu Yang was choked by this smell into coughing, and he said in surprise, "Why does it have such a smell?"

"Purple Cloud Pills always smell like that," Qin Baoshan and Sha Xinliang said in unison, "We heard it from others . "

There were six Purple Cloud Pills in this small bottle . Han Xiaoran's intent was obvious: For Chu Yang, Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan, each of them should take two .

No more, no less .

Each pill was covered with a layer of wax . But despite this, the pungent smell still made people want to cry .

Chu Yang couldn't imagine how those experts who ate Purple Cloud Pills to improve their cultivation swallowed them in the first place…

He took a pill and scraped off the wax layer . Instantly, the three people were in tears . It seemed as though the whole room was filled with paprika and mustard powder .

"I see, I finally understand why I never heard of Purple Cloud Pill before . It turned out to be Heaven-Rising Pill!" the sword spirit snorted in the Nine Tribulations Space, "Isn't this medicine banned? Why does it still exist now?"

"Heaven-Rising Pill?" Chu Yang asked .

"Back then, the first master of the Nine Tribulations Sword wanted to improve the capability of his subordinates . So he gathered elixirs from all over the world to refine them into pills . Such pills are thus made out . They're similar to Nine Tribulations Pills, but their medicinal effects are overbearing, and not as good as the Nine Tribulation Pills, which are gentle and harmless .

"In theory, this kind of medicine can improve a person's cultivation by a thousand years worth of it! But, after trying out the medicine on a few people, it was realized that the medicine was actually highly toxic! Even Supreme Martial Artists who served it will have all his meridians explode and he will die . This kind of medicine will take effect on the body at one shot . Only when one's meridians can completely accept the medicinal forces and allow them to travel through the entire body and then return back to the elixir field, can upgrading the cultivation be possible! But… even mortals won't have such wide meridians to accommodate a thousand years' worth of power . "

The sword spirit explained .

"Why?" Chu Yang questioned, "I don't understand . "

"For instance, a human body is a lake, while the forces of this pill is a larger lake . If one lake is slowly injected into the second lake, this second lake will slowly expand to accommodate the first lake . But if the first lake suddenly falls into the second lake, the second lake won't be able to withstand it, and it will… break apart!"

"So, this medicine is called 'Heaven-Rising Pill' . Once one eats it, he will rise up to heaven 1 . This Heaven-Rising Pill is made using a lot of supplements, but it's an absolutely fatal medicine!" the sword spirit smiled .

"I see," Chu Yang pondered, "But now, this pill can be eaten!"

The sword spirit said, "Let me have a look…"

Chu Yang placed one pill in his chest . The sword spirit directly sneaked it into the Nine Tribulations Space, then without any thought, swallowed it .

Chu Yang was shocked, "You… be careful! It'll burst your stomach!"

It was then he thought: This guy is just a spirit . How will he have a stomach?

… In Chinese, 'rise up to heaven' means 'die'

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