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Chapter 861: 861

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With Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan taking the lead, a group of law-enforcement officers sent the corpses of Chu Feilong and his sons back to the Chu clan . Instantly, chaos was stirred up in the calm backyard of the Chu clan .

No one expected that three corpses were returned at the same time!

Chu Feilong's wife vomited blood on the spot and fainted .

Chu Feiling, Chu Feiyan and the few others rushed to the hall . The wailing sounds within the hall were thunderous . Old Master Chu Xiongcheng also rushed out barefooted and only wearing a singlet .

The old master started tearing upon seeing the corpses . The taste of seeing his child and even grandchild die before himself was really unbearable .

Chu Feiling had long prejudiced against Chu Feilong, but now, seeing his brother's corpse lying before himself, he also couldn't bear the grief and sorrow in his heart, and tears started to fall from his eyes .

"What happened?" the old master had tears in his eyes and shouted, "Where did Feilong go today? How did he die? Why would he die… like this?!"

His voice had already become hoarse as he spoke till the end .

Everyone gazed at one another . They didn't know what Chu Feilong was busy with these two days .

"Tengyun!" Chu Xiongcheng shouted, "Do you know?"

Chu Tengyun was lying on his father's corpse wailing aloud . After hearing his grandfather's question, he tried hard to suppress the agony in his heart and said, "My father had been out all day long these few days, and… on the afternoon yesterday, I heard father arranging my two elder brothers to invite… Brother Chu Yang for a feast at Lingyun Pavilion…"

"Chu Yang?" Chu Xiongcheng's body jerked and abruptly took a step back . His face turned pale and he looked as if he had suddenly become older .

"Yang Yang?" Chu Feiling raised his face abruptly . His face was written with astonishment .

"Yes," Chu Tengyun said, "I heard that my father was friends with Ye Wubo from the Ye clan, and Ye Wubo told my two elder brothers to lure big brother to the pavilion . I'm afraid for big brother, so I went together with Tengkong and Tengxiao to remind big brother…"

Chu Xiongcheng looked at Chu Tengkong and Chu Tengxiao, and both of them nodded .

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Chu Xiongcheng's straightened back bent down instantly . He was grieved, yet helplessly empty in his heart . Although Chu Tengyun didn't say specifically, Chu Xiongcheng and guessed out what had happened .

Chu Feilong must have colluded with Ye Wubo in a bid to use Ye Wubo's power to eliminate Chu Yang . But somehow, there was a turn of event and in the end, it was Chu Feilong and his two sons who suffered .

If that was the case, Chu Yang obviously had some connections with their death .

Chu Xiongcheng thought of the incident that Chu Feiling met back in the years, and the poison and injury that Chu Xiongcheng himself suffered a year ago . Ye Wubo and the Ye clan were all nearby at both time periods…

All aspects indicated that there was a collision between Chu Feilong and Ye Wubo since a long time ago!

Chu Xiongcheng felt an acute pain in his heart . He didn't know what to say .

"Where's your big brother? Chu Yang? Why didn't he come back?" Chu Feiling asked hurriedly, "Who brought back the corpses?"

"Sha Commander from the Law Enforcement Hall sent them back," Chu Tengyun lowered his head and said, "Commander Sha is now outside the hall . "

Chu Xiongcheng didn't say a word, and he strode out of the hall . He stopped in front of Sha Xinliang .

"Commander Sha… What exactly… happened?" Chu Xiongcheng suppressed the sorrow in his heart and asked heavily .

Sha Xinliang sighed and said, "Second master Chu started up a fight with someone, and was being…"

"Who is it?" Chu Xiongcheng's eyes turned fiery .

Sha Xinliang became hesitant in what to say .

Chu Xiongcheng's face suddenly turned pale and asked, "Is it Chu Yang?"

"Why do you think that?" Sha Xinliang said stunningly, "The Ye clan has great influence and quite a number of people are involved in this . It's not convenient for me to say it directly here . "

Chu Xiongcheng dragged Sha Xinliang to walk a few steps away from the crowd, and bowed to him deeply, "Commander Sha, please say . "

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Sha Xinliang sighed and said, "When the incident happened, we're all at the Lingyun Pavilion . Han Xiaoran, the law-enforcement master of the South-East region is here recently, so Old Qin and I had gone there to welcome his arrival . "

"Law-Enforcement Master Han was also there?" Chu Xiongcheng was taken aback .

"We've gotten a clear look at what had happened there," Sha Xinliang said .

"Please say the details," Chu Xiongcheng's face became heavy: The fact that Han Xiaoran was on the scene of the crime but didn't go to stop the crime from being committed was enough to explain the complexity of this matter .

At this point, Chu Xiongcheng had erased all suspicions he had on Chu Yang: Han Xiaoran was on the spot . With his temperament, how would he be partial towards anyone?

"It turned out that Second Master Chu was originally the subordinate of Ye Wubo…" this made Chu Xiongcheng change his face .

"It seemed that Second Master Chu was working for Ye Wubo during this period of time but Ye Wubo was not satisfied towards him . Ye Wubo also lost his own men because of Second Master Chu; Second Master Chu evaded his responsibility to Chu Yang, so Ye Wubo wanted to meet Chu Yang . And the meeting time was just tonight…"

Sha Xinliang said, "When Chu Yang came, Ye Wubo realized that Chu Yang had no cultivation at all after testing on him . Ye Wubo was furious and fell into the belief that Second Master Chu had cheated him…"

Next, Sha Xinliang explained the situation thoroughly . He didn't even miss out every sentence that Ye Wubo spoke .

Then he let out a long sigh and said, "We were just next door, but the law-enforcement master decided not to intervene; He said, "Why should we save such an unfilial villain who even wanted to kill his own brother and father? As for his two sons, they killed each other and their father for the sake of survival! They were worse than brutes! We would dirty our hands if we save them!"

