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Chapter 875: 875

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The man in black said nothing and only sneered . Then he waved his sword! Sword aura rushed up to the sky!

This unique sword technique from the Xiao clan instantly changed its form in the hands of the Sovereign of swords .

The sword spirit had followed nine Nine Tribulations Sword masters, and one of them was from the Xiao clan . How could the sword spirit not know the sword techniques of the Xiao clan?

But the use of this technique substantiated that he was 'Seventh Master Xiao, Sovereign of swords' .

Ye Wubo howled .

The five people instantly flew back in five different directions, then rose to midair . After shuttling for a long while, the five figures turned into a net of light, which rushed done wildly, leaving no space for 'Seventh Master Xiao' to escape!

The man in black screamed in a flustered and exasperated manner, "Ye Wubo! Your Ye clan indeed has some malicious intent! You have long found out how to deal with the Autumn Wind and Rain Sword Technique!"

Ye Wubo laughed in satisfaction, "It's too late for you to know . Seventh Master Xiao, it's your fate to die here and in my hands! You've insulted me for 18 years . It's f**king very enjoyable right!?"

Daggers and swords were thrown onto 'Seventh Master Xiao' madly .

The man in black yelled, filling up the sword aura again . Then, with a flip, the man in black disappeared mysteriously . But a thick ray of light suddenly appeared in the sky like a silver dragon .


"Man and Sword In One!" Ye Wubo gritted his teeth, "Don't retreat! Slaughter him! It'll be great merit if we kill him today!"

The five people held their weapons and put in all their efforts to smash their weapons against this ray of light!

The light suddenly exploded like a bomb!

And scattered all over the place!

The six people snorted at the same time!

A black figure fell down with a head of disheveled hair . He staggered a few steps back and roared furiously, "Ye Wubo! I've remembered you!"

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Before he finished speaking, he vomited out a mouthful of blood through his veil . He staggered for a while and suddenly rose into the air again .

"Block him! Don't let him escape!" Ye Wubo and his men suffered from lighter injuries than the man in black, but carrying with them the joy of an upcoming victory, they held the pain of their injuries and rushed up madly .

The man in black tried to break off from the siege . Seeing that he was about to be dismembered by the weapons of his opponents, he suddenly let out a piercing howl and bit the tip of his tongue . A mouthful of blood was spat out again . His sword flashed and he again transformed into a ray of light, which dashed towards the elder with the goatee .

With a bang, the elder was knocked into flying in the air . Then he fell back onto the ground unconsciously like a dead leaf .

Then, the sword light suddenly dashed out like a long dragon .

"Seventh Master Xiao actually used the secret method of burning life to escape! Although this method can allow him to escape quickly in the meantime, it couldn't last for long! He definitely can't escape for a far distance as he suffered from serious injuries! As long as we catch him, it'll be the time for him to die!" Ye Wubo looked insane now . With a jump, he started to catch up with 'Seventh Master Xiao' .

Another person behind Ye Wubo jumped and held the elder with the goatee in his arms, then he rushed behind Ye Wubo . So, four figures swept past the air like a strong wind .

In front, the light ray seemed to travel at a faster and faster rate as if it had eaten aphrodisiac . Finally, it vanished into the dark night!

But Ye Wubo and his men had already put in all their might in fighting against this 'Seventh Master Xiao' . How could they want to stop so easily? Besides, since 'Seventh Master Xiao' had used this secret method of burning life, as long as they could catch up with him, the number one sword genius from the Xiao clan in these hundreds of years would die in their own hands!

This would be tantamount to eliminating a potential Supreme Sword Artist, who could have the ability to pose absolute threats to anyone!

How could they let go of such a heaven-sent opportunity?

Ye Wubo and his three subordinates carried the elder with the goatee and chased in the direction where the sword light vanished!

Amidst the fire, Seventh Master Xiao was standing with his hands clasped behind his back, waiting for his two subordinates to gather all the valuable belongings . He urged on, "Faster! Faster!"

Seventh Master Xiao felt a bit uneasy . This feeling made him wary .

Where does this uneasiness come from?

In this South-East region, is there a threat that's strong enough to kill himself?

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He hadn't got this feeling for a long time… But Seventh Master Xiao believed in his own feelings and instincts! So, he became somehow impatient .

He frowned and thought about the whole course of the incident, and unconsciously paced around…

His two subordinates finally rushed out from the fire . There was a chest in each of their hands . They were the treasures, crystals and some rare drugs that were kept in this branch of the Xiao clan .

"How is it?" Seventh Master Xiao asked urgently .

"There's no loss! But there are very few purple crystals . There are no more than 3 000 purple crystals . The black crystals are also in here . There are 5 000 of it . It's a bit heavy!" one of the subordinates carried a chest that's almost two times the size of his own body and he laughed, saying, "I've left out all the other stuff like white crystals, gold and silver here . "

"There are not a lot of drugs . I only held 30 or 40 kinds of drugs which still have some uses," the other person which carried a small chest said, "Big brother, you can give me some of yours so that we can walk faster . I'll go find something else to contain them . "

Seventh Master Xiao's face looked heavy and he said, "Come back faster . "

That person agreed and went to search around the rooms which weren't on fire .

