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Chapter 860: 860

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Chu Tenghu was completely inhumane . He was a venomous snake throughout . Anyone who saw him would shudder .

But Chu Tenghu paused for a moment, then he immediately turned around and knelt down, "I'm willing to serve, thirteenth master!"

The scruples within Ye Wubo's eyes became more instance and he said, "Is this your true thought?"

Chu Tenghu said, "Yes! I'm willing to be at your beck and call, and to serve you faithfully!"


"Authority and beauty are what life is about! There are many things that others can't give us, but we have to work hard and fight for them ourselves! Since thirteenth master has given me this opportunity, I'll never let go of it!" Chu Tenghu said .

"But I killed your father!" Ye Wubo stared coldly at Chu Tenghu .

"My father was killed by me!" Chu Tenghu said .

Ye Wubo gazed at him for a moment . Then he waved his hand and said, "You shall retreat now . "

Chu Tenghu bowed respectfully a few times and said, "I'll be at your disposal anytime and anywhere . " Then he retreated .

As the elder with the goatee saw Chu Tenghu depart from the room, he asked, "Thirteenth master, you let him off just like this?"

"Yes," Ye Wubo looked into the direction from which Chu Tenghu departed, lost in thought .

"This kid… is too dangerous!" the elder with the goatee even shuddered, as if his heart was viscerally cold, "He killed his biological father and blood brother so easily…"

"This kid is a talent . If he can continue to survive for long, he will certainly be a formidable man!" Ye Wubo said heavily, "But before this, he would only be a straw sack . It was only today that his ambition is really instilled in him . It would be a pity if such a talented person was killed . "

"But you are after all his enemy because you've killed his father!" the elder with the goatee said .

"In the hearts of this kind of person, there's no such things!" Ye Wubo said coldly, "If there's one day when his power has superseded that of mine, then he would kill me without hesitation . But before this, he would be even more obedient to me than a dog!"

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Ye Wubo's sinister eyes flickered, "If I use this kid well, he would be a mad dog! And an extremely obedient crazy dog!"

"This crazy dog would be even more useful than Chu Feilong," Ye Wubo said heavily .

The elder with the goatee hesitated for a while and finally said, "Thirteenth master, I think… Chu Feilong's matter doesn't seem to be that easy . "

Ye Wubo said, "Oh?"

The elder hesitated, "At that time… we were all furious, you were no exception… but… from beginning to end, we didn't give Chu Feilong any chance to argue… and let him die just like this . Now, thinking of this… we've… not considered thoroughly . "

Ye Wubo frowned and sank into deep thoughts .

"If Chu Feilong really cheated us, why would he let his son lead Chu Yang here?" the elder said, "I'm quite puzzled about this . "

"Are you saying I've believed in a one-sided statement?" Ye Wubo asked slowly . After his rage, there seemed to be some emptiness in his heart . Ye Wubo's rage of being humiliated gradually came to an end, and he started to resume his wit . He muttered, "Indeed… It was a bit improper…"

As he thought carefully, he said slowly, "Will there be lies under the Triple Layer Soul-Capturing Technique?"

Everyone couldn't answer this question .

Because only the direct line of descent in the Ye clan had the privilege to learn this technique . While the other four people knew the power of this technique, they didn't know how it worked .

Ye Wubo thought again and said, "Our Ye clan has been established for tens of thousands of years . The Triple Layer Soul-Capturing Technique has always been our great weapon! It has never gone wrong before… How would there be any mistakes?"

"There are definitely no mistakes!" Ye Wubo's eyes turned sharp . He looked at the elder with the goatee and said shouted angrily, "It's already a big mistake for you to doubt at my use of martial techniques!"

Although Ye Wubo was clever, he was arrogant; At this moment, all the subtle doubts he had in his mind were completely concealed by his strong confidence in himself .

"If that's the case…" another person said, "This matter was indeed done by the Xiao clan! Old Third Ma… was really killed by Seventh Master Xiao?"

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Ye Wubo said coldly, "Other than Seventh Master Xiao that bastard, is there a second Sovereign of swords in the entire South-East region?"

The elder with goatee thought: There's not only Seventh Master Xiao who's a Sovereign of sword in the Xiao clan . There seem to be a few elders in the Xiao clan who have higher cultivations than him…

But he was reprimanded just after raising a doubt . If he raised his doubt at this moment, it would be worse . So he could only swallow it .

"How to deal with that… Chu Yang?" another person pointed at Chu Yang, who was now lying restlessly on the table .

"Kill him!" Ye Wubo didn't blink his eyes at all .

"Yes," the elder with goatee agreed and got ready to kill Chu Yang . He was reprimanded just now . He naturally wanted to put up a good performance this time .

"Kill him? Aren't you too heartless?" a distant sound was heard, "Ye Wubo, are you planning to exterminate the whole of the Chu clan?"

This sound wasn't too loud, but the five people from the Ye clan instantly felt dizzy . Obviously, this person had startling high cultivation! He was absolutely a Martial Saint!

Ye Wubo's pupils shrank and he shouted, "Who is this?"

