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Chapter 870: 870

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The sword spirit smiled lightly, casting a spell of death . He asked, "Are you sure you want to kill?"

Chu Yang smiled coldly, responding, "Not only so, but I also want to kill to my own content!"

The sword spirit said, "If that's the case, then we shall have a great massacre!"

Chu Yang smiled .

"Sword spirit, remember, this time our task is as such… as such…"

The sword spirit nodded deeply, "Don't worry! We won't fail!"

A black shadow drifted out quietly of the windows which were already opened, like a black cloud . It rushed up towards the sky in the direction of the wind . After a flash in the sky, it vanished .

In another room, two Saint level experts from the Huang clan were sitting still . One person suddenly opened his eyes and frowned, saying, "There's some stirring around!"

At the next moment, the duo had silently arrived at the courtyard . With a flash, one of them had already arrived at the roof like a breeze which had swept past .

Looking into the distance, there was only dead still everywhere . In the sky were only sparkling stars and a bright moon .

"There's no one!" the one on the roof spoke softly .

"Strange . " The other one below frowned .

Then the other two didn't speak and listened to the movements of the various rooms .

In Chu Le'er's room, Chu Le'er's low breathing sounds were heard . For this little girl, even if she was asleep, she also breathed softly and weakly; In Huang Xialiu's room, he was sleeping while sprawling on the bed . Snoring sounds rose and subsided, and occasionally, he would whistle and grind his teeth a few times…

In Chu Yang's room, a low and soft breathing sound sounded constantly, indicating that he was asleep, and he was sleeping very calmly and peacefully .

"There's really no abnormalities . "

The two Saint level experts gazed at each other, then entered the rooms; After a while, the duo flew out from two directions, flew around the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall once, then again ascended to some height to look into the distance . But there were no unusual happenings .

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By the duo's vigilance and experience, they confirmed that there's nothing happening .

But they were surprised .

"It's strange . I clearly felt a sharp and bleak feeling in the fluctuations of some martial arts aura just now . Why didn't we see any abnormal phenomena?"

One of them frowned and wondered .

"Yes, not only you, but I also felt it… If it's an expert, then his cultivation must definitely be above us… We're only disturbed by the loneliness in him… Maybe he's just a passer-by?" The other person was also puzzled .

"Should not be… why would such expert pass by so late in the dark?" the former expert muttered in a low voice .

"Strange . We're encountering such things the first day we've got here… That Divine Doctor Chu had gotten used to it as he stayed here every day…"

"That guy… I estimate that he won't be awake even in the worst of any circumstances . Listen to how soundly he's sleeping . He's perhaps having some good dreams . "

The duo shook their heads and returned to their rooms . This night, the duo had become more vigilant and they dared not to sleep . But they had no discovery .

They didn't know that the abnormal aura that had stirred up their vigilance was now dozens of miles away now!

The Xiao clan's branch .

Ever since Xiao Yucheng returned from the Chu clan, he looked like an angry toad . His mouth and eyes were all skewed!

He had just taken the position of a steward and was thinking of what means he should take to affirm his authority in this Flat Mountain Ridge . But, not only he had failed to do so, he was slapped back crisply on his own face .

Chu Yang's railing on him made Xiao Yucheng's face burn till now . He had completely lost his face in front of his subordinates . But the circumstances just now made it impossible to throw out his temper and lay hands on Chu Yang .

He could only bear in silence!

Xiao Yucheng kicked over the doors of a dozen families!

Upon returning, he drank a few cups of wine . The stuffiness in his chest made him want to explode .

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Beside him, the eight Emperor level experts all looked ugly on their faces .

Among the eight, four originally belonged to Xiao Yucheng, while the other four were the remaining four men of Xiao Yulong after his accident .

"What else can't be tolerated if this can be?" Xiao Yucheng gulped down another cup of wine, and held up a piece of fox bottom and bit it down . Normally, people liked to eat other regions besides bottoms, but Xiao Yucheng had this strange habit of eating animals' bottoms . Regardless of whether they're the bottoms of pigs, chickens or sheeps…

Fox was a delicacy in the Nine Heavens, but the meat of fox bottoms was more difficult to eat: Everyone knew that all fox had scent glands; Yes, scent glands were all in fox bottoms… Of course, meat from other regions of a fox was delicious . But for bottom meat, let alone of some peculiar smell, even if there wasn't, it's still unsightly to eat .

But Xiao Yucheng just liked to eat bottom meat .

And he chewed it soundly!

His eight men could only watch him eat…

"He's only a suckling child! How can he be so arrogant? How daring is he to not treat me seriously!" Xiao Yucheng put on a fierce look . As he ate big mouthfuls of fox bottoms, he didn't forget to swear back on Chu Yang .

