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Chapter 880

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Divine Doctor Chu was helpless . He could only comfort Young Master Huang: The medicine in the third course of treatment won't be smelly anymore . Young Master Huang, who was now awash with tears, was speechless .

How difficult will it be to endure these five days…

But on the second day, Young Master Huang Xialiu became extremely excited!

At the first glimmer of dawn, when Divine Doctor Chu had just woken up and was sitting amidst the grove of purple bamboos breathing the fresh air, he was suddenly taken aback by a strange scream . Then, he saw Young Master Huang running out with a bare bottom and rushing into the room of the two Martial Saints .

Then Chu Yang heard:

"There's reaction now, there's reaction now… Look, look… It's a bit stiff…" It was Young Master Huang's ecstatic voice .

Then he heard the voices of the two Martial Saints trembling with excitement, "It's real, it's real… Damn it, it's truly a bit stiff…"

Huang Xialiu's voice was then heard again, "Ah~~~ Don't touch it! Hey! Don't fiddle with it…"

A sly laughter rang, "Uh… hahahaha…"

Bai Wuji's excited voice sounded, "Can you use it?"

Huang Xialiu appeared to be a bit dejected . "I tried just now… but I still can't… It still needs some time…"

"Don't worry, you will be able to use it soon…"

"Divine Doctor Chu is really a divine doctor . He can even cure this thing…"

Listening to the sounds coming from the room, Divine Doctor Chu was dumbfounded . He knocked his head on the purple bamboo…

Early in the morning, the medical center's worker Chu Le'er surprisingly saw something that made her feel unbelievable: Young Master Huang, who was desperately trying to keep himself away from drinking the smelly medicine, actually took his own initiative to drink the medicine .

And he held the bowl carefully, seemingly to be afraid of leaking a drop of the medicine, and gulped down this bowl of medicine that could be said to be as smelly as septic tanks in public toilets . After he finished drinking, he even squashed his mouth twice . He used clear water to fill up the bowl again, then drank it down… Then he filled up another bowl of medicine…

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Later, he revealed a satisfied expression . He even burped . After which, he swaggered away like a lord while humming a small tune — he actually restored his arrogant and foppish characteristics…

Chu Le'er was dumbfounded!

What the hell!

"Is the medicine delicious?" Chu Le'er was baffled . She mustered her courage to come to the cauldron, and she smelled the medicine while creasing her little nose…

Chu Le'er's curiosity could kill a cat!

The little girl held her nose and rushed out . She couldn't suppress further once she arrived outside and started to vomit heavily…

When she stood up again, the way she looked at Huang Xialiu became a bit ridiculous .

This guy was too strong!

Young Master Huang actually enjoyed drinking such a smelly medicine, and he cherished the medicine so much that he didn't want to waste even a drop of it…

"Big brother, is this Young Master Huang bewitched?" when Chu Le'er saw Chu Yang, she asked suspiciously .

"No, he's just too excited," Chu Yang smiled, saying, "Le'er, I shall tell you a piece of good news . There are only two more kinds of medicines left to be found for you . "

"Really?" Chu Le'er's eyes instantly became crescent moons .

"Of course, it's true . Our Le'er is lucky . There are many good people assisting you," Chu Yang said smilingly while squinting his eyes .

Chu Le'er smiled happily, and said, "That's to say, I will be able to practice martial arts after I'm well?"

"Yes," Chu Yang responded, "You want to practice martial arts? To become a wonder woman?"

"What wonder woman," Chu Le'er creased her small nose, saying, "I just don't want to be bullied . And at the same time, not let you be bullied either!"

Chu Yang laughed . "Once you recover, I'll definitely teach you some unique martial techniques, and allow you to rise up the Nine Heavens like a dragon!"

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"No, rise like a phoenix!" Chu Le'er stared back .

"Urgh… yeah, phoenix, phoenix, hahaha…" Chu Yang said and laughed as he oozed sweat .

After a few more days, Chu Feiyan was about to escort the business troop to set off . Before he left, he visited Chu Yang . After Chu Yang considered for a long time, he finally decided to allow Chu Feiyan to go to the Blood-Payers Hall to cancel the reward offer for the five types of medicines that Chu Yang had already gotten . After all, it was a huge expense .

Originally, Chu Yang didn't intend to call off . After all, these things were treasures . They would be useful anyway . But ever since he heard about the Medicine Banquet, Chu Yang had decided not to get them through the blood payers .

Medicine Banquet was definitely a place where the money would be splurged . How could one redeem good things in the Medicine Banquet without sufficient preparation?

One couldn't rely totally on stealing the medicines…

Chu Le'er needed eight types of medicines for her treatment . Now, the Chu clan had Superb Nine Vines, and the Huang clan obtained another one . Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan got the Nine-Clover Jade Ganoderma and Nine-Heavens Jade-Ichor; The Huang clan was going to send the Nine-Leaves Pangolin and Nine-Deaths Water to Chu Yang soon…

And, the Jinjian Organization was also sending the Nine-Leaves Flower over currently .

Now, there were only Nine-Colored Lotus and Nine-Earths-Soul Ginseng left . The reward offers posted in the Blood-Payers Hall would naturally not be taken away .

In less than two months, Divine Doctor Chu had already obtained six of the eight medicinal ingredients that had initially made everyone helpless . Such an ability was really surprising .

