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Chapter 869: 869

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Clan Master Huang laughed, "Clan Master Huang, no matter whether the Xiao clan lay hands on your clan, or vice versa, they're all your family matters!"

Chu Yang's laughter was cold .

"Yes, I said too much… . " Huang Shang instantly realized and said smilingly, "But, I have something to trouble Divine Doctor Chu… Once the war started, there would definitely be casualties… Divine Doctor Chu, please give us some help . "

Chu Yang said lightly, "I'm only a doctor and only recognizes purple crystals, not people . As long as your Huang clan give sufficient purple crystals, then I can help to save your lives… But if there are no purple crystals, I'll be helpless . "

He flipped his eyelids and said, "This is my principle and bottom line . Please understand . Friendship or hatred has nothing to do with me .

Just now, rage suddenly overwhelmed his heart . The meaning of Clan Master Huang was obvious, and he had conveyed his meaning without any disguise: I came here in such a high-profile manner, so the Xiao clan definitely know about this . It's impossible for you to keep this a secret and keep out of the affair .

So, you're already involved .

You're already on the same boat as me . So, as long as our Huang clan requests for your help, for instance curing our illnesses or injuries, you can't be a bystander . If our Huang clan is gone… you'll also not end well!

Thus he said 'You're destined to have trouble' . But this sentence showed Clan Master Huang's thoughts .

How could King of Hell Chu feel good?

Damn it, all along, it's me who schemed against others . Now, there's actually someone scheming against me!?

Besides, what does 'You're destined to have trouble' mean? What reason is this? I'm a doctor and earning purple crystals here . Where comes the trouble? If your son didn't come, what f**king trouble do I have?

Now, not only did you bring me trouble, but you also augment it, and even want to exploit me?

Once King of Hell Chu understood this, he was completely not fond of Clan Master Huang any further .

Huang Shang said awkwardly, "Of course, of course . I'll of course compensate for Divine Doctor Chu's loss!" Knowing that his speech just now had stirred up this divine doctor's sensitive nerves, he felt a little embarrassed .

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Clan Master Huang said, "If that's the case, since Clan Master Huang can spare 20,000 purple crystals for his own son, then you shall pay me the compensation fee of my center first . Just one month will do . After one month, if the Huang clan's elixirs haven't arrived, then you shall pay me the compensation fee again . "

Huang Shang said readily, "Sure . What's the amount?"

Chu Yang extended two fingers .

"2,000 purple crystals?" although Huang Shang thought this amount was too great, he still smiled and said, "No problem! Absolutely no problem!"

"No, it's 20,000! Purple crystals," Chu Yang looked at Huang Shang coldly .

"20,000!" this Clan Master Huang screamed .

"This is only my loss! I didn't say the compensation fee yet!" Chu Yang said indifferently, "Counter-bid is not allowed here . If Clan Master Huang thinks it's too expensive, you can bring back your young master . I shall not ask for the cost of the drug that he has taken previously…"

"No no, Divine Doctor Chu, you're joking," although Huang Shang was the clan master of a great clan, he dared not to be disrespectful towards Chu Yang . When he had just arrived, he had heard that the South-East regional law-enforcement master Han Xiaoran had personally taken a visit to the Chu clan, showing his support for the Chu clan .

How could Huang Shang not have any worries?

Firstly, with the imminent threat posed by the Xiao clan, the Huang clan wasn't fit to stir up further trouble at this moment .

Secondly, his own son and the problem of inheritance of the whole clan were now in the hands of Chu Yang . He couldn't afford to offend Chu Yang…

Of course, if there weren't the two problems, Clan Master Huang would long have caught Divine Doctor Chu back . How could Clan Master Huang tolerate Divine Doctor Chu to bargain with him? …

"Isn't it just 20,000 purple crystals? And Divine Doctor Chu's loss is due to our Huang clan . Of course, we should compensate," Huang Shang squinted his eyes and said smilingly .

"Now, the issue of compensation is settled . Let's talk about the consultation fee," Chu Yang gave a pure smile .

But Huang Shang said cautiously, "Please say, Divine Doctor Chu . "

"From now till the young master fully recovers, I need an estimated fee of… 20,000 purple crystals," Chu Yang said generously, "The exact amount should be 23,000, but I shall do away with the 3,000 . Everyone is so familiar now… I don't dare to ask for more . "

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He laughed and said, "But I don't dare to ask for less either . For just three poisonous medicines, Clan Master Huang could unhesitatingly take out 20,000 purple crystals… If I ask for less, it'll be an insult on Clan Master Huang . I can't insult you since everyone is so familiar now!"

Divine Doctor Chu smiled gently, saying, "I think that this charge is neither too much nor too little… Clan Master Huang, Clan Master Huang? What… happened to you?"

Huang Shang lowered his head . He coughed and after a long time, he raised his head and said, "*Cough*… Yes, neither too much nor too little… 20,000… just alright, hahaha, just alright . "

He felt extremely miserable: You might as well insult me… Please insult me…

"Yes, it's great that you don't have any objections…" Clan Master Huang smiled .