Chu Xiongcheng fell to his knees, looked up to the sky, and sighed .

From Sha Xinliang's retelling of Ye Wubo's words, Chu Xiongcheng dispelled the last bit of fluke in him . It turned out that it was indeed Chu Feilong who had caused the tragedy of Chu Feiling having his family wrenched apart .

The abrupt incident that occurred to the several helpful big stewards of the clan was also caused by Chu Feilong .

It was also this son of him that had caused him to be poisoned and injured .

Chu Xiongcheng raised his head and wept bitterly .

He could completely understand what Han Xiaoran meant when he said, "Why should we save such a person?"

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If he was Han Xiaoran, he would also absolutely not save Chu Feilong!

"In the end, the law-enforcement master saw that Ye Wubo was going to lay hands on Chu Yang, so we pleaded the law-enforcement master to save Chu Yang," Sha Xinliang sighed, "Clan Master Chu, there's something that you may not know . My chronic illness was cured by your grandson Chu Yang, so I… have a good impression of him all along, and also take more care towards him . "

This unveiled all the long-standing mystery in Chu Xiongcheng's heart .

"The law-enforcement master also instructed us to bring you some words," Sha Xinliang said .

"Law-enforcement master wants to bring me some words? What are they?" Chu Xiongcheng had vaguely guessed what they were, but he still asked .

"It may be better… to not seek revenge! If you want to take revenge… do it slowly . " Sha Xinliang said .

"Many thanks to the law-enforcement master!" Chu Xiongcheng looked at the sky and sighed . As if this entire person had suddenly grown old at this instant .

Han Xiaoran's meaning was obvious . How can the Chu clan afford to provoke the Ye clan? What's more, is it worthwhile to offend an enemy who has the capability to exterminate the entire clan easily, just for the sake of some people who are worse than brutes?

"Your grandson Chu Yang had suffered from the Ye clan's Triple Layer Soul-Capturing Technique, and the law-enforcement master is now trying to save him . Once Chu Yang is alright, we'll send back Chu Yang . There's no need for you to worry . "

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan departed from the Chu clan . Chu Xiongcheng stood in the yard like a sculpture for a long time . Hearing the wailing sounds behind him, he felt a helpless sense of sorrow and loneliness overwhelming his entire body…

"Little brother, actually I've one thing that I don't understand," Han Xiaoran was sitting opposite to Chu Yang . After drinking a cup of wine, he said smilingly, "You took all the troubles and means to make use of Ye Wubo's hands to get rid of Chu Feilong, just for the sake of avoiding yourself from getting the charge of having killed your own relatives . But why did you suddenly take actions and kill Chu Tenghu in the end?"

Chu Yang smiled mildly, saying, "Nothing . Only that at that time, I felt that this bastard must die in my hands! If he died in the hands of others, firstly, I couldn't vent away my frustration, and secondly, it would be too cheap for him . "

Han Xiaoran smiled, "Thirdly, this person was too dangerous . It would be too risky to have him alive, and you wouldn't be assured if he was killed by others?"

Chu Yang shook his head and laughed, "Old brother, you would be looking down on me while saying this . No matter how dangerous was Chu Tenghu, he wouldn't be more dangerous than Ye Wubo . "

Han Xiaoran nodded, "From what you mean, you're not planning to let pass Ye Wubo?"

"Absolutely!" Ye Wubo raised his eyebrows, "Ye Wubo is the culprit . How can I let him off so lightly?"

"It's not a trivial matter… to deal with Ye Wubo!" Han Xiaoran gave Chu Yang a solemn reminder, "You must have full confidence and kill him in one blow! Otherwise, it's better to let him off first, and look for opportunities in the future . You mustn't act on impulse… Your Chu clan really can't afford to provoke Ye Wubo . "

Chu Feilong smiled deeply and said, "I have a definite idea of what I'm doing . Ye Wubo isn't Chu Feilong . I've already gotten clear knowledge of the Ye clan…"

Han Xiaoran nodded grimly .

Then, he asked, seemingly intentionally yet also unintentionally, "Little brother, the fluctuation in your spirit is normal . There are no abnormalities at all even when you're suffering from the Triple Layer Soul-Capturing Technique . This is really strange . "

Chu Yang's heart jerked . He knew that Han Xiaoran had some suspicions on him, so he said, "Doctors focus the greatest on the inheritance of divine spirits…"

Han Xiaoran took a tumble and said, "I see, little brother, you've inherited a cross-generational divine spirit…"

Chu Yang nodded smilingly, "Please keep this secret for me . This is my greatest weapon!"

Han Xiaoran smiled, "That's natural!" Then immediately he exclaimed, "No wonder you're so superb in medicines . No wonder… You've inherited a rare divine spirit…"

There were admiration and comfort in his voice .

Chu Yang raised his brows, lowered his voice and squinted his eyes, "Actually… Old brother Sha also used this kind of method to interrogate me… I made use of my divine spirit and scolded him, and spat a headful of saliva on his bald head…"

"Bah… Hahaha…" Han Xiaoran instantly choked out a mouthful of wine, and instantly laughed aloud . He pointed at Chu Yang with his quivering finger, "You little kid, hahaha… little kid… hahahaha…"

And he shook his head as he smiled, saying, "You, little kid, are so mean…"

Chu Yang spread out his arms innocently and said, "I've no idea… If I showed it off at that time, perhaps he would kill me…"

"This kind of blow that Sha Xinliang has to bear really makes my… stomach ache…" Han Xiaoran couldn't help to laugh, and he even squinted his eyes to wink at Chu Yang, "How did you scold him at that time? Say it quick . Let me have a great laugh again…"

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