But the methods used weren't quite clean…

The remaining two kinds of medicinal ingredients were the most important among the eight! Because the place where they could grow was very difficult to be found! Nine-Colored Lotus could only be found in an absolutely cold place and somewhere where various kinds of poisons were congregated .

The problem was: Since it could only grow in an absolutely cold place, it would be impossible for many poisons to grow in that environmental conditions .

While on the other hand, Nine-Earths-Soul Ginseng could only grow in a very cold and humid place . There must be a lot of people who had died in the region, so as to cause Yin energy to gather there and not be able to be dispersed . But, it needed Sun to grow well!

This was another contradiction . How would somewhere cold and humid, and where Yin energy couldn't disperse, have Sun?

So these two kinds of ingredients were the hardest to be found .

But Chu Yang felt that the Medicine Banquet might have them…

All the elixirs in the world would be there!

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After three days, there was finally news .

But this was not news from the Huang clan nor from the Ye clan, but from the Xiao clan and the Li clan .

Four days ago, that was the day before Ye Wubo and Seventh Master Xiao battled, Li Nantong, the ninth master of the Li clan passed by the Bajiao Mountain, where he was ambushed by Xiao Jianhan, the third master from the Xiao clan!

Both sides were badly wounded and had a number of casualties! Li Nantong nearly died, while Xiao Jianhan's side had more than half of his men with casualties .

This battle was a clarion call to the other eight great clans to launch a powerful attack against the Li clan!

But the Li clan didn't show its white feather in response . In order to ensure the safety of Li Xiongtu, whom they assumed as one of the Nine Tribulations, they were willing to do whatever it took! To protect Li Xiongtu was to protect 10,000 years of the Li clan!

No matter what, the Li clan wouldn't retreat!

Fire beacon rose over the Nine Heavens! The Li clan started to be attacked from all directions!

The Ye clan, Ling clan, Zhuge clan, Shi clan, Xiao clan, Yè clan, Lan clan and Chen clan all took actions on the Li clan at the same time!

The various big clans took the same approach: Start by clearing out the periphery of Li clan, then all its branches, followed by its business fields to cut off their financial sources! Then, attack all its affiliated clans, and at the same time, attack the core members within the Li clan . And as such, making no space for anyone from the Li clan to escape while the Li clan was being further penetrated by its enemies!

Although this method would take a long time, it would be the most effective method! And there would absolutely be no one from the Li clan who could escape . Especially when Li Xiongtu's portrait started to spread secretly within the big clans, the clans demanded one another: Remember this face regardless of anything! No matter what, this person should be killed!

The biggest premise was: If Li Xiongtu survived in the end, so what if we killed all others from the Li clan? Wouldn't that be useless?

Not to mention the various big clans invading the Li clan, the Xiao clan had already begun to secretly dispatch troops in the South-East region!

The Xiao clan's branch in the Flat Mountain Ridge was ruined, and encountered a bloodbath! While on the same day, Clan Master Huang Shang had entered the Flat Mountain Ridge .

It was obvious what this represented .

Moreover, Seventh Master Xiao, who was in charge of this clan branch, had disappeared, while the corpses of two of his best men were found on the scene .

That meant Seventh Master Xiao bode ill rather than well!

The Xiao clan hadn't suffered from such a big loss for many years . How could they tolerate such an accident? While they sent people to look for Seventh Master Xiao, they also prepared to revenge the Huang clan . A conflict between them was also imminent!

The Huang clan made an iron-clad defense, and started to mobilize their fighters!

A battle could start at any time . Both sides were under intense preparation . One point was certain: Once they start a battle, it would be a raging one and wouldn't end overnight!

In the Flat Mountain Ridge, Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan were working hard to purge the law-enforcement officers and their subordinates . All the required weapons and secret weapons, including poisons and devilish tricks, were in preparation . At the same time, the duo and their few brothers were all practicing martial arts madly .

The duo knew that once Han Xiaoran started to take actions, there would never be a day of peace! Unless one of the parties was exterminated…

So, more preparation at this moment would get them a greater chance of surviving in the future…

Huang Xialiu had already started on his third course of treatment .

The medicine in this course of treatment was neither bitter nor stinky, but extremely sour… Young Master Huang couldn't bite tofu after taking only a sip . But he drank it down without frowning, and he took the medicine on time . As usual, he would also use clear water to rinse the dregs and drink them down .

Isn't it only sour… I can bear it!

Young Master Huang started to become very complaisant .

Young Master Huang was really cooperative these few days . He would eat whatever was given to him! The respect and trust he gave to Divine Doctor Chu had reached the extreme . Every morning he would let out a strange and surprised cry, "It's stiffer… It's stiffer… Wah haha…"

He laughed just like a wolf .

It was impossible for ordinary people to understand such kind of surprise . He was impotent for seven or eight years and had never used it before . Now, it could finally be used…

Young Master Huang was awash with tears .

Under such circumstances, how could he not cooperate?

Now, even if Divine Doctor Chu pointed to a pile of stools and said 'This stuff would be useful for you if you eat it!', Young Master Huang would definitely swallow it down without frowning!

Not to mention taking medicines . Wasn't it just a bit bitter, stinky or sour?

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