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Chapter 878: 878

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The duo was in similarly dangerous circumstances under such a state of mind . Now, there were dozens of new wounds on their bodies . They were so deep that bones could be seen!

The duo didn't lose momentum at all . They still fought on as they jeered at each other . They would never end the fight if they couldn't kill the adversary!

But, this way, both of them could only perish together…

"This can't continue like this!" Chu Yang frowned, seeing that the circumstance wasn't right, "They can't die . If they die, how will the conflict rise up?"

"Why won't the conflict rise up? As long as their subordinates are still alive and one from each clan go back to their respective clans to report, won't the flames of war be immediately ignited? Isn't it better than having both of them alive? If the main characters don't die, how can there be great enmities between the clans?" the sword spirit asked as he was a little puzzled .

"No!" Chu Yang said heavily, "As the saying goes, subjects die when their master is humiliated! If the subjects are still alive after the master dies… what will happen? I dare to bet that if Ye Wubo and Seventh Master Xiao die together, the few subordinates who are fighting now will immediately stop fighting, then there'll be more than 90% probability that they will escape from the clan . Because even if they bring back the news, they will die!"

The sword spirit frowned and pondered, "You are also quite reasonable in saying this . "

"It's a fact! If the master is still alive, his subjects will naturally fight by his side with all their might! But if the master is gone, who shall they fight for? Fight for the sake of whom? Basically… they'll also die if they continue to put in all their efforts to fight! … Which of them will want to commit suicide?"

Chu Yang said, "So, the two of them can be seriously injured, but they mustn't die!"

The sword spirit blinked his eyes and said, "It'll be better if their injuries are serious and chronic at the same time…"

Chu Yang jerked, then he scolded, "Damn it, you're more evil than me… Alright, I shall hand this matter over to you…"

The sword spirit was stunned .

Chu Yang added on, "Those few people can die!"

The sword spirit was still dumbfounded .

Both sides were still fighting vigorously . Other than the idea of killing the opponent, all of them had nothing else in their minds .

Yunshan and Yunhai were both soaked in blood, yet they continued to fight viciously together! Ye Wubo's three expert guards also gritted their teeth tighter and put in concerted efforts in attacking their adversary! Even the elder with the goatee, who was lying on his brother's back, also gathered his power to project secret weapons…

Both sides had now become sworn enemies who despised each other!

The few from the Xiao clan felt that the few from the Ye clan were really too villainous and unreasonable .

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While the few from the Ye clan felt that the Xiao clan was really too shameless, and only dared to act but to carry responsibilities…

The battle had already become white-hot!

At this moment, Yunshan's sword thrust out . It was originally intended to protect his brother, but it amazingly slanted a bit to one side . The opponent's sword stabbed into Yunhai's belly at this fleeting moment like a bolt of lightning!

Yunhai let out a piercing scream . His body dodged to one side, and he actually used his palm to stop the sword, while he plunged his own sword into that same opponent's chest!

The strength attached to both swords instantly exploded in the duos' body at the same time!

One had his chest burst, while the other had a huge, bloody hole blasted out in his belly, and the hole was as large as a basin! But the duo didn't retreat . They held onto their injuries and attacked each other devastatingly with all their strength!

Then with some cracking sounds, their bones were twisted and cracked . Both of them had tried to screw on with all their might whatever place they could grab on each other, then they gritted their teeth and stared at each other . Finally, their eyes froze at the same time, and they fell onto the ground like two puddles of mud .

The spines, ribs and shoulder bones were all crushed into powder…

"Yunhai…" Yunshan screamed with a hoarse voice!

Just now, his sword had unknowingly slanted to one side and this had caused his brother's death . But the Monarch level expert who was carrying Old First Niu also suffered the same incident . His body strangely staggered by a bit .

Yunshan's sword that had deviated inadvertently by a bit pierced through the left chest of this Monarch level expert . Then, like stringing a sugar-coated hawthorn, the Monarch level expert and Old First Niu were also stabbed by the sword at the same time!

The crazy sword energy and Yunshan's cultivation strength exploded in the two people's body . With a piercing scream, Old First Niu and his goatee were blasted out into the air by the violent energy . His body was actually already shattered in the air!

Yunshan pulled out his sword crazily and thrust it down . Blood and flesh scattered all over!

The remaining one person left on the opponent's side roared angrily and hurled towards Yunshan!

Yunshan sneered and didn't dodge . He greeted his opponent's big dagger with his own chest . As the dagger split open his chest, he pierced his sword through his opponent's throat…

Seventh Master Xiao and Ye Wubo let out their hearts and screamed indignantly!

Both of them didn't expect that in the blink of an eye, all their six men would be killed!

They were utterly grieved!

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All of them were sworn brothers with their master . They had gone through hundreds of battles and plenty hardships together!

But now, in just a moment, they had all died . Regardless of how cold-blooded Ye Wubo or Seventh Master Xiao was, both of them still felt severe pain in their hearts . Such great distress had caused them to become insane!

"Seventh Master Xiao! You and I are mortal enemies!"

"Ye Wubo! You and I are at daggers drawn from now on!"

"You must pay back this blood-debt even if your Xiao clan dies out!"

"Hahaha… You can't eliminate my hatred towards you even if all the graves of your Ye clan are filled up!"

