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Chapter 867: 867

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After Han Xiaoran completed the ceremony and had a cordial conversation with clan master Chu Xiongcheng, he gave a warning to the several big clans, then hurriedly left .

His back and forth trip was as quick as a bolt of thunder . Everyone felt that they were in a dream!

All the members from the Chu clan included .

This was a great thing for the Chu clan! The sorrowful atmosphere caused by the death of Chu Feilong and his sons had, to the largest extent, dissipated .

Originally, the greatest source of fortune for the Chu clan was just to compete for the Xiao clan's trade routes together with the Liao clan and Bao clan . They never dared to even think of taking over the business of the Law Enforcement Hall .

That's certainly a big piece of cake, but the Chu clan had no capability of eating it . Besides, the law-enforcement officers were notorious for being difficult to negotiate with . Once there was a little mistake, even if the whole Chu clan had to sacrifice, the law-enforcement officers might still not be contented .

But now, not only was such a good thing brought to their doorstep, but the Chu clan was also given extremely preferential treatment . Not only did the law-enforcement officers give the Chu clan a source of fortune, but the Chu clan also need not take up responsibilities…

Why was there such a good thing on Earth?

The Liao clan and Bao clan were utterly shocked: If that's the case, it's not a bad thing to submit themselves to the Chu clan . Because… the Chu clan obviously has a very special relationship with the law-enforcement officers…

A good tree is good for shelter! Now the Chu clan is starting to develop and there's not enough manpower . If everyone works hard and the Chu clan develops well, their own clans will also be treated well!

What a splendid prospect!

The Chu clan instantly got busy .

Old Master Chu Xiongcheng took this opportunity to immediately consolidate the three clans .

He selected three Monarch level experts each from the Liao clan and Bao clan, and four from the Chu clan, forming ten Monarch level experts to hold the line .

Bodyguards were on standby to carry out a trade .

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The boycott that the Chu clan expected from the other two big clans didn't happen . Instead, they were rather cooperative . The Liao clan became the Chu clan's second branch, while the Bao clan, third . The Chu clan was naturally the main branch…

In the afternoon, Qin Baoshan spread down news from the Law-Enforced Auction Hall: There's an upcoming task .

Chu Feiling and Chu Feiyan immediately started off and began the Chu clan's great journey…

The Chu clan roughly settled the funeral . Although it's carried out solemnly, it's after all not a big ceremony . Because Old Master Chu was still alive . When elders were alive, Chu Feilong and his sons were at most considered to have died young… The custom of the Nine Heavens was as such…

All the funeral arrangements dispensed all unnecessary formalities and carried out as fast as possible .

Chu Yang felt his presence redundant in the funeral .

So, he wanted to escape .

While everyone wasn't noticing, Chu Yang quietly walked away . After walking a few steps, a pair of small hands caught him, "Bring me back . "

It was Chu Le'er .

She was really tired .

Because Chu Le'er insisted on following Chu Yang out and she was so tired that she couldn't walk, Chu Yang could only carry her out on his back…

I'm so poor, Divine Doctor Chu exclaimed in his heart: Even if I'm at the Law Enforcement Hall, I also have a special carriage to sit on . But I'm now in my own home, yet I don't have such treatment at all…

Just as he walked out of the Chu clan's gate, he saw a few people in black standing at the gate . Behind him were six people . Everyone was looking at Chu Yang with murderous eyes .

Chu Yang frowned . These seven people came from the Xiao clan . The first person was the temporary steward of the Xiao clan . He was inside previously . Why did he suddenly appear outside? They appeared to be blocking his own path .

"You're Chu Yang? The master of the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall?" the leader, who had gloomy eyes and a hawk nose, asked scornfully as he examined Chu Yang in disdain .

"Do you have any matters?" Chu Yang didn't release Chu Le'er, and he pouted his lips and also replied scornfully .

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If you're rude to me, why should I reply to you with respect? The Xiao clan? So what! Hadn't I already fixed that Xiao Yulong?

"Xiao Yulong… He's tricked by you? Not only did he die tragically, but he also compensated you a large sum of purple crystals?" that hawk-nosed man asked with a heavy voice .

"That's the punishment made by the law-enforcement officers . He had nothing to do with me," Chu Yang evaded his own responsibility cleanly .

The hawk-nosed man snorted and his face turned cold, "Do you think… with the law-enforcement officers supporting you, you can do whatever you want?"

Chu Yang smiled coldly, "You're right . If all the law-enforcement officers in the world support me, I can really be fearless!"

The hawk-nosed man instantly became so raged that he couldn't speak .

He snorted heavily and said, "I'm Xiao Yucheng!"

Chu Yang said tiredly, "I'm very pleased…"

"Xiao Yulong is my cousin," Xiao Yucheng's hawk eyes stared at Chu Yang and he said heavily, "He died with no clear reasons, and suffered from too many grievances…"

Chu Yang sighed and said, "People always comment on dead people this way…"

Xiao Yucheng snorted and lowered his voice, "Young Master Chu, you'll soon say this . You really have the guts to deceive our Xiao clan . "

Chu Yang said impatiently, "Do you dare to kill me today?"