The door creaked open . Two people stood by the door . One was an elder with a white face and no beard; his face looked as stiff as iron . His face and mouth were square and his nose was straight . He projected a natural posture of dignity, selflessness and decisiveness!

He could be said to be an elder, but his hair was black and had a white complexion . His skin also looked smooth . It would be better to say that he was a middle-aged man . Behind him was the commander of the Law Enforcement Hall in the South-East region, Sha Xinliang .

Han Xiaoran looked calm . Clasping his hands behind his back, he walked slowly in . Sha Xinliang followed after him .

Ye Wubo's pupils shrank abruptly . There were anxiousness and bewilderment in his eyes, "Oh, it's… law-enforcement master! Ye Thirteenth… didn't expect this . "

When these words were out, all the four guards shuddered .

It's actually him!

The boss of all the law-enforcement officers in the South-East region of the entire Upper Three Heavens! Han Xiaoran!

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Now wonder Ye Wubo proclaimed himself to be 'Ye Thirteenth'; In the past, Ye Wubo would be angry whenever others mentioned him this way…

"Erm, Ye Wubo . Did you come to the South-East region just to kill people?" Han Xiaoran walked into the room slowly . The corpses and blood automatically separated to both sides of the path that Han Xiaoran walked on, revealing a smooth floor .

He snorted, "How daring are you! Did you inform me when you kill people here?"

Ye Wubo smiled obsequiously, "I can't afford to offend the law-enforcement master . "

Han Xiaoran flicked his sleeves, "What's your explanation for the two on the ground?"

Ye Wubo laughed, "You must have heard it just now . These two were my men, but they betrayed me . I was only punishing the traitors, this has nothing to do with me killing people . "

He smiled, saying, "If I knew that you were next door, I'd not be so rash . "

"Punishing the traitors?" Han Xiaoran's face became stiff . He pointed at Chu Yang, "This teenager is also your traitor?"

Ye Wubo said immediately, "He's not . Since the law-enforcement master is here, I'll let him go . "

"You're only letting him go?" Han Xiaoran frowned .

Ye Wubo muttered in his heart: What does this Han Xiaoran want to do? Why is he so stubborn towards me?

But in any case, even if Ye Wubo had immense capabilities, he would never dare to confront Han Xiaoran in the South-East region!

Ye Wubo knew very well . Although he came from the Ye clan and had an extremely respectable position — even the law-enforcement masters in other eight regions in the world would have certain misgivings towards the power of the Ye clan — this Han Xiaoran was a special case .

When Han Xiaoran came to catch and kill people, he never looked at which clan they came from or the power they held, but only looked at the sins they'd committed!

If he thought that certain people should be caught or killed, then not to mention Ye Thirteenth alone, even if the clan master came here, Han Xiaoran wouldn't change his mind!

This guy was just one-track-minded!

This was why Ye Wubo behaved so honestly . Because once Han Xiaoran gave down a command, even if he could get away from here alive today, he would definitely not get out of the South-East region!

"Then… law-enforcement master means…" Ye Wubo submitted to humiliation .

"You must give me an explanation regarding your behavior of killing people here!" Han Xiaoran said coldly, yet leaving no room for Ye Wubo to doubt and rebuke, "And, you killed people from the Chu clan . Although the Chu clan is a small clan, it's under the protection of the law-enforcement officers . Why did you kill them?"

"You lured Chu Feilong to be your agent, and you killed him when this matter was exposed . Why did you say that you're punishing traitors?" Han Xiaoran looked at Ye Wubo coldly, "Ye Thirteenth, I think it's better for you to follow me to the Law Enforcement Hall!"

Follow him to the Law Enforcement Hall?

Ye Wubo instantly sank into a dilemma . He was the thirteenth master from the venerable Ye clan . Should he be caught by the law-enforcement officers, that would really be a huge joke . How would he have the front to see other people in the future?

"I shall compensate for your loss!" Ye Wubo gritted his teeth and said, "I shall do whatever you say, if you give me a way out and not blemish the reputation of our Ye clan . "

"10,000 purple crystals!" Han Xiaoran said coldly .

"No problem!" Ye Wubo agreed readily . Ye Wubo knew that since Han Xiaoran had opened a price, a hesitation would probably mean that he would have to 'go to the Law Enforcement Hall' .

So, he didn't hesitate at all and agreed, "I'll bring 10 000 purple crystals to the Law Enforcement Hall later!"

"Alright!" Han Xiaoran said, "Xinliang, once the purple crystals are here, you shall bring 5,000 of them to the Chu clan!"

Sha Xinliang bowed and said, "Yes, sir . "

Han Xiaoran turned around to look at Ye Wubo, "I'll handle the Chu clan for you . You shall go now . "

Ye Wubo scolded in his heart: What could happen in the Chu clan? Even if the Chu clan knows it, how would they dare to come to confront our Ye clan? Who needs your help to settle them…

But he revealed a respectful look and said, "If that's the case, I'll have to trouble you . I'll repay you for your great kindness . "

The four other people from the Ye clan heaved a sigh of relief and took their leave, but they looked like defeated cocks this time .

As they left, Han Xiaoran patted on Chu Yang's shoulders, "What are you still pretending for? They've left!"

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