"Let's fight again!"


Gnashing their teeth, they struck out their swords simultaneously . At almost the same time, Ye Wubo raised his hands, and black secret weapons swarmed out like a group of bees .

Seventh Master Xiao forcibly tried to raise his energy . His sword light made a turn, and a dazzling light column soared up to the sky!

Obviously, the duo was ready to put up a desperate fight!

At this moment, the duo who had become insane from fighting didn't realize that two thin and small snippers were quietly mixed into Ye Wubo's swarm of secret weapons!

As the duo drew close to each other, the two short snippers mysteriously changed their directions . One of them intercepted a dagger that was targeted towards Seventh Master Xiao's heart, while the other short snipper, seemingly to have come out from Ye Wubo's hands, touched and changed the direction of the sword which was targeted at Ye Wubo's throat!

The duo let out a loud scream!

Among Ye Wubo's swarm of secret weapons, 20 or so of them disappeared in Seventh Master Xiao's body . On the other hand, Seventh Master Xiao's sword thrust into Ye Wubo's left shoulder, and with a loud bang, the energy carried in the sword exploded!

Ye Wubo's left arm was detached from his body, and blood and flesh scattered out from his body at the same time!

Ye Wubo let out a long shrill cry . With his face twitching, he staggered back by a few steps and land tilted on the ground . Blood splashed out like a fountain from where his arm was broken, and his entire body started to have spasms .

Gritting his teeth and screaming and using his right hand to point a few precise regions next to his broken arm, blood instantly flowed out at a slower rate . Then, he fumbled out a bottle of medicine and spilled the whole bottle over his wounds, then fumbled out another medicine and poured it into his mouth . As he cried in pain and chewed on the medicines, he cursed violently!

Aside, Seventh Master Xiao whirled down from midair . His whole body was like a blood packet which was pierced with dozens of holes, and blood was spurting out from all of them!

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He pitched forward, tumbling a few turns on the ground . Then, he spat out three mouthfuls of blood . When he was just about to stand up, he fell down violently again . Then, his two hands held on to his right foot and he started screaming wildly again: One of the weapons had cut his right foot squarely on the nerves!

Following which, Seventh Master Xiao took the same actions as Ye Wubo: Stop the bleeding, apply medicines, eat medicines… and curse!

Now, there was not a bit of energy left in the duo . Other than cursing, they could do nothing . The two people were less than 200 feet away . If it was in the past, with the cultivation of the two of them, they would have arrived next to each other before they even exercised their power!

But now, they might need more than an hour's time to do so even if they put in all their efforts!

Then, the duo shut their mouth at the same time as if they had agreed on it! 200 feet apart and under the illumination of the fire, the duo stared at each other fiercely! Their eyes were full of irreconcilable hatred!

As the fire glimmered, so did the light on the duo's face!

Both of them were full of blood stains on their faces . Their muscles twisted and twitched, while their teeth squeaked as they bit on them . They had a sinister and horrible look!

They stared at each other scornfully, just like two demons who had the intention to eat up the whole world!

But none of them spoke!

There was a stretch of silence . The source of the sound was the raging fire, which had caused everything around it to burn down .

After a long time, the duo moved at the same time .

Then, they sat down dejectedly in unison .

Then, after another period of time, Seventh Master Xiao kept his broken sword into his sheath . Ye Wubo did the same action .

After which, both of them used their sheath as their support and stood up shakily .

Seventh Master Xiao didn't speak a word, then looked sadly at the fire . Suddenly, he looked back at the corpses of Yunshan and Yunhai . A drop of tear rolled down from the corner of his eyes . He turned back and walked eastwards .

Ye Wubo did the same actions . For a long time, he stared at the unsightly corpses of his four subordinates . The ghastly fire in his eyes blazed wildly .

Then, he turned around and walked off westwards .

The duo was lurching . When their bodies were about to vanish into the deep darkness of the night, they turned around at the same time .

Four eyes stared back brutally from nearly a thousand feet away!

At this moment, the hatred and grievances in the four eyes almost froze into substance!

Both of them didn't speak, but they knew that this was already an irresolvable hatred! This hatred could only be washed away by blood!

What to speak now was already not important!

The duo looked at each other, then they turned around at the same time and disappeared into the darkness .

And they didn't look back anymore!

Silence amidst the fire .

After a long time, a black shadow quietly appeared and stood near the fire .

"Really… terrible…" Chu Yang took a breath .

"Indeed terrible!" the sword spirit sighed .

"From this battle, I can see how strong the foundations of the Xiao clan and Ye clan is," Chu Yang said grimly, "Both Seventh Master Xiao and Ye Wubo aren't even core figures in their respective clans!"

"They are both positioned second last in their family . One is ranked seven, while the other, thirteen!"

"But the toughness of the two of them is obvious!" Chu Yang said, "I don't know how the core characters within these clans will be like . "

The sword spirit smiled lightly and said, "No matter how they'll be like, you'll meet them sooner or later as you progress . "

"You shall go back now," Chu Yang smiled with a heavy mood .

His mood was heavy not because of the huge power that he would have to face, but because of the name that Seventh Master Xiao spoke when Ye Wubo and he was cursing each other!

Ye Chuchen!

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