Xiao Yulong said in rage, "Who says that I don't dare?"

Chu Yang sighed and walked towards Xiao Yucheng while carrying Chu Le'er . Then Chu Yang extended his hands, shoved Xiao Yucheng to one side, and walked past him in a stately manner . Then Chu Yang started cursing, "There's a group of people in the world who're really stupid; They only know how to flaunt . While they clearly don't dare to do something, they still insist that they dare . I've met too many of such people… If you want to kill someone, then just kill! Crap your ass! Still I have the nerve to even think that some powerful person is here . Never did I expect to waste my saliva…"

"I didn't see him so arrogant in front of the law-enforcement master just now; When Sha Xinliang and the other law-enforcement officers were here, he also dared not to let out a fart… Now he has come to block me… He really knows how to bully people! Isn't he someone who only knows how to bully the weak but cringes against the strong…"

Then he carried Chu Le'er and walked away as he continued to curse Xiao Yucheng .

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Xiao Yucheng was so mad at Chu Yang that he couldn't breathe, then stared at Chu Yang, who was walking away with Chu Le'er on his back . It was only after a long time did he start to gasp heavily for breath .

The other six people's faces were also purple .

"Chu Yang, wait till you fall into my hands, I'll make you pay back million times of costs of the words that you said today!" Xiao Yucheng gasped, "Don't think that you'll be safe after colluding with the law-enforcement officers!"

He thought that Chu Yang didn't have any cultivation and couldn't hear him . But Chu Yang heard every word that Xiao Yucheng spoke clearly .

In front, Chu Le'er's sounds of laughter were heard, "Brother Chu Yang, you talked really like a gangster . But I like what you said…"

Xiao Yucheng's face became distorted…

He faintly heard Chu Le'er saying, "Le'er, you must remember, you can scold whatever you like when facing this kind of person with no guts at all… It'll be alright to even curse his mom…"

"Yes yes… brother you're so great, I've remembered… That person dared not to curse back after being scolded by you, but it's better for you not to curse his mom… That's not good…"

"Yes, Le'er is a good girl . You're soft-hearted . I like you… Yes, I shouldn't curse his mom in the future…"

"Yes, big brother . You shall just curse his dad…"

Their voices became fainter .

The seven people from the Xiao clan stood dumbfounded on the spot . Everyone's face was twisted and fuming with anger…

Chu Yang didn't intend to speak nicely from the beginning, because he understood: Since the Xiao clan sent Xiao Yulong's cousin here, then the Xiao clan's meaning was obvious . Since I can't avoid him anyway, why should I submit to his humiliation?

So, while Xiao Yucheng was still at the Chu clan's gate and Han Xiaoran just indicated his support for the Chu clan, Chu Yang confirmed that Xiao Yucheng dared not to lay hands on himself, so Chu Yang gave Xiao Yucheng a good scolding…

Even though they might have to put up a fight in the end, he still earned a happy mood from scolding him…

The little girl had a lightweight, but King of Hell Chu didn't use his cultivation to carry him . In the end, Chu Yang felt as if he was carrying a small mountain . When Chu Yang had returned to the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall, he felt that his two legs already crippled .

But he saw Young Master Huang Xialiu putting up violent resistance to drinking medicine . Seeing that Divine Doctor Chu wasn't around, Young Master Huang finally began to make a scene . Chu Yang wasn't in a good mood then . Seeing Huang Xialiu, he was furious and shouted, "Piss off if you don't want to drink! Why are you so picky?"

Young Master Huang shuddered and his face turned pale as if he had heard loud thunder . He drank the medicine down without making further mischief .

Now, whenever Young Master Huang saw Chu Yang, he would feel an inexplicable fear . It was as if he had seen the incarnation of a devil…

Then, he ran to a corner with a bitter face . Tilting his nose and mouth to one side and opening his mouth slightly… a crystal-like thread of saliva dripped down from the corner of his mouth…

It was actually the bitter water that's produced by the mouth as a form of physiological reaction .

This kind of bitter water would be produced whenever too sour or bitter things were eaten . Young Master Huang couldn't vomit the medicine out, but he realized that forcing out the bitter water could alleviate some of his uneasiness . So, after drinking the medicine, he would lie his back on a wall's corner, and put up a mentally retarded and stupid look to drool off his saliva…

Young Master Huang had already drunk the medicine for three days .

In these three days, Young Master Huang felt that he had gone through three years . Nope, 30 years!

Drinking six bowls of yellowish medicine soup every day made Huang Xialiu feel full . Even if he wasn't full from drinking, he would feel full from disgust…

Am I still leading a human life?

On the fourth day, people from the Huang clan returned .

Chu Yang still underestimated the emphasis that the Huang clan had towards their sole descendant .

Not only did they bring back all the 'medicinal ingredients' needed for 'the second course of treatment', but they also brought back detailed information regarding each of them . Not only so, but the clan master of the Huang clan had also come, and he had brought Huang Xialiu's mother, the clan master's four concubines… and Young Master Huang Xialiu's two wives…

And a troop of expert guards!

Such a great lineup made Divine Doctor Chu dumbstruck!

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