"I will definitely humiliate him twice as much as he did on me!" And he ate a mouthful of fox bottoms…

"This little bastard . Just with the support of law-enforcement officers, he actually becomes so lawless!" And he ate a mouthful of fox bottoms…

"I'll definitely take revenge for Xiao Yulong! Xiao Yulong can't die like this!" And he ate a mouthful of fox bottoms…

"Little bastard! Ah ah ah…" Xiao Yucheng was obviously crazy now . He tore apart the fox bottoms with his mouth in an insane manner and chewed on it furiously . His eyes looked sinister .

The eight martial Emperors sat next to him, as blank as woods .

The eight of them had never seen Xiao Yucheng so angry before . They had never thought that Xiao Yucheng would vent his anger in such a manner!

Looking at a table of pig bottoms, chicken bottoms, duck bottoms, sheep bottoms, cattle bottoms, fox bottoms…

The eight of them felt their throats twitch .

In the beginning, they could still scold a few words on Chu Yang along with Xiao Yucheng . But now, their anger was completely dispelled by this steward's feat in eating bottoms…

There seemed to be something within everyone's throat…

"You shall say yourselves . Isn't this annoying!?" Xiao Yucheng raised his neck and gulped down a cup of wine . Then he threw away the bones of the fox bottoms away, and grabbed a big piece of duck bottoms, and bit down .

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At this moment, a sharp scream reverberated through the air!

With this scream, the entire Xiao clan instantly became chaotic .

While Xiao Yucheng was still in some tipsiness and confusion over what had happened, the eight experts had already rushed out of the hall . At this moment, the eight people even had the feeling of 'we're finally free' .

Damn it, it's much better to put up a fight with our enemies than to look at this guy eating bottoms so insanely!

What's good… about the bottoms! Motherf**ker, not sure if he eats human's bottoms? It's lucky that he's not from the direct line of descent…

I've only heard that some people like women's breast because they lack maternal love since young… But I've never heard that people lack a bottom's love since young…

It's too disgusting!

Xiao Yucheng screamed and slammed the duck bottom onto the ground, and rushed out of the hall screaming, "Who the f**k is yelling in the middle of the night!?"

But at the next moment, he shut his mouth!

A ghostly black shadow came towards him from the main gate . He was walking in a leisurely pace, and the sword in his hands flashed .

When this man in black saw the martial practitioners from the Xiao clan rushing out towards him, he would even wait for a while on the spot .

Behind him were already 40 or 50 corpses sprawling on the ground in all directions!

Everyone had suffered a stab either on their throats or chests .

Blood dripped silently onto the ground in the deep night, merging to form a blood pool at the gate .

This man in black strode forth slowly from this stretch of corpses and pool of blood .

Hundreds of martial practitioners surged towards him like a tide and ferociously besieged him, but they couldn't stop the footsteps of this person! And he even dared to stop for people to come up to him!

"Who are you?" Xiao Yucheng roared in a hoarse voice .

That man in black even raised his head and took a deep look at Xiao Yucheng, who was on the stairs, calmly and composedly while he continued to kill his enemies .

It seemed as if this look had broken through space-time and connected with the ancient times!

On the stairs, nine people including Xiao Yucheng instantly felt a spell of bleakness and solitude breaking through the air and hitting hard on their elixir fields!

Everyone felt a sense of loneliness that made them feel like crying! At this instant, their hearts were strangely stirred up . They even forgot their fear and anger .

They startled for a while . Their feelings seemed to have come to a stop at this instant, but again, they felt they had entered another strange realm .

Then a series of piercing screams sounded again .

The nine people were dumbstruck at the same time!

What special martial technique is it? What cultivation does he have?

In the chaos, the man in black laughed aloud and said coldly, "It's time to have a talk with you!"

Suddenly, his black robes rose, and a dense spell of sword light spread out like a lunar halo . Slowly, it formed a huge circle which had a diameter of at least 500 feet!

All the martial practitioners in the Xiao clan who were besieging him froze instantly!


The man in black smiled smartly, then walked up the stairs easily . After he walked out 10 steps, a loud sound rang . The remaining hundred warriors fell onto the ground at the same time .

The power of his sword had killed a hundred or so warriors!

Everyone was stabbed in the same position!

For everyone, the lower part of their bodies was still upright, but the upper parts of their bodies had detached and they flew neatly towards the man in black and dropped onto the ground before him! The direction in which the blood had scattered was also the same! Even if this was rehearsed for hundreds of thousands of times, one could definitely not do so this uniformly!

The man in black walked forward by a dozen steps and suddenly let out a long sigh, "Why are you still standing here?"

His sound rang out slowly, then with a tremor, the lower parts of the bodies of the dead warriors that were originally upright fell into the pool of blood .

The man in black raised his head and looked at the nine people on the stairs . Smiling coldly, he said, "Don't go . Don't worry . I'll come to you now . "

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