Huang Shang felt stuffy in his heart: Who says that I've no objections? It's only that I didn't say…

Chu Yang continued to say sincerely, "Clan Master Huang, while we're familiar to each other, I still rely on being a doctor to earn a living… There are some words that we should say clearly in advance, so as to prevent future disputes from happening . That would really be bad if it happens…"

Huang Shang instinctively felt that something was wrong . He stammered, "What… is it?"

Clan Master Huang smiled embarrassedly, rubbed his hands and said bashfully, "That's… what price do you intend to thank me if your young master has recovered?"

"Urgh…" Huang Shang didn't know how to respond .

Chu Yang didn't beat about the bush while saying these words . Even like a wily old fox like Huang Shang felt a bit uncomfortable upon hearing them .

Chu Yang said excitedly, "Look, once Young Master Huang recovers, the Huang clan will immediately have descendants… Besides, after my superb treatment on Young Master Huang, he'll be a lot more times fitter than ordinary people… Clan Master Huang, you'll soon lead a life of leisure . What a joyful matter that is worthy of celebration and that all of us look forward to . "

"So, I think Clan Master Huang won't be so stringy… in front of such a big hero like me?" Clan Master Huang asked anticipatively .

Huang Shang felt bitter in his mouth . He felt the fortune of the clan that generations of ancestors had earned would fly away at this instant…

He frowned, stomped his feet, gritted his teeth and said, "I'll give Divine Doctor Chu another 20,000 purple crystals then!"

"20 000?" Chu Yang dragged his voice with dissatisfaction, "20,000… Hahahaha…"

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"25,000!" Huang Shang said in agony .

"Clan Master Huang, you don't seem to focus a lot on inheriting the Huang clan's bloodline…" Chu Yang sighed, "The greatest unfilial act is bearing no descendants…"

"30,000!" veins protruded out of Huang Shang's forehead .

"Deal!" Divine Doctor Chu snapped his fingers and said happily, "Clan Master Huang, please, please sit . Let's have some tea . "

Huang Shang lay on the chair like a deflated ball . His face creased up .

This Divine Doctor Chu… was really money-mad! He asked for money so shamelessly…

"Oh yeah," Divine Doctor Chu turned around to verify what Clan Master Huang had just said, "Clan Master Huang, is the 30,000 that you said just now are purple crystals?"

Huang Shang roared, "Do you think I'll give you silver?"

"That's good, that's good…" Chu Yang heaved a sigh of relief .

Huang Shang flipped his eyelids, gasped a breath and closed his eyes . Now, he didn't want to take even a glance at this divine doctor…

You can afford to have anything, but not an illness; You can afford to not have anything, but not no money!

Now, Clan Master Huang had a deeper understanding of this sentence . Once there's illness, all the clan's fortune would be used up by the doctors… How many clans wouldn't be bankrupt with such black-hearted doctors?

Huang Shang secretly made up his mind: Grab whatever he can when dealing with the Xiao clan! And try to get back the loss first…

But he didn't know he had to pay such high prices just because he offended Chu Yang! He shouldn't have plotted so much against Chu Yang…

What annoyed Chu Yang the most was being exploited and plotted against by other people!

Since Huang Shang had offended Chu Yang, how could Chu Yang not fight back violently?

Of course, if Huang Shang knew the truth of this matter and that he could originally pay 10,000 purple crystals to settle the consultation fee today… perhaps he would have the heart to even pull off his own tongue…

On the night of the very day, Huang Shang brought some people to settle down in a nearby inn . Two Saint level guards were left to protect Huang Xialiu . Huang Xialiu was tortured very badly by Divine Doctor Chu's medicine, so he slept very early…

Midnight, when the starlight was faint .

In Chu Yang's room, Chu Yang was dressed in black and sitting before his bed .

He made out a straw man about the size of a real person from the Nine Tribulations Space, and shifted it onto his bed . Then, Chu Yang covered it with a blanket . After which, he took out a strange thing . It had a hole in the middle . One side of it was thick, while the other side, thin . He gently placed it under the windows and held his breath .

A light breeze came in from the windows .

Chu Yang adjusted the direction of that strange thing . Till he revealed a satisfied smile, another slight breathing sound could be heard from the room .

It's like the natural breathing sound of a person who was sound asleep .

But Chu Yang had already held on to his breath .

Where did the breathing sound come from?

It came from the strange stuff that Chu Yang placed at the windows .

This thing was within the memory of the first master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and Chu Yang had made it meticulously . It's a great thing to fool other people, and it's called: There are people in the room!

This thing could adjust the best breathing effect of a person who's asleep according to wind directions and mislead people into thinking that someone in the room was sound asleep . Although it didn't seem to be eye-catching, this thing was very useful within the martial society .

The most important thing was that making this thing wasn't labor-intensive . Once the method of making it was known, one could make it just with a stone .

Chu Yang was particularly interested in this . So he made this thing as soon as he heard about it . Now, it had come in handy .

Everything was properly arranged .

Chu Yang's divine senses entered his consciousness and he asked, "Sword spirit, are you ready?"

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