Seventh Master Xiao was getting more and more perturbed and he said, "This matter doesn't taste right at all… Why do I have this feeling?"

The man next to him put down the chest onto the ground and sat on it, saying, "Seventh master, where is it wrong?"

"I don't know why . I only feel that my heart is messed up," Seventh Master Xiao frowned tightly and said, "This is a bad omen!"

The guard laughed, "Seventh Master Xiao, who dares to provoke our Xiao clan in this entire South-East region? Even if it's the Huang clan, which the Severance Hall has almost made them end their posterity, they only dare to vent against one branch of our clan . And they even do so fearfully, only hiding their heads but showing their tails . "

Seventh Master Xiao said, "This matter doesn't seem to be that easy . I sense that a heavy crisis is going to come . We must be careful," he frowned heavily and said, "It's better to be safe than sorry . "

"Yes," the guard didn't quite approve Seventh Master Xiao's thoughts, but he agreed respectfully .

"Hasten your brother," Seventh Master Xiao said .

These two subordinates of Seventh Master Xiao were fraternal twins . Their martial techniques of making joint attacks were unmatched among the members of the Xiao clan of their same generation . One was called Yunshan, while the other, Yunhai . The two of them had about the same capabilities and they had advanced at the same time to become eighth stage Martial Monarchs . They were two of Seventh Master Xiao's best men .

The three of them underwent many periods of turbulent times together .

Before Seventh Master Xiao's voice fell, Yunhai had already come out of the room with a few bedsheets and he spread them on the ground, saying, "Big brother, give me half of your things . I'll carry them . "

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Yunshan said, "Alright . " Then he carried the big chest forward .

The big chest was close to 1,500kg . It was indeed tiresome for one to carry it alone . It's alright for carrying it for small distances, but to carry it for long distances… perhaps they could only proceed their journey at an extremely slow pace .

Seventh Master Xiao stood upright and held tightly on his sword hilt as he looked around and tried to listen to sounds from all directions . He felt more uneasy in his heart and couldn't help to urge again, "Faster . "

At the same time, Yunshan and Yunhai felt that something wasn't right .

The ordinary Seventh Master Xiao was very patient, and even if there was a great landslide before his eyes, he could still remain calm . What happened to him today? From the start when we began collecting the valuables till now, he had already urged us consecutively six times!


At this moment, a sudden aura of bleakness and solitude swept past!

Seventh Master Xiao immediately raised his head and his eyes shone sharply .

My feeling was indeed right .

Sure enough, it had come!

But the mess in Seventh Master Xiao heart vanished . Instead, a will to fight rose in his heart!

While he didn't move, a rich sword aura surrounded him!

"Since you've come, start your moves quickly!" Seventh Master Xiao shouted coldly .

Seemingly to be responding to him, a black shadow suddenly appeared from the distance . The moment that it appeared, a ray of sword light flashed, then it suddenly appeared before Seventh Master Xiao's eyes .

Seventh Master Xiao's pupils shrank .

What a fast speed! What great power!

This is the most powerful enemy that I've ever encountered! This will be the most dangerous battle that I'll have in my life!'

Seventh Master Xiao's sword unknowingly came into his hands .

He was empty-handed a moment ago . But without making a sound, the sword had come into his hands .

He turned around and leaped . He directly turned into a cylinder-like thick bright ray of light!

He had directly used a killer move: Man and Sword In One!

The moment that his opponent appeared, Seventh Master Xiao knew that in confronting such an enemy, if he didn't exert all his power, he would only be killed in grievances! And even his corpse wouldn't remain in a whole piece!

So, he used this killer move in his first move!

That black figure rushed towards Seventh Master Xiao like a bolt of lightning . The two rays of light collided with each other silently, then slammed apart with a bang .

Seventh Master Xiao's sword light was broken apart with just one strike by the opponent!

This was really unimaginable! Ever since Seventh Master Xiao became a Sovereign of swords, he had never thought that such a thing would occur!

He retreated with staggering footsteps and shockingly looked at the man in black who was continuing to chase after him, then he exclaimed, "Imperial of swords?"

The man in black didn't answer nor stop and rushed straight towards Seventh Master Xiao .

He roared and desperately resisted . He knew that he definitely couldn't defeat his opponent! But he still had to desperately resist against his opponent! Otherwise, he would die!

Yunshan and Yunhai just reacted to what was happening . They roared and rushed forth .

But the man in black moved at a much faster pace . The sword moved at such a fast speed that it couldn't be seen . In a moment's time, the sword swept towards Seventh Master Xiao 1,500 times .

He felt his entire body chilled down . He was desperate . He tried his best to block but to no avail . Instantly, his clothes fell apart, and blood marks appeared over his body . But all of them weren't deep .

Seventh Master Xiao made a narrow escape from death . He felt strange: This person's cultivation is far above mine . He can easily kill me, but why didn't he kill me? Why did he just make scratches